Chapter 83: Goddess of Night and Day
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Chapter 83: Goddess of Night and Day

'She looked like a pitiful child in that vision. Damn, if I'm in Aliza's position, I will definitely release her from the prison cell.' Abium wiped his cold sweats on his forehead and fell into deep thoughts.

'Don't fret about this. Whether the death mage survives from the evil child or dies, it's all up to that girl's decision.' Azolla said in his mind.

'It would be great if she didn't release that child.' Abium said inwardly and soon started to walk out of the Inn

After Abium bid his farewell to the Inn lady, he directly walked towards the northern gate.

"Greetings, My Lord!" Hook, who stood on the watch, greeted him with a polite smile. Rylan also stood up and bowed towards Abium while remembering new rules.

'It’s not a bad thing to stay here as a citizen of Peral kingdom.' Rylan thought to himself. Both had been working as gatekeepers for almost ten years and hadn't gone out like other pirates. So, after Abium took control over the pirate town, both decided to stay here and continue their job.

"Do you know where I can find wild goats?" Abium asked.

Rylan froze for a second and answered with a stiff tone.

"M-My lord, there are a few herds that reside in the northern mountain range area. I think it will take five hours to get there by walk."

"Good, then I will be on my way." With a nod, Abium was about to go but stopped as he noticed Rylan was standing there with some hesitation.

"What is it? Speak to your mind." Abium said while turned his face towards Rylan.

"My lord, we both are familiar with these places. If it is okay, we will catch and bring those goats for you," Rylan said with a nervous tone.

Abium smiled and asked with an approving nod. "Okay. So, can you catch twelve goats before nightfall?"

"Yes, my lord," Rylan said confidently.

“Then, I will be waiting for you guys in the manor.” Abium nodded his head and stood near the gate while folding his arms.

Meanwhile, Hook and Rylan asked a few slaves to guard the northern gate and walked into the Alastall woods.

Watching them disappeared into the dense woods, Abium shook his head and then returned to the manor. Once he arrived, he sat on the oak wooden chair in the main hall and asked Azolla in curiosity.

‘Do I have to create any ritual circles?’ He had heard a lot about those circles from priests and high priests during the beginning of the Chaos Era. But the problem was about incantation. He heard that a single misspelling could cost one's life sometimes.

'Yes. But before that, you have to buy the list of materials I'm about to give you. Once we brought those materials, we will start performing the ritual.' Azolla replied.

Abium narrowed his eyes and asked.

'Tell me the material names. I will try to arrange quickly.'

'Hmm, 12 high tier magic stones, twelve Night Sunflowers, twelve drops a Thief's Blood, 12 Purple Poison herbs, a bottle of Clary Sage oil, 12 candles, Agarwood, and blood of twelve different goats.' As Azolla's finished her sentence, Abium's expression froze.

'What's with those twelve drops of Thief's blood? From whom I should ask?' Abium asked with a startled tone.

'Just ask the legendary thief in your gang.' Azolla's answer made Abium stumble a bit.

'No! I will ask other pirates. After all, they are also thieves, right?' Abium mumbled.

He once again walked out of his new manor and noticed Claude was giving out some orders to the freed slaves.

Meanwhile, Claude also noticed Abium’s arrival and greeted.

‘Should I ask him to collect these materials?’ He thought.

After a slight hesitation, Abium moved towards Claude and asked while passing a brown scroll to him.

"Uncle, can you able to arrange these materials before this weekend? I think you can get them in Duke Adhemar's territory. I'm planning to do some ritual magic."

Hearing his words, Claude turned his gaze towards him and nodded.

"As long as those materials are sold in Bloodbath City, I can get it for you," Claude replied and took the scroll from Abium's hand. After taking a glance, he knitted his eyebrows and then frowned. He noticed few materials on the list like Thief's blood, Blood of twelve Goats, etc., and asked with a forced smile.

"Kid, you aren't going to do some Blood sacrificial ritual, are you?" Hearing Claude’s question, Abium's eyes went wide in shock.

'How did he know that I'm going to perform a sacrificial ritual?' After a second, he calmed himself down and answered with a chuckle.

"Well, I'm going to do blood sacrificial ritual, but it’s not an evil sacrificial ritual, uncle."


Claude breathed out a sigh of relief and nodded in understanding. Claude had heard of those animal blood sacrificial rituals and became reassured inside. He heard that some neutral divine beings would prefer these blood sacrificial rituals and responds to the ritual performer.

"How did you found out that I'm going to perform a sacrificial ritual, uncle?" Abium knew these types of sacrificial rituals were very rare even during the Chaos era and became startled.

‘How did he find out after taking a single glance at those materials?’ He stared at Claude in puzzlement.

