Chapter 114: Seer
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Chapter 114: Seer

After hearing Alius's words, everyone's complexion turned gloomy. It was the first time they heard that a third-tier entity would confront their teacher, and they got anxious inside. The only ones who had shown composed expression were Alius, Abium, Tabitha, and Idus. For Abium, it was not a surprising thing, and he knew a few things about what would happen from his previous life memories.

'But I can't relax yet. I had already interfered with many peoples' futures and caused too many variables to appear. All I can do now is gather more information and identify the 'Fate' Divinity holder's real identity. Moreover, I must enter into the mysterious fountain and see the possible future.' Abium thought while glancing at others.

Suddenly, Zivior quickly took out a small thumb-sized green amulet from his spatial ring and spoke while passing that towards Abium.

"Kid, keep this amulet inside your pocket. There was one second-tier 'Dark Touch' spell, and two first-tier darkness spells inscribed in it. With the 'Dark Touch' spell, you can track your enemy's movements easily. Moreover, this amulet also has some unique marks that would help Ubius to find your location. As for those two darkness spells, both of them were offensive spells, and those two spells will also help you when you are in life-threatening danger."

Abium swiftly caught the green amulet while listening to his teacher's words and inspected the artifact. The unique green amulet had a few black stones embedded in it. Abium guessed that those little black stones were small darkness elemental crystals and got stunned.

"Thank you, Teacher." Abium was deeply moved by his teacher's gift and thanked him from the heart.

'A second-tier 'Dark touch' spell and two first-tier darkness spell, huh. As expected, although my origin is full of suspicion, Teacher Zivior didn't hold back anything for my safety. If I have to buy an artifact like this in the auction hall, it will cost around 4000 - 6000 white gold coins. Well, my current progress in strength is also playing a vital role here. I can tell that these academic mages are curious about my rapid progression speed.' Abium thought inwardly and continue to analyze the amulet.

"What about those Light Church members? Why is there still conflict continuing in Keris kingdom?" As Abium analyzed the amulet, Alius slowly shifted his gaze towards second-tier mage Ovia and asked with a frown on his illusionary face. Keris kingdom was one of the Academy's main sponsor, so Alius knew they had no other choice but to intervene if the problem escalates.

"Same like here, Teacher. A few high-rank nobles suddenly started to oppose the current administration under Duke of Vira's leadership and appear to be siding with Light Church's side." Ovia said while chewing a slice of mango, which she took from the table.

"Light Church? Something is not right. Send a letter to the Diocese of Orchard and tell Archbishop Rafe to refrain their involvement in political issues as per the agreement." Alius said with dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, Idus turned his head towards Ovia and asked while stroking his long white beard.

"What happened to the letter we sent about the last incident? Did Archbishop Rafe send any response for their last crime to try kidnapping prince Raollet as a hostage?"

Ovia's expression turned helpless when she heard that question. As Idus noticed Ovia's helpless expression, he let out a frustrated sigh and continued as he glanced at Abium. "If not for Huggin's immediate response and this elven kid's coincidental arrival at Bare Keep town, things would have turned more complicated."

"I already sent letters to the Diocese of Orchard twice, but they are not responding to our letters. Even if they respond to those letters, I'm sure that Archbishop Rafe will not give us an apology." Shaking her head, Ovia said with a bitter smile on her face. For the past few years, she knew Light Church members were becoming bolder and trying to stir up the troubles in many southern kingdoms. Suddenly, a long sigh came out from Alius's mouth.

"Don't make conflict with them for now. We still have many problems in our hands." Alius's illusionary incarnation figure said and then disappeared from the seat. Abium was a little startled and soon noticed others didn't mind his disappearance and continued their discussions. After a few minutes, Tabitha glanced towards others and shook her head.

"Let's finish the current problems," Tabitha said and soon shifted her gaze towards Zivior then asked. "Will the other necromancers also participate during the gathering?"

"No idea. But if all of those necromancers began to attack, the whole city will turn into a slaughterhouse." Zivior frowned as he said that. After he heard the information from his student, Zivior understood the seriousness of the situation and frowned.

'I have to concoct a few potions quickly. Humph, those bone heads do have some nerve to sneak into our domain. It's been a long time since this Potion mage Zivior entered the battlefield.' Zivior's brown lips started to go upwards.

"Let's end the discussion here. I have to prepare for the upcoming enemy attack." Simultaneously, Ubius spoke and stoop up with a stern look on his face. Then Zivior, Abium, and Tabitha also followed his action and bid farewell to others. After that, the group moved from the hall and went outside. As they walked out of the house, Ubius shifted his gaze towards Abium and asked curiously.

"I heard from Zivior that you are showing interest in learning about runes. Is that true?"

"Really?" Tabitha stopped her footsteps before reaching the main gate and asked while stared back at Abium with a surprised expression on her face.

"I thought of making him a Potion mage at first, but Abium himself told me that he wants to learn mysteries behind the runes. So, I gave one of your runic books to him. It seems he already made up his mind to become a Rune mage." Zivior said with a regretful tone while giving a light pat on Abium's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Abium was startled deeply by all three of their behavior and finally nodded towards Ubius. As Ubius saw his nod, he began to show some interest and continued to ask while walking.

