Chapter 94: Hooper’s Secret.
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Chapter 94: Hooper's Secret.

"It's still breathing. But why didn't it revert back to normal?" Roysia asked while pocking its bloody nose with her sword.

"It may be scared of us now. Kill it quickly." Fennelis shouted while cutting the remaining wing.

Roysia gripped her sword tighter with a nod and slashed her sword towards the Wyvern creature's neck.

A second later, the Wyvern's head was cleaved in half and soon fell on the ground with a loud thud while spraying scarlet blood everywhere.

"Why didn't it restore to its original appearance?" Nadine walked near to the head and muttered out loud in confusion.

"I never heard of any shape-shifter creature in my life." Smith also arrived near the creature and said with a frown.

As they were about to investigate more about the creature, the Wyvern head, its wings, and its body began to turn into ashes. A second later, they saw a dark, creepy smiling humanoid creature with white eyes appeared at the center of those ashes. Its black hand was dismembered, and its head was also decapitated. They also saw its two white eyes were turned entirely into broken glass-like things and became more puzzled.

"Where the hell is this monster came from?" Hooper asked with a shocking expression on his face.

"It may be from another plane," Fennelis said with a grim tone. She thought they were the first one to travel across to another plane and felt proud earlier. But after seeing this creature, she understood there seemed to be more people who were exploring other planes.

"Another plane? Like Abyss?" Nadine asked with a surprised tone. Everyone had heard of those demons' and devils' legends and got baffled inside.

"Maybe. But I'm not sure. For now, let's burn this creature and go to Silverland City." Fennelis said with a sigh and took out a matchbox from her ring along with a bottle of tree oil. Without minding others' questionable gazes, she poured all of the oil onto the creature's body and lit it.

"Let's go." She moved towards Umi and patted her head.

After that, the group packed their belongings and continued their journey.

At the same time, in Roguedale town,

Piers Foster, who stayed inside a two-storied mansion, suddenly stood up with a painful expression on his face and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

'Did they manage to kill my pet?' He muttered to himself in shock and walked out of his room.

"Future is changing. I need to notify His Excellency and ask my disciples to speed up our mission. As for these beasts, I will kill them myself." He said with a cold expression and soon began to write a letter.

On 4th February, around 3 A.M, Silverland city.

Fennelis's group arrived at the Silverland's eastern gate and entered while paying a few coins to the gatekeeper.

The group hid their identities and entered the city with a vigilant expression on their faces.

Once they walked in, they saw neatly constructed roads and buildings and got astounded.

'I feel like I'm in Beast Empire's capital.' Fennelis glanced around the nearby buildings and got awed.

They even saw a few magical carriages that were running on their own without horses and became dumbfounded.

"Everyone says that mage is a generous guy. They say he is an alchemist, and he is doing this for the sake of improving the lifestyle of commoners and warriors. But I don't think so. Simply buying one of those magical vehicles will cost around 500 white gold coins." Selma grumbled and soon continued.

"Even if we work harder for years by taking missions, we wouldn't be able to save that much money. Even if we did that, I wouldn't waste my money on these metals. Mage Sean is using these artifacts to earn more money from the nobles. He must be planning to move somewhere in a few years." Selma started muttering with a sigh.

"So what are we going to do from now on? I don't think we have enough money to stay here forever." Without minding Selma's mutter, Smith looked at everyone and asked with a serious tone.

"Yes, in this large city, even a normal meal will cost five copper to 1 silver coin. And adding the Inn rent, it will be impossible for us to stay here for more than two months," Fennelis added.

"First, we will look for the cheapest Inn and think about what to do next," Roysia suggested.

"Lady Roysia, Lady Elianor gave me this letter to deliver it to Silverland's adventurer's guild," Fennelis turned her head towards Roysia and took out a sealed letter from her spatial ring.

"Hmm, I heard that my elder sister has a friend who is working in this city's guild office. We should go and deliver this letter first." Roysia nodded as she reached out her right hand and grabbed the thin sealed letter.

