Chapter 17 The Significance Of Danzo And Hiruzen’s Existence
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 “Any Shinobi Villages is eager for talents, and so is our Iwagakure. Konoha is famous for being dark, and they have always pushed their own people to death. For example, Konoha’s White Fang is a miserable person. As a Kage-level powerhouse, everyone is terrified when they saw him, but he was forced to commit suicide, and the reason was only because of a failed mission.”

“Since Konoha doesn’t cherish the talents of their own village, then we can just shelter them. It is impossible for your Senju Clan to survive in Konoha. As long as Senju Clan still exist, they will be a hidden danger for Konoha’s higher-ups. As for you, no one cares about a Kage-level powerhouse who has hemophobia, as you won’t even be as good as a Genin when you see blood.”

“It’s also because you are no longer a threat that those guys didn’t do anything to you, but now, Danzo can no longer tolerate your existence. We hope that you will join us, as we have given you and the Senju Clan enough sincerity. Moreover, in Konoha, there is still some members of the Senju Clan, so you definitely don’t want to see those innocent Senju Clan’s people in Konoha being massacre by Danzo, right!”

Asahi said the last point. The Senju Clan’s people in the village, who are not Shinobi, are now the most troublesome and there is almost no way to save them. So he can only hope that Tsunade can make a decision as soon as possible.

When Tsunade heard Asahi’s words, her heart sank. She had no doubt that those Senju Clan’s ordinary people would definitely be attacked. Danzo even attacked her, not to mention those people in the village. As long as the Senju Clan still exists, that is a huge hidden danger for Danzo.

“Help me rescue all the Senju Clan’s members in the village. Then, our Senju Clan will join your Iwagakure, but the premise is that our Senju Clan’s freedom must be guaranteed!”

Tsunade didn’t want her Senju Clan to enter the tiger’s den after leaving the wolf’s den.

“Yes, but your thoughts are superfluous. Our Iwagakure has always cherished talents, so we won’t do such stupid things like what Konoha did. But now, your clan’s people in the village are in trouble, and it’s not easy to run with them.”

Asahi has a little headache when he thought about this. How would he get the Senju Clan out of Konoha? If he directly attacks Konoha, he can easily bring those people out directly, and no matter who comes to chase after him, he can directly kill them, but by doing such things, his digging plan will become more difficult more difficult, and the most important thing is that Iwagakure need to tear off all the pretense with Danzo.

It’s not a good idea to tear off all the pretense with Danzo now. In Asahi’s series of plans, whether it is Hiruzen or Danzo, they are both important points, especially Danzo, as Asahi still needs him to push away the people in his own village.

After a series of analysis, Asahi basically came to a conclusion about the significance of Danzo and Hiruzen’s existence, that is, to forcibly reduce Konoha's strength. After all, one of them is a desperate person will kill the talents of his own village, and the other is the one with authority but stay silent about this matter.

Together, these two people reduced Konoha’s combat power crazily, and then making Konoha on the same level as other Great Shinobi Villages. In fact, problems have already occurred since Senju Hashirama’s generation.

That guy is almost like when he was fighting a landlord, he become the landlord, held a pile of bombs in his hand, but then he didn’t play any cards in every round until the others were done. Anyway, Asahi is indeed quite speechless about these Hokage.

But soon, Asahi thought of a way.

“I may know how to do it, but I need to tell you first. After your Senju Clan is rescued, you won't be able to appear in everyone's sight again during the Third Shinobi World War, at least until the end of the Third Shinobi World War.”

Asahi felt that he had to say to say this first, lest Tsunade tried to expose Konoha’s deed after the Senju Clan is saved. After all, the time of war is a good opportunity to brush up on good feelings, so the Senju Clan should not be exposed for the time being. Of course, such a big clan will be exposed sooner or later.

During this period, Asahi also intends to make more use of Danzo, so the Senju Clan will either wait until after the Third Shinobi World War to be exposed, or wait until they are discovered. In short, the Senju Clan cannot be exposed.

“I can agree to this condition!”

Although Tsunade didn’t quite understand why Asahi wanted to do this, she still agreed.

“By the way, you haven’t answered me yet, how are you going to help save our people!”

“It’s very simple. We just need to take advantage of Danzo. Danzo has cooperated with us before, and the purpose is to kill your Senju Clan. When the time comes, the Senju Clan on the battlefield can fake their deaths after doing missions and get out of everyone’s sight.”

“As for those in Konoha, we also need Danzo’s help. And make him open a passage for us!”

Asahi grinned. Danzo is the key. After all, these Senju Clan’s people are going to die, so Iwagakure can just simply make up a reason to take these people so that they can study them and so on. In short, Danzo will definitely agree happily as he won’t need to do anything to take care of these people. Danzo just need to open a passage, and let the people of Iwagakure take away the people of the Senju Clan, and it will be done just like that.’

Anyway, he also did this kind of thing in the original work. When dealing with the Uchiha Clan, he also let the Akatsuki to participate. After all, there was only one purpose, to destroy the Uchiha clan, it was as simple as that, so the means didn’t matter.

After Asahi said this, Tsunade realized that there is such a method. She has to say that Danzo would be very willing to do this. Not only does this not splash the dirty water on him, but he can also use Iwagakure to help him remove most of the obstacles.

Uchiha, Hyuga, etc. are all obstacles in front of him, and Iwagakure is so willing to help, so he will naturally agree to it happily.

Tsunade has a complicated expression at this moment. Although Iwagakure must have been planning for this for a long time, Tsunade is more willing to believe in Iwagakure than Konoha, and now, the other ways to survive have been completely blocked, and there is only one way left. If she walked through that path, she will survive, and if she doesn’t, she can only wait for death.

Therefore, even if Tsunade knew this, she didn’t say it. Now there is indeed only one way to go, and if Iwagakure is good to the Senju Clan, then she won’t say much. The big deal is only changing the village. Instead of earning a living carefully in that disgusting village, it's better for her and her clan to go directly to other Shinobi Villages.

“Okay, it's almost time to rest, so let's continue on the road. After dawn tomorrow, I can't move, so we can only wait until the afternoon. So, let’s just hurry first and rest at the middle of the night until tomorrow morning!”

Asahi said something that Tsunade couldn’t understand again, ‘Why did he want us to travel at night?’ She was confused, as for Shizune, she was still unconscious.