Chapter 116: Miracle Star!
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Chapter 116: Miracle Star!

'Communicate with it. I won't be able to find any information using my spiritual scan.' Azolla said in his mind. Hearing her words, Abium calmed his mind a bit and then sent his spirit power to scan the Miracle gold coin.

He found a small weak soul from the depths of the coin. When Abium's spirit power touched the soul, it got scared. But Abium didn't try to harm the weak soul; instead, he decided to communicate with it.

'Do you have a name?' Abium asked, thought his spirit power. It didn't reply. Instead, the weak spirit grabbed a tiny part of his spirit power and swallowed it!

Abium became startled by the coin's unexpected action. But soon, he felt a connection within his soul. He suddenly understood how that soul was feeling.


This weak soul was feeling so lonely and hungry. It sealed inside this stone for thousands of years and didn't know anything about the outside world. After communicating with the weak soul for a few minutes, Abium noticed a change. The small soul in the Miracle gold coin didn't show any resistance and appeared to be more comfortable with him.

Abium also found out some information about this artifact. It didn't have any name yet. As for its abilities, the first ability is called 'Misfortune.' This artifact could steal others' luck and store them inside its soul while giving them misfortune. The second ability was that this artifact holder would make a miracle using those stolen lucks from others. But there was a limit to this ability.

'I can only use this Miracle ability once per year.'

Moreover, it needs to steal the luck of hundreds of peoples to create a miracle.

'Azolla, what do you think about this gold coin?' Abium asked.

'Kid, the soul within the artifact will mature slowly, and it may retaliate or scheme against you in the future. It now simply has a connection with your soul and didn't make any contract. If it found another host who would give more benefit in the future, then it will simply leave you.' Azolla's words were cold, which made him understand the situation clearly. He now knew that he doesn't have any control over this gold coin.

'If that fate divinity holder gets his hands on this coin, I will lose it.' Abium instantly understood the situation and asked calmly.

'Azolla, how could I gain full control of this artifact? I'm sure you already have a solution, right?'

'Indeed, there is a solution. That is, you have to use your 'Time' divine power along with your Spirit power and imprint on this weak soul. By doing that, the enemy won't be able to steal this coin.' Azolla replied calmly, but Abium felt helpless inside.

Till now, he knew nothing about the mysterious fountain. Still, Abium thought that at least he had to try Azolla's method. He then meditated for a while to replenish his Spirit power and let his soul entered the mysterious fountain while holding the Miracle gold coin within his palm. He felt heavy pressure inside his soul, and soon his soul appeared in front of the mysterious fountain.

Without wasting any time, Abium turned his attention to the fountain and silently extended his hand towards the pool of white clouds that appeared underneath the fountain. He then grabbed a small amount of white cloud-like energy under the 'Time' divinity petal and infused it with his little Spirit power. As he did that, he suddenly understood something about 'Time.' Without 'Time,' everything would be incomplete.

Abium could feel there was little information hidden in those divine powers, but he didn't have any time. Abium hurriedly combined the divine power with his spirit power and imprinted it on the weak soul hiding inside the gold coin. A second later, he saw a broken image of a lady and quickly identified who she was.

She wore a long red gown, a silver crown on her head, and looked more like a princess! She had blonde hair, golden eyes, and looked around 20 years old.

A second later, the beautiful image shattered into multiple pieces and scattered everywhere.

'Let's check more about the other information.' He shook his head and began to check.

After checking for a moment, Abium smiled as he gained some understanding of the 'Time' divine power.

He also learned a single 'Time' divine spell!

But soon, he became shocked because he had used that spell a few times unknowingly.

'Heh, so this is the Quick-thinking divine spell, huh.' Abium nodded in understanding and shifted his attention to the gold coin. He looked at the gold coin with an illusionary smile and then spoke calmly. He didn't have any slight hesitation as he understood who created this golden coin was.

"Lost child of Myxenta; from now on, your name will be named as the 'Miracle Star.'" As his voice filled with divine power resounded inside the mysterious fountain, the golden coin turned into a small bracelet under Abium's will and silently laid on his right hand.

Before Abium could check the bracelet clearly, his soul got pulled back from the fountain and returned to his body along with the golden bracelet.

Abium quickly opened his amber eyes and saw the changes in the bracelet. There was neither image of Myxenta nor any strange writings. Instead, the golden bracelet had a bright white star on the top.

He noticed the weak soul was acting like a pet, causing him to grin widely.

'Haha, you did tame an intellectual artifact, kid. Excellent! If you have some time, try and collect other Miracle gold coins.' Azolla said with excitement. Abium became puzzled when he heard about other Miracle gold coins and soon nodded.

He silently put the Miracle star on his left hand and thought about tomorrow's plan. After he received a message from the goddess Nyara, Abium felt something was amiss.

'I don't know much about their real plan, but that's not a problem. Now, my aim changed to the Undying Necromancer Rilos.' Abium's face turned solemn. After he met that necromancer Rilos in the secret meeting, he always thought of his title. Undying!