"Then, we will go and wait in some cheapest Inn. Once you arrived at the Commoners' Borough, use this ring to contact me." Hooper took out a communication ring and threw it to Fennelis. A few seconds later, the group split up into two. Fennelis, Roysia, and Umi moved towards the Merchants' Borough, while the adventurers' team moved towards Commoners' Borough.

The trio crossed a large fountain at the center of the city and entered the Merchants' Borough, where the guilds were located. A few minutes later, they arrived in front of the 44 Adventurers' guild in Merchants' street and walked inside. It was a three-storied building and many warriors moving in and out constantly.

Once the trio entered, Roysia quickly moved towards the receptionist's desk and presented the letter cover to the receptionist girl. The receptionist looked younger and had natural black hair, blue eyes, and average height with a beautiful oval face. After noticing the letter's outer cover, the receptionist told them to stay in the waiting room and ran towards the second floor.

With a nod, the trio moved to the waiting room near the reception hall and waited quietly.

After a few minutes, the receptionist returned with a gold coins pouch to the waiting room and said a few words.

"Chief said thanks for bringing this letter to him. Also, he told you guys to not go out of this city."

Nodding her head, Fennelis took out another letter from her spatial ring and gave it to the black-haired receptionist girl.

"What is this, ma'am?" The black-haired girl got surprised and asked curiously.

"Can you please send this letter to Peral kingdom?" Fennelis asked with a low tone. The receptionist lady quickly took out the letter while giving a curious look and nodded rapidly.

"Yes, Ma'am. But it will take at least two to three weeks to deliver this letter to the recipient." She said with a frown.

"That's okay." After thanking her, Fennelis walked out of the adventurer's guild and started walking towards the Commoners' Borough.

"Where are you sending this letter to?" Roysia asked while knitting her brows.

"To Bare Keep town," Fennelis said while walking towards the Commoners' Borough and then asked.

"Ma'am, what do you think about those adventurers?"

"There is nothing special about them. Well, they look like normal adventurers and always appear to be working harder." Roysia said while showing no emotions. No one knows what she was thinking. But suddenly, Umi, who had been keeping quiet all this time, surprisingly joined their conversation.

"I felt something from that big uncle, Hooper."

"What is it?"

Both Fennelis and Roysia opened their eyes wide in surprise and asked her in unison.

"Mama, it's the same thing I saw when fighting against the big lizard monster near the black lake with leaf-ear brother." Her words caused Fennelis to become more puzzlement. Fennelis didn't know what Umi was talking about and started to ask more details, leaving Roysia confused.

"What is that thing, Umi?" Fennelis asked with a frown.

"Red crystal. I sensed the same red crystal energy from the uncle's heart." Her words made Fennelis stiffen up.

'Red crystal? Is she talking about the red crystal that was attached to the undead Wyvern in the undead plane?' She muttered to herself in shock.

"It is creepy and is in a sleepy state." Umi continued as she noticed her mother's expression. In the last few months, Umi didn't just follow her mother. She asked many questions about those bone peoples and even started to understand a few things. Although Umi would end up sleeping when listening to her mother's explanation, she still began to guess which was good and evil. At the same time, Fennelis expression froze.

'Miasmas! That skeleton lord said it is pure evil and came from the outside world. Did someone put that evil miasma into Hooper? Then who?'

"Good. Umi, keep an eye on him and tell me if something unusual happens, okay?" Soon Fennelis returned to her calm state and said with a soft smile. After that, she patted Umi's head and continued to walk.

With a nod, Umi followed after Fennelis, leaving Roysia into puzzlement.

A second later, a look of realization appeared on her face.

"Wait!" She shouted and soon chased after them. After a few minutes, the trio crossed the main road and entered the Commoners' Borough. At the same time, Fennelis took out the communication ring and activated it.

A second later, Hooper answered the call and replied hurriedly.

"Ma'am, we are staying in Red meat Inn, 58 Elm Street."

"Okay. We are on our way." Fennelis replied and quickly cut off the connection. After walking for a while, the trio reached Elm Street and finally found the Red meat Inn at the street's other corner.

The trio greeted the adventurers' team members and began to book the rooms.

