Chapter 84: Prison
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Chapter 84: Prison

Deep in the Devil sea.

Aliza sat motionlessly on a two-meter long rowboat while gazing at the monstrous shark roaming under the rowboat. She wore a black linen shirt, skinny brown pants, reversible sky blue silk hood and held a transparent mask-like material in her hand.


Suddenly, she saw the Sanguis shark moved upward with its red eyes and then stared at her. Aliza slowly turned her eyes towards the rowboat and sighed helplessly.

It’s been almost a week, but she couldn’t find any land, nor did she come across any ships. Moreover, she was barely holding against all the constant storms, waves, and the predatory fishes' attacks. But what made her relief was that the wound on her foot was almost healed, and only a scar was left behind. Even she was startled by the rapid healing.

“If it's going to be like this, I will die here alone in this sea.” She shouted in grief and then noticed dark clouds starting to gather up once again in the sky. Aliza’s face grew deadly pale as she saw this! If not for Sanguis Shark’s protection, she would have killed by the crash of waves yesterday.

As she was in deep thought, a large gray mass floating on the sea’s surface a few miles away caught her attention.

‘Hm? What is that? An island?’ Aliza furrowed her thick eyebrows and quickly ordered the Shark to move closer towards the gray area. The shark pulled the rowboat towards the floating mass like a slave. As she moved closer towards the island-like mass, a shocking expression appeared on her face.

It was a huge mass of pumice rocks; some were as big as a large boat. It floated on the surface like flying carpets and spread for many sq miles.

‘Pumice rocks?’ She became more puzzled. While she was confused, a large bubble appeared from the sea's depth and attracted her attention. Within seconds, multiple bubbles appeared on the surface. Followed by multiple bubbles, she started to smell a disgusting stench of the unknown gas.

She instantly knew something was happening in the water and quickly thought of moving away from that place. But soon, she felt familiar energy from the underwater.

‘Elemental energy?’ She got startled inside. Well, sensing a high amount of elemental energy deep in the ocean was entirely out of the ordinary, causing her to hesitate a little. Aliza took a deep breath and resolved herself to dive deep into the sea.

Yes! That would be the most stupid plan. But she had no choice now.

She already faced so many hardships during the past seven days. So it was not much of a problem for her to check what’s hiding inside.

‘Moreover, I have a new pet to protect me.’

“Come on, Zethis! I need your help once again.” She spoke out loud. A moment later, a monstrous shark head popped out from the sea and waited for her orders. With a smile on her face, she patted its sharp mouth and jumped into the sea. She got bored in the past few days and even named this shark. She also worried about the dark clouds in the sky, but that didn’t stop her from exploring the deep sea.

Before diving into the sea, she covered her face with a mask-like transparent object. It was an object she took from a floating corpse of a blue-humanoid creature. After discovering it, she checked its function and soon noticed this mask was an artifact used for breathing underwater. But what made her surprised even more was that this artifact had no runes engraved on it.

Aliza moved her hand towards her lower chin and noticed gills appeared on her face.

‘Cool!’ Her eyes sparkled in the deep-blue water.

Moving her hands, Aliza fearlessly dived deep into the sea while grabbing the Sanguis shark’s fin.

She looked around the sea creatures for a moment and then signaled the monstrous shark to dive deeper. Unlike the previous time, Aliza calmly started breathing the fresh air using the artifact and clearly observed the surroundings. Many marine fishes came towards her direction but soon scattered away as they noticed twelve-meter-long Zethis’s presence.

Like a hunter of the seas, Zethis moved deep into the seawater while scaring the other marine fishes. Aliza’s smile widened. She watched all those marine creatures and gave Zethis a soft pat.

Many dragon fishes with fang-toothed jaws, scarlet bodied vampire squids, and goblin sharks with an elongated snout and needle-like teeth appeared in her sights. But when facing those primitive predatory creatures, she wasn’t afraid. Instead, she looked at them with more interest and started searching for a new slave. In the past few days, She also found out now that she could enslave three living creatures at a time.

‘I can still feel Rudie through this spell, but to find his exact location, I need to increase my Spirit power.’ Aliza’s thought to herself.

‘But now he is still alive means he killed Keith.’ As she thought of the bandit Rudie, she curled her lips upwards and smirked.

‘I will kill those pirates and that fatty once I went back to the land.’ She clenched her fist and made a resolve.

