Chapter 85: Dragonkin
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Chapter 85: Dragonkin

‘They even built this prison with rare Nullify stone, huh!’ She was surprised and moved near to the key, which was hanging near to the metal gate. After picking up the key, Aliza walked back to the prison cell and opened it with a click.

She pushed the cell door and walked near the petite figure. But still, she only heard small mutters from the petty figure’s mouth and became more worried.

“Little girl, please stay still for few more seconds. I will take this rod out.” Aliza comforted the small girl and grabbed the nullify rod with her soft hands. For a moment, she felt the mana inside her body being completely sucked out and got dizzy in her head.

She gritted her teeth and pulled that two-inch diameter black rod with all her strength.


“ARRGGGG!” The small girl screamed in pain and then started panting heavily. Deep bluish blood gushed out from her chest and splattered everywhere on the floor. Within seconds, the white concrete floor was replaced with deep blue-colored blood.

‘What the hell? Blue-color blood?’ Aliza got surprised by the blood color and hurriedly moved her hand to help the little girl.

But without Aliza’s help, that small girl instantly stood up with shining azure eyes and sprinted out of the prison cell, leaving blurry images behind. Before Aliza could notice what had happened, that little figure was nowhere to be seen!


She looked at the empty prison cell with a stupefied expression and slowly calmed down. Without wasting any time, she moved towards the next cell.

‘Hm? Why am I moving to release other prisoners?’ She was startled by the sudden emotional change. But before she knew it, her legs already arrived in front of the next cell.

This time, Aliza saw a large two-meter tall humanoid creature with a lizard head that appeared inside the prison cell and was pinned on the other side with many two-inch diameter circular rods. The red lizard figure slowly opened its brown eyes and stared at her.

‘It’s a dragonkin from the legends!’ She was stunned inside.

‘Wow! Human bastards really fucked this dragonkin pretty hard.’ She felt sympathy for the dragonkin and watched it with curiosity. But before she could say anything, Aliza felt elemental fluctuation coming from the metallic gate direction.

“Did you release the Syreni, human?” A croaky male voice echoed inside her mind. Aliza flinched at the sudden voice and stared back at the dragonkin’s face with wide eyes. She could tell this dragonkin’s mouth was sealed by the same metallic rods and felt puzzled.

‘Is it the same as Soul telepathy?’ Aliza furrowed her brows.

Within a second, she recovered to her calm state and nodded towards the dragonkin in response.

“I thought the one who comes and releases me would be my kin. But I never expected it would be a human.” continued the dragonkin. Meanwhile, she saw the dragonkin started to blink its round brown eyes and appeared to be talking to her mind by blinking.

“Who are you?” That dragon kin’s imposing aura didn’t faze Aliza. Instead, she looked into its eyes and asked.

“Hmm, there is a smell of death in you.” The dragonkin didn’t respond to her question; instead, he nodded his lizard head while looking at her body with interest.

“Help me to remove these Nullify metals.” Dragonkin motionlessly stayed in the wall and asked with a flat tone. Meanwhile, Aliza stared back at the dragonkin for a few moments and finally asked.

“Who are you? How can I trust you? Why should I release you?”

“But you did release the Syreni child without asking anything, right?” That dragon kin retorted in a sarcastic tone, which made her furrow her eyebrows.

“Tsk, she is just a harmless child, so of course, I will feel sympathy for her. Also, she won’t hurt me.” Aliza replied while clicking her tongue in annoyance.

“You truly are a foolish human, aren’t you? You must have hit your head somewhere.” The dragonkin said with a sigh, causing Aliza to be stunned.

‘Did I do something I shouldn’t?’ She started to frown deeply.

“Who is she? Why you all are imprisoned here?” She asked but soon noticed the dragonkin seemed to be not replying to her question.

“So, what is this place?” After a short pause, Aliza asked once again.

“Release me first. Don’t worry about your safety; I’m not that much hateful person to kill a savior.” Dragonkin replied. She stared back at the dragonkin and pondered in silence. After a short amount of time, Aliza quickly unlocked the prison cell door and entered.

‘I don’t know if that child is a good person or evil. But I already released her on impulse. I think there will be no harm in releasing this dragonkin.’ She muttered inwardly

“Good! Before Syreni comes back, can you remove these rods?” Aliza felt uneasy as she heard Dragonkin’s urging tone.

“Why do I feel like you seemed to be afraid of that child?” She cast a questionable gaze while pulling the two rods from the Dragonkin’s hand. Unlike the rod she took out from the Syreni child, these two rods had low nullifying effects, making her job easier.


Red blood gushed out from the pierced areas and stained the floor in red color. Aliza felt dizzy when she looked at the pool of blood. A mixture of blood and iron-like smell assaulted her nose.

“Remove every rod quickly.” Once again, the dragon kin’s voice brought her back to her senses. She now realized the urgency in his voice and pulled another two rods without wasting any time.

Clang! Clang!…

“So what you name, mister dragon?”

“Argh! Huff! I’m Ulzez. I’m from the Red Dragonkin tribe.”

“I never heard any of them, even in storybooks. So, for how many years are you in this prison?” Aliza continued to pull another two other metal rods from his thighs and asked.

