Chapter 91: Terror Night
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Chapter 91: Terror Night

"What's your name, sir?" Fennelis asked while looking at the tall adventurer.

"Hooper, ma'am. I'm a B rank adventurer. These are my companions." Hooper said while pointing his finger towards three humans who sat a few feet away from them. One was a short, muscular male who was around 50 years old and had a war hammer on his back.

The other two were women. Both had black hair, fair skin, which belonged to natives of the Keris kingdom and had an average height. All three of them shifted their gaze towards the trio and gave a short introduction.

"Good morning, ladies." The short, gray-haired guy greeted them with a chuckle. He had tan brown skin, blue eyes with darker limbal rings, and had few wrinkles on his face.

"Please to meet you. I'm Selma." After that, one of the women stood up and said politely with a smile on her face. She wore a weightless black metal armor outside her brown shirt and same colored pants. She had a short curved sword on her waist and looked like a professional swordsman.

Both Fennelis and Roysia greeted her in response and soon shifted their gaze towards the other woman, who wore a cold look on her face. Without minding their gaze, she ate a roasted chicken piece placed on the table and moved her gaze towards the next plate. She had a dagger on her waist and didn't put any armor on her black shirt.

"She is Nadine. Please don't get offended by her rude behavior. She is always like that. We all are B rank adventurers." Selma said with a helpless smile on her face.

Fennelis and Roysia also introduced themselves and starting asking more details about the current town's administration.

After a few exchanges, the trio bid farewell to those adventurers and returned to their room with grave expressions on their faces.

"Lady, do you think someone is targeting us?" After shutting the door from inside, Fennelis asked suddenly.

"What do you mean?" Roysia became puzzled a little and asked while showing a confused expression on her face.

"No, it's just a feeling. Like somebody is planning to trap us here." Fennelis face grew solemn as she said those words.

"You maybe feel like that due to your past experiences, my friend. Please don't fret about it. The town guards will capture the culprit soon, and we will get out of here safely." Roysia said with a warm smile and walked out of the room as if she didn't put much thought into this.


28th January, at 7 A.M, Alastall woodlands, Amara town.

Abium woke up from the sleep and checked the divine fragment before going for the monster subjugation.

After that, he went to the dining hall and requested a maid to bring breakfast. Soon, the maid returned with food and started serving. He had two slices of toast with bacon and butter and drank a cup of lemon tea. Then, he went back to his room and sat in a meditative position.

A heartbeat later, he found himself back inside the empty void and stared at the small finger-sized divine fragment that was hovering in front of him. That white fragment floated in front of his chest and seemed to be attached to his body by some invisible force.

Slowly, Abium concentrated his full attention on the divine fragment and started studying carefully. After a few minutes of study, he understood how to absorb the divine energy from it.

'If I want to increase my spirit power, all I have to do is just concentrate on the divine fragment and pull out the divine energy.' He nodded in understanding and quickly pulled out a cloud of energy. The next instant, a white cloud appeared from the divine fragment and assimilated into his soul.

He continuously absorbed the spirit energy from the divine fragment for the next fifteen minutes and stopped. He felt a headache starting to appear as he noticed it was due to exhaustion.

'Hmm, it seems I need to take some rest after every fifteen minutes of absorption.' Enlightened, Abium nodded to himself and soon checked his status to confirm how many points were raised. A surprised expression appeared on his face as he noticed the spirit power rose from 16 to 17.1 in a blink.

'Heh, if I continue to improve using this for the next few months, I will be able to break through into the next tier.' A wide grin appeared on Abium's face. After that, he went to the waiting hall and waited for others to arrive.

After an hour, one by one, Lily, Sarah, Helena, Kuran, Claude, and other soldiers walked into the waiting hall. Without wasting any time, the group departed to the northern gate direction and soon arrived outside the northern gate.

"Lad, where should we start?" Claude asked curiously. Abium fell silent for a few seconds and said with a flat tone.