Casting those thoughts away, she shifted her gaze towards the deep sea and noticed something was odd.

‘How can I able to see the seawater clearly?’ She knitted her eyebrows in confusion.

‘It must be due to this mask.’ Aliza nodded and then noticed the water pressure around her body becomes heavy.

‘If the pressure increases more, I can’t dive deeper.’ Aliza knew diving deeper into 1000 feet depth would crush her body.

‘Damn! It is the limit.’ As she was about to give up and return to the surface, her eyes caught something like a sky blue layer beneath her. It was like a cylindrical tube-like layer that radiating dim light everywhere.

‘The elemental energy is coming from that cylindrical tube-like structure. There is something in there. I won’t die easily.’ Aliza muttered under her breath and quickly ordered Zethis to move towards the blue cylindrical layer. This time, immersive pressure stuck all over her body. As Aliza about to lose her focus, she reached the sky blue transparent cylindrical layer.

Once her body entered the transparent layer, the heavy water pressure instantly disappeared. She breathed heavily and silently floated in the water to calm herself. After calmed down for a few seconds, Azolla's black eyes soon noticed Zethis was swimming outside the cylindrical layer.

“Come on, Zethis. Why are you afraid of this blue transparent layer?” She asked and soon started to frown. As she looks closer around the large blue cylindrical layer, she finally noticed a difference.

‘There is not even a single fish inside!’ She blinked rapidly. Soon, her eyes widened in surprise. She also noticed that the cylindrical transparent blue layer was only around a few hundred-meter diameters, and it seemed to be connected towards the deep ocean floor.

‘It seems marine creatures are afraid of this layer.’

After pondering for a bit, she made up her mind and commanded Zethis to stay outside to guard and dived deeper towards the twilight zone.

‘Where is this cylindrical tunnel leading? Is it directly connected to some mysterious place?’ She wandered her eyes in the deep seawater.

Due to the lack of water pressure and no predatory marine creatures in that cylindrical layer, she managed to move leisurely.

Moreover, due to that dim blue light, her vision was also not blocked, causing her to see more clearly. She also saw some large strange sea creatures that were roaming outside the cylindrical layer and became startled.

‘These creatures’ sizes almost look like the same as Zethis!’ She glanced at those creatures with a stunned expression and slowly went deeper.

From time to time, she would see one or two deep-sea creatures, but she got used to it.

After a long time of swimming deep into the sea, she finally managed to see the bottom.

‘Is it an ocean floor?’ Aliza’s eyes flickered in the dim light.

After a minute, she slowly landed at the bottom floor, surrounded by rocky areas, and looked around warily. A second later, her face stiffened up. Instead of normal land filled with rocks and sand, she saw a human statue at the center of the cylindrical layer.

Moreover, she was very familiar with that statue.

‘Mother Goddess’s statue? Who put her statue here?’ She peered at the average slim woman’s statue and warily walked closer. She also noticed the concrete floor around the statue and felt more confused.

‘Who built this statue here? Why?’ She couldn’t even be able to guess the reason.

‘I don’t know what purpose is, but I have a feeling it is not a simple statue. Moreover, this is deep-sea, not the mainland.’ Aliza soon arrived in front of the five-foot-tall metal statue and started to observe it.

Even though the statue was still inside the deep water, not a single scratch could be seen on it. Aliza also saw some runic characters were engraved on the rocky floor and frowned. As she was about to check the surrounding areas, something caught her attention.

‘What is that?’ She got startled inside and looked at the Mother Goddess Statue’s forehead.

It was a thumb-sized blue crystal. Aliza noticed that the crystal was directly attached to the Mother Goddess statue’s forehead.

‘Is that an elemental crystal?’

She raised her right hand and tried to take out the blue crystal.


As her hand touched the blue crystal, Aliza felt a rumbling sound from below. A second later, she saw the rune characters started to shine in white light.

‘Shit! Did I activate a magic rune circle?’ She was stunned for a second and quickly snapped out of it. But soon, her expression went death pale as she noticed that she couldn’t move an inch away from the runic magic circle.

Spark! Buzz!

With a slight vibration, Aliza felt a suction force from the magic circle. The next instant, her head became dizzy as the runic letters starting to glitter brighter. Before she understands the situation, her vision got blurred. She saw her surroundings began to distort, and an invisible force pulled her into some strange place.

