Chapter 87: Border
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Chapter 87: Border

Devil prison Island, Northern side.

“Do you know how to escape from this island? Like using teleportation type spells?” Aliza asked while walking hastily towards the beach.

“No, there is very little miasma in this world. So, it's tough for me to recover my energy.” Ulzez muttered and glanced around his surroundings.

“So, which faction are you from?” Aliza’s asked while squinting her eyes. She knew this dragonkin was a Chaos being and became more curious about his identity.

“Don’t worry. I’m from the Good Faction.” His reply made her breathe out a sigh of relief.

‘Well, he seems to have no ill intention against me.’ She soon noticed the whole church building starting to go down and became startled.

“What are we going to do now?” She was always wondering why this mighty dragonkin ran like a coward instead of facing the small child. As if he had already aware of her thoughts, Ulzez replied with a heavy sigh.

“Don’t look at me like that, girl. I am not a coward. I’m already exhausted due to the blood loss and nullification rods. Also, I don’t want to face that Blood child in this condition.” Upon hearing his reply, a frown appeared on Aliza’s face.

“Blood Child? What is that mean?” She knitted her eyebrows and asked in puzzlement.

“She is the daughter of Emone, Goddess of Blood.”

“What?!” Aliza’s body went stiff.

‘Did I just release a being who could equally fight against those legendary mages?’ Her face went death pale. Cold sweats dripped down from her forehead.

“Well, yes. But for now, the Blood Child's strength is completely shackled due to the imprisonment. Moreover, it will take at least years for her to come back to her former strength.” Ulzez said with a smile. Meanwhile, Aliza sucked in a cold breath and nervously stared back at the falling church.

“How are we going to escape from here?” She was now regretting her decision to dive and exploring the deep sea.

‘Well, how could I know that child is an evil goddess’s daughter?’ She comforted herself and started walking towards the beach faster. She could see many ships were already docked near the shoreline and appeared to be guarded by marine soldiers.

Simultaneously, she felt the connection between herself and the Sanguis shark becoming closer.

‘Zethis! Come to my direction.’ She instantly called out in her mind and hurried towards the sea. As they were moving closer towards the sea, Aliza suddenly thought of something and asked in puzzlement.

“Why are you imprisoned here in the first place?” From the earlier actions, Ulzez appeared to be more of a good guy than a bad. So, she became puzzled.

“I violated the agreement and entered this plane without official permission from the Plane Guardians. Actually, I was tracking this Blood Child but ended up meeting a bunch of Plane Guardians. After that, I was outnumbered by them and imprisoned here for eternity.”

“Who are these Plane Guardians?” She became puzzled by these new words and asked with a raised tone.

“You don’t even know about Plane Guardians?” Ulzez gave a startled look and continued after a short deliberation.

“Well, they are like guards who protect this world from the void beings and otherworldly monsters. Mostly elves are the ones who control the Plane Guard organization.”

“Oh? But I heard that those elves are nature-loving freaks and won’t uphold their promises.” Aliza’s words startled him.

‘Who taught these things to this girl?’ He wondered. As they were chattering, both reached the seashore and noticed a large fish was moving towards their direction in the seawater.

“Zethis!” Aliza shouted in excitement. Simultaneously, a twelve-meter long creature noticed her and moved towards their direction at a fast speed.

“Sanguis. Did you enslave it with your innate spell?” Ulzez asked with a surprised expression.

“I don’t know. Some rune letters appeared in my mind a few days ago. After that, I noticed that I could enslave all living beings.” She said with a smile. She had no clue about those runes and felt more afraid of those runes inside her mind.

“Oh? Did some unexpected events trigger that spell to appear in your mind?” He asked while narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, when I felt so much betrayed, these runes started to appear in my mind.” She said. Then, she suddenly thought of something and asked.

“Is this spell comes from my dad or ancestors? Is it possible?”

“No, your condition appears a bit special. Someone planted a death seed in your body. A crafty guy chose you as a test subject.” Ulzez words caused her to tremble all of a sudden.

“What do you mean? Am I a test subject?!” She asked in alarm.

“Don’t panic. For now, all you have to do is face reality and start to improve your strength. All I can tell now is that the one who puts the death seed is more powerful than me.” Ulzez said and quickly cast a supportive spell. A second later, both hovered in the air and moved towards a random direction while the Sanguis shark followed after them.

“Where are we going?” Aliza asked. She felt clueless about the directions and became puzzled.

“I am searching for an island. I’m powerless now, and my inner organs are completely damaged. If we went back to the mainland, I don’t even know how many people will come for my blood.” He said with a sigh and started to move.

“But there is no island nearby. There is not a single ship coming towards this direction.” Aliza said with a frown on her face.

“We are already miles away from the mainland. Most of the normal ships won’t even enter the deeper sea because of the sea monsters.” Ulzez replied calmly. Hearing his words, Aliza finally nodded in understanding.

‘So, I drifted so far away, huh.’ Aliza shook her head and started thinking about the guy who planted a Death seed in her body.

Northern Border Fortress, Peral kingdom,

Fennelis and Umi stood at the entrance of a two-storied building while covering their heads with black hoods. They had already entered the Border Fortress and were planning to get the officers' approval to move to the Keris kingdom.

