Chapter 82: Syreni Race
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Chapter 82: Syreni Race

Abium’s amber eyes saw the red cloud-like smoke came out from the divine shard. It was the same corrupted red cloud he had seen a few weeks ago in the undead realm. Without hesitation, Abium moved his spiritual form away from the divine shard and woke up in the physical world.

“Azolla, why is the spirit energy from the divine shard looks so evil?” He spoke out loud in alarm.

‘Haha, of course, it will be like that. Poor Kid, this divine shard is from the 'Madness' domain. Basically, it comes under chaotic affiliation.’ Her words caused him to puzzle. He frowned deeper and asked further about the divine shard.

‘Kid, do you know why there are spirit powers in the divine shards?’ Azolla asked.

Azolla’s question piqued his interest. But he shook his head.

‘I also thought of asking that question.’ Abium said while rubbing his chin.

‘Hmm, actually that power has different names. Mages call it spirit power or soul power, while gods call it divine powers. The difference is, gods would gather divine power from the living beings in the name of faith and emotions. In contrast, Mages would gather spirit powers by meditation. These spirit powers are scattered all over the places.’ Azolla’s explanation made Abium’s eyes to widen in shock. He hadn’t thought that there was a link between god’s divine power and spiritual power. But still, he got confused by something and asked quickly.

‘So, why would the spirit powers scatter in a normal environment? Why those gods hadn’t gathered those powers?’

‘Well, normally these spirit powers are from people who have not much faith or no faith in gods. Moreover, I heard from the elven research institute that even plants and normal animals have emotions. And that’s the reason one could find many Spirit clouds in their Spirit Realm.’ Abium nodded with a serious expression without disturbing her talk.

‘Next is about the affiliations; there are two main affiliations in this universe. All living creatures are divided mostly based on these two affiliations. They are Lawful and Chaotic. The Lawful and Chaotic further divided again into three: Good, Neutral, and Evil.’ Azolla said with a pause,

‘Also, there is a special affiliation called Neutral affiliation. Well, they wouldn’t interfere much with mortals business and only interfere if the balance of the universe is broken.’

As Abium listened to her explanation, he started to understand a little about these affiliations.

‘Hmm, does that mean if I absorb these red clouds, I will change into a chaotic affiliation?’ Abium furrowed his high arched thick eyebrows and asked.

‘No, kid. You already have a single time divinity in your body, which is a lawful affiliation. So, there will be no problem.’ Azolla stopped for a moment and continued with a sigh. ‘But don’t use this divine power. It will influence you to walk on the path of madness.’ Her reply made him dejected a little, but soon he recovered from that.

“So, this divine shard is useless to me!” He quickly shook his head in disappointment and threw the shard into his spatial ring once again.

But suddenly, Azolla thought of something and said with an exciting tone.

‘Kid, you can exchange it with neutral gods for divine energy, which will help you to increase your spirit faster.’ Her reply made Abium almost fall from his wooden chair.

“Azolla, do you think I'm that much powerful enough to talk directly to a god?” Abium spoke out loud.

‘I don’t know much about other gods, but I think that Lady will definitely hear your request if you make a simple offering.’ Her words caused Abium’s body to stiffen up.

‘Do you want me to trust that prankster goddess?’ He asked with a grim face. Well, although she was a good goddess, he didn’t have much trust in her at all.

‘Humph, she is your guarding kid. But, I’m talking about a different entity. Her name is Rodia, goddess of Night and Day.’ Azolla’s reply made Abium fell into deep thoughts.

‘It is the first time I’m hearing the name of this goddess. Who is she?’

‘Anyway, once the Chaos Era begins, I won’t get an opportunity even to hear any words from any gods. It’s better to use this opportunity.’ Abium made up his mind.

‘So how can I contact her?’ He asked with puzzlement. Among the millions of worshipers and firm believers, only a few firm believers had a chance to receive blessings from their gods. He even heard some believers had an opportunity to talk with their gods in the holy cathedrals and became more curious about Azolla’s method.

‘You have to place her favorite item in front of a small altar and a small sculpture of her. Then you have to do a sacrificial ritual.’ Azolla said calmly.

