Chapter 10 – Artificial assistant
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Chapter 10 - Artificial assistant

It took nearly an hour for Azolla to completely copying the mana cultivation technique and spiritual cultivation technique.

Then she spent the next few days in her room, writing down the spell models in separate books based on spell tiers. Meanwhile, Abium spends all those days roaming inside the Star tower. During his free time, he also learned a few things about the underground tunnel from Azolla. He also found out it was some legendary mage who built that tunnel, and it was one of the few paths that were still connected to the Mainland.

From her explanation, Abium found out that only those who had Royal Elven bloodline would be qualified to enter the tunnel and started to understand a little. If some other human or other non-race members tried to open that door, she said those doors wouldn't open.

He was deeply impressed by their magic system and became more curious. Moreover, Azolla told him the Royal elven bloodline got already mixed with humans like Abium due to inter-racial marriages. That was the reason Abium had some amount of Royal Elven Blood in his body.

Finally, on the seventh day, Azolla came out of her room while carrying six books.

It took almost a week for her to copy every single tier 0, 1, and 2 spell models from the tower core. Once she arrived near the table, she started explaining while placed those books on the table.

"I copied most of the low-tier elemental spell models into these books. But, if I started to copy any third-tier spell model, it might take a tremendous amount of time, so I didn't copy any third-tier spell models."

After a short pause, she continued.

"I know some locations where you can get those spell models later. But you have to be careful when exploring those areas."

"Okay. Is there anything else?" Nodding his head, Abium asked eagerly.

"Hmm, after implantation, you should get out of this Forgotten Land and start your meditation using the spiritual technique; here is not a safe place. Many intermediate and high tier monsters are residing in the outer edges of this Forgotten Land."

Hearing her words, Abium agreed with a nod.

"Also, this tower will only function for a few days. And if the tower core was destroyed earlier, protective shields runes will also break quickly."

"What will happen after that?" Abium furrowed his eyebrows and asked curiously.

"I don't know, kid. So, let's begin the implantation process quickly." While shaking her illusionary head, Azolla guided him to the tower core room.

It was a five sq meter room with multiple letters inscribed all over the walls. Abium saw a head-sized circular blue crystal at the center while emitting blue sparks from time to time. Once he entered the room, he noticed several ring-shaped circles floating around that crystal. Abium also saw some ancient unknown letters appeared in those rings and got puzzled. Those rings gave off mysterious energy while revolving around that blue crystal.

"This is tower core, kid. It's like the heart of this star tower." Azolla clarified his doubts as she noticed his confusion and gestured him to go near to that crystal.

Abium silently stepped near to the blue crystal and noticed a series of symbols and letters were inscribed inside that core. He was sure it was not the ancient Elven language! Those mystical letters gave him a feeling of the unknown.

When Azolla watched Abium was gawking at those letters, she chuckled and explained with a pleasant smile on her face.

"I didn't expect you are so clueless about magic. Listen, if you desire to study magic, you must learn this runic language quickly."

"What is this runic language?" He had never heard of that language, so he asked with a frown.

"It's an ancient language. You won't be able to construct a spell model without using the runic language. Don't worry; I already have those basic runic language books." Azolla said while taking a book out of thin air and then tossed it towards him. Abium quickly caught the book, stored it inside his spatial ring, and then listened to her words.

"Once you created any single tier 0 spells, join one of the magic academies to get some direction. That may help you to bend into the magic community."

'Why should I want to go to the magic institute when I can learn everything from her?' He thought with puzzlement.

"Don't think lightly of any mages, kid; you just witnessed a drop in the ocean." As if she was reading his mind, she knocked on his forehead with her illusionary hand and said. Then, she began to explain other things about magic in a detailed manner for an hour.

Once Azolla explained everything, she asked him to put a few drops of his blood on the blue crystal-like core. Once he did that, a bright red light appeared on the crystal and illuminated the whole room. Its blinding light shone like the sun's light, and its color was impossibly bright. A magnificent rainbow aurora surrounded it, giving off an ethereal glow.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Soon, the whole tower began to vibrate, and the next instant, Abium sensed his mind got connected to the tower core. He saw the entire tower in and out within his mind. It was the first time he experienced this kind of feeling, which made Abium more shocked.

