Chapter 95: Trouble
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Chapter 95: Trouble

When hearing Roysia's words, Hooper felt bitterness appeared in his mouth. He never thought the Red Python members would deceive him and pushed him into a bottomless pit. Well, it was his fault from the very beginning, but he didn't want to accept it.

"What can I do for you, My Lady? I didn't know that the organization is worshiping a demon." He muttered while lowering his gaze in shame. Meanwhile, Selma and the other two companions glanced at each other and shook their heads helplessly.

"Raise your head. I'm not that much mad about being spied. I already knew that organization would come after me. So do you have any information about the Red python? Where is its headquarter? Who is the boss of this organization?" Roysia asked multiple questions while taking a seat near Fennelis.

Hooper shook his head with a bitter smile on his face and said in a regretful tone. "I don't know anything about the organization's headquarter nor do the leader's name, but I know that Red Python's headquarter is not in the Southern Mainland. I overheard the branch leaders talking once and learned that they planned to take an airship to go to the Red Python headquarter. If the headquarter is in the Southern Mainland, I don't think they will need an airship." His words made Roysia nod in approval.

"So, where is that branch office?" Selma glared at him and asked with an annoying tone.

"It's in the Keris Kingdom's capital. I can't say any other word about its location because of an oath." Hooper understood why she was angry and gave a hint.

"Hmm, did you informed about us to the branch office?" Roysia asked while sheathing her sword into the scabbed.

"Not yet, My Lady." Hooper shook his head and answered truthfully.

"Inform your organization members. Tell them, I have two more powerful friends with my sides and also tell them that there is an unknown organization backing me secretly." Roysia's lips curved upward and formed into a smile as she said those words.

"Doesn't that make our position even more dangerous?" Fennelis said with a nervous tone. If they send strong people, it would be like poking a honeycomb filled with bees using a small stick.

"Let's make these two organizations meet each other and fight for us. We will use that chance to escape back to Peral kingdom." Smith understood Roysia's plan right away and said while nodding in approval. He joined this adventurers' team mainly to teach these kids but never had thought the leader of their team would sell his soul to a demon. Although he was mad about Hooper's stupidity, he soon shakes it off.

'Being a fourth tier warrior won't make one strong. These two lack experience.' Smith glanced at Selma and Hooper and then sighed helplessly.

As for Nadine, Smith didn't have much to say. Her unique intuition skill gave her a big boost.

'She always stays silent and listens to everything and always gathering information. I don't need to worry about this cautious child.' He breathed out a sigh and thought of what to do with the current situation.

"Going back to the Peral kingdom is the right choice for us." He made up his mind after pondering for a while and said decisively.

'Otherwise, we might lose Hooper to some demon.' He thought.

"You guys can go if you want, but I won't. I have to find my husband. I don't know what happened to him, so I have to search for clues about him in the Taiga Sloth Woods." Fennelis said in a gloomy tone.

"Without finding any information about the Red Python, I also won't go back." Roysia also nodded with Fennelis and said with a serious tone, making the room filled with awkward silence.

For the next few minutes, no one spoke a word, which caused a strange atmosphere. Everyone had different plans in their minds.

"Wouldn't your husband come and look for you when seeing your wanted posters?" Suddenly, Roysia asked while arching her eyebrows upward.

"The officials must have already taken of those wanted posters away. No one would pay much attention to those low level wanted poster except a few adventurers." Fennelis said calmly. If the amount were more than 500 white gold coins, it would have attracted large adventurer parties' attention. Although some adventurers would come after them, their strength would pose no threat to this group.

"Let's wait here for the next two months. Then we will act based on the situation. If the enemy is still pursuing us, then we had to go back. Well, you can hire another local adventurer and search for them from here. I will also try to find a way to contact the Black watchers." Roysia's words made Fennelis expression brighten up, and soon she nodded with a bright smile on her face.

'Yes, Taiga sloth woods also not that far away from this city. Hmm, I will hire an adventurer squad for ten white gold and search for them. I hope Nicolaus or that half-elf kid would come here before the problem escalates.' She sighed inwardly. If it was that mysterious half-elf kid, she knew he would find a way to resolve this situation.

"Thanks, Lady Roysia. I haven't thought of that idea. I will hire an adventurer squad and search for my husband." Fennelis said with a bright smile on her face.

After a short exchange, the group dispersed, and everyone went to their rooms. All of them agreed to stay here at Silverland city. For the next two months, their group planned to improve their strengths. Fennelis also thought of teaching Umi about the basics of the outside world and fighting techniques. Moreover, she was planning to teach Umi about how to control the ice elemental energy.

On February 8th, Amara Town, Alastall Woodlands.

It was a rainy day. Abium sat inside his room in a meditative state with closed eyes and absorbed the spirit power from the divine fragment regularly. After 15 minutes, he opened his amber eyes with a bright expression on his face. For the last two weeks, he has frequently absorbed the spirit power from the fragment and improved his spirit power to a different level. As for subjugating the monsters, that plan was also running smoothly.

'We almost cleared the monsters that were resided near the town. Once the rain stops, we should focus our attention on making a path towards the underground tunnel. Uncle Claude's teammates are also progressing well. Within a month or two, all of them might break through into third-tier warriors.' He silently nodded and stood up from his wooden bed. Today, he was planning to create a low tier artifact using the magic rune circle.

