Chapter 111: Helena’s Unique Spell
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Chapter 111: Helena's Unique Spell

By the time Abium returned to the royal capital, it was already afternoon. He didn't go to the slums. Instead, he went to 16 Black Street in Commoners' Borough.

Soon, he saw the compound gate was already opened, and four guards stood outside his single-storied house while shouting at Aaron and others.

'Who are they?' Abium knitted his eyebrows as he walked on the grassy yard.

Abium then arrived behind those four guards and asked coldly.

"What do you want? Who are you?"

All four guards turned around in unison and sized him up. After that, one of the guards with blonde hair stepped forward and replied coldly.

"I'm Black Street's chief guard, Jaque. We are arresting these slum kids for sneaking into a normal civilian's house."

Abium frowned upon hearing Jaque's words and then stared at him coldly.

Jaque had thick eyebrows, a round face, and amber eyes. He wore a regular linen shirt, pants, and leather boots. He also saw a long sword on his waist and then understood their intention.

Meanwhile, Jaque frowned as he saw Abium's old ragged clothes and then continued with a grin on his face,

"Oh, it seems you are their leader."

But Abium didn't even glance at Jaque's face; instead, he looked into the other three guards' eyes and spoke coldly.

"I'm the owner of this house." He paused for a second and then continued while pointing his finger towards Aaron and others, who were peeking at him through the window.

"And they are my students."

All of them glanced at each other in confusion.

Shaking his head, Abium took out his fake identity card and the house documents and then gave it to Jaque.

Jaque was startled by his action and then caught the document from Abium's hand.

As Jaque started reading those documents, his expression turned gloomy. He also noticed the royal seal and got anxious.

They were original documents!

'How did these slum kids have so much money to buy a large-size house? Did this guy rob a Noble's Treasury? Yes! That must be it! There is no way a filthy slum kid could have earned this much money using the normal method. He must have sneaked into Noble's mansion and robbed his treasures!' The more he thought about it, Jaque becomes more convinced that this kid must be a despicable thief or a murderer!

Jaque unsheathed his long sword and spoke in an icy tone while pointing the sword tip at Abium's neck.

"Tell me, brat. From where did you rob this much money to buy a house?" His words made Abium stunned.

Simultaneously, the nearby houses' peoples also came out and gathered in front of Abium's house entrance.

Meanwhile, Abium's expression turned cold.

'As comparing to that Guard Palmer, this guy is worthless trash.'

Although Palmer was just a greedy guy, he didn't act like this when Abium met him outside the city. Abium's anger flared up as he understood this chief guard's intention!

"Get the hell out of my house; otherwise, I will directly report your behavior to the royal administration." Without minding the sword at his throat, Abium said coldly and then waved his hand at those shivering children.

A few days ago, he gave one spare key to these kids and told them to come here and continue their training. But he hadn't expected these foolish guards would come and make trouble for them.

'Tsk, if I didn't come here now, these guys might have killed all these kids.'

Abium knew the rules and regulations more than anyone else. Slum kids were worthless trashes in these guards' eyes, and if they found any slum peoples without any identity card, they had the right to kill them under the kingdom's law. Although Abium was not a saint, he wouldn't allow these guys to kill his future treasures. Abium soon saw other guards' hesitant looks and said with an authoritative tone.

"If you have evidence that I stole money from others to buy this house, then show it to me." He stopped for a second and then spoke coldly while pointing his finger at the exit gate.

"Otherwise, scram!"

Abium's words caused Jaque's face turn red in anger. Jaque immediately thought of thrusting his sword to kill the black-haired kid.

'Should I kill him now? Many eyes are watching our quarrel. But who has the guts to report this to the administration office? Yes! I should kill him and directly change the ownership of this house to my name.' Greed appeared in Jaque's eyes.

As he was about to thrust his sword, he saw a firm hand gripped his shoulder and soon noticed that it was his men who had stopped him.

"Why are you stopping me?" Jaque's expression turned cold as he stared at the guard coldly.

'I'm your chief. You dare to stop my hand?' He glared at the guard with red eyes.

Meanwhile, that guard made a small bow and spoke nervously.

"Chief, I think this kid is Slum Borough Pine Street's new gang leader."

His words made Jaque's expression to stiffen up, and soon his eyes went wide in shock.

At the same time, Aaron and Lillian also froze. They heard of the rumor about a sword fight that had happened a few days ago. It was a legendary fight between a black-haired kid and a silver knight.

