Chapter 113: Alius’s Past
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Chapter 113: Alius's Past

"Headmaster, it seems there are more secrets hidden behind this 'Order of the Dead' organization. From the information we have gathered, I can guess they are somehow related to this lost Bidora Empire. So, I think they must be after our Lockridge royal family or after something that is hidden within the royal castle." Anne said with a proud smile on her face while Alius nodded his head in approval.

"Correct. A millennium ago, this Dewsummit Capital City was Bidora Empire's Capital. Although the whole city was destroyed back then, still a few places remain till now." Alius's words startled everyone.

"Teacher, do you know why the Bidora Empire and its history got completely wiped out?" Zivior asked without hiding his curiosity.

"I told you countless times, Zivi. I don't know. At that time, I remembered I was just a servant of the Lockridge family. Suddenly one day, everyone completely lost their memories and only remembered basic things. Moreover, Lockridge's family members were cursed by some unknown spell and completely lost their ability to walk on the path of mages."

"After losing most of their family members, Lockridge's family elder Godefray Lockridge started to face reality and began to teach me magic. But he died after a few years. He told me that I must protect Lockridge, Ollim, and Howgett family members at all costs for the rest of my life. Even though I was a servant boy, three family members respected me as an equal, and because of that, I swore to protect them with my life. All I knew was that these three family members did something terrible to the Bidora Empire's Royal Family and was cursed by Emperor Jack." Alius said with a bitter smile on his face.

'Heh, it appears even Alius don't know the real history. But why are there only three families instead of five? Did Elder Godefray Lockridge hide the truth?' Abium eyes squinted sharper.

'That memory wiping spell is a scary thing indeed! I must be careful when facing these types of unique peoples in the future.' As Abium was thinking, suddenly he thought of something and asked.

"Headmaster, what does the 'Lord' title represents? I heard those words from Necromancer Rilos." Abium words made Alius frown a bit, and soon he replied without putting much thought into it.

"Mostly mages call third-tier mages like me as Lords." Suddenly Alius stopped for a second and asked with a deeper frown on his face. "Did you just say Necromancer Rilos used that title to represent someone?"

"Yes, Headmaster. There are two names he mentioned in that meeting with that title. They are Lord Shade and Lord Nezad." Abium nodded and replied with more seriousness.

"What?! How come Nezad is still alive? I killed him five hundred years ago with my hand!" Alius said with a startled voice. He then closed his eyes, and he fell into deep thoughts like he was in deep meditation. For the next few minutes, all of them inside the main hall stayed silent and waited for their Teacher to completely organize his thoughts. After the long awkward silence, Alius opened his eyes and muttered with a shock on his face.

"He is alive!... I don't know much about this Lord shade, but he must be another third-tier necromancer." He paused for a second as he sized Abium up and down and then asked,

"Did they say anything about their real plan?"

"No, Teacher. Necromancer Rilos said they had to keep it very secretive till tomorrow morning. But he selected another person and me to accompany him to a secretive mission and told us to meet him at 52 Royal Street around 8 A.M tomorrow. He also asked me to bring this artifact along with me." Abium said while taking out an emerald pendant from his pocket and then gave it to Alius. Abium's words caused Alius to knit his eyebrows as he felt something was not right. Soon, Alius said while shaking his head as he examined the emerald pendant.

"He must have thought of using this pendant to seal someone higher than him. But I don't know why he is after the royal family."

"Teacher, why don't we check the royal castle's treasury and find out what was hidden there before those necromancers infiltrate the castle?" The white-haired Idus asked with puzzlement. That was a mystery he wants to find out for the past six hundred years. Everyone also knew there was some secret hidden inside that royal castle treasury, but because of Alius's Order, no one even went near that treasury.

"I can't. Unless something bad happens to that place, no one would be able to enter. Elder Godefray Lockridge's pet is always guarding that place, and only royal members have the right even to enter." Alius said with a firm tone, which made everyone shocked inside. It was the first time they had heard of that name, and they felt more curious. At the same time, Abium thought he had heard of that word a few days before somewhere and quickly recalled from the memories.

'It's also in the puzzle! It must be the Lockridge family members' pet. Redbird! Now I'm starting to understand. Even Lily told me about this when we were battling against the Hybrid Caarth Demon.

Wait a sec!...

I also saw the Redbird's incarnation during the Bare Keep town incident. Yes, prince Raollet summoned the Redbird's incarnation when he was fighting against the Holy Maiden!' Abium nodded in enlightenment as he remembered all those incidents.

"So, what are we going to do now? Are we just going to wait for those necromancers to get there and steal whatever they want?" Ubius asked with an annoyed tone.