‘Sacrifice? Humans?!’ His lips trembled as he lifted his hand and covered his mouth in shock.

‘No! It’s just a normal animal sacrifice.’ Azolla answered in a soothing voice.

‘Thank mother!’ With a stiff nod, Abium breathed out a sigh of relief.

Knock! Knock!

Abium frowned as he heard the knocking sound and said.

“Come in-”


But before he could finish once again, Helena kicked open the door and walked in front of him with a flashy smile on her face.

“What happened?” Abium massaged his forehead and asked in an exhausted tone.

“That slave merchant sent a message through a puppet an hour ago. He mentioned in a letter that he would bring back 500 slaves in a few days. Oh, he also mentioned that he had already sent those letters to adventurers’ guild and merchants’ guild.” She said with dilated pupils.

‘So soon? Hmm, he must have sent those letters through the puppets or some other methods.’ Abium thought.

“Hmm, that’s a piece of good news. Can you take care of those works? I have some important works to do for the next few days.” Abium said and gave a bag of white gold coins and a spatial ring to Helena.

“What are those works?” She gave him a curious glance and asked.

“It’s a little complicated,” Abium said with a nervous tone and was about to explain, but Helena nodded while waving her hand.

“Okay. I will take care of those works.” As Helena finished her words, she quickly walked away from his room, leaving Abium alone once again in the room.

After a few minutes, Abium asked Claude to bring him a few oak woods and prepare for the sacrificial ritual. With the help of Azolla’s instruction, Abium began to carve a wooden statue using carving materials, which he got from his uncle Alfred.

There were round-faced carvers mallet, square-faced joiners mallet used for chopping, and seven types of chisels with curvature sweeps, U-shaped sweeps, etc., on the table in order. All these were professional sculptor's tools.

‘Well, he has the habit of sculpting after all.’ Abium soon started to carve the unknown goddess's statue, which Azolla showed him in the virtual picture earlier.

Like drawing a picture, he started to cut down slowly using different types of chisels, and after a long time, he managed to carve the picture in his mind.

But it was a failure!…

After five more constant failures, Abium finally managed to carve out a beautiful lady’s figure. Although that statue was not much accurate, Azolla told him that would be enough.

‘Okay! What I have to now?’ Abium was clueless about the sacrificial ceremony, so he asked in puzzlement.

‘Well, she has a unique taste. In ancient times, some elven mages used to sacrifice goats for her in exchange for divine power. Moreover, if you want to get the attention of any goddess, you had to offer something.’ Azolla’s answer made Abium knit his high arched eyebrows.

‘So, prepare twelve goats for the sacrificial ceremony.’ Abium fell into silence once he listened to Azolla’s words. Although he could get wild goats in the nearby territory, it still would take time.

‘I have no other choice.’ With a heavy sigh, he informed Claude about his plan and walked out of the manor.

‘I think some wild goats would be roaming near to the frozen mountain.’ Abium thought inwardly. Within a few minutes, Abium already crossed the town square, market street, and moved towards the northern gate through the mud road. As he was about to pass an Inn, an unusual burning area caught his attention.

‘Is it the work of an explosion?’ His eyes narrowed sharper. With a frown, he moved towards the Inn.

As he walked inside, he noticed an old fat lady stood up from the wooden chair and welcomed him with a warm smile on her face.

“Welcome to the lazy hammer Inn, my lord.”

“What happened there?” With a nod, Abium asked while pointing his forefinger towards the southern direction. Almost two rooms were wholly burned, and he could see explosive trails up in the ceiling.

‘Someone used a fire spell here.’ With a single glance, he could tell it was definitely a fire orb spell.

“M-My lord, it was caused by a slave which those bandits brought to this town.” She said with a grim tone and explained the incident in detail.

After a short discussion, Abium managed to get a gist of that story.

‘Aliza again!’ His frown grew deeper.

“Can I take a look at that room?” He asked.

“It’s your town, my lord.” That inn lady nodded in response.

Abium quickly moved towards the southern side and soon arrived in front of a completely burned room. Only black chars were painted in the whole area, and bright sunlight gave the room warmth through the broken ceiling.