"Well, in the last two years, I personally collected some similar materials for Lord Viscount Gauvain and have seen the Blood Sacrificial Ritual from afar." Claude soon turned his expression serious and spoke in a solemn tone.

"You mean!? Are you saying that Viscount Gauvain already did these Blood sacrificial rituals?" Abium asked with a shocked tone.

"Yes, and they all are human blood sacrifices. Viscount mostly used slaves and criminals for sacrifices. So no one really cared about their deaths. Oh, I also saw the necromancer Bilet during the sacrificial ceremonies." Claude answered in a grave tone.

'Are these ‘Orders of the Dead’ Organization also a cult organization?' A doubt appeared inside his mind.

"Uncle, do you remember a word or two when they are doing those sacrificial rituals?" Abium asked.

"No. I just watched the ritual ceremony from very afar through a window. But I did hear that necromancer saying 'Valley of the Dead' 'Nurotl' in some unknown language. I memorized those two words because I found it very cool and thought of asking others." Claude responded after a short pause.

'It’s the Nether language! It is the first time I'm hearing some peoples speak the Nether language in the Easica continent. No! Maybe there are Nether language speakers in our continent, but I only now did I understood it.' Abium nodded in enlightenment and responded.

"Uncle, if I found out more about those words, I will inform you."

Claude just waved his hand and quickly said.

"Nah, I don't care much about those words. I know knowing those strange words would only bring more trouble for me.” He stopped for a moment and continued.

“Okay, I will go and collect these materials."

After finishing his words, Claude walked away along with other freed slaves, leaving Abium alone at the entrance.

Shaking his head, Abium returned to the building and waited for Claude to come back with those materials.

'Okay, kid, before Claude returns with those materials, I will tell you how to do this ritual magic. First, take the elvish book from your spatial ring and place it at the center of the hall.' Azolla said in a formal tone.

'Which book?' Abium knitted his eyebrows.

'It's the unique book you took from the Star tower library.' Azolla said.

'Oh! I almost forgot about that book.'

Widening his eyes, Abium nodded his head and took out a green-covered ancient book with multiple runes inscribed on the front. Although it didn't have any lock, that ancient book appeared mysteriously protected by some invisible force.

He tried to open it but soon noticed that book didn't even budge an inch like last time.

'It won't work like that. First, arrange an altar table at the center. Then, put this book and the goddess's sculpture on the table.' Azolla said with a chuckle.

Without any refusal, Abium did what she had told him.

Then, he took out white chalk from his spatial ring and drew a strange circle around the altar table.

Under Azolla’s guidance, he started to inscribe a ritual magic circle in the runic language. Although he couldn't understand most of those characters, he managed to inscribe them correctly with Azolla’s help. From his knowledge, he guessed a few words like 'summon' 'plane law' 'night' etc., and sighed bitterly.

'I need to read those advance runic language and decipher those words myself when I have some free time.' He had written a total of 20 runic words around the ritual circle and noticed that there were still hundreds of words remaining.

He would stop inscribing the ritual circle to take some rest and then continued to inscribe. Hours went by, and then, one day, two days, three, four, and it went on. But Abium didn't stop working and finally noticed he almost completed the ritual circle. He carefully inscribed the last few characters and smiled with an exhausted expression on his face.

It took him almost six days to completely inscribe those characters. He felt his spirit power had drained completely.


After inscribing the last character, Abium threw the chalk away and breathed out a heavy sigh. Only then did he turn his head and noticed Claude was standing at the entrance while watching the circle curiously.

"Did you get all those materials, Uncle?" Abium asked while yawning.

Claude smiled and then spoke while taking out the materials from his leather bag.

"Yeah, I got all those materials from the underground market."

A smile crept on his face as he heard Claude’s words. Abium nodded with a pleasant smile and then took those materials from Claude.

After that, Abium walked back to the mysterious altar table and began to check the materials.

"Do you need any help during the ritual? I saw a dozen of wild goats tied outside." Claude asked while maintaining some distance from the ritual circle.

"Yes, uncle. Bring those Goats along with your squad members. We will start the ritual ceremony in a few minutes." Abium said and then shifted his gaze towards the ritual circle.

‘All set.’ He nodded with an exciting face.

Meanwhile, Claude walked outside and asked his team members to bring those wild goats into the building. Although they gave him a puzzled look at his strange orders, they didn’t refute his words and obeyed silently.

Simultaneously, Abium walked near the ritual circle and placed those candles and magic stones around the ritual circles' twelve corners.

Baa! Baa!…

Soon, he was starting to hear goats' bleating sounds from the entrance. Abium shifted his gaze towards Helena and others and noticed they were waiting for his orders.

"What do we have to do?" Helena asked with a puzzled look.

"Bring the goats inside," Abium said as he turned his gaze towards others and continued. "I need a total of twelve peoples to help me finish this ritual ceremony."