Both glanced at each other and began to nod in understanding.

After knowing that the person in front of him was a new gang leader, Jaque quickly backed away and walked out of Abium's house.

'I'm not afraid! It is a temporary withdrawal.' He consoled himself.

Meanwhile, Abium simply shook his head and walked into his home while opening the door.

'They are just a few clowns.'

He entered the reception hall and chuckled as he glanced at those trembling kids.

"Don't look so stiff. I will be the one who is going to teach you from now on. So don't hesitate to ask me if there is any question." Abium waved his hand and then sat on the sofa.

All of those kids nodded their heads when hearing his words and returned to their training.

Meanwhile, Abium took out the runic language book and started reading.

On 22nd March, Somewhere in the Eastern Shoreline, Alastall woodlands.

It was a peaceful sunny day. Suddenly, two humanoid figures flew from the Devil Sea towards the shoreline and ruined the peaceful atmosphere.

Meanwhile, a large shark-like creature followed after them in the sea and then stopped near the seashore.

Both figures landed on the beach sand and removed their hoods. One figure was female, and her height was around 170 cm. She had round black eyes, dark-blue hair, and a slim body.

She wore a black robe and looked more like an average mage. There was also a profound mystery hidden behind her pitch-black eyes.

It was Aliza!

Next to her was a two-meter tall, muscular male figure.

Unlike her, he wore a standard warrior cloth. He had short auburn hair, hooded brown eyes, and triangular eyebrows.

"Girl, where should we go now?" Ulzez asked while looking at the deep forest in front of them.

"Hmm, if you want to kill the Blood child, then royal capital is the best choice. Academic mages will be willing to help." Aliza said calmly.

"No! Countless peoples will die if Blood Child enters the royal city. Moreover, it will also increase the Blood Child's strength." Ulzez firmly shook his head. He knew the Blood Child's real power and thought those normal mages wouldn't have a chance to fight against the real terrifying monster.

Meanwhile, Aliza glanced at him and said with a chuckle. "I heard from my teacher that a third-tier mage is protecting this city."

'A third-tier mage?'

Ulzez frowned a bit and nodded after a short pause.

After that, he took out a blue crystal filled with many mysterious rune letters and placed it silently under the beach sand.

Aliza, on the other hand, moved towards the seashore and patted her pet shark. She then uttered a few words in the Nether language and heaved a heavy sigh.

A moment later, the link between her mind and Zethis broke!

Without waiting for a moment, Aliza backed away and soon saw Zethis started to act violently like other creatures.

Aliza simply sighed as she looked at Zethis with complicated eyes and then walked near Ulzez.

"Come on. Let's go." Ulzez spoke while surrounding their bodies with chaotic mana and then disappeared from there.

On 27th March, Baron Auguinare's mansion, 12 Laval street, Nobles' Borough.

It was midnight, at around 2 'o'clock. Helena sat on the ladder-back chair and appeared to be in deep thought in her room. Yesterday, she returned to the capital with Claude and carriage driver Orson and then they came to this mansion as guests.

'Where is he? I can't attend the Grand Nobles' Gathering using this low-tier artifact.' She groaned in frustration. At the same time, she felt lonely as she remembered Camilla didn't accompany her this time.

'Well, she will be much safer with Lily and Sara.' She breathed out a sigh of relief and then shifted her oceanic blue eyes towards the balcony. The next instant, her eyes flickered as she stood up from the chair. A moment later, the vines from the outside garden crept towards her room through windows quickly.

Helena also threw a few thumb-sized seeds on the concrete floor and started to chant in a strange voice.


Before she could finish her chant, she heard a familiar voice from outside and smiled.

'Abi!' She relaxed inside.

With a pale face, Abium slowly jumped inside from the outside balcony and entered her room. In black hair, he looked more like a human than a Royal elf.

"Why are you coming here like a thief? Also, why are you in disguise?" She gave him a suspicious look and asked with a frown.

"I came here to tell you a few things," Abium said as he quietly sat on the bed while Helena leaned back on the smooth wall.

As Abium noticed her questionable gaze, he quickly took out a few things and placed them on her bed one by one. After that, he started to speak while looking into her blue eyes,

"Helena, you will be the one who is going to attend the Grand Nobles' Gathering in my stead. Just use your original identity and tell them you are my representative." As Abium finished his words, he took out his Firebird noble seal and gave it to her.

