Chapter 117: No Mercy
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Chapter 117: No Mercy

On 27th March, Noble's street, Roseglen City.

It was around 8 A.M.

In the study room at a luxurious mansion,

Viscount Gauvain sat on the wooden armchair and looked thoughtfully at a human skinned scroll placed on his writing desk. In front of him was a gray-skinned humanoid creature. The creature with a goblin face sat on the wooden chair and stared at Viscount's round face with a creepy smile on its face. It had a sharp grey nose and pointy ears. Its deep-set eyes were dark red-colored with a hint of madness in it, and that creature wore a comfortable black shirt and pants like a butler.

Viscount face soon turned green after he skimmed through the document and finally asked,

"Are you from Red python?"

"Yes, Mr. Viscount. Our organization would like to co-operate with you. If you agree, we will allow your son to walk on the path of the 'Warlock.'" It said with a creaky tone and placed a red vial on the table.

Viscount gave an in-depth look at the red vial and asked while arching his eyebrows up,

"How do you know that those necromancers will fail to kill those High-rank nobles during the gathering?"

A low eerie chuckle came from that creature's mouth, and it replied while playing with its sharp-clawed hands.

"Because 'Her Majesty' sensed an anomaly appeared in the royal capital. That anomaly is the one who was responsible for our previous failure. So using this upcoming chaos, we want to gather more souls." Hearing those words from that creature, Viscount fell into deep thoughts and once again asked,

"What is your name? Also, explain more about this vial."

A big grin appeared on that creature's face as it heard Viscount's words, and it replied excitingly,

"My name is Susur. As for this red vial, it contains the blood essence of a Dark Serpent. Once your younger son consumed this blood essence, he will directly rank up to an Official Warlock, and in the next few years, he might rank up into the second-tier Warlock."

Hearing Susur's words, Viscount became tempted as he knew the possibility of his son breakthrough into a second-tier mage under the normal circumstance was almost zero. But he didn't reply instantly and asked one more question,

"Once he consumes this blood essence, will he lose humanity and become some demon?" That was Viscount's most concerning question. If his son became a mindless monster or some demon after consuming this vial, Viscount might die from the shock!

Hearing Viscount Gauvain's words, Susur became surprised a bit and replied while shaking its head,

"No. Your son will look like those normal Warlocks and could able to cast all of his bloodline spells. He won't face any shackles up to third-tier Warlock."

Viscount's eyes shined brightly and blurted out.

"What do I have to do for that?"

A cunning smile appeared on that demon's face, and it replied excitingly,

"I need a large scale human sacrifice."

Hearing Susur's words, Viscount's expression turned stiff, and he asked in a trembling tone,

"You want all my peoples in this city?"

Viscount immediately knew this demon was after the human souls of Roseglen city and got frightened inside. But soon, he calmed down as he understood his family situation.

'I need to sacrifice something if I want to get something big in return. If those necromancers really did fail, then my whole plan would flip up, and my children's lives will also be in danger.' Viscount thought carefully, and after a long silence, he stood up and nodded his head in agreement.

"Excellent!" Susur said excitingly and continued with a stern voice,

"I want your soldiers to write some characters all over this city walls. Also, if you want your family members alive, tell them to get out of this city before I start the sacrificial ceremony."

Hearing Susur's stern words, Viscount nodded solemnly and then walked out of his study room along with the demon.

After that, he sent all of his family members out of the city and then asked his soldiers to draw weird letters all over the Roseglen City walls. He then moved out of the city while sending urgent messages to all three of his children.

It was around 10 A.M.

Susur went towards the city square while wearing a black hood and soon arrived there while gazing at the busy humans with greedy eyes. There were shop owners, adventurers, soldiers, children, elders, homemakers roaming here and there. Many shouts, giggles, and laughter echoed in every direction as a few children began to play conceal and search gate at the front of the town square.

A blue-haired kid called Tim, who was around ten years old, halted his footsteps as he heard a strange mutter from the hooded kid and went near the kid. Due to the black hood's presence, Tin couldn't see the kid's face clearly and become more curious.

The hooded kid was almost the same height as his own and looked skinnier.

"Hey, do you want to play conceal and search game with us?" Tim arrived in front of the hooded kid and asked casually. But he didn't get any response from the kid, which made him annoyed a little. He noticed that the hooded kid was completely ignoring him and continued to mutter strange words. Tim also saw a crystalline bottle on that hooded kid's right hand and became startled.