“Mama, how many days will it take to find Papa?” Umi asked in a tired tone. It’s been almost more than a week, but they still hadn’t found a clue about her dad.

“We almost reached our destination, my dear. Don’t worry; we will find Rizz sooner.” Fennelis comforted her and then shifted her gaze towards the check post. Many merchants, adventurers, and even some foreign citizens were stood in a queue and were waiting for their turn.

Up ahead of the two-storied building was a large wall, protecting the fortress from monsters and invaders. If someone wants to cross the five-meter tall wall, they had to go through the checking process. Although for persons like Fennelis and Umi, it was easy to sneak in and move to another side by simply jumping the walls. Fennelis didn’t like to go illegally.

Shaking her head, Fennelis grabbed Umi and joined the queue line like others. But soon, she started to frown.

‘With these hoods, we are standing out too much.’ Fennelis sensed that all those adventurers, merchants, and foreigners were constantly looking at them from time to time. Well, she knew wearing those black hoods during check-in would make them more suspicious, but she didn’t have any option.

A few days before, they had a fierce fight with a few Holy Knights roaming near Margrave Eliot’s territory, and the Light church members almost captured Umi. Due to that, she went berserk and nearly killed all of them in retaliation.

‘I need to control my strength; otherwise, I might kill innocent peoples.’ She thought to herself. Fennelis had already started teaching about fighting techniques and those innate spells to Umi and felt less worried.

‘The only one who could threaten Umi's safety is bishop level and above rank members.’ But she knew that the possibility of meeting a bishop here in this rural area was almost zero.

“Next.” A rough voice broke her thoughts. Letting out a sigh, she quickly pulled Umi’s hand and walked forward. In front of her stood a pale-faced guard and appeared around 30 years old. He wore a metal helmet, silver armor and looked more like a knight.

With a stern look, he gave a suspicious glance at both and gestured them to walk inside. After bowing her head, Fennelis quickly walked in and saw a wooden door in front of her. There was a number written in blue paint at the top and the symbol of the Adventurers’ Guild logo at the center.

Knock! Knock!

Fennelis tapped the wooden door twice and waited for the response.

“The door is open. Come in.” A rough male voice came from inside that made Fennelis’s eyebrows arched up.

“Excuse me.” With a polite tone, Fennelis opened the oak wooden door and walked in.

In front of them was a fat middle-aged man who looked around 40 to 50 years. He wore a black uniform, brown leather shoes and appeared to be sitting on the wooden chair. He had a slightly wrinkled pale face, short burgundy hair, upturned dark brown eyes, and a snub nose.

Behind him were a total of six soldiers who stood with an imposing aura and appeared to be seriously discussing something. They wore blue linen shirts and pants with a symbol of crossword in a circle.

As Fennelis was about to ask something, her sky blue eyes noticed a slim, middle-aged lady who sat in the left corner of the room. She had ordinary eyebrows, hawk nose, long red hair, and pink eyes with red limbal rings around both irises' edges. With a simple glance, she could tell that woman was a unique one.

‘She is strong!’

‘Who is she? What is she doing here?!’ Fennelis got startled inside.

“Remove both of your hoods.” While she was pondering about the slim woman, the fat officer named Vicar got annoyed by her rude behavior and ordered in a rough tone. His dark brown eyes were suspiciously gazing at both of them and urging Fennelis and Umi to remove their black hoods.

“Umi, take off your hood,” Fennelis said with a sigh and started to remove her own hood.

“B-Beastkins!” Vicar’s eyes almost popped out, and shouted out loud in a stutter. The next instant, those six guards stopped their discussion and turned their gazes towards Fennelis and Umi in surprise.

“Well, I didn’t expect to meet two beastkins here. So, do you have a permit to cross the border?” Vicar soon composed himself while giving a sharp look at both of them and then asked in a harsh voice.

Nodding her head, Fennelis looked out her Adventurers’ Guild card and placed it on the oak table.

“Adventurer?” Vicar raised his eyebrows and replied sharply,

“You can go, but I won’t allow this girl to cross our border.”

His sharp word made Fennelis frown.

“What do you mean?”

Fennelis gave an icy glare at Vicar and asked in a cold tone.

“She didn’t have any citizenship certificate or recommendation letters from higher-ups.” Vicar wasn’t fazed by Fennelis’s cold words and replied in a flat tone.

“She is my daughter. And with my guild card, I have the right to bring one or two family members along, right?” Her snowy ears fell as she asked that officer with a death glare.

“I am the officer here. If I say I won’t allow her, you must follow that even if you are an adventurer. Moreover, even if I kill both of you here, no one will come back and search for you anyway, right?” Vicar gave a mocking laugh and signaled other guards.

“Capture this child and lock her up in the dungeon cell. Write a report that two filthy beastkins broke free from the slavers and caused chaos in our fort. Add a line that we are going to return her to the dealers.” Vicar revealed his white teeth and said with a cold laugh.

Shwang! Shwang! Shwang!…

The next instant, all six guards unsheathed their swords and pointed those sword tips towards Fennelis and Umi.