"What about you?" Helena took the noble seal and asked while knitting her eyebrows sharply.

"I have other works to do. Also, tomorrow's Grand Nobles' Gathering will be more chaotic, so you have to be more careful." Abium said while taking out a large scroll from his spatial ring and then threw it towards her.

"What is it?" Helena gave a puzzled expression as she caught the scroll and then inspected it.

A second later, her expression went severe as she noticed that scroll was a second-tier spell scroll!

"It is a Wind blade second-tier spell scroll. Use it when the situation becomes worse." Abium said calmly and then took out another four scrolls along with a few high tier magic stones from his ring. He passed it to her and then added.

"These four scrolls are first-tier attack spells."

Yesterday, Lady Tabitha had informed him through the communication rune that those second-tier spell scrolls were ready. After he got those second-tier spell scrolls, he also brought a few extra first-tier scrolls for Helena and paralysis potions, crossbows, and few other things for himself. For tomorrow's plan, he needed all those materials.

"Why do I need these?" Helena gave him a puzzled look and asked.

At the same time, Abium made a quick scan at Helena and got deeply impressed inside.

'Helena seems to have grown stronger. Hmm, her spirit also reached 12 in a short amount of time. It must be due to the World Tree leaf.' Abium thought to himself and then replied to Helena's question.

"Some necromancers are planning to attack during the Grand Nobles' Gathering at the royal castle. Although it might be just a distraction, those necromancers will make the whole banquet mess." Abium stopped for a second and soon continued as he thought of something.

"There will be more than 20 apprentice necromancers, a few first-tier necromancers, and one or two second-tier necromancers will attack during the gathering." His words didn't cause Helena to be anxious. Instead, she stood while listening to his words silently.

"What is their motive?" After a short deliberation, Helena raised her brows and asked.

"I don't know. But I'm sure it won't be good," Abium said with a sigh, and then he glanced at her pear-shaped body.

"How is your progress in Nature Magic?" He asked in curious.

As if she was expecting this question, Helena straightened her back and chanted a few mystical words while throwing a few seeds on the floor.

A second later, the seeds sprout one by one and then started growing into green vines at an unimaginable speed. A second later, those vines made some strange movement and then started slithering towards everywhere.

Within a moment, her whole bedroom was filled with numerous dark green vines and strange pink-colored flowers.

Those flowers emitted an unusual odor.

A moment later, Abium felt a strong dizzy feeling appeared in his mind and then saw Helena's appearance turned into multiple images.

'Illusion? No! These plants are making me hallucinate.' Abium widened his eyes and then noticed that his surroundings were starting to turn blurry. Along with a loud thud, Abium fell on the ground and soon begun to snort loudly in Helena's room.

Meanwhile, Helena looked at Abium with a wide gaped mouth for a few seconds and didn't know what to say.

"I thought Medusa Seeds wouldn't do any effect on a mage, but it seems I was wrong." Helena nodded in enlightenment and then splashed a bottle of cold water on Abium's face, which now looked more flustered.

It was her first time seeing Abium with a blushing face, and she felt amused.

Soon, Abium woke up from the sudden dream and almost shouted at Helena with red eyes.

Because that dream was filled with beautiful naked ladies laid on the bed, calling him with a seducing look on their faces! He had never seen so many lovely ladies in his past life and almost seduced by their beauty! As he was about to move towards the large luxurious bed, he suddenly felt a dam of cold water poured on from that bedroom's door and woke him up from the real world.

Abium's whole body tensed up as he understood that it was just a dream induced by Helena's spell!

"What the hell was that?" He asked her with wary eyes. Even he didn't understand why he acted like that in his dream.

Although he didn't have much interaction with women in the past, he felt something was wrong with Helena's spell and got anxious.

Meanwhile, Helena nodded at him with a bright smile on her face and spoke.

"It is a new druid spell called Nature's Command. But for casting this spell, I need different types of plant seeds with unique abilities like poison, hallucination, paralysis, seductive odor, etc. This spell will allow me to strengthen those abilities' effects and make me stronger during fights. But whenever I cast the nature spells, I felt something is calling me from afar."

Abium got startled inside and soon spoke as he thought of something.

"It must be the World Tree's work. Once we settle everything, we can go to the elven kingdom and ask their help to teach you more about the Druid Pathway."

'But going to the Elven kingdom is not a good choice now. A royal elf appearing out of nowhere will cause suspicion and chaos.' Abium sighed heavily and then warned Helena to be more careful during the gathering.