'It looks more beautiful than my mom's Blood gem.' He thought inwardly and extended his hand to grab it.

As he was about to snatch the bottle, the hooded kid slapped his hand and continued to mutter.

Tim was a short-tempered kid. So, he got more annoyed when he saw the hooded kid's attitude and became furious. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the black hood and removed it to see the face of that damn kid.

His action was also noticed by all those kids and a few shopkeepers who watched the game amusingly.

But as Tim removed that hood, all of their faces turned white!

Because what they saw was not a human; instead, they saw a grey colored goblin-like creature appeared in front of their sights!

"G-GOBLIN!" Tim screamed in terror and then backed away a few steps in fear. Meanwhile, other children and women were also started to run away in panic. But soon, they stopped as the gray-colored creature stood there like a statue and muttering a strange chant.

"It must be a hybrid goblin shaman!" An elite adventurer walked out from the crowd and spoke while gripping his sword. His companions also appeared behind him and took out their weapons to ready for a fight.

But suddenly, they saw those strange symbols drawn by the city guards earlier this morning, began to glow in red color, and let out some eerie noise.

"W-What is this?!"


"It must be that goblin's doing!" A teenage girl spoke while pointing her finger straight at Susur and stepped backward nervously.

Soon, panic appeared on everyone's face, and all of them sprinted in different directions.

Meanwhile, Susur completed its chant and let out an eerie chuckle. A second later, tens of thousands of strange black snakes slithered out from those creepy red words and moved towards different directions. Each snake had dark red eyes like its own and appeared more vicious. Massive panic appeared all over the city, and peoples began to scream as they saw dark, creepy poisonous snakes slithered everywhere.

Soon, some got bitten by those snakes and felt their soul began to suck out of their body.

Terror appeared in everyone's mind!

Tim stood there with a frozen expression while watching his parents got bitten by those strange snakes. But what made him tremble even more was that those snakes began to tear down their bodies and began to devour their flesh with their poisonous mouth.

"Are you excited?" A chilling voice came from the gray-colored monster that stood in front of Tim. The next moment, Tim got frightened and felt a biting sensation.

The next instant, an immeasurable pain assaulted his mind, and he screamed with all he got. But in the next second, he felt his consciousness began to fade and fell on the ground with a thud.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of citizens screamed in pain and fear! They cried, hoping that some mysterious mages would come and rescue them.

But the reality was so cruel!

No mysterious mage came; instead, more snakes slithered out from those creepy words and painted the city with blood, flesh, and bones.

Those hideous black snakes began to suck everyone's life force and their souls. Once they did that, those black snakes began even to devour those fleshes and made the city look like a haunted one. After those snakes finished their work, they began to slither towards Susur, who stood alone at the front of Roseglen City Square and disappeared into the crystalline bottle in its hand.

Susur stroked the crystalline bottle carefully, which now contains hundreds of thousands of souls, and began to draw a ritual circle using human blood and flesh. After completely drawing the ritual circle, it began to chant an incantation in an abyssal tongue.

Within a few seconds, dense, chaotic energy descended on the city while tearing the space. It formed into a cloud of black humanoid smoke and gave off a chaotic feeling to the surroundings. Susur got excited as it saw the figure and threw the crystalline bottle towards the dense, chaotic energy.

Slowly the crystalline bottle broke while releasing all those souls into the ritual circle. As Susur saw that, it didn't get anxious. Instead, it grinned widely and watched the whole ritual circle, which now shining in blinding red color.

Hundreds of thousands of human foggy like souls let out a despairing scream, and one by one, all of those souls began to suck into the black humanoid figure.

A smile crept on the demon's face as it saw that scene and instantly knelt.

"Tell me about your request." A deep ancient voice came out from the fog after a short deliberation.

Susur's body trembled as it heard those words. Suppressing its fear and excitement, it spoke.

"Divinity of Sun."

"You gave me an insufficient amount of souls. Try again." The voice replied without any emotion in its tone.

Susur's heart sank. But the demon didn't discourage and tossed another crystalline bottle towards the chaos energy. The next instant, countless amounts of hideous humanoid faces emerged from the bottle and began to roar in despair and fear!

Susur had spent two thousand years to collect all these souls secretly and felt an aching feeling inside its demon heart. Meanwhile, the chaos energy began to suck all those madly.

