Chapter 92: Umi’s Innate Spell
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Chapter 92: Umi's Innate Spell

Soon, Fennelis and others walked out of the Inn and moved to the Commoners' main street road. There were no street lamps lit in the commoner's Borough, causing the surrounding areas to look gloomy and dark.

"Should we go to City Lord's residence and report the situation to him?" Hooper suggested in a low tone.

"Good idea. At least we can find out more about the current situation." Fennelis also nodded her head and approved his suggestion. After that, everyone went to the northeast direction, where Noble's street was located. After a few minutes of walk, they finally arrived in front of a 3-meter tall entrance gate, guarded by two soldiers.

In every small town, Nobles' streets would be completely isolated from the other districts, and to even enter inside, one needs the permission of some higher officer. Both guards stood like a statue at the sides of the gloomy dark gate and appeared motionless.

"Something is wrong." Roysia frowned and quickly went closer to the soldier on her right side while holding a small magic lamp in her hand. Once she arrived one-meter distance from that guard, she moved her lamp closer to the guard's face to get a clear view.

A second later, her whole body trembled as she took a few steps back with horrified eyes. Fennelis and others also noticed her odd behavior and went closer towards her.

"What happened?" Selma asked while shifting her gaze towards that guard's face. Soon, all of them followed after her gaze and noticed two metal arrows embedded on the guard's forehead. But what made them shiver in fear was that the guard's both eyes were dugout.

"Look closely." Fennelis maintained her calm and cold expression and pointed her finger towards the guard's face. Others looked at the guard's face and noticed a small line of blood trail appeared from his forehead.

The blood trail multiplied around the guard's neck area and appeared to continue spreading towards the metal gate. All those complex blood trails entered the metal gate and formed into some ritual circle.

"His body also deeply cut down vertically," Roysia muttered with a nervousness.

"Does that mean the monster came from Nobles' street? Or is it just now entered this street?" Smith asked while suppressing her voice.

"I sense no danger up ahead. But I don't think it is a good idea to go to the city lord's mansion." Nadine also said with a solemn tone while everyone from the adventurers' team flinched in surprise.

'It seems this girl has an ability like a diviner. Hmm, her unique ability must be bestowed by Lady Nyara.' Fennelis made a judgment and thought of what to do next.

'I can tell there is a danger on the other side of this gate... If some other dangers appeared, I have to escape quickly with Umi and Lady Roysia.' She sighed inwardly.

After pondering for a moment, Hooper pushed the slightly opened gloomy metallic door and walked ahead.

A second later, everyone stared at the street in surprise as they saw multiples lights illuminated the whole street from the surrounding houses. At the end of the Nobles' street, they also saw a tall building encircled by a two-meter tall concrete wall.

"It must be the city lord's mansion," Selma said while glancing around the surroundings with a curious look on her face.

"You haven't been here before?" Fennelis gave a surprised look and asked her.

"No, ma'am. We are just commoners and don't have any position in this town. Although all of our strength is 4th tier, these nobles in the Keris kingdom are very proud and won't allow us near to any Nobles' districts." She paused for a second as she noticed the confusion on Roysia's face and muttered slowly. "Here is not like your Peral kingdom, miss. If someone wants to walk into the Nobles' street, then they must be a Light believer and holds a governmental position."

"Hmm, with your strength, you guys can get high position under some noble, right?" Fennelis asked while she continued walking towards the city lord's manor.

'I don't think there will be a lord who is foolish enough to reject them even if they are commoners. Moreover, why didn't I heard anything about the strong influence of the light church in this kingdom?' Fennelis thought inwardly.

"Well, some nobles invited us to become their retainer after we became fourth-tier warriors. But Nadine refused to change her belief in the Light god, and Hooper said it would infuriate those nobles if they knew that she is a believer of the goddess Nyara. Because of that reason, we planned to settle in Peral kingdom, but we ended up bumping into another problem." Selma said with so much frustration.

"Don't be mad at her, Selma. Because of this child's danger sensing ability, we are living to see this day." Smith said while shaking his head.

While talking, the group arrived in front of the large mansion building and stopped at the main entrance gate.

"Why are there no guards at the entrance?" Roysia asked with a frown and soon pushed opened the metal gate to enter. Others soon followed after her with a vigilant look and became confused after a few seconds.

"There is not a single soul in the yard. Let's get in and check out the situation." Fennelis said and walked towards the three-storied house with a grim expression on her face.

'Why do I feel like something is wrong here? Is this a trap set by the enemy? Then who is the enemy? What is their aim?' Countless questions whirled inside her head.

'Should I inform them? No. I want to know who the real enemy is. Moreover, I must kill the sneaky shape-shifter this time before it escapes. If I'm not careful, that creature might harm Umi.' Fennelis calmed her mind and then followed after Roysia while grabbing Umi's hand tighter.

The group walked across a large fountain while glancing at the ornamental plants with curious gazes and then arrived in front of the covered porch.

Four bright magic lamps were attached to all the four supporting pillars and gave off a warm light. But the silent atmosphere made everyone's blood run cold. Roysia didn't show any hesitation and quickly entered the foyer while slightly pushing the wooden door, which had a symbol of a three-horned rabbit engraved on it.

Others soon followed after her and finally arrived inside the living hall. It was filled with bright light, and sofas were placed on their left side. On the front, they also saw a split staircase that was connected to the second floor. At the ceiling's center, a white crystal chandelier was attached to it, illuminating the hall with light red color. There were few rooms on both sides, but no one paid any attention because they felt an abnormal atmosphere inside the mansion.


Like they had entered a ghostly place, the wooden entrance door locked on its own, giving everyone goosebumps.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Only their walking footsteps could be heard inside that three-storied mansion.