After booking rooms for the next two months, Roysia asked everyone gathered in a large room. It was a guest room used mostly for parties and meetings. The room was arranged with a table and chairs. One by one, all of them sat on the seat while Roysia stood near Hooper and Fennelis.

Everyone looked puzzled as they couldn't understand Roysia's intention. After noticing their gazes, Roysia appeared behind Hooper's chair and asked with a sad smile on her face.

"Hooper, have you ever heard of the name 'Red Python'?" Her tone was low, but her words were like sharp daggers, which contain immeasurable killing intent.

Hearing Roysia's words, Hooper's whole body trembled, and he almost unsheathed his sword, but Roysia was a bit faster. Her sword instantly arrived at Hooper's neck, startling everyone inside the room.

"What are you doing, Lady Roysia?" Fennelis also got confused and asked with puzzlement.

"Well, I just thought it was just a coincidence to meet these guys at the Roguedale. But I started to feel more puzzled when they didn't split up to go to the Peral kingdom. Instead, they changed their plan and followed after us like loyal teammates. No adventurer would be willing to follow a random person for nothing." She paused as she moved her blade closer towards Hooper's neck.

"Are they after you?" Fennelis asked with a surprised expression.

"I don't know about others, and from their facial expressions, I can tell these guys are also clueless about the current situation." Roysia glanced at Selma and others and shook her head. Then she let out a sigh and then continued.

"Moreover, Hooper didn't attack us when we were facing against the shape-shifter enemy, which gave me another clue. That is, he doesn't have any hidden ties with the shape-shifter. If my guess is right, he must have some ties with the Red python."

"Possibly, Hooper brought his team members to Roguedale while making a reason like going to the Peral kingdom due to civil war and uses that opportunity to assassinate me during their journey. But he hadn't expected to meet an unknown, dangerous enemy inside the Roguedale, which caused his plan to ruin completely." Once her words ended, the whole hall filled with dead silence. Roysia's explanation dumbfounded everyone, even Fennelis.

"But how did you find out that he is a member of Red python?" Fennelis asked with a curious tone while gripping her sword hilt with her right hand.

Hearing her question, Roysia curled her lips upward and continued to explain.

"Well, when Umi mentioned about the dark evil that is sleeping inside his heart; I suddenly felt everything linked together. That might be the reason he didn't dare to become a Light Follower and used Nadine's faith as an excuse to fool others. After all, if he is a follower of an evil god, the light priests would easily find out about his true identity." She finished her words and turned her gaze towards Nadine.

Nadine also turned her head at Roysia's direction and asked with a gloomy expression.

"What it had to do with the Red python?"

Roysia chuckled and asked. "Do you know why King Sewallus of Peral kingdom suddenly died last month?"

"I-Isn't it because he became ill due to curse?" Selma asked with a complicated emotion on her face. This change was too sudden, which caused her feelings to lose control.

"No. King Sewallus was assassinated. And the organization that planned the assassination was Red python. On the same day when King Sewallus died, a demon appeared inside the royal garden to steal something for the first time. Although with Lady Tabitha's help, we managed to avoid big catastrophe, still, that incident caused great humiliation to the royal family and academic mages." Her words caused all of them to widen their eyes in shock.

"How did you know about those secrets, My Lady?" Smith asked while straightening his back.

"Well, I was the Royal knight captain of Peral kingdom a month ago. But after that incident, my title, position, and everything got stripped and I was demoted to a normal knight. But I don't want to live as a normal knight. I came here to seek help from a certain organization. It appears the Red python members didn't like my method." She muttered with a helpless tone.

"So, what do you plan to do with me, ma'am?" Hooper asked with a stiff tone. He hadn't expected his secrets were wholly seen through by this lady. Moreover, he was shocked by the news about a demon being the one who controls the organization. All this time, he thought it was an ancient god who woke up from his long slumber.

"Nothing. A demon had already written your Future, Hooper. The only way you could avoid that catastrophe is by helping me." She said with a wide grin on her face. But Hooper suddenly felt a venomous snake was staring at him.