Chapter 115: Stone Tablet
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Chapter 115: Stone Tablet

While returning to his house, Abium asked for more information about Rune Mages and Potion Mages from Azolla and got deeply startled. She told him that both of these jobs would come under the alchemist section. From Azolla's explanation, he also found out there was a separate ranking system for these Alchemists.

'Azolla, are there any other mages besides Potion mages and Rune mages?' Abium felt he looks like a country bumpkin and asked awkwardly.

'Of course, there are other mages! Other than Rune Mage and Potion mages, there are Battlemages, Dark Mages, Light Mages, Summoners, Warlocks, Elemental mages, Curse mages, and Seers. Each group walks on a different path, so you must choose your decision wisely.' Azolla said solemnly. Meanwhile, Abium was deeply astounded. As if she had sensed Abium's emotional changes, she continued.

'Now, I will tell you about the ranking system of Rune mage. First is Beginner Rune mage, and then comes Adept Rune mage. The next one is the Expert Rune mage. To become an Expert Rune mage, one must create an artifact with a third-tier magic spell inscribed in it, and that spell must have law power.

After Expert Rank is Rune Master, to become a Rune Master, one must inscribe at least one pseudo-legendary tier spell model inside an artifact. Mostly, mortals would proclaim these artifacts as legendary artifacts. Following that rank is Grandmaster level Rune mage. Well, those were like mythical existence to normal mages. As for the next rank, you will learn about that in the future. That's it, kid.

As for Potion mage, the titles are the same ones, and they have to create potions using the potion formulas based on the rank. I will tell you more about Potion mages when you plan to study potioneering.' When Abium heard Azolla's words, he quickly understood and nodded. Till now, Abium felt he was walking on a clueless path, but as he heard Azolla's words, he thought he now had some map to get out of this clueless path. Abium slowly calmed down and noticed he had already arrived at the entrance to Black street.

Without any delay, he moved towards 16 Black Street.

It was around 5 A.M.

After checking that no one was following him, he entered his house and silently lay on the soft bed. But he didn't plan to sleep now. He wants to know what would happen if he goes along with the necromancer Rilos. He also wants to try entering the mysterious fountain and peek into the future a little.

'Although I can change the future of a normal person or low tier mages without any problem, I know there are a few people who could control their destinies. The more I change the futures of others', the more people like my teacher would start noticing that there is an appearance of an anomaly. Hmm, now my main problem is about the danger behind the royal treasury. I know nothing about that mysterious guardian Redbird. From headmaster Alius's words, I can now say the Lockridge family is originally from the Bidora Empire.'

'Headmaster seems to be unaware of the 'Fate Divinity Holder.' Moreover, he also seems to be clueless about the other two families who belong to the Bidora Empire. There are too many questions in my mind. Who is the leader of this 'Order of the Dead' organization? Who is the Fate Divinity Holder? Also, why Light Church suddenly started making trouble for all the royal kingdoms?'

'In the past, the Light church members claimed that they started to involve in politics due to the royal families' mismanagement of their kingdoms… Suspicious! In the past, I was just a commoner and didn't know anything about these things. Like my whole life was completely controlled by these nobles and mages. But now, I understand there are too many secrets.'

'Ha! For now, I should stop those necromancers from killing many civilians and stay hidden. I think the final seal will also break around this time. Then dungeons will appear one by one and cause great commotion everywhere. Although most of those dungeons will disappear mysteriously after some time, many monsters come out from those dungeons and give everyone headaches. As for those demons and devils' arrival, there is still more time. Now, let's see about tomorrow's future. Although I don't know how long I can see future events, at least I want to try.' Abium thought to himself deeply and then concentrated his attention on the mysterious fountain through the strange link. The next second, he felt his soul was being pulled into the mysterious space and soon noticed that he was standing in his soul form.

He once again moved near to the white petal without wasting much time and tapped it with his foggy hand. A second later, the same empty mirror-like rectangular space appeared in front of him. Abium calmly touched the mirror-like space and then thought of the next day's future.

Like water waves, those empty spaces started to distort and then formed into the image of a bird. That bird looked red, and it was around five-meter tall. It looked more like a crimson feathered legendary Phoenix bird.

Abium turned his gaze towards the surrounding areas and then widened his eyes. The Redbird appeared to be standing in some underground cave, and behind it was a tall broken rectangular stone pillar inscribed by multiple rune circles.

Another broken part was just laid near to the pillar. Abium then noticed that scarlet flames were appearing from the Redbird's wings and spreading in every direction. Abium also saw two headless figures in red robes, and five headless figures in black robes were laid on the other side of the broken stone pillar.

Before Abium could identify who those figures were, the rectangular space began to twist and returned to normal black void-like space. The next second, Abium felt his soul was being pulled out from the mysterious fountain space and then found himself lying on the soft bed.

'Is that a mythical bird? Nah, but I'm sure it belongs to that legendary Phoenix bird's descendant. Yes, it must be the Redbird. But, what is that broken stone pillar? Is that some seal? Then, whose bodies are those two red robes' and black robes'? Red robe represents second-tier mages, and the one who would come after me is only Rune mage Ubius.' Suddenly, Abium's expression stiffened up.

'Sh*t! If he comes after me, he might die for sure.' Abium's eyes went wide as he thought of that possibility.

'What to do?… From the image, I can tell that I'm not one of the black-robed headless bodies because I would be wearing a gray robe tomorrow. Who are those guys?' Abium became more puzzled.

'Ha! I had to do something if I want to save that Rune mage.' Abium frowned deeper.