Hearing his words, a total of 12 members walked in along with those wild goats. Helena also stood among the group and looked around the hall with a curious expression on her face.

Meanwhile, Abium began to light all those twelve candles one by one and spoke.

“Tie those wild goats near the twelve candles and stood beside them.”

Then he gave Night Sunflowers, Purple Poison herbs, twelve small Red Vials which contain some thief's blood drops, and Clary sage oil to them separately. Seeing their puzzled look, Abium started to explain.

"Whenever I stop reciting the mysterious elven chant, you have to put those materials one by one into those glowing candles." Abium stopped for a second and said. "When I am finished reciting the first phrase, you have to put the Night Sunflower into the candle fire. At the end of the next phrases, put those Purple Poison herbs, Blood vials, and Clary sage oil vials into the candle fire. Once I finished reciting the whole incantation, behead those goats using your swords."

Everyone stared at him in wonder and soon nodded their heads. Abium again told them not to mess up the order and then turned his attention towards the altar table. He first walked into the ritual circle and soon arrived in front of the altar table. After giving one last look at others, he started to recite the incantation in an elvish language.

"O mighty goddess, bless me with your kindness,

You are the primary force of the light,

Enlighten me with the power of your Night,

You are the ruler of darkness,

Guide me with the power of your deception,

You are the deceiver of luck.

Accept my offerings and bestow me the power,

You are the judge of equality,

Hear my request."

Once Abium finished chanting the long incantation, he raised his hand and signaled the other twelve members to do their jobs.


All of them instantly unsheathed their swords and swung it towards all those goats’ necks.

Slash! Slash!…

Scarlet blood spilled from those heads and the bodies and dyed the white ritual magic circle in a second.


After a slight vibration, Abium noticed all those decapitated goats starting to twitch and let out some strange noises. A second later, goats’ souls and blood absorbed into the runic circles and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

"Move away from the candles," Abium ordered. Nodding their heads, all of them started to back away from those candles.

"Uncle Claude, You all can go back now. Don't come inside unless I ask you." Abium said with a serious tone and then shifted his gaze towards the altar table.

Meanwhile, Claude and others hurriedly left the hall, leaving Abium alone inside.

Simultaneously, Abium noticed all those twelve magic stones started to move creepily towards the altar table. Those stones shone in bright red color and looked more like abyssal crystals.

Abium silently stood inside the ritual circle and observed everything with nervousness.

'Is this okay to do these types of ritual magic?' He started to doubt this method.

'You are too late to say this now, kid.' Azolla chuckled.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The next instant, the whole main hall started to vibrate. At the same time, those red magic crystals beginning to disappear one by one and appeared above the altar table.

‘Those crystals are melting into pure energy.’ He stared at the scene in awe.


A fierce spatial-elemental fluctuation followed!

He could hear the bleating cries of goats and guessed those must be the cries of goats’ souls. His palm became sweaty.


A second later, scarlet light appeared from the elven book and illuminated the whole main hall in red color.

'Azolla, why do I feel like something is wrong with this ritual?' Abium said with a deep frown and took a two-step back.

'Hmm? You actually mispronounce two words when chanting, But I think it's not a problem.' Abium was stupefied when he heard Azolla's words.

Before he could utter another word, the vibration became fiercer, and soon all those scarlet blood droplets began to float and gathered into a blob at the center.

At the same time, Abium saw the surroundings started to distort and then transported him into a different place. Within a second, he found himself surrounded by complete darkness. Although the altar table, beheaded goats, ritual circles were still placed below his feet, Abium knew he was not in the Pirate town now.

"What do you want to exchange, mortal?" A pleasant female voice came from the scarlet blob and asked him in a singsong tone.

Without wasting any time, Abium took out that madness divine shard from his spatial ring and placed it on his sweaty palm.

"Hmm, you managed to get your hands on Madness divine shard? That's surprising!" A booming female voice resounded inside the empty darkness. A second later, the madness divine shard flew from Abium's hand and absorbed into the scarlet blob.

The next instant, a small white fragment flew towards him from the blob and absorbed directly into his body.

As the higher existence noticed his puzzled expression, another chuckle came along with a reply. 

"It's filled with divine power. Ask your artificial spirit for more details."

Abium nervously nodded and blinked.

He noticed that the scarlet blob and the dead goats were completely disappeared in front of his eyes in a blink.

Abium stood there dumbfounded for a second and soon noticed that he had already returned to the Pirate town.

Letting out a heavy sigh, he concentrated his attention on the white fragment that was hidden in his body and noticed it was filled with divine power.

‘I should inform Helena and others. They must be worrying about me.’ He muttered inwardly and walked outside.

Then, he informed others that everything was okay and returned to his room.