Chapter 89: Discussion.
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Chapter 89: Discussion.

"Lady Roysia, Let's go. Don't worry; we have our identification cards. They will not arrest us without any proper evidence." Fennelis tapped on Roysia's shoulder and spoke with a comforting tone. With a nod, Roysia quickly calmed down and moved towards the southern gate entrance.

Soon, the trio arrived in front of the squad of fifty stern-faced soldiers who wore black uniforms and looked at them curiously.

"Halt! Show your identity cards." A pale-faced slim guy with average height stepped forward and asked with a low voice. He was younger, around 25 years old, and looked more like a scholar than a soldier. He had hooded jade eyes, frizzy chestnut-colored hair, and ordinary eyebrows.

Unlike other soldiers' uniforms, he wore an extra red scarf and two golden metals on both of his shoulders. Anyone could guess that he was just an ordinary officer at a glance and appeared to be no knowledge of leading any military squad.

Without wasting any time, Fennelis and Roysia took out their identification cards and presented them to him. Soon, that officer gave an in-depth look at those identifications and frowned.

"Can you explain the reason for your arrival here, ma'am?" He asked while glancing at Fennelis. Without removing the hoods, he appeared to be already guessed her race and gave a puzzled look.

"Sir, both me and my daughter are here to search for clues about my husband." Without hiding anything, Fennelis answered politely. She knew telling the original reason wouldn't give them many problems and didn't hide anything.

"Thank you for your honest answer. Due to the civil war, many unlawful things are happening here. Please stay away from unnecessary troubles. If you need anything, you can directly ask us, ma'am." He gave a slight nod and said. His polite tone surprised not only Fennelis's group but also other soldiers who stood behind that slim officer.

"May I know your name, sir?" Roysia took the initiative and asked in puzzlement. She was a former knight captain and felt something was off but soon shook that thought away.

"Piers, my lady." Piers said and quickly signaled other soldiers to make the way.

After thanking Piers, the trio moved towards the southern gate and entered the town. It was bustling with full of life. Merchants, soldiers, shop keepers, adventurers, ordinary citizens, and even some Holy knights appeared in Fennelis's sights.

'The security is tighter here.' She glanced around the surroundings and frowned. After some exchange with the nearby shopkeepers, the trio noticed all the food prices were double the average amount.

''It may be due to the civil war,'' Roysia spoke solemnly.

Fennelis also understand the situation and shrugged her shoulders.

'It doesn't matter to me.' She sighed.

After some discussion, the trio moved to the town square and entered the market street to buy sweets for Umi. They didn't dare to waste much time and quickly started to purchase rations, small leather water bottles, and a few native clothes.

"So, what is our next plan?" Once they purchased necessary things, Roysia suddenly glanced at Fennelis and asked curiously.

"We should rest for a day or two; then we can continue our journey. If you are in a hurry, I think that's also okay for us." Fennelis said while glancing at the surroundings to check if there was anything abnormal.

"No. I'm not in that much of a hurry." Roysia shook her head. After that, both planned to stay in Roguedale Town and started purchasing a few other things. Once they finished their purchases, the trio quickly moved towards the commoner's district to find an Inn. A few minutes later, they managed to book two rooms at 12 Border street and went to their own rooms.


January 27th. Year 10292.

Pirate Town, Alastall Woodlands.
It was morning around 10 A.M.

Abium wore a regular linen black shirt and pants and sat on his wooden chair in the reception hall while Helena, Lily, Sarah, Viper, Claude, and Kuran sat on his opposite side. After he finished the sacrificial ritual, he rested for a whole day and then began to concentrate his attention on management. He didn't even touch the divine fragment that was floating in his mind.

"Helena, did you receive any reply from the slave merchant?" He asked with a frown. It's been almost ten days, but the slave merchant still hadn't arrived with the labor slaves.

"No. But I think the ship will arrive in one or two days." Helena lazily leaned on the wooden chair and replied while yawning.

"Good." Nodding his head, Abium shifted his gaze towards Claude and asked. "Uncle Claude, did you take back those remaining pirate ships that were left behind near the magic tower?"

"Yeah. Those six ships are already docked in our port. Kid, please choose the right name for this town before outsiders come here. Pirate Town is not a good name." Claude said with a frown.

'Hmm, I haven't thought of that. But Uncle's words are right. In the future, this town will be the main stronghold, and calling this town with a random name is not a good idea.' Abium fell into deep thoughts. Meanwhile, others also started to discuss among themselves and started to say different names.

"Amaryllis." Sitting on Helena's blonde head, Camilla smiled like a fool as she glanced at everyone and shouted the flower's name. Her loud childish voice stopped others' discussion.

"Why did you pick that name?" Abium turned his face and asked her with a surprised expression.

"This whole town and the surrounding areas are filled with Amaryllis plants," Helena responded with a nod instead of Camilla.

"Haha, let's call it 'Amara town.'" Viper laughed out loud and said.

"It's decided then. Next is about the management of this town in the future. My friend, Kuran, you will be responsible for managing all the constructions and guild related works. You will get five white golds per month. Are you okay with that?" Abium asked with a smile while shifting his gaze towards the dwarf warrior who was already in a drunken state. Abium had already decided this when he chose his own territory. Abium's actions might look foolish for normal mages or other powerful peoples, but only he knew what it would be like to lose everything precious to him.

'I want to save all my friends from my past life memories and let them live here peacefully.' Abium muttered inwardly.

"Aye. But I need two months of vacation per year. I must return to my hometown in August." Kuran said with a somber tone.

'Two months? Hmm, it's manageable. I will let Helena pick up an assistant from the slaves and teach them basics.'