As Azolla saw his expression, she mimicked like a regular human, clearing her throat and proudly stated with a deep voice, "I grant you full control over this tower now. Only royal bloodline qualifies to become a tower master."

After she said those words, she explained what he had to do once she rebooted her spirit core for another hour.

Once the explanation was over, she touched the tower core; then, her form vanished from that place.

Instead of her figure, Abium saw a 5 cm cubic gem that contains numerous symbols, and some weird letters were hovering in the air. It glittered like the sun-kissed ocean lapping the sands. The brilliant red hue was so vivid it was how he imagined crystalline blood would appear if such a thing existed.

Suddenly he heard a cold, clear voice with a synthesized edge. Perfect diction. No soul.

[Do you want to implant tower spirit within your body? Yes / No]

He was genuinely astounded by that soulless voice and guessed it must be Azolla's voice in a dormant state. After a slight pause, Abium snapped out from the daze and confirmed with 'yes' in his mind.

Soon, the atmosphere began to change inside the room. Many types of runes emerged from the tower core and revolved around the cubic red gem.

All those runes organized in an orbicular form, and then the gem flew towards his brow and went inside his head!

It was so fast Abium couldn't even understand what had happened!

What astounded him most was that there was no blood appeared on his forehead. It's like that cubic gem disappeared inside his head without harming him.

But soon, a massive burning pain struck him; tears began to appear from his eyes!

His insides were chaos and a mess. Something felt so wrong, so invalid, but Abium couldn't tell what!

He tried to pinpoint the cause for this unexplained pain but failed. He tried to reason this unbearable burning but didn't find any. Everything felt so confused, just like a messy set of a puzzle.

Once that gem moved inside his head, its volume swiftly began to shrink. And some weird mystic power appeared from an unknown link and merged with the red gem.

Then the remaining mystic power moved into his blood and began to strengthen his elven bloodline. After that, some divine power resided in his heart, also assimilated into his blood and transformed it into a golden liquid-like essence.

Simultaneously, the red gem shrunk into a molecular level and entered into his Sea of Consciousness.

Then, golden blood essence with divine power also merged into every part of his body slowly.

On the outside, Abium stood there, panting heavily and appeared to be in great pain. After some time, he felt the headache starting to reduce and noticed his body experiencing a significant change. He stood confused by sudden burning all over the body again. His muscles began to harden, and some changes appeared on his face.

His blackish hair began to turn into blonde color, and his eyes color shifts from black to amber. He touched his face, further found out remarkable variations in his ears. He now resembled more like half-elf outside.

Because of that golden essence, his bone color itself changed from white to gold inside his body. Soon he felt his physical strength became much stronger.

His muscles became so hard, and he thought his current strength might rival any ordinary second-tier warrior.

Abium's six senses were also enhanced to a higher level. He also noted a slight increase of mana inside his body and became surprised. A wide grin appeared on his face after he noticed these changes.

After some time, body pain began to diminish and finally settled. But he didn't observe any change inside his soul, so he calls out in mind,

'Azolla, are you there?'

Suddenly he saw a blue screen appeared in front of his eyes.


[Azolla needs the Host's approval for a whole-body scan to gather more data. Yes/No]

Without hesitation, Abium confirmed 'yes' in his mind; then he abruptly sensed some waves washing over him. Then, he saw a holographic image of his body and got shocked deeply.

He was astonished by what he observed in those pictures. He looked at how his heart functioning and how his golden bone structures appeared, etc.

But after a few minutes, he found it was more challenging to understand the changes happening inside the body. So, Abium issued some commands.

'Azolla, is there a method to determine how much strength and mana I possess? Display in numbers and apply average human strength and mana as 1.'

[Yes, I am gathering data from the user's memories! Insufficient data! Due to the insufficient data, I must examine other normal humans to find about average strength]

"Okay, forget it." He let out a sigh and shook his head.