"Did you manage to create any zero tier spell scroll?"

"Yes, sir. I already created more than twenty scrolls, and nowadays, I can feel the progress in creating spell scroll speed is improving." Abium said solemnly as the group started walking on the Bailey Street road.

"Can you show me any one of those scrolls?" Ubius's eyes lit up as he heard that and asked with keen interest. Abium nodded his head and quickly took out one blink spell scroll from his spatial ring. Ubius quickly grabbed that scroll and opened it. As he started to analyze the scroll's runic magic circle, he frowned and said while shaking his head.

"You have the potential to walk on the path of runes. But you inscribed those rune characters very crudely. Unlike our normal characters in other languages, rune characters need to be drawn precisely. Even a slight extra stroke could change the different outcomes when using the scroll." He suddenly stopped when they were walking in the street and starting to draw three rune characters in the thin air, then continued his explanation.

"See here. This single word means just length. But if you made a long stroke instead of a short, then the whole meaning of this word will change into duration. Although you inscribed characters correctly, I can see there are many characters written clumsily."

Abium nodded quickly and starting to understand why Azolla told him multiple times about joining an academy earlier.

Meanwhile, Ubius tapped his spatial ring and started to take out dozens of books. Without even giving Abium any chance to refute, Ubius began to speak while pushing those books to him,

"These are all my collection about runes. If you want to become an Adept level rune mage like me, then you must learn everything in these books. First, I will tell you about what is Adept level rune mages. Unlike beginner rune mages who could be only able to create zero tier spells, Adept level rune mages can able to create an artifact that has a second-tier spell inscribed in it. Some geniuses could able to achieve this level even before they enter into Second-tier mages." Ubius said with a proud expression on his face and continued,

"Rune mages and Potion mages are precious treasures to every mage organization. If you can achieve the Adept level before you enter into a second-tier mage, I will personally ask your teacher to send you to the Arcane Empire." Ubius said with a mischievous smile on his face while giving a wink at Zivior.

"Don't put his last words to your heart, Abium. Although I do have a deep connection with the Arcane Empire's Tower of Sun, I don't like my student to go to that place. But I might reconsider if you did achieve that." Zivior suddenly interrupted and said solemnly.

"Zivi!" Tabitha suddenly turned her head with a shocked face and stared at him with confusion. As Zivior noticed her gaze, he shook his head and said,

"It has been more than five centuries, old hag. I don't think our old enemies are still looking for us. Moreover, If my student really can become an Adept level rune mage before entering second-tier mage, I will send him there." As he finished those words, everyone, including Ubius, became stood there on the street with a stunned look on their faces.

"Why are you speaking so confidently, Zivi?" After a short silence, Tabitha spoke. But unlike before, her words looked more solemn than ever.

"I went to visit a Seer to learn more about his identity." This time Zivior's words even caused Abium to startle a bit.

'Seer? Why?' Abium became nervous and thought of those Seers. They were gifted peoples who could predict the future and could even see future visions like him.

"What did you found out?" For the first time, Ubius became nervous and asked hurriedly.

"He also couldn't able to see through his past." Zivior stopped for a moment as he pointed his finger towards Abium and asked,

"Are you also a Seer?"

His question shocked the other three. Abium became wide-eyed and soon nodded his head as he calmed down. Abium had already expected someone would be able to guess he must be a 'Seer' from those past incidents and might come after him. But he didn't think that one would be his teacher.

As Tabitha saw him nodding, she suddenly thought of the kidnapping Incident at the Bare Keep town, then King's assassination incident, and became shocked as she understood everything. His interference had changed many enemies' plans.

"That explains everything. But why didn't you save the King Sewallus?" She nodded her head and asked Abium in confusion.

"My lady, although I could vaguely perceive danger along with some visions, I couldn't be able to see the exact future incidents." Abium didn't get anxious and replied calmly.

Everyone nodded their head, and finally, Zivior spoke after some deliberation,

"Kid, don't reveal any of those future visions to anyone and try to solve them on your own. Haa! I already made up my mind. Once these problems are solved, I will send you to the Arcane Empire. Your mere existence in this kingdom would pose a threat to many evil organization's plans. If Light Church got this news, I wouldn't be surprised if they put a high-level bounty on your head." His words caused Abium to puzzlement. As if his teacher had already known his reaction, he added,

"Seers are their first enemy. Please don't ask me why because even I don't know. Although they didn't say that out loud, I had heard about them sending assassins to kill all those rogue seers like you."

Hearing his teacher's words, Abium became shocked deeply for a moment and nodded gravely. He now understood this matter's seriousness and thought he needed to act more cautiously in the future.

Meanwhile, Ubius thought about something deeply and started talking,

"Kid, I planned on asking for some elemental crystal as a payment, but I think I don't need that. Now, I think you had already understood the seriousness of your identity. Once we solve our problem with those necromancers, I will personally train you, so get ready. You are just a beginner Rune mage now. In the Arcane Empire, only Expert level Rune mage and above have the real power and respect. Well, I will tell you more about that later. See ya!" Ubius said with a bright smile while waving his hand and soon started walking.

Abium also saw that they had already entered Commoner's main street and bid his farewell to his teacher and Tabitha. After that, he took a few turns and went back to Black Street.