"First, we will hunt the monsters near our town. Then we will start hunting the monsters on the way to the underground tunnel."

"Good then," Claude and others nodded in unison and started their hunt till evening. During the time, they even found two goblin herds nearby and killed more than a hundred goblins. By the time they returned to the town, it was almost dawn.

'If they started hunting for the next two months, I think these soldiers will improve their tier and may get ready for facing intermediate tier monsters alone.' Abium thought to himself and soon returned to the manor along with others.


29th January, Midnight around 2 A.M, Roguedale.

Fennelis sat on her bed with wide-opened eyes while Umi placed her head on her lap and slept soundlessly. She didn't dare to sleep and was on high alert.

'I don't know what is happening, but I'm still feeling uneasy inside.' Fennelis muttered to herself and suddenly saw Umi starting to wake up with half sleepy eyes.

"What happens, Umi? Are you not sleepy?" She asked with a concerned tone.

"No, Mama. I feel someone is staring at us." She said and shifted her gaze towards the outside through the window.

Without any delay, Fennelis tapped her spatial ring and brought out her sword. She didn't even ask questions and solely trusted Umi's intuition.

'My daughter is special. If not, I don't think any deity would become interested in a mortal.' She was very proud of her child. After looking for a moment, she grabbed her daughter's hand and walked outside of their room. Soon, she arrived in front of Roysia's room and knocked on the door harder.


After a few seconds, Roysia opened that door with a half-dazed expression and asked in puzzlement.

"What happened?"

"I think today's night is going to be a long one-." Before she finishes her words, nearby two rooms opened with a click, and soon Hooper, Crazy smith, Selma, and Nadine walked out of their rooms. Unlike the previous day, all of them were fully armed and appeared to be ready for any unexpected battle.

"Ma'am, did something happen?" Hooper asked with glancing at three of them in confusion.

"Not yet. But I have a feeling someone is watching us." Fennelis said seriously. Meanwhile, Roysia glanced around the gloomy corridor and then started to frown deeper.

"It seems Nadine's assumption was right," Selma said in a startling tone. Noticing Roysia's expression, Hooper glanced at Nadine and starting to explain.

"She is Lady Nyara's believer and has a unique ability to sense danger. She is also very good at assassination." Hooper's word made Fennelis's expression stiffen for a second.

'She is Lady Nyara's believer? It is the first time I hear something absurd like this. But meeting a believer here seems to be too much of a coincidence.' Fennelis felt that tricky goddess was pulling strings and felt more troubled. But she quickly calmed herself down and thought of facing the current problem.

"So, can you guess the location of the enemy through the danger sensing ability?" Roysia got slightly interested and asked as she glanced at Nadine.

Nadine nodded her head and pointed her forefinger towards Fennelis's room. The next instant, everyone’s face turned serious. Without any delay, all of them unsheathed their weapons and stared at the door cautiously.

After a second, Fennelis took the initiative and opened the door with a slight push. The door opened with a slight creaking noise, causing goosebumps all over. Everyone became tensed up as they saw what was hiding inside. Inside the room, they saw a black humanoid figure with two scarlet eyes stood on the bed. Because of the darkness, they couldn't see its appearance. But when the humanoid figure noticed them, it began to disappear as it was never there before!

"It vanished?" Roysia arched her eyebrows upwards and asked in surprise. But Fennelis didn't relax a bit because she remembered a familiar scene and got more anxious. It was her experience in the pocket dimension.

"Don't let your guard down. The enemy may have the ability to cast an invisible spell or to teleport." She said with a grim tone.

Her words caused everyone to guard up instantly. Everyone looked around the room cautiously and gripped their weapons tighter.

"Arrggghhhh!" Before they could mutter another word, a painful scream came from the next room. All of them glanced at each other, and hurriedly moved towards the next room. Within seconds, they arrived in front of that next room entrance and noticed the whole corridor was engulfed in darkness. In a second, Fennelis took out a magic lamp from her spatial ring and then lit it. Meanwhile, Hooper kicked the wooden door with full force and opened it with a loud creak.

