Chapter 88: Roguedale
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Chapter 88: Roguedale

"Tsk, if you are that eager to die, then don't resent me in your next life." Fennelis expression grew cold. The next instant, the temperature in the room began to drop rapidly. For the first time, the middle-aged lady Elianor stopped her quill pen and then turned her gaze towards Fennelis with a surprised face. In a second, she identified that Fennelis was a noble rank beast kin and smiled lightly.

Meanwhile, Vicar got annoyed by Fennelis's behavior and shouted while standing up from his seat.

"You are just a filthy beast. How you dare act like that in front of me?"

"You are the one who started it, Pig." Fennelis was driven mad by Vicar's insulting words and retorted with a sharp look. Hearing her words, his face turned red in anger and embarrassment.

"Capture her!" He roared.

Fennelis scanned all those warriors' strength and coldly snorted.

'They are just third-tier warriors!' If it were before, she would be no match against these peoples. But she strengthened her bloodline by potion and became stronger. Moreover, she could even cast one second-tier bloodline spell now. But she didn't dare to test that spell on anyone here.

Fennelis didn't evade the sword that was coming towards her chest. Instead, she touched the sword tip with her finger at fast speed and released a bit of uncontrolled ice elemental energy.

As her finger and the sword point collided, an incredible thing happened.

The guard felt his right hand went cold all of a sudden and then lost his sensation. A heartbeat later, he loosened his grip and backed away with a startled expression.

Simultaneously, the sword fell and broke into multiple pieces, causing others' expressions to freeze in shock.

A moment later, all of them shifted their gazes towards the guard's hand and got chills all over. Everyone's pupil constricted in horror. They saw the guard's right hand was already frozen in ice and the ice-elemental energy appeared to be spreading towards his forearm.

"Eh? W-What did you do to my hand?!" That guard stuttered in panic.

"Hmm, I still lack in control." With an understanding nod, Fennelis sighed heavily and then shifted her gaze towards other guards. The next instant, everyone's face went death pale.

'H-How could a normal beast have this much power?'

Vicar hadn't thought that a single beastkin woman would be this strong and got terrified inside. A chill went down his spine as he took a step back in fear!

"Vicar, give them the permit to cross the border." Unfazed by the coldness, the middle-aged lady Elianor, who still sat on her seat, started talking.

"But she-" As Vicar was about to refute, she interrupted him with sharp words.

"Do it now. If you are expecting an unnecessary battle, get the hell out of this fort and do it outside. Don't involve me." As he heard those words, his expression turned worse. He tried to ask help from the other five warriors, but they stood there, lowering their heads. Without any other choice, he quickly took out two scrolls that had the kingdom's seals placed on it and gave it to Fennelis.

"Hmm, if you had done that earlier, this guy wouldn't be losing his hand now, isn't it?" Fennelis gave Vicar one last glare and then took those two scrolls from him. After glancing at the kingdom's seals, she nodded her head and put it inside her spatial ring. It was a ring which she took from one of the Holy Knights.

After that, Fennelis grabbed Umi's right hand and turned around to get out.

"Wait, do you have a minute?" Elianor stood up while shifted her gaze towards Fennelis and asked in a low voice.

"Is there anything else?" Fennelis halted her movement and turned back while furrowing her eyebrows.

"No, if you are okay with it, can you do me a little help?" Elianor asked while signaling others to get out of the room.

"Not you, Vicar." Elianor stopped Vicar and gave him a sharp look.

"Y-Yes, my lady." Vicar instantly halted his footsteps and stuttered in reply.

Fennelis cast a suspicious glance at both of them and became puzzled.

"What do you want? What benefit do I get from this?" Although she would only take missions mostly from Adventurers' Guild, she thought of listening about the details first.

'If the mission involves more dangers, I will decline it.'

'I don't want to put Umi's life in danger anymore.' She thought.

"Thank you. Well, we are in short of a hand to send a letter to one of our associates in the Keris kingdom. If you are willing, can you give this letter to Silverland's Adventurers' Guild? It would be helpful." Fennelis frowned deeply at Elianor's words.

'If this mission is just sending a letter to Silverland City, why did she choose me instead of hundreds of peoples?' Doubt appeared in her mind.

"Madam, what are you plotting? If it is just a letter, you can give it to other adventurers, right?"

"No, due to the civil war, they will face more attacks from bandits and thieves. With their strength, I'm not sure who is going to die or who is going to live." Fennelis nodded at her words in understanding.

"How many white gold coins are you willing to pay for this mission?" She went straight to the point.

Tapping her silver ring, Elianor took out a pouch and a sealed letter and then gave it to her.

"There are 20 white gold coins in this pouch. Once you give this letter to the receptionist, she will give you the remaining amount." Elianor paused for a second and made another request.