“Years, huh! I even forgot to count the numbers. But they imprisoned me during the end of the Third Abyss invasion along with these monsters.” Aliza frowned deeper.


“Ha! It’s the last rod.” She quickly pulled out the final rod on Ulzez’s chest and threw it on the ground.

Meanwhile, Ulzez panted heavily and stood in an unsteady manner. He tried to walk but fell.

“Are you okay?!” As Aliza saw Ulzez was falling, she called out in worry.

Huff! Huff! Wait. I will be fine in a few seconds.” Ulzez replied to her in a loud tone and started to chant in abyssal language. After a short chant, Aliza noticed the surrounding atmosphere began to change, and then a strange black-colored miasma gathered around his body. Instinctively, she took a few steps backward and covered her mouth in shock.

‘I just released  a Chaos Being!’ She stood there nervously and then noticed an astonishing scene. Ulzez’s grave wounds started to heal up at a rapid speed. She read about the Chaos Affiliation in books and felt she had done something stupid once again.

“Praise the Dragon God!” After puffing out a loud breath from his lizard mouth, Ulzez shouted in an excited voice. But soon, his expression stiffened up. His red eyes started to flicker as he heard a rumbling noise from the other side of the metallic door.

Ulzez stood up with much difficulty, quickly grabbed Aliza’s hand, and then dashed out of the prison cell.

“H-Hey, what are you doing?” She stuttered in nervous and soon noticed they were moving deep into the dark prison hall.

“Damn it! Before she comes back, we have to get the hell out of here.” Ulzez said in a deep tone and sprinted faster into the dark prison hall. At the same time, Aliza saw a fantastic thing and widened her eyes in surprise.

A purplish fireball around five-meters in diameter appeared at the tip of Ulzez’s finger. The next instant, he threw the purple fireball towards the dark corridor and illuminated the whole area. In a blink, the gigantic fireball split into multiple small fireballs and crashed into every prison cell locks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Girl, don’t look behind. I think these guys will be enough to vent her thirst for blood.” Ulzez spoke with a solemn tone and glanced at the different monsters coming out from the prison cells. Each one looked sinister and appeared to be already on the verge of death due to starving for millenniums.

“What are you doing?! Aren’t these all dangerous monsters?” Aliza shouted angrily.

“Don’t ask questions now. If we want to live, there is no harm in using these beings as sacrifices.” Ulzez words caused Aliza to be more puzzled, and soon she heard screams.


“What were those noises?” Aliza asked Ulzez in a startling tone.

‘Those monsters are screaming in pain!’ she could easily tell that sound came from one of the monsters they had released just now. Although she had many questions in her mind, she somehow understood the severity of the situation. With an alarmed face, she followed after him hastily.

“It’s the Syreni. Come on; the exit is up ahead.” Without turning back, Ulzez ran forward into the prison hall. Due to the purple light's presence, Aliza noticed that they were moving towards another black metallic gate.

But this time, the gate was sealed from the other side.

“It’s locked!” As Aliza noticed the sealed gate, she spoke gravely.

“You think this metal scrap will hinder us?” Ulzez said with a chuckle and threw another large purplish ball of fire at the metallic door. In a blink, the fireball arrived in front of the gate and exploded.


The next instant, a wide hole appeared in the metal door. It was around a one-meter circular hole that would be enough for both of them to pass through. Aliza watched the door with a wide gaped mouth and soon recovered as she noticed the dragonkin had already started walking towards the hole.

“Are we not in the deep sea?” She glanced warily around the sides and asked cautiously.

“Deep-sea? What are you talking about? We are in Prison Island that is under the control of Plane Guardians.” Suddenly Ulzez stopped his talking and shifted his gaze towards Aliza, then asked.

“How did you come here?”

“When I was exploring the deep sea, I found a Mother goddess’s statue at the bottom. But when I touched the blue crystal on the statue’s forehead, I got teleported and found myself in the prison hall.” Aliza replied in confusion.

“Hmm, you must have come through a different exit. Usually, the prisoners' dead bodies will be transported outside through runic circles. Maybe you stumbled upon one of those exits and got teleported here.” Ulzez said with an understanding nod and then walked out.

Hiding her nervousness, Aliza looked around outside and followed after Ulzez. Once she stepped out of the broken gate, she saw a spiral staircase. She also saw a two-meter diameter pillar at the center, and that pillar appeared to be connected to the surface.

She also saw multiple metallic doors everywhere and guessed the hall they came out of was just a part of this place.

“Let’s go. It will take time to reach the top.” Ulzez said hurriedly and began to climb up. Aliza also followed after him and started to climb up those large steps. They saw the same black painted metal doors on the sides from time to time, but both didn’t stop their footsteps and went up ahead.

“How many floors are there?” Aliza started up at the top and asked with an anxious expression. It’s been almost half an hour, but she still didn’t see any exit.

“100,” Ulzez said with a solemn tone and pointed his hand upward.

She breathed out a sigh of relief as she saw some small bright light coming from there and hastened her footsteps.

Pant! Pant!…

“Why didn’t I see any guards in this prison?” Aliza asked with puzzlement.

“You will see them at the top.” Ulzez finished his words and soon arrived at the end of the spiral stairs, which was entirely blocked by rows of metal bars. Behind those bars was another metallic door, which seemed to be the final door to the exit.