Inside, they saw a similar horrific scene. Instead of a young lady, the victim was a middle-aged man with black hair. Same as before, his body became sliced open into two, and his eyes were completely dugout while his body was placed on the same ritual circle. But what made their expression to surprise was that they couldn't see any monster inside.

'Did the murderer escape somewhere even before we could arrive?' Everyone was anxious inside.

"Mama, it's there!" While others looked around the room in puzzlement, Umi spoke loudly and pointed her small finger towards the ceiling. Everyone got confused by her words and soon looked up at the ceiling. But they couldn't see any monster at all. Even if it were invisible, Fennelis would still be able to sense using her spirit power.

'Wait a minute! It's not invisible; it shrank into a small rat.' Suddenly, she noticed a small living creature was hanging onto the ceiling like a lizard and widened her eyes in shock. The next instant, she aimed her sword at the small creature and threw it at full strength.


Like a bolt of lightning, her sword pierced through the air like a bullet and directly attacked a small rat. But before her sword could deal with any damage, the shrunken rat started to expand and soon formed into an iron golem.

It blocked the sword with its tough body, leaving a clanging sound behind.

A second later, the sword and the shape-shifting golem fell on the ground with a loud noise. Meanwhile, the entire nearby guests staying in the Inn had gathered outside the room and looked at the monster with wide eyes.

Simultaneously, the iron golem stood up and started to change into a black humanoid form. The iron skin turned into blackish color, and its height grew two-meter tall with a pitch-black tail. It had white-colored eyes, a humanoid appearance, elongated black ears, and a sharp grey nose.

It slowly looked in their direction while revealing its white teeth and then vanished from there.

'Is it teleported? Or turned invisible? Or shrunken again?' Fennelis scanned the surrounding area with a vigilant expression. A second later, she noticed the creature's presence appeared right behind them and became startled. Instantly, she turned back and looked at four guests who were looking from outside with curious expressions.

"It's there!" Fennelis instantly warned others and pointed her hand towards one of the four guests. Everyone shifted their gaze towards the guest and noticed a small transparent humanoid line appeared behind a 20-year-old guy.

"Run-" Roysia started to shout, but before she could finish her first word, an incredible thing happened. Like an invisible blade sliced them, all of their bodies split into two precisely, and their scarlet blood drops dyed the surroundings. A second later, those blood droplets moved on its own and formed a ritual circle like appearance.

But that was not the end. Another second later, all of the corpses' eyes ripped from their bodies and soon fell into the invisible creature's body. Before anyone could understand what the hell was happening, the creature was long gone. All of them stood there with dumbstruck faces. All of them felt chills inside.

"It can turn invisible, teleport, change its body size, and even attack invisibly. We still have no idea about this creature's other abilities." After a long silence, Fennelis said with a solemn tone.

"I never faced an enemy like this in my past experiences," Roysia said with a nervous tone while other adventurers also started to nod in approval.

"I have encountered one. Although it was not a shape-shifter like this, that creature gave us a hard time." Fennelis said with a grim tone while moving towards the staircase. Meanwhile, others glanced at each other and followed after her with fast steps.

"What type of creature was that?" Selma asked while sheathing her sword.

"It was an undead creature. It was half corrupted and had the ability to teleport. Due to an elf's help, we managed to defeat that creature. Although we even faced more deadly creatures later, these types of sneaky creatures are the ones I'm most afraid of." Fennelis replied with a heavy sigh and then went downstairs through the spiral staircase.

"Why are there no guards respond to this ruckus today?" Roysia suddenly said with a frown.

A few seconds later, the group reached the ground floor and noticed the receptionist girl was also killed in the same way.

"We should go and check what is happening outside," Hooker spoke and walked out of that Inn while others followed after him with a stern expression on their faces.