After asking a few things about Alastall Woodland territory, Abium silently left the mansion without alerting anyone.

A few minutes later, Abium arrived in front of Merchant's main street stealthily and then saw two figures were looking in his direction from the Orchid auction house's entrance. Abium couldn't see their faces clearly due to the darkness but had already guessed who they were.

'Well, it seems they are waiting for me.'

Abium quickly removed his disguise and walked in as the guard opened the main gate.

"Mage Abium, did you bring any good news?" Tabitha's silvery voice came while Abium nodded his head in response.

"Good." Another gruff voice came from the nearby muscular man, causing Abium's brow to rise a bit. Soon, Abium arrived in front of them and saw the burly man's appearance with the help of the dim light from the nearby lamp. He had thin black hair, bright eyes, and a pale complexion. He was well-built and appeared to be around 45 years old.

"This is Mage Ubius," Tabitha said as she pointed her finger at Mage Ubius.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir." Abium gave a respectful bow and spoke with a polite tone. At the same time, Abium scanned Tabitha's and Ubius's status to know more about these second-tier mages.

Silently, a minute amount of spiritual power came out from his body and soon crept towards every direction.

"It's a pleasure meeting you as well." Meanwhile, Ubius glanced at him up and down and replied with a soft smile on his face.

But Abium's expression turned serious as he saw the 'Status' of Lady Tabitha and Mage Ubius.

[Name: Tabitha

Age: 248

Race: Human

Health: normal

Class: Second-tier mage

Affiliation: Lawful Neutral


Strength: 9.8

Agility: 9.6

Vitality: 9.7

Mana: 1386.4

Spirit: 693.2

Skills: ?????, ?????.


Second-tier spells: Water Prison,????,?????,?????,?????,?????.]

[Name: Ubius

Age: 231

Race: Human

Health: normal

Class: Second-tier mage

Affiliation: Lawful Neutral


Strength: 9.4

Agility: 8.8

Vitality: 9.1

Mana: 1064.0

Spirit: 532.0

Skills: ?????, ?????.


Second-tier spells: ?????,?????,?????,?????,?????,?????.]

'Damn, these two are powerful. It appears Lady Tabitha and Mage Ubius had already managed to finish constructing all of their second-tier spells. They must have solely used all their time in that empty void and started increasing their spirit. But the shackles restricted their growth.' Abium enlightened as he glanced at their attributes.

Abium soon noticed that they still appeared to be waiting for someone and got curious.

After waiting for another five minutes, Abium saw a carriage arrived in front of the auction house's compound gate.

'It appears the secret meeting is not here.' Abium nodded in understanding.

"I heard you are a bit special from Zivior and Tabitha. So, how many first-tier spells did you managed to create?" While he was in muse, Ubius turned his pale face and asked jokingly.

'It appears second-tier mages could only perceive the spells models of apprentice mages.' Abium nodded his head in understanding and replied with a proud smile on his face.

"I managed to construct two spell models, Sir."

But once Tabitha and Ubius heard his reply, both of them abruptly froze for a second!

"Haha, I knew you have more secrets than just luck, kid." Tabitha broke into a burst of laughter and said with a chuckle. Meanwhile, Ubius also nodded without hiding his shocking expression.

Simultaneously, a middle-aged figure with a red robe and black hood walked in their direction while shouting.

"Old hag, I'm late again!"

His height was average, and he looked more like an average citizen.

As he arrived in front of them, he halted his footsteps and stared at Abium for whole two seconds.

He had straight black hair, deep blue eyes, olive-skinned round face, and elongated, thick eyebrows. He was none other than Abium's Teacher, Zivior.

"It's been a while, Teacher," Abium said with a wide grin on his face.

Zivior stood there with a stunned expression on his face and seemed to forget what to say. After a long silence, he asked while gazing at Tabitha and Ubius.

"What the hell is my student doing here?" He glared at both of them.

As he met with no response, Zivior quickly shifted his gaze towards Abium and said while narrowing his eyebrows.

"I thought you went to build your territory, kid."

As Abium was about to explain, Tabitha raised her hand and patted on his shoulder.

"Let's go. I will explain in detail while we are on the way to the meeting place." Tabitha said calmly and then went towards the luxurious carriage that was parked on the auction yard.

With a nod, others quickly followed after her, and all of them entered the luxurious carriage one by one.