The next instant, Aliza felt her breath became harder and soon fall on the floor.

‘Hmm? Air?!’ She opened her black eyes warily and glanced around her surroundings while removing the transparent mask from her face.

‘Where am I? Shouldn’t I be in the deep-sea? How come I'm able to breathe normally?’ Countless questions whirled inside her mind as she stood up on the white concrete floor.

Aliza noticed that she was standing in some ancient building corridor. Multiple circular pillars stood firmly on her sides and seemed to be holding the ancient building together. She also saw multiple white crystals embedded in those pillars and illuminated the surroundings like magical lamps.

All those pillars were painted in blue color and gave off a unique beauty. At the end of that corridor, a black metallic door around 4 meters tall and 2 meters wide stood firmly. And in front of that door were two human-like statues with wings and appeared to be guarding the gate. Both were in a kneeling position and held spears in their hands.

‘Angels!’ She instantly identified those statues and got perplexed inside.

‘What is this? Who placed these statues here? Where the hell am I now? Did I somehow teleport to some church's secret chamber?’ That simple thought made her body to become numb. She felt both fears of the unknown and curious.

‘First, I want to know where I am.’ Aliza thought while looking behind and then widened her eyes. Behind her was a white wall and on it were murals paintings of sea creatures and humans. Those beautiful paintings made her legs to move near to the white wall subconsciously. In the five-meter tall white wall, she saw the humans were killing all those sea humanoid creatures and seemed to be burning them.

She was disgusted by the humans' act and clenched her fist tighter in hatred. Soon another creature’s face that almost looked like humans caught her attention. That small creature had a lower body of fish and appeared five to ten years of age. But what made Aliza hold her breath was that child’s teeth almost looked like shark jaws. Four angels flew from the sky and started attacking that child using many spells, swords, and spears. Finally, they managed to capture the sea child and pierced that child’s heart using a black rod.

The simple picture made Aliza’s lips to tremble!

They mentioned that the child was pure evil from the mural painting description, so they imprisoned her behind the black metallic door.

‘Bastards! They didn’t even let a small pitiful child live happily.’ She cursed at those Light believers in her heart and soon shifted her gaze towards the metallic door.

The corridor under her feet was more than two times the width of an ordinary street in any small town, wide enough to allow four or five carriages to gallop in parallel.

Without any fear in her heart, Aliza advanced and soon arrived in front of the metal door.

‘Hm? It’s not locked.’ She was surprised a little. Without even glancing at those angel statues, she pushed the door with full strength.


The metal door opened with a loud noise. Unlike the outer corridor, the inside was completely dark. Aliza took a step into the shaded area and slowly walked forward. The only sounds echoed inside the dark hall were those water droplets falling from her wet black hairs and her quiet footsteps.

Before she could take the fourth step, she heard a growling sound from the darkness and halted her footsteps.

‘What was that?’ She furrowed her eyebrows.

Within seconds, her black eyes adjusted to the darkness and revealed multiple prison-like cells to her eyes.

With wary eyes, she stepped in like a cat and moved deeper towards the nearby cell.

‘I think the sound came from this prison cell.’ She thought.

She moved closer with some courage and then noticed a small figure was laid at the prison cell center.

Hm? Is that the child I saw in the murals? Her eyes widened in surprise. That child was around five years old and appeared to be laid motionlessly on the prison floor. She had the same wide shark-like jaws, blue skin, long sky blue hair, and wore simple cloth that barely covered her important body parts.

As Aliza took a closer look at that girl, her expression froze. She saw the mask-like artifacts were scattered all over the floor. Aliza also noticed a sharp black rod that appeared to be penetrated through the girl’s chest and pinned her on the white floor.

‘Humans really are cruel.’ She sighed with a pitying look on her face. As Aliza was about to take a step back and move to the next cell, that small girl’s fingers started to twitch.

‘How is she still alive?! Is that even possible?’ Aliza was almost shouted in surprise and took two steps closer towards the prison cell.

“W-Water. T-Thirsty.” Aliza barely heard that child’s words and wondered about what to do with this situation. She didn’t even feel something was wrong when that child spoke in a common language and silently looked at her with concerned eyes.

‘Should I help her?’ Her eyes wandered towards that girl’s bony figure, and got worried inside. She imagined herself being imprisoned in the deep sea prison. Without knowing her, Aliza’s legs moved near to the prison cell to help her.