Before taking a step towards the split staircase, scarlet drops fell from the ceiling and painted the mirror-like floor in red. Everyone instantly understood that those blood droplets were coming from the crystal chandelier and got alarmed inside. All of them looked up in unison and noticed a ten-year-old girl child's body was split into two and was hanged at the sides of the chandelier.

The blood that dripped down from the chandelier soon formed into a circular form and shined in red. A second later, those droplets turned into some mystical letters and wholly absorbed into the ritual circle.

"I feel like I'm in a haunted house," Selma muttered in a tense voice.

"We should go upstairs and check," Fennelis spoke warily and was about to take a step forward towards the split staircase but stopped. A second later, the lamps starting to dim and finally died down, leaving the living room with complete darkness.

"What the hell? Why did the magic lamps turn off suddenly?" Smith took out his war hammer from his back and cursed out loud. Unlike the other three, he was an old veteran adventurer and had many experiences in these murder cases. But even he felt slightly nervous inside and became extra vigilant.

Soon, the group moved towards the second floor and finally arrived at the master's bedroom. On the way, they saw a few servants' bodies and got deeply shocked by the shape-shifting creature's cruelty. As they entered the master bedroom, they saw a middle-aged man with blonde hair was also killed in the same way. But everyone understood who he was and got restless inside.

"He must be the city lord," Roysia said with a grim expression on her face.

"We should get the hell out now before someone sees us." Hooper's expression turned grave as he noticed the seriousness of the situation and muttered in shock.

Meanwhile, Fennelis became more and more confused by this.

'Where did the guards go? Does that shape-shifter also kill them? No. That's impossible. What about that Piers guy?' She felt something was off about the whole situation and became suspicious.

"Right. Let's get out of this town. We should escape by crossing the stone walls." Selma also muttered with a low voice.

After some discussion, the group walked back to the living hall and soon reached the foyer.

But, everyone heard multiple footsteps from the outside and went pale.

"It's a trap from the very beginning. That Shape-shift creature killed this city lord and made us as scapegoats." Fennelis finally understood the enemy's intention and muttered in a low tone.

Everyone's eye became wide opened, and soon the door burst open by a battle ram.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST." A guard with black hair who investigated yesterday's case entered the house and said coldly.

Within seconds, a hundred soldiers arrived at the entrance and blocked their path while pointing their swords at them. Although Fennelis and others were still standing inside the entrance, they were just a few feet away from those hundred soldiers.

Without any choice, everyone raised their hands, and thought of surrendering was the best option.

'Is he the one who plotted this scheme? Why did he do that? Is he aiming for the noble title? Where did that shape-shifting monster go?' Fennelis still looked at the black-haired guard in a dazed expression and felt something was amiss.

'Wait a minute! This guard and his soldiers came to the Inn yesterday as if they had already known something had happened. Is he that shape-shift monster? Or is he following orders from someone?' The more she thought about that, the more she became puzzled.

"Umi, cast the second innate spell towards the entrance. Don't worry about killing others." Fennelis's expression suddenly turned ice cold, and she muttered with a chilling tone. Although she planned to wait for the enemy to show himself, she didn't expect that the enemy would be so crafty.

With a nod, Umi raised her hand towards the black-haired muscular guard and cast a strange ice spell. The next instant, a bone piercing chilling aura came out from her body, causing the surrounding temperature to drop instantly. Everyone felt some strange ice elemental energy entered their bodies and began to freeze the organs.

Noticing the situation, Fennelis controlled her raw Ice-elemental energy and completely shielded Roysia and the adventurers' party.

The black-haired muscular guard raised his eyebrows at first, and soon his expression turned pale. As he was about to warn others, a massive amount of ice elemental energy came out from the small beast kin girl and starting to invade towards his body. Before he knew it, the ice froze him and directly moved outward towards other hundreds of guards. Like a raging storm, the ice energy crept forward towards all directions and started to freeze everyone within a second.

In a blink, all of them were frozen like a statue and covered in transparent ices. Moreover, the chilling ice elemental energy also expanded into the whole three-storied building and completely froze the walls, chairs, stairs, and made it look like an ice palace.

A few seconds later, Fennelis breathed out a sigh of relief and dismissed that ice shield spell while gazing at her surroundings.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they noticed that the hundreds of soldiers were already frozen in ice! But soon, they became horrified as they saw ice elemental energy seemed to completely freeze the whole garden trees and nearly reached the entrance gate of the mansion.

"Let's go. This guy is not the main culprit." Fennelis quickly grabbed her daughter, who seems to be still controlling her spell, and spoke while pointing her finger at the frozen muscular guard.

"Do you have any guess?" Roysia asked as she snapped out of the shock.

"No. But we can find out the enemy later. First, we need to get out of this town." Fennelis said with a serious tone and quickly dashed out of the house while breaking those frozen sculptures and frozen bodies. Meanwhile, others also noticed the urgency in her tone and followed after her hurriedly. Everyone had many questions inside their minds, but they chose to ask those later and chased after her.

Once Fennelis noticed they arrived at a safer distance, she said to Umi with a warm tone.

"You can let go of your control, my dear."

With a pale face, Umi nodded her head and quickly retracted her control of the frozen land spell. A second later, she fell onto her mother's shoulder and fell into a deep sleep in an instant.


Simultaneously, a large three stored ice mansion started to crack and broke into countless ice stones while sending shockwaves everywhere.

All of them became stupified at Umi's unique spell.

"She is blessed by Lady Nyara." Suddenly Nadine shifted her gaze towards Umi and said with a surprised tone.

'Heh, as expected of Lady Nyara's firm believer, she appears to be noticed something odd about Umi. Is that a divine power?' This time Fennelis was a little startled but kept quiet about it.

"Let's go." Roysia quickly woke up from the shock and soon started walking towards the northern gate.