'Next to basic need is food and water. There is a river located only 2 kilometers away, so water is not a problem. But the problem is the food. With pirates help, we can catch fish and try to trade with nearby town-. Nah, it's almost impossible to do business with Baron Harry.' When thinking about the food problem, Abium felt a headache.

"Next is about food. It's almost impossible to do business with Baron Harry, so we have to look for other places." Abium said with a helpless sigh.

"Why not just assassinate him and replace him with another successor?" Suddenly, Helena straightened her back and spoke with a cold tone.

'Damn, she even holds a grudge against that Baron, huh. It's his mistake to come after her sister.' Everyone in the room became speechless, including Abium.

"Killing a noble will cause instability in the whole territory. Moreover, everyone in that town knew about what happened a few days ago. Young Baron slapped Baron Harry in front of everyone, and that news might have already spread to nearby territories. So, if he dies suddenly, everyone will suspect us. Even if Harry dies, their noble family won't let this off easily. It will only make things worse." Viper said with a grim tone. He knew a little about politics, so he immediately denied her proposal. After noticing others' silent behavior, he continued.

"They will use that reason to join hands with other higher nobles and might make a problem during the next grand nobles gathering."

The hall fell into silence after Viper finished his sentence. After a few seconds, Abium took a deep breath and started pondering.

'Hmm, that family is troublesome. I heard they are the descendants of some old family. What is the name of that family? Nave? No... Ah, It's Novak. Whatever, although now that family has declined to lowly noble, still, I have to be extra careful.' He quickly started analyzing those details and soon spoke with an approving nod.

"Let's do it then."

"What?! Are you out of your mind, young Baron? Even if you are a mage, their family will not let this off easily." Viper said with a serious tone. But Abium didn't respond to his words. Instead, he spoke with a chilling tone while showing a scroll that had a strange symbol engraved on it.

"We have two targets. One is Harry, and the other one is the family elder named Randolph. I heard he is a fifth tier warrior and intermediate swordsman. Once we killed them, we will draw this devil skull mask symbol on their foreheads. We also have to drain their blood completely and write 'Order of the dead' near to them."

"What are those strange words represent?" Lily, who kept her mouth all this time, asked curiously.

"It means Order of the dead in Nether language. Order of the dead is an organization that mostly involves in evil deeds. Basically, except necromancers, no other normal mages knew much about this language. If the news went to academic mages' ears, they would also become wary of that organization. It will be enough to make that Baron's family members shut their mouths." Once Abium finished his words, everyone was a little stunned.

"Still, we won't be able to kill that fifth tier warrior. It would be dangerous for all of us if we got found out-." Lily said with a low voice.

"I will go with you guys." Before she could finish her words, Viper said with a grin. At first, he thought it was a reckless plan, but now he understood that crafty kid's idea and smiled.

"Good. We will start this assassination mission at the end of the march. Better do it once a large earthquake ends." Abium said with a sly smile. He said it intends to make it look like he was a diviner.

"How did you know there will be a large earthquake in the future?" Claude asked with a suspicious gaze.

"It's a revelation from the goddess. Anyways let's move to the next topic." Abium quickly said a blunt lie and shifted the topic while others waited for him to proceed.

'But I have to reveal some future events from time to time to let these peoples that I know divination and make them completely believe me.' He thought for a moment and then quickly spoke about the current situation inside his territory.

"It's about subjugating the monsters in the Alastall woodlands and creating a permanent route from this town to the magic tower and the abandoned tunnel. We have to completely kill most of the monsters in the outer regions of the Alastall woodlands." His words caused everyone to nodded in agreement.

"When are we going to start? And who all are going to partake in that work?" Sarah asked.

"All of us except Kuran and Sir Viper. From tomorrow onwards, we will start doing the monster subjugations." Abium replied quickly. After that, they discussed a few things about education, population, and other things. But Abium didn't pay much attention to those things for now. He planned to build this town step by step.

'Soon, this town will turn into an independent city.' He smiled.

A few minutes later, the meeting ended, and everyone agreed to start the subjugation mission.

As everyone was about to return, suddenly, Viper halted his footsteps and asked.
"Young Baron. Did you check that silver ring? What did the elven guy hide in that ring?"

'Ring? Oh! I completely forgot about that silver ring.' Abium quickly massaged his forehead and said.

"I completely forgot about that ring, Sir. I will tell you once I checked the details."

"Okay. If it is something dangerous, at least give me some hints; I will take care of the other works." Viper said with a low tone and walked out of the reception hall, leaving Abium alone. Abium was a bit startled and soon understood Viper's meaning.

'Should I cast the 'seer's intuition' spell and check the answer before activating that ring?' Abium thought inwardly.

'It's better to be safe than sorry.'

After glancing around to confirm that everyone was out of the room, he cast the 'seer's intuition' spell while thinking about the hooded elven guy's strength.

The next instant, an immeasurable headache assaulted, causing him to groan in pain.

Pant! Pant!

'Highly dangerous! That guy must be a dangerous monster. Wait... Is there any danger hidden in this ring?' He wiped the cold sweats on his forehead and started to ponder what to do with this situation.

For the next few minutes, he sat on the wooden chair and pondered deeply. His mind was filled with questions.

'Why is he targeting me? Hmm, Is he really an elf? I didn't involve myself in any of the elf's business except Thallan. Is the current royal elven family is after me?'

Finally, he took a deep breath to calm himself down and then started to think about what to do next.

'Hmm, even if I avoid contacting him now, he may use other vulnerable methods. First, I should check if there is any danger hidden inside this silver ring.' Once again, Abium slowly cast the 'Seer's intuition' spell and started to think about any danger hidden in the silver ring.

After two seconds, he slowly breathed out a sigh of relief as he noticed neither uneasiness nor any danger sign appeared in his mind.

'Let's see what that hooded elven guy is up to.' He thought inwardly and quickly activated the rune circle in the silver ring.