'Is it possible to change Ubius's future?… I also have to be wary of that Fate Divinity holder. He might control the 'Fate' of all these peoples and might know everything about them. Hmm? Wait a minute! That Undying Rilos's appearance makes me more worried. I can't provoke that undying monster. Even if I kill him, he will revive back and seek revenge.'

Suddenly, Abium's amber eyes became sharp as he remembered an incident from the past and became more serious.

'No. I think Rilos still hadn't got that revival power. As for that fate divinity holder, all I can do now is changing the futures as much as possible and lead it most unpredictably! So, the one who controls fate will stumble and make mistakes, and I will use that opportunity. Hmm, I can also alter other futures and might ruin those necromancers' plan.' Abium's lips curved upwards. Abium knew from that simple image; he wouldn't be able to guess the exact future. But that future was the one he didn't want, and he thought twisting the future could make more possibilities of spoiling their plan.

'But the problem is with my measly strength, how could I achieve that?' Abium furrowed his brows and suddenly felt a drowsy feeling assaulted him. He felt that feeling was so familiar and soon found his soul being pulled into some mysterious domain. But he didn't panic. Instead, he instantly began to study that mystical force that was pulling his soul. It was exactly like last time when he entered that mysterious fountain, but he felt a powerful foreign power. He couldn't be able to resist that power at all!

After a split second, he found himself surrounded by complete darkness. He looked around and saw a familiar catkin girl was sitting on a wooden creepy dark throne.

Abium widened his eyes as he identified who this catkin girl was and bowed.

"Lady Nyara!"

"Don't stop those necromancers." Goddess Nyara threw a black ring towards Abium and said with a cold tone. Then the next moment, she waved her left hand and completely expelled him from the dark world. A moment later, Abium slowly opened his eyes in his house and heaved a heavy sigh.

His face was covered with cold sweat!

Nyara's sentence was still echoing inside his mind like divine judgment words, which made his body go numb!

It didn't take long him to realize what her motive was.

'But why?' Abium felt puzzled deeply. Soon he shook his head with a weak smile on his face and shifted his attention to the black ring.

'Kid, which goddess did you met this time?' Azolla asked jokingly. Abium knew she must have guessed due to the mysterious force that pulled him a few seconds ago.

'It's the Goddess Nyara.' Abium said while sending his spiritual power into the black ring. He didn't think there would be any curse spell or some trap lying in the ring. Of course, he knew the possibility of Goddess Nyara pulling some prank on him was high, but he didn't put much thought into it.

As his spiritual power entered inside that ring, Abium felt a series of numbers appeared inside his mind.

Abium quickly memorized the series of numbers and puzzled. Abium knew nothing about those series of numbers and instantly asked Azolla to scan that ring.

'You are lucky. This ring is called the Returner's ring. If you got stuck in another plane or another dimension, you could use this ring to return to our home plane using that coordinate. But it can be used only once, so use it wisely.' Azolla's words were dead serious.

'Heh! But I know nothing about how to use this coordinate.' Abium replied slowly and then continued to probe the black ring using his spirit power. But after a few seconds, he managed to found out that the Black ring had some mysterious force and smiled wryly. Abium tossed that black ring into his spatial ring without wasting any time and took out the mysterious stone tablet. Even Azolla became puzzled when he took out that stone.

But Abium's lips curved upward as he sent his spiritual power. When Nyara pulled his soul using an invisible mystical force, he didn't miss the chance and understood how to perceive the supernatural divine power.

As Abium's spiritual power surrounded that stone, he felt a minute amount of familiar mystical power from the stone and smiled brightly. He had felt the same feeling whenever his soul was pulled into the mysterious fountain.

As his spiritual energy touched that mystical energy, an unknown word appeared on the surface of the stone.

It was not the language he knew, but somehow he understood the meaning of that word and unknowingly muttered out loud.



The stone tablet shattered into powder while leaving behind a gold coin. On one side, there was an image of a tangled snake. While on the other side was the face of a beautiful lady with a crown on her head.

'T-This is a Miracle gold coin!' A surprised voice echoed inside his head. Abium could tell that she was deeply surprised inside and then silently waited for her to continue. After a long silence, Azolla asked a question.

'Kid, do you know anything about intellectual artifacts?'

Abium frowned as he heard a new term and shook his head helplessly. Although he had some guesses, he still chose to stay silent.

'Ha! I will tell you from the start then. From ancient times, mortals categorized the artifacts into three types. The first type is an ordinary magic artifact, which includes low tier to legendary tier. In these artifacts, Rune mages use rune letters to create spell models inside the magic array and use them.

The second type is nature artifact. Natural phenomena form these nature artifacts. As for how they created, no one knows the answer. Some say the world's will made these artifacts, while others say they formed naturally due to dense elemental energy. Well, if you want to find the truth, then you have to ask the will of the world, but I can tell you except one Elven emperor and a Lich who is still sleeping at the end of this continent, no one had ever met the will of our Easica world.

Now, I will tell you about the intellectual artifact. Gods create these artifacts. Most of these artifacts have their basic intelligence, and some even have evolved into unique artifacts capable of communication. Each artifact has its name. I heard all these artifacts were created with the help of divine power. This Miracle gold coin also comes under this category. Although this coin still hasn't evolved into a unique artifact, I can tell that it has its own will. I heard that Goddess Myxenta created hundreds of similar Miracle gold coins and tossed them from her divine kingdom before the start of the Ancient War.'

Hearing Azolla's lengthy explanation, Abium became wholly shocked.

'W-What should I do now?' Abium asked anxiously.