'I know it is not an easy task to create an artifact, but I want to create one before March 5th. I have a feeling that the hooded guy is plotting something big in the royal capital. I will go ahead stealthily and start my investigation. I can't let this guy do whatever he wants. Also, the necromancers-' suddenly, his expression froze.

'Necromancers? In the past, they are the ones who plotted the whole incident, right? What if this elven guy also has some relationship with necromancers? Wait!… What if he is the one who planned the entire Nobles' Gathering Incident?' A chill went up to his spines as he thought about that event.

'No way! I don't think so. But I can't rule out the possibility of them being manipulated by this guy.' He sighed with a hint of worry in his heart. Abium quickly cast those thoughts away and went downstairs through the double staircase. Then he entered a small room on the right side corner, which had many stones and wooden sculptures arranged on it. He appointed this room, especially for Butler Alfred, and only Abium and Dwarf Kuran were allowed to enter. As he entered the room, he saw the gray-haired, middle-aged man with a pale face doing his sculpting working using chisels.

"Why are you here, lad?" Butler Alfred noticed Abium's arrival and asked with a frown.

"I need your help, uncle," Abium said while taking out a small wooden chest from his spatial ring. He quickly opened the wooden chest using a key and gave it to Butler Alfred. Inside were full of silver rings. A few days ago, Abium made a trade with the Wadel kingdom's ornament merchant and brought this chest for ten white gold coins.

But these silver rings were unfinished products, and there were no gems or crystals embedded in it.

When noticing Alfred's questionable gaze, he gave a soft smile and took out a palm-sized black crystal from his spatial ring.

"Uncle, can you cut this crystal into smaller ones to embed into these rings? Five to ten pieces would be enough." He said.

"I can do that, kid. What is this crystal? It won't explode when I cut, right?" Alfred asked in a half-joking manner.

"No, uncle. Although it is a dark elemental crystal, it won't explode. So, when can I get those pieces?" Abium asked curiously.

"Come here after two hours, or I will ask a maid to send it to your room," Alfred said while chasing Abium out of the room and concentrated his attention on the black crystal.

At the same time, Abium walked out of the sculpture room and returned to his room on the second floor.

He waited in his room for the next two hours and then heard a knock at the entrance.

He stood up from the bed, walked near the wooden door, and then opened it with a clicking sound. A lady with bluish hair stood outside nervously while holding the wood chest with her hands. He didn't remember her name, but he knew she was one of the maids working in this building before. She had a few scars on her hands, which tells she was once a pirate and later became a maid. At first, he thought of keeping a Valet, but he quickly shook off that idea.

'Valet is not suitable for a mage like me. That luxury life is only for tycoons and those noblemen in the capital.'

Letting out a sigh, he took the wooden chest and then sent her off.

Then he locked the door from inside and placed that wooden chest on the concrete floor. After that, he opened the chest and noticed a small leather pouch and hundreds of silver rings. He hurriedly checked the pouch and soon grinned as he saw ten small black crystals stored inside.

After thinking for a moment, he took a silver ring and tried to create a minute magic rune circle in it.

But after a few hours of trying, he began to sweat all over.

'How the hell the mages created tiny magic rune circles in those space rings? Damn it… As expected, it's not an easy job at all. From the looks of it, I think it must be the same for potioneering. I will concentrate on this work for the next two-three weeks during my free time.' With a sigh, he started to continue the work. Soon, the dusk came, and the rain also stopped outside. He once again began to absorb the spirit power from the divine fragment for the next few minutes and went to sleep.

The next day, Abium woke up as usual and joined the Subjugation team after absorbing spirit power. The group started clearing the monsters and moved towards the western side while making a pathway to the abandoned tunnel.

Abium followed the schedule for the next two weeks, and finally, on February 22nd, early morning, he succeeded in creating the first low tier artifact. He picked up the silver ring, which had a black gem embedded at the center, and put it on his finger. After that, he sent mana into the silver ring and activated the spell using spirit power. A second later, he felt the darkness elemental appeared from the black crystal and entered into the silver ring's spell model.

The next instant, he smiled as he noticed that his face started to change into his former appearance.

'Finally! It took me two weeks just to engrave one zero tier mirage spell in this ring. I now understand why the magic artifacts are so rare.' He inhaled the fresh air while moving towards the open window and watched the sun rose from the sea.

'Now, I don't have to create any more artifacts. But I need to create spell scrolls for Helena. She will be the one who is going to attend the Grand Nobles' Gathering in my stead. But before that, I need to deal with Baron Harry.' Abium muttered to himself and frowned as he thought of that baron. As he was in deep thought, one of the maids knocked on the room door and informed him that Helena and others were waiting for him at the reception hall.

'Why did they come so soon? There is still time for the work, right?' He got confused.

Furrowing his brows, he changed his clothes from nightgown to a regular gray shirt and black pants and then went downstairs.

A few seconds later, he walked into the reception hall and got puzzled as he noticed the serious expression on everyone's faces.

"What happened?" Abium felt something was off and asked hurriedly.

Helena, who sat on the wooden chair, started to speak in a gloomy tone.

"Yesterday, we received a request from adventurer guild official members. They said that they already arrived at Moondale town and asked us to send some guide." She paused for a second as she glanced at Claude, and then continued, "Hearing the request, Sir Claude asked his companion Edward to go there along with a few newly recruited soldiers."

"But when they reached the other side of the underground tunnel, Baron Harry's soldiers caught them, and they took them back to their territory as criminals. Now they are asking ransom for their heads." Once she finished her words, the whole room fell into utter silence.