"Sufficient." Once again, the deep ancient voice came out from the chaos energy, and soon a white petal-like divinity flew out towards its direction.

Without any delay, Susur caught the Sun Divinity with its small hands and bowed its head towards the chaotic figure. The chaotic humanoid figure then began to pull back into the void and finally left the demon alone in the city. Susur held the divinity in its hand and began to suck the divine power madly. Within a few seconds, it felt its body strength began to increase and soon noticed a small crimson cobra head began to form on its forehead.

Unlike last time, its same imp face began to grow mature with a tiny cobra head on his forehead. Its grey skin color began to change and turned into a completely dark red.

Its body figure began to grow up to three-meter tall, and it became more muscular. Susur could feel chaotic madness power inside its body began to neutralize by the power of lawful Sun divine power and got relieved.

"Kekekek, even 'Her Highness' doesn't have the right to strip away my power this time." It laughed out loud creepily and continued with a crazy smile on its face,

"I need to digest all these divine power and study this divinity more. It will take ten years to understand the law power hidden in this divinity. For now, I should go and take over the Red python branch in this plane."

After giving one last look at that empty city, Susur walked out with a dangerous wide grin.


16 Black Street, Commoners' Borough, Dewsummit city.

On 27th March, It was around 10.30 A.M.

Abium lazily sat on the sofa and looked at those slum kids who were now practicing sword arts at the yard outside through the opened door space.

"Wendy, Block it!" Aaron shouted as he fiercely thrust his wooden sword towards her chest. Meanwhile, Wendy gripped her sword with a trembling hand and tried to block the attack, but she pathetically fell on the ground.

"Aaron, go easy on her. She is just a ten-year-old child." A lean black-haired girl who was around 15 years old spoke coldly while picking up her wooden sword from the ground.

"Elder sis, Lillian, she is already eleven." Aaron turned his gaze towards the left while refuting, but soon he shut his mouth as he met with a piercing glare from Lillian.

Abium watched those kids battling with a pleasant smile on his face and soon frowned as he saw two people walking out from the Scar's Inn, which was located opposite his house.

'Hmm? Isn't that Aliza? What is she doing here?' Abium furrowed his eyebrows. Meanwhile, the bronze-skinned, muscular, tall guy also turned his head towards his direction and sharply looked at him.

'What the hell? Is his perception that sharp?' Abium flinched at the man's response and sent his spirit power towards his direction. But to his astonishment, he felt an invisible force blocked his spirit from scanning!

Meanwhile, Ulzez glanced at the black-haired boy who sat inside the house and furrowed his eyebrows. He suddenly felt his spiritual perception was triggered, and he instantly knew that a black-haired kid was the one who scanned him. He felt this black-haired boy was not a normal one and got curious.

'Is he the one who tried to control me? Hmm, I don't think so. Should I go and ask him directly? Nah! For now, I will keep an eye on him. If he acts suspicious, I will decide what to do then.' Ulzez muttered to himself and soon followed after Aliza, who already walked a few steps towards Black Street's exit.

Meanwhile, Abium's face fell as he stared at those two figures with a confused expression on his face.

'Azolla, do you know why I couldn't be able to see his status?' Abium asked.

'He mastered spiritual shield, kid. He is not from our plane; I felt impure chaotic mana when I tried to scan him.' Azolla said with a severe tone, which caused Abium to startle deeply.

'Miasma? Is he from the abyss? Or some other chaos affiliated planes?' Abium narrowed his eyes and asked.

'No idea, kid. But he looks stronger. Stay away from him.' Azolla warned him. Meanwhile, Abium left confused for a while.

'Why would a strong person like him stay in an inn that was opposite to my house? Moreover, there is also that death mage Aliza seems to be tagging along with him. Is he related to Order of the dead?' Abium frown grew deeper, and then he activated Seer's intuition spell while thinking if those two were related to the Order of the dead or not.

Soon, his expression turned relaxed as he confirmed they did not have any ties with the Order of the dead.

'Something is wrong. Booking the Inn opposite side of my house is not a coincidence.' Abium's frown deepened, and soon he made a guess.

'Wait! It must be that fate divinity holder's work. Is he doing this to warn me that he already aware of my disguise? But how did he found me?'

Abium thought he had missed something important and suddenly sensed a slightly itchy sensation on his nape.