Abium knew Rilos got that title after he fought with Light Church's Archbishop Rafe and got himself completely burned to death. But after a few days, he somehow revived from death and showed the world that he was Undying. But it wasn't the last time he got killed by the enemies. He was resurrected more than five times after being killed by different enemies and shocked the whole world in the past. As he thought of that information, Abium made a wild guess.

'That Undying Rilos must have got some artifact or legacy after the incident of Royal prince's assassination. Moreover, I heard his body was devoured by fire whenever someone killed him, and not even his ash left in the end.'

'At least I can find clues about that artifact and get it before he searches for that artifact.' Abium thought to himself. As for how he plans to get his hand on that artifact, he didn't put much thought into it. Now his only plan was to stick with Rilos and finds some clue about the Undying artifact. Although he now has this Miracle star bracelet, he knew this artifact had its limitations. But if Abium gets his hand on that undying artifact, his life would be much safer.

As Abium was contemplating deeply, suddenly, his eyes began to turn blurry, and a few images flashed in front of his mind.

An image of being a grey goblin faced monster was standing inside the ritual circle, and opposite to it was a black clouded figure. That figure suddenly grabbed the space and tossed a white petal-like thing towards the gray goblin-like monster's direction. Then the image shattered like broken glasses and formed into a new one.

In this image, a two-meter tall demon with a cobra head stood proudly in front of him. But what baffled Abium a bit was, he was standing on the opposite side along with Necromancer Rilos. He could see they were in some ruined temple and became more puzzled. Before he could understand anything, that image disappeared, and he returned to reality.

'What the hell was that? Future visions? No! I thought visions would come randomly. But most of the visions I saw till now were somehow linked to dangers which could pose a threat to my life.' Abium got confused.

'Did the visions appear due to the change of thoughts in my mind?' A strange thought crossed through his mind.

Shaking his head, he let out a deep sigh and lay on the bed.

At the same time, outside the city wall of Dewsummit city.

A tall, muscular man with short auburn hair and a girl around 20 years old with a black hood came out from the woods and soon arrived in front of the northern city gate.

"Why not just sneak inside?" Aliza frowned while sharpening her gaze towards the seven-meter tall city wall. The fire torches illuminated the entire surroundings, and multiple guards stood with spears in their hands. But Aliza could tell they were just third tier, and she could easily control them.

"No. Don't use your spell inside this city, girl. Mages will notice your location." Bronze-skinned Ulzez said while shaking his head.

'My strength is just restored to second-tier mage level even after absorbing the surrounding chaotic energy in the atmosphere. There are fewer chaotic miasmas in this plane. I need these mages' help if I want to kill that Blood child and return to the abyss.' Ulzez thought to himself and silently joined the queue.

"When will that Blood child come here? Can you able to convince these mages?" Aliza slowly turned her gaze towards Ulzez and asked.

"Don't know. I made a spatial loop to trap the Blood child with the help of the Dragon God's blessing stone and hide it on the beach while we are on the way. If she enters within a few kilometers radius, she will be sealed in the loop for a few months. If my guess is right, she might have already entered into the trap and imprisoned there. We have time to prepare. As for asking for mages' help, we have to learn one or two things about them first." Ulzez said with a proud smile on his face. Although he was grinning outside, he was feeling miserable inside.

'To seal away the blood child, I used the precious Dragon God's blessing stone! But that stone won't be able to hold her in the loop for too long.' As he was muttering to himself, Ulzez suddenly frowned. He felt an invisible power appeared in this city.

'Divine Power!' His draconic eye sparkled.

'An anomaly? Hmm? It seems I will bump into a troublesome person.' Ulzez smiled lightly and then noticed that the darkness was starting to fade away as bright sunlight appeared.


The next instant, the giant metallic gate opened along with a screeching sound. Soon, both paid the right amount of toll and entered the royal city without facing any problems.

"Where should we go now?" Aliza asked. Meanwhile, Ulzez shifted his gaze towards Commoners' district and smiled. Somehow he felt if he goes there and something good will happen. But his expression turned gloomy as he noticed it was an abnormal behavior coming from him.

'Someone dares to manipulate me?! Who is he? How did he found out I came here?' A countless puzzle appeared in his mind, and soon his face turned serious. He knew the person who tried to manipulate him was planning something big and felt off.

'Did he know that I will come here? Is he the one who manipulated those pirates to throw this girl into the devil sea and waited for Aliza to release other prisoners?' Ulzez furrowed his brows and snorted inwardly. He knew that was not an impossible task and thought Aliza's arrival to the prison might not be due to coincidence!

'Whoever you are, but you made a big mistake, buddy.' Ulzez muttered inwardly and spoke with a mocking tone.

"Come on! Let's go in this direction. I want to play along with the one who thinks he can control me."

"Huh-? What do you mean?" Aliza became startled as she saw Ulzez's smile and asked in puzzlement. But Ulzez didn't say anything and went towards the correct place where the sneaky guy was directing him. They soon reached 21 Black Street and booked two rooms in the inn named Scar's Inn!