Chapter 86: Light Church
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Chapter 86: Light Church

Once Ulzez arrived near those metal rods, he clenched his lizard-like hand and punched those metallic rods with full force.


Ulzez's rough hand collided with the metal, and the whole metallic block falls like powders. But he didn't stop there. Instead, he arrived in front of the metallic door and punched once again. With a metal clanging noise, the tall black gate made a creaking noise and fell on the floor with a loud sound. Aliza took a long breath and walked out of the gate. The next instant, brightness assaulted their eyes and blinded their sights for a second.

A second later, both opened their eyes and got stunned.

In front of them was a large hall with a high ceiling, and pews were neatly arranged in rows on the Aisle sides. Meanwhile, the sacred Emblem of Light, iron lampstands and candles were placed at the front wall.

But what made their expression froze was that they saw many holy knights and priests in white robes were staring back at them with dumbfounded expressions on their faces. Aliza turned her head vigilantly and saw a flag with a symbol of four long swords pointing outwards in an X pattern fluttering near to the male statue on the right side. The next instant, she quivered all over and took a step back in fear as she noticed a unique symbol below the statue.

'Light Church!' That was the first thought that came to her mind as she saw a unique Nabla symbol.

"MONSTER!" A priestess lady who stood near them began to tremble all over and let out a high-pitched scream. Within a second, dozens of Holy knights unsheathed their swords and moved towards their direction hurriedly.

'F*ck, I'm doomed to die here.' Aliza put both hands on her head and cursed inwardly.

"Hmm, when did these fools replace Plane Guardians?" Ulzez narrowed his large brown eyes and spoke as he snapped his finger.

Like an illusion, his lizard figure changed into a human face with short auburn hair, triangular eyebrows, hooded brown eyes, and bronze skin. His figure turns into less muscular, and his body was covered with red shirts and black pants.

Everyone was perplexed by the sudden change and stood with a stunned expression on their faces.

"H-HE IS A MAGE!" Another shout came from one of those priests from the front pew.
''Capture them.'' That priest pointed his trembling finger towards Aliza's direction and ordered. Hundreds of Holy Knights unsheathed their weapons and moved towards their direction.

Rumble! Rumble!


But before the Holy Knights could take any actions, another shrieking noise came from the deep underground, causing everyone's hair to stand up. Like a raging storm, clattering sounds came from the spiral footsteps.

"Girl, grab my hand." Ulzez was the one who stood unfazed by the sudden rumbling noises and spoke steadily.

With a nod, Aliza instantly grabbed his right hand and sensed the surroundings started to distort.

'Teleportation!' A surprised expression appeared on her face. Within a second, both disappeared from the Church and reappeared a few hundred meters away from the dome-shaped church.

"I don't have enough miasmas to cast a long-range teleportation spell. We have to go by walk." Ulzez spoke while looking around the surroundings. Instead of buildings and skyscrapers, there were trees and plants around the hundred-meter tall church building.

"Are we really on an island?" Aliza furrowed her eyebrows and asked.

"I'm sure of that. I don't know how Welo's followers managed to replace the Plane guardians, but I'm 100% sure they know nothing about this underground prison. These religious knights won't be able to stop those creatures." Ulzez said with a sigh.

"But the Light Church is the strongest force in this continent," Aliza said with a frown.

"But there is not a single strong soul present on this island to stop the Blood Child." Ulzez smiled bitterly and soon moved forward towards the mud path. After a few seconds of walking, both saw few military ships and quickly moved in that direction.


At the same time, Inside the Light church hall,

A three-meter tall humanoid monster with the head of a rat came out from the spiral staircase and walked out while tearing the broken metal gate.

"SQUEAL!" After glancing around the surroundings, it let out a high-pitch cry and then ran towards the Holy Knights.

"W-What the hell is this?!" "MONSTER!" "RUN!!"

Panic appeared in the church. A second later, multiple low-tier Holy Knights ran in different directions and caused more chaos.

"Don't panic! I will take care of this monster." Before the panic could surge further, a seventy-year-old man in a gray robe walked towards the rat monster while chanting an incantation. He had downturned silver eyes, diagonal eyebrows, a flat nose, and russet brown skin. His thin white hair made him look more aged, and if not for his muscular figure, one might think of him as a dying old man.

Meanwhile, all the high-ranked knights in the church hall moved closer to him and guarded him against any attacks.

Before the tall rat humanoid monster gets closer towards the old man, he gathered many light elemental particles in his palm and created a light spear.

"Holy spear!"

In a blink, a beam of scorching light came out from the old man's hand and directly pierced into the rat monster's head.


Black blood splattered in every direction, and soon the rat monster fell on the floor.


"It is an Evil being of Chaos." Everyone became startled by the old man's sudden words and took a step back in terror.

"What do you mean? What is Chaos, Father Henriot?" A slim holy knight who stood near to that high priest asked in puzzlement.

"Well, it's a bit complicated, but I will explain to you in detail. In the whole universe, two sides are battling against each other for countless millenniums. They are Lawful affiliation and Chaos affiliation." Confusion appeared on everyone's face. As Henriot noticed their puzzlement, he let out a heavy sigh and continued.

"We are the Lawful good faction members who are born to purify the Chaos evil faction members. They are beasts who are only born to corrupt our world. No…They are errors of creation. I heard in the past that many chaos beings are sealed inside this island's forbidden underground dungeon. This creature must be one of those chaotic creatures." As he explained, holy knights and the priests who stood nearby started to sweat.

