Chapter 78 The Never-Stopping Danzo
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 “Are you crazy? Don’t you know what the village has become now? At this time, you’re still planning to attack the Uchiha Clan. Do you really want the village to be in a state of doom?”

Sandaime looked at Danzo at this moment with an unbelievable look, he felt that Danzo is simply crazy to the extreme. Even at such a time, he’s thinking about internal fighting, the village was attacked and suffered heavy losses this time, and the Hyuga Clan is almost completely gone. Now, the only powerhouses who can protect the village are him, Danzo and Shisui. As for Duy, who is a one-shot man, although his value has grown, he is still not very useful.

Jiraiya is still outside, but Sandaime is not worried. After this incident, Jiraiya will come back by himself soon. After all, there is such a big incident in the village, however, Danzo still wants to attack the Uchiha Clan at this time, which is terrible.

“It’s not that I am targeting the Uchiha Clan, you should know it yourself, the Uchiha Clan has been eyeing the Hokage’s position for a long time, and now that the village has suffered such heavy losses, maybe the Uchiha Clan will launch a coup. At that time, it’ll be difficult to deal with them!”

Danzo looked at Sandaime with a gloomy expression. This time, it was not that he really wanted to cause troubles, but the situation was unstable. Adding to the fact that the Hyuga Clan is almost completely gone, and the Uchiha Clan is the biggest clan in the village now, they will definitely expand even more at this time. When the time comes, the Hokage’s position would be taken away by them.

“I also know these things, and we can’t touch them now. Although Kirigakure has been beaten back, don’t forget that Kumogakure and Sunagakure have been staring at us. As long as they are not idiots, they will definitely take advantage of this opportunity to attack Konoha, and with our Konoha’s current strength, facing the attack of these two villages, especially Kumogakure, you should know the consequences.”

“At least we have to wait until this matter is completely over. In addition, we also need to get Jiraiya back, and get Shisui to our side. I will make it clear to him and let him stabilize the Uchiha clan.”

“At least, until we determine the movements of the other two Shinobi Villages, we can’t casually attack the Uchiha Clan. In addition, I will send messengers to Iwagakure to see if we can ask Ohnogi to make a move. As long as Iwagakure helps, there won’t be a problem!”

After thinking about it for a while, Sandaime said his thoughts, but after this, his head felt a little dizzy, ‘This is not good. When I think about it, I found that there are so many things happening. The risk of the other two Shinobi Villages attacking us, the threat of the Uchiha Clan, and this old fox Danzo who is still staring at my position regardless of the importance.’

The people who defected in the village have caught up with the accumulation of the past in just a few years, and even more exaggerated. He won't stop until he kills himself. Danzo is like a perpetual motion machine. If Sandaime doesn’t give him the Hokage’s position, he will continue to cause trouble until the whole village is destroyed.

But if Danzo became Hokage, it would be even worse. Danzo is a war hawk faction. In terms of impulse, he is more exaggerated than Tobirama, and the methods he used to control his subordinates are also extremely dark.

If Sandaime let him become the Hokage, maybe in a decade or two, all Konoha’s powerhouses will be controlled by his Curse Mark, so in essence, Danzo is like… a cancer, that is trash. Unless Konoha kill him, they will be killed by this guy as long as this guy is still alive.

“That’s fine, but my men will keep paying attention at Uchiha Clan. Once they have any changes, don’t blame me at that time.”

After Danzo finished speaking, he left. Although he was involved in dark things, he still could distinguish what is important. No matter how he went down, it would be hard for the Hokage’s position to be given to him. However, Danzo is very confident that after the Hokage’s position is in his hands, he can carry Konoha forward, and make it become the strongest village in the Shinobi World again.

After Danzo left, Sandaime sighed, and then began to deal with the affairs in the village. At this time, he still kept Danzo, and it could only be said that he was really hopeless.

Konoha, who has been half-destroyed, is still having internal fights at this moment. Kirigakure and Konoha have both lost and suffered. Although Konoha won, it was a miserable victory. This news is like a typhoon, which directly swept the entire Shinobi World, and everyone who heard this news smiled. It’s for nothing else, as they thought that Konoha was going to collapse.

If Konoha collapsed, the happiest thing is undoubtedly that they can do things, and the war will never stop as long as there are people.

On the other side, in order to take into account the elderly and those with children, everyone’s speed has also slowed down a lot. Therefore, after the news has spread throughout the Shinobi World, Asahi and the others still have not left the territory of the Land of Fire.

“I knew I should have brought Shukaku at the border. At least, after leaving the Land of Fire, I can let Shukaku take everyone to leave. Kurama, you are so arrogant, can’t you at least bring some people!”

Asahi looked helplessly at the little fox on Kushina’s shoulder. This little fox was condensed by Kyubi so that his consciousness can also appear outside through this, but it is still very unstable. It could only stay for a few minutes each time it was used, and there is no way to maintain it, so Kyubi and Kushina still have to run in well, but with the Jinchuriki’s help, the Biju can appear in the outside world for a long time.

“Who told you not to bring that damn tanuki? It’s impossible to let this uncle bring people with my body!”

This time, Kyubi won't give Asahi. He is a dignified beast, the Kyubi, and now Asahi wanted to use him as a mount? It is absolutely impossible.

“Forget it, you are too arrogant, I’m too lazy to talk to you!”

Asahi rolled his eyes, as he really couldn’t say anything more about Kurama. Only someone with kind temperament like Naruto can run in with him. As for Kushina, with her explosive temper, she quarreled with Kyubi every three days. Of course, the relationship between them is getting better and better because the quarrel, making people speechless.

“Don't say it if you don't want to. It’s not like this uncle like talking to you.” Kyubi showed disdainful expression.

“Can you two stop arguing? And Kurama, can’t you just help me bring someone?”

Kushina came out to be a peacemaker, but she was obviously not a peacemaker.

“Little girl, don’t think that you can order this uncle around just because you temporarily get my approval. You are still a hundred years too early!”

Kyubi arrogantly scolded Kushina directly. In this regard, a few big blue veins appeared on Kushina’s forehead directly.