"We have very little information about this group, Ubius. Although from Mage Abium's information, we can tell that the necromancers are going after something inside the Royal Treasury, but we are not sure what they are after." Tabitha said with a deep tone as she shifted her gaze towards Alius and asked,

"Teacher, can you tell us more about this 'Order of the Dead' organization? Like, who is the head of this organization? What is those necromancers' purpose? Who is Lord Nezad? How did you kill him? And why?" Her multiple questions made Alius a little stunned and soon raised his hand, then placed it on his chin and spoke with a bit of laugh.

"Haha, Calm down, Tabitha. I will tell you what I learn from the information I had gathered during the last few hundred years. I first heard of their organization's name during the year around 9400. It was the time I managed to rank up into a second-tier mage and started to establish a small magic academy on my own."

"At that time, the church influence was much less in the south due to some internal struggles, and with my strength, I somehow managed to protect the three newly born kingdoms. But during that time, I started to notice some peoples are gathering information about the history of our kingdoms. I once caught a person during my journey to search for a potion ingredient and found out he was casting an unknown type of magic."

"At that time, I didn't know anything about necromancy and started asking all the three family elders. But no one knew much because of their short lifespan. The ones who knew about the necromancy knowledge had already died during the destruction of the Bidora Empire. So, I thought of researching on my own and found out one page of Novak's diary. But I didn't even understand a single word, which made me more puzzled."

"So, I started asking many other friends from the north but couldn't able to find anything. While searching for clues, I once bumped into a guy named Nezad and learned a little about the Bidora Empire's history. But he didn't answer many of my questions. He told me that he would only give those answers after I promise to join their organization. That son of a bitch also stole that single script of Novak's dairy, few artifacts, and escaped at the end of that meeting. Later only I found out that he was the one who planned that meeting and stole some precious treasures from me." Alius said while clenching his fist. Everyone could tell that Alius was angry when thinking about that meeting.

"Teacher, did you meet him again?" Ovia asked while folding her long black hair in curiosity.

"Yeah, that happened after I ranked up into a third-tier mage. At that time, I also knew that a few other necromancers are hiding behind the dark like Nezad and was plotting something big. Around the year 9700, a large-scale undead invasion happened in the southern part of this continent and was organized by few third-tier necromancers. I and the leader of the Rath institute allied together and faced the Undead Invasion."

"It was a tough battle. Countless warriors and even all second-tier mages lost their life. At that time, except Idus, all of you weren't even born yet. We were completely outnumbered and was about to lose hope, then the Elven Kingdom and the Light church extended their arms to help us. With their help, I killed Nezad and ended the Undead Invasion." Alius stopped for a second as he turned his head towards Abium's direction and continued.

"If not for this kid's information, I would be still clueless about the upcoming sneak attack by the organization and Nezad's revival."

'Eh? But, how did Headmaster Alius learn Abyssal language?' Abium furrowed his brows and shook that thought. Abium knew if he asked too many questions regarding that, many suspicions would arouse in all of their hearts.

'Moreover, I still have many opportunities to ask about those in the future.' Abium muttered to himself and soon shifted his gaze towards everyone.

Everyone went silent after hearing the explanation and appeared to be pondering.

"What are we going to do about the current situation? From the information, I think Nezad and others are planning to invade our territory for a reason, right? Teacher, do you remember anyone attacked the royal castle around that time?" Tabitha continued to ask while leaning back against the wooden chair. She found it more and more interesting about the history behind the royal family and got curious.

"Ugh, I don't remember clearly due to the long history," Alius said while turning his gaze towards Idus and asked.

"What about you, Idus?"

"Teacher, I think someone did infiltrate the treasury but never came back," Idus said with a loud voice while staring back at Alius with his purple pupil-less eyes.

"Oh, then they must be planning to attack this time with more force." Tabitha nodded her head while muttering in a low voice. Meanwhile, Alius nodded his head and asked Idus.

"Whose idea is this Grand Nobles' Gathering?"

"It's the Prince Huggin's idea, Teacher. He said that he wants to talk to all those high-class nobles and end the conflict between the Royal Family and the other two dukes." Idus said with a weak smile while Abium fell into deep thought.

'Prince Huggin changed the date? That doesn't make sense at all. Can the 'Fate Divinity Holder' even able to control others' thoughts?' He creased his brows. He felt that he was missing some crucial information and got puzzled inside. But soon, he shook those thoughts and started listening to Alius's speech.

"Okay. Tabitha, Zivior, and Anne will be the ones responsible for protecting those mortals." Alius said while shifting his gaze towards Abium and then continued,

"Kid, if you want to find out more about them, you can go along with the second tier necromancer and find out on your own. If they somehow managed to fool the guardian's eyes and entered the Royal Treasury, find a way to inform us. Ubius will come after you once you entered the Royal Treasury."

"What about Idus and others?" Ubius asked with a frown as he noticed others were left out.

"They have to accompany me. If the enemy leader is a third-tier necromancer, he will come after me to stop me from interfering with their plan. I might need all of their help." Alius said with a bitter smile on his face, which made everyone realize their Teacher's condition was not good. Although they were curious to know about his health condition, they restrained themselves.