49: ‘Desert Oasis’
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After Haruno collected the bounties of the two pirates that he and Torryk killed, he was very happy because it was sixty million Berries! The two guys had a bounty if thirty million Berries... Well, To Haruno and Torryk they were too easy to kill, Haruno was very happy too that his pirate saving now has three hundred million of berries! Well... This isn't 'too' much, but it is something. With a happy expression, Haruno walked around Nanohana streets trying to find a hotel or a place where they can sleep if he does not find something, they will need to sleep inside Haruno's rooms again... After searching they found a simple hotel called: 'Desert Oasis' it's a beautiful name but... Comparing it with the place... A big house with two floors, some broken windows on the second floor. This place seems to be declining to the right side and the entrance is a little destroyed.

After entering the place, Haruno knew why it was in that state. In the reception, a beautiful girl with blonde hair and cute green eyes looked at Haruno and sighed, then Haruno asked: "How many?" The girl didn't understand what Haruno means but when Haruno use his finger to point up to the second floor, she understood and said seriously: "Twenty." Haruno smiled and walked toward the stairs to walk upstairs he needed to open another door, where he needed a key... And what Haruno did? That's right! He punched the door and it was completely destroyed. The pirates inside were playing cards with each other and when Haruno punched the door, several fragments were shot everywhere inside the room and even hit someone's eye. Haruno entered the first floor with a happy expression and behind him, Torryk sighed and secretly lighted a candle to the pirates inside... Wait... Light a candle?

Ignoring Torryk's confused expression, Haruno decided to try something new. He used one [Movement Buff (Blue)] and started to run around the room, the buff was very good and they could see just his afterimage and Torryk didn't know that Haruno was this fast! In five seconds all the pirates inside the room lost their heads and the blood started to flow out of their bodies with a splash sound. Haruno ignored them and said to Torryk: "Second Floor is yours. Be careful." Haruno used three buffs in Torryk's body just to precaution... [Movement Speed Up Temporary Buff (Green)], [Body Power Temporary Buff (Blue)], [Temporary Iron Skin Hardness (Blue)]. The Iron skin buff does exactly what the name says, makes the skin harder than iron! So like that Torryk won't be hurt... Haruno guesses. 

Haruno started to clean up the first floor where the blood smell was terrible. He used some incense that he himself made with flowers of the midway forest and Goa Kingdom too... Well, this incense just removes the blood smell and let a sweet honey smell in the air. It attracts bees too. When Haruno cleaned up the first floor, Torryk appeared on the stairs to the second floor with blood on his face and body, obviously, it wasn't his blood but the blood of the enemy. Haruno sighed and when downstairs to asked the girl where the bathroom was and teleported Torryk inside it. The girl I. The reception wasn't an idiot! She smelt the smell of blood and heard the pah sound when the heads fell on the ground upstairs, with a smile she sighed and looked up with tears falling from her eyes.

Haruno was taking a bath inside the bathroom. The bathroom had a relative size too and Haruno and Torryk were there taking a bath and removing the blood of their bodies When Haruno lived with Dadan and the mountain bandits he always takes a bath with Luffy and washes his hair, so he is doing it now to Torryk that are eleven... Or twelve years old... A kid basically. Torryk was struggling saying that he could wash his hair alone and Haruno was laughing and saying: "Stop struggling or I will cut your little friend off." This sentence made Torryk's body stop, cold sweat started to run down his spine and Haruno continued to wash his hair silently. After they took a bath, Haruno went to the second floor to remove the bodies and wash off the blood and use some incense to remove the iron smell.

After doing everything, Haruno went downstairs to talk with the girl at the reception, when he entered the hotel for the first time, he felt that something was wrong and his Kenboshoku no Haki detected the pirates on the first and second floor and he decided to kill them all. The girl explained to them what happened: This hotel was very beautiful in the past but after those pirates appeared they destroyed everything. They killed the girl's father and just her and her sister and little brother were alive. Then she decided to give the hotel to the pirates and they made it their base on Nanohana. She tried to leave after giving the place to the pirates, but they captured her again and furthermore, she was turned into a slave by them.

After looking at them for some time, the girl cried and shouting: "Thank you. Thank you." Haruno sighed and went upstairs to sleep and Torryk followed him. When they closed the door, the girl left toward her temporary house to take care of his siblings. After she left, a shadow entered the hotel and another one followed it behind, one of the shadows looked upstairs and looked at the other shadow beside it, then the shadow asked with a masculine voice: "Are you sure that they are here? Miss All-Sunday?" The other shadow sighed and nodded its head saying: "I'm sure. Mr.0"



Next chapter probably Haruno and Croco-boy will fight with each other. Well, I don't want to change the plot of the original story so I will do it in a way that makes sense and doesn't change the plot. Well... I will try at least.

Author-kun~ Off.