"Also, if you are okay with it, can you also bring a person with you?" Fennelis furrowed her brows as her gaze fell on Vicar. Noticing her gaze, Elianor shook her head in denial and explained.

"Not him. That person is staying in the next room. Due to some reason, she is on a journey to the Keris kingdom capital. Although her strength is enough to protect herself, I will feel uncomfortable if I sent her alone." Elianor finished her talking and waited for Fennelis's response.

Meanwhile, Fennelis stood there with a dazed face and was deeply troubled inside. At first, she thought of refusing this request, but she changed her mind as her sights fell on Umi.

'It's better to have another companion with us.' After a short silence, Fennelis finally nodded in agreement.

"Ha! Thank the lord of Light. I thought you would reject this request. Vicar, go and call my younger sister, Roysia." Elianor heaved a deep sigh and smiled brightly.

Meanwhile, Vicar ran out of the room with his big body and soon returned with a lady knight. She looked around 40 years old and wore tight black pants, half sleeve black cardigan, and black leather boots. Roysia strolled behind Vicar while tying her pink wavy hairs. She had average height and looked similar to Elianor. Both of them have the same hawk nose, ordinary eyebrows, and thin lips. Their only differences were their age, eyes, and hair color. Roysia was a little younger than Elianor and had pink hair and amber eyes.

"Elia, why did you call me? Who are these two?" Roysia asked with an annoying expression and glanced at Fennelis and Umi. A heartbeat later, her hooded amber eyes widened as she noticed Umi's fluffy ears.

"Fox kin! She is so cute. What is your name?" She instantly squatted down and tried to pick Umi up, but Elianor stopped her.

"You are scaring her, Roysia." Elianor massaged her temple in helplessness and added,

"Roysia, these two are the ones who are going to accompanying you to the Keris Kingdom. So, please don't go and cause unnecessary trouble for them. Got it?"

"Are you not coming with me?" Roysia turned her face towards Elianor and asked with a stunned expression.

"I have another important work to do. Both will accompany you to Silverland City. Then, you are on your own." Elianor said with a loud voice and sighed.

"Do you really think I will get a clue about the Red python organization from Black watchers?" Roysia asked while rubbing her chin.

"If you want your title and position back, then they are the ones who could help you with this," Elianor responded with a wry smile and returned to her seat.

"Okay, I will go and pack my belongings then." Roysia nodded and walked out hurriedly.

After a few minutes, she returned along with her backpack and joined Fennelis and Umi.

"Elia, I'm will be back in a month or two, so take care of your health." She shouted towards Elianor and then walked out of the building along with Fennelis and Umi. Then the trio reached the entrance of the five-meter tall wall that stood northern side. Within a minute, they arrived in front of a small metal gate and greeted the guards.

''Permit scrolls.'' One of the guards asked. 

After Fennelis and Roysia gave him the sealed scrolls, he nodded towards them with approval. Soon, the trio went ahead and moved to the other side of the large wall.

On the other side, the soldiers from Keris kingdom did another check. But unlike the last time, the trio didn't face any obstacles and walked out of a small check post smoothly. Then, they saw a vast dense forest appeared in front of them and were pleasantly surprised.

"Be careful when traveling in this Birch forest. We received many reports of monsters appearing near the roadways." A guard suddenly noticed them entering the forest and gave a warning.

"Thank you for your warning, sir. We will be careful during the journey." Fennelis looked behind, gave him a nod, and then shifted her gaze towards the thin-leaved deciduous trees that covered the forest. She also noticed two types of birch trees mixed in this forest, and finally, her sight landed on a narrow mud path that entered deep into the forest.

"Let's go. So what's your name again?" Roysia's words brought her back from the daze.

"Ah! Sorry for my late introductions, Lady. I'm Fennelis, and this is my daughter, Umi." Fennelis said with a smile.
Roysia nodded at both of them and walked on the mud road. Before them, there were already a few merchants and adventurers gathered together and were moving on the mud road.

"Have you been to Keris kingdom before?" Fennelis asked while glancing at the surrounding woods.

"Nah, it's the first time for me. From the looks, I can guess you are also the same, right?" Fennelis was surprised by Roysia's guess and nodded.

"Why are you here in the southern Mainland?" Roysia looked at both of them in puzzlement. At first, Fennelis thought of hiding her goal but soon chose to tell her story.

"We came here to search for my husband. He and his team members came to Taiga sloth woods to search for something. But I found out it was a trap set by a big shot. So, I came after them to warn them. What about you, My Lady?"

"Call me, Roysia. I'm searching for a certain organization." Roysia replied and soon noticed Fennelis didn't carry any belongings. She looked at her in puzzlement and soon widened her eyes as she noticed a silver ring on Fennelis finger.