‘What are you trying to do?’ Azolla asked him curiously.

“I’m trying to do some experiment,” Abium spoke in a serious tone and started searching the room carefully.

‘What experiment?’ Azolla asked with puzzlement. Slowly he started to explain what had happened last time in the unknown place. He explained to Azolla about how his soul was pulled into an unknown place by a mysterious force and about the mysterious fountain.

‘I never heard of such a thing, kid. It may be due to the Time Divinity.’ Azolla said and soon added. ‘Don’t share any information about that place to others.’

Abium was surprised at Azolla’s words and soon nodded.

‘Now, I want to try something and see any information about Aliza.’ Abium said while picking up a thin blonde hair that was attached to the half-burned birch wooden bed.

Then he concentrated his full attention on the strand of hair and linked his soul to the unknown room.

Like a spark of lighting, he felt his soul being pulled by some mysterious force. A second later, he found himself standing in front of a mysterious fountain. No, it was his soul form.

‘I need to understand more about this mysterious place.’ He thought.

Then Abium shifted his gaze towards his hand and smiled as he saw the same stand of blonde hair appeared in his foggy hand.

‘I didn’t expect I could bring the outside materials into this place.’ Abium was surprised. After looking at the mysterious fountain for a second, he moved near it and touched the white petal-like divinity. A second later, he saw a one-meter wide mirror-like space appeared in front of him.

After seeing the void-like mirror, Abium threw the strand of hair on to it and watched it with expectation.

As that strand of that blonde hair touched that mirror, a mysterious vibration happened inside the small space.

After a short vibration, the rectangular space twisted and formed into an image. He saw a girl with short deep blue hair, round black eyes, thick arched downward eyebrows, and looked familiar in that image. She stood with a pale face while looking at a prison cell.

‘Aliza!’ That was the first thought that came to Abium’s mind. He clearly remembered her appearance from the wanted posters and instantly identified. But was made his expression frown deeper was that he saw another figure in that image. Abium saw a blue-skinned figure laid inside the prison cell and appeared to be pinned by a metal rod.

‘Hm? Isn't that child I saw earlier in this mirror room?’ His expression froze.

‘Is that prison cell?’ Abium tried to decipher more information from that picture but soon found that it dispelled and returned to normal empty-void like space.

‘It really did show any person’s whereabouts. But is it past or future or present?’ He became puzzled a little but soon shook his head.

‘It doesn’t matter; this experiment is a success.’

‘Next, I have to confirm the exact ‘Time.’’

Abium nodded his head and soon felt the same feeling of being pulled by some mysterious force.

‘Is that it?’ Abium frowned as his vision blurred.


The next instant, Abium felt he was laid on the concrete floor and noticed that he was still in the same burned room.


He quickly stood up and breathed out a sigh of relief.

‘Kid, what happened? You got blanked out for a while.’ Suddenly, he heard Azolla’s startling voice inside his head.

‘It worked!’ Abium said with a grin on his face.

‘Oh! But kid, I think you should only use that mysterious place when you are in a safe position.’ Azolla said with a grim tone that made him startled, and he quickly asked her.

‘For how many minutes did I stayed in an unconscious state?’ Abium asked.

‘Almost 20 minutes. Use this method only when you are in a safe place. Got it?’ Azolla said gravely. Meanwhile, Abium started to nod with seriousness on his face.

‘So, what did you see?’ Azolla asked with a silvery voice.

‘It’s a prison. I saw the death mage girl moving towards the prison, and she seems to plan to release a child.’ Abium said with a solemn.

‘Child?’ Azolla asked with more interest while Abium started to explain the female child’s outer appearance.

Once Abium finished his words, Azolla suddenly went silent all of a sudden.

‘Do you know the race of that child?’ Abium asked without hiding his curiousness. Azolla didn’t reply to him; instead, she stayed silent for a long time and finally started to speak in a worried tone.

‘That child must be a creature from the Abyss. From your explanation, I can tell that child must be from the Syreni race. I don’t know why someone imprisoned that Syreni in this plane.’ As Abium heard Azolla’s worried voice, he started to become restless inside.