"Don't worry. Our great lord is mightiest of all of them. One day, we will kill all these evil beings from our realm." Henriot said with a chuckle and then shifted his gaze towards the spiral staircase located a few meters away.

Rumble! Rumble! Clatter!...

"Get ready! More monsters are coming from the dungeon. Oger, inform the Diocese of Orchard that we are facing enemies. Tell them Devil island dungeon is breached." Henriot said with a solemn tone towards a lean priest who stood nearby and quickly took out a few scrolls from his spatial ring.

Roar! Shieerkkk! GRRRRRRR!...

Countless monsters' cries came from the underground staircase, sending shivers to everyone's spines.

Slowly another monster with the head of a human and the body of a crab came out of the stairs. Then, two Hybrid Minotaurs, Skeletons, Orc shamans, and Humanoid Sea Monsters with three eyes began to come out of the dungeon one by one.

Once they saw the Holy Knights, all those monsters let out roars with red eyes and sprinted towards them madly.

All those monsters' strengths were so strong, which caused the holy knights' formation to break in a few seconds.

Henriot was the one who wasn't fazed by the might of those monsters' powers. He took out those scrolls and tore them while adding magic stones to the rune circles one by one.

Multiple rays of lights and holy arrows came out from those scrolls and flew towards those monsters like rain.

Swoosh! Puch! Swoosh!

In a blink, all those holy arrows, spears, and rays poured on to them and started killing those creatures.

But some monsters avoided the attacks and started killing the holy knights while snatching their weapons.

"Heh~ there is a strong one here." A childish singsong voice came from the depths of that stairs, causing others to tremble uncontrollably. A few seconds later, a small girl child in luxurious crystals embedded tunic which reached her ankles walking out of the spiral staircase. She looked around 130 cm high and appeared to be less than ten years old. But her physical appearance caused everyone to become more alert.

Before anyone could utter a single word, a wave of black miasma spread from her body and affected everyone inside the Light church. Then, the Syreni child snapped her fingers and smiled playfully. The next instant, a horrifying thing happened.

The sinister monsters with different appearances shivered in fear while falling on the ground, and then their bodies began to bulge like balloons.


The monsters’ bodies started to explode one by one while letting out a series of explosive sounds behind. Within three seconds, all those ugly monsters were died, leaving a bloody mess behind. Organs, flesh, brain matters, red and black blood splattered everywhere and painted the church hall in scarlet color.


A second later, a wolf howling sound came from the depth of the underground passage, causing Holy Knights and Priests to step back in fear. After a while, a silver wolf that was around two-meter tall came out from the prison dungeon entrance and stood beside the Syreni child.

"You are late, Wolfie." The Syreni child said and clicked her tongue.

Sensing master’s mood, the Silver Wolf bowed its large head towards the small girl to appease her and started wagging its tail like a dog.

"Okay, okay. Now, where did the lizard go?" Without minding the High-Priest Henriot’s or others Holy Knights’ nervous gazes, Syreni child muttered out loud.

"Who are you?" High-Priest Henriot regained his strength soon and asked the Syreni child. There was a hint of nervousness in his tone. But he still stood there, blocking the Syreni child's path while glaring at her.

‘This child is a pure evil being. O great lord, I must eliminate this evil threat here and now. Otherwise, it will definitely bring a great catastrophe to our land.’ Henriot's palm began to sweat as he stood there, blocking Syreni's path.

"Move!" Like a lord who commands nature, Syreni child's expression turned serious, and spoke in a chilling tone. Simultaneously, the black miasmas started to gather around her body and started corrupting the nearby areas.

The only one who managed to resist those miasmas was High-Priest Henriot and few priests. Even High-Priest Henriot barely stood against the Syreni child and was showing a nervous expression on his face.

"You wasted my time." Syreni child said while looking at Henriot with an amusing expression on her face.

Soon, she frowned as she started to notice Henriot was chanting with a pale face.

"I pray my lord to guide me to kill this demon,

I pray my lord to protect my soul from being corrupted,

I pray my lord to purify this fiendish creature from our world,

I pray my lord to..."

With a grim expression, Henriot continued to chant in a runic language but suddenly froze.

Henriot saw the Holy Knights, and Priests who stood beside him started to fall on the ground with thudding sounds.

The next instant, all their bodies starting to bulge like those monsters, and soon painful moans echoed.

"Stop your chant." An ice piercing sound came out from the Syreni child's mouth. She started into Henriot’s eyes and waited for his reply.

"I pray my Lord-" As Henriot was about to continue the chanting, she snapped her finger.

Bam! Bam! Bam!...

A second later, all the hundreds of Holy Knights’ and Priests’ balloon-like bodies started to explode one by one like crackers, causing blood mist to appear in the church hall. Except for Henriot, not a single human survived. Watching the gruesome scene, he stood there with a frightened face while trembling all over.

For the first time in Henriot's life, he was terrified of a small child who stood in front of him.

"So much pure blood!" Syreni said with an excited tone. The next instant, all the humans' blood started to float up in the air and form a large scarlet ball. Then it moved towards Syneri and then started to shrink.

Soon, it shrunk into a pebble-sized crystal and landed on her tiny hand. The only things left in the church hall were Holy knights' and priests' withered bodies.

Meanwhile, a pale-faced old man stood at the church hall center and appeared frozen in fear.

"Tell your Pope. Blood Child is coming for his head." Syreni child said coldly and walked out of the church hall. Meanwhile, the Silver Fox wagged its silvery tail and followed after her silently.