"Wow, you have a spatial ring! Can you also store my things inside?" She asked. 

Fennelis nodded her head and stored her backpack in her spatial ring. Then, she thought for a moment and asked.

"Are you after the Red python?" Fennelis remembered the name from Roysia's earlier discussion with Elianor and became more curious.

"Yeah, they caused great chaos in the royal castle. I got my knight title revoked due to their action." Roysia said while fuming in rage.

"Sorry to hear that. So, did you find any way to track that organization? I heard that Red Python organization is one of the famous slave organizations around here." Fennelis said while looking up at the sky to guess the time. Midday sun hung above their heads and appeared to be glaring at the mortals for showing themselves in front of it. 

"Yeah, the organization members were all escaped somewhere. We have only one clue to find about them." Roysia said while taking out a scroll from her waist and then showed it to Fennelis. In the scroll, Fennelis saw a wavy black haired girl with upturned black eyes. She had a celestial nose, extra-long eyebrows, tan skin, and a pear-shaped face.

"Who is she?" Fennelis asked curiously.

"Hm? You don't know? She is the one who started all the chaos. Royal Knights had already put a bounty on her head in both Light Church's and Adventurers' Guild wanted lists." Roysia said with a grim expression. Well, she hadn't expected her knight post would be revoked because of the vice captain's mistake. Meanwhile, Fennelis also startled by the news and deeply engraved that girl's picture in her mind.

"Let's go! We don't know how many days it will take to cross this forest. I heard that this forest is one of the largest forests in the surrounding kingdoms." Fennelis said while glancing around warily. Meanwhile, Roysia nodded her head in approval, and then the trio walked into the Birch forest.

The trio also asked other adventurers about this Birch forest during the journey and got some useful information. The adventurers told them that it would take at least two days to cross this Birch forest, and some even invited them to join their party. But the trio refused their kindness and went on their own. As for Umi, she quietly followed after her mother and only spoke if she needs anything.

A few hours later, the sun started to fell while painting the sky with dim orange light. Before dusk arrives, they build a tent and make a small campfire near the trodden path. Some monsters like goblins attacked them during the night, but Fennelis or Roysia, who was on the watch, killed those monsters efficiently. Unlike other adventurers' parties and merchants' carts moving towards the north at a rapid pace, the trio walked with no worries.

On the way, three merchant carts noticed the trio's strength during a goblin raid and began to stick with them like snails. Well, they basically tagged along with the trio for protection from the monsters. If they faced the goblins alone, they knew some of their guards would lose their lives. Meeting strong people during the journey like this was a rare opportunity for these greedy merchants. Fennelis and Roysia didn't say anything and even helped them a few times when they were in a pinch.

By the end of the third day evening, the trio and the three merchant carts got out of the forest and noticed a well-fortified town from afar. It was located at least two kilometers away from the forest and appeared too quiet.

"Oh, Finally! we arrived at the Roguedale town with fewer casualties this time." One of the merchants shouted in excitement and drove his cart towards the town. Meanwhile, his eight personal guards also shone bright smiles and ran after the cart. 

Before Fennelis could say anything, the other two merchants also whipped their horses and drove their carts towards the town.  Within seconds, they disappeared from the trio's sights, leaving Fennelis and Roysia speechless. 

"Those f*ckers must have thought that we might charge protection fees," Roysia said with a sigh.

Not minding their rude behaviors, Fennelis shook her head and noticed Umi was rubbing her tiny belly with an innocent face. Within seconds, she started drooling.

"Mama, I want to eat candy." Umi licked her lips while perking her golden ears and stared at her mother with her puppy eyes.

"Well, let's go to Roguedale town then," Roysia smiled and started walking.

Nodding her head, Fennelis grabbed Umi's hand and followed after her towards the fortified town. But a second later, her expression stiffened up as she saw a scene at the entrance gate.

"What is that?" Her sky blue eyes squinted sharper. Roysia also halted her footsteps and creased her eyebrows in surprise.

"Soldiers? What are they doing at the southern gate?" Roysia frowned.

While they were discussing, the three merchants' carts moved hastily and soon arrived at the entrance gate. But before the merchants could show their identities, a squad of fifty well-trained soldiers surrounded those three carts and attacked them.

Within a few minutes, they arrested all of them and put chains around their necks.

Meanwhile, Fennelis and Roysia stood there with dumbfounded expressions and glanced at each other. As they were about to back away, the soldiers moved forward a little and shifted their gaze towards the trios' direction.

"Oh shit! They noticed us!" Roysia muttered out loud in shock and took a step back in anxiety. She didn't expect this type of welcome from the Keris kingdom and gripped her sword tighter.