Chapter 118: Decisiveness
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Chapter 118: Decisiveness

Abium widened his eyes as he remembered the ugly face from the magic tower!

'It's that goblin, right?'

With a smile on his face, he asked Azolla while shutting the door tightly from inside.

'Yes. I thought of reminding you to remove the tracking curse before tomorrow morning. But I didn't expect that the Fate Divinity holder himself would remind you about the sneaky rat.' Azolla chuckled in his mind.

'Ha, I thought this disguise would be enough to fool that Fate Divinity Holder's eyes, but it appears that I was under his influence all this time. As expected, without much strength and enough cautiousness, I won't be able to escape from that mysterious guy.' Abium sighed helplessly. He had already thought that the goblin must be a mole when it placed a tracking curse in his body. But he didn't expect it was the mysterious Fate Divinity holder's lackey.

'Azolla, help me remove the tracking curse. I don't want to be under someone's palm.' Abium said solemnly. A second later, he felt a bit of his spiritual power condensed into a sharp needle and pierced at the area where the curse was hidden.

The next instant, an illusionary goblin's face appeared above his head, and it let out a shrill cry. As Abium saw the ugly figure, he clenched his fist tighter and punched the goblin's creepy face. In a second, the illusionary goblin face turned into dark smoke and soon dissolved into thin air. After checking that there was no other curse inside his body, he breathed out a sigh of relief and relaxed.


A loud horn sound came from the north, causing his lips to go upward.

'It appears some high-rank nobles are already entering the city. I should also go and prepare for tomorrow's big event.' Abium muttered inwardly and then thought of those arrogant nobles who would abandon their pride and ran away like scared cats.

'Let's see how many of them manage to remain alive by the end of the gathering.' Abium chuckled inside and opened the door to give some more instructions to those slum kids. He stayed in 16 Black Street until afternoon while teaching sword arts to those kids and then changed his clothes into a ragged one before leaving the Black Street.

He then went towards the Slum Borough's entrance and entered the Slum after an hour of waiting outside. As Abium arrived at the Slum's main street, he halted his footsteps and glanced around warily. He felt that someone just scanned his body and got startled inside.

'Someone is tailing me? Who is it?' He narrowed his eyes for a moment and soon puzzled as he felt that the spying feeling was disappeared entirely. He got confused for a moment, but soon he cast those thoughts away and went to Pine Street.

Once he reached Pine Street, Abium went to Darby's house and soon arrived in front of a large wooden door. It was a one-storied house made of brick and stones and stood sturdy.

Knock. Knock.

He then tapped the wooden door twice and soon saw a round-faced guy full of scars cautiously opening the door from inside.

"Sir Jeeves! Ahem. Boss, come in." Darby invited him in respectfully.

Abium silently nodded his head and walked inside while looking curiously at the polished interior. Unlike his small house at the corner of this Pine Street, this single storied house was much more extensive and appeared to be in good condition. After Abium made a swift glance, he silently sat on the Glastonbury chair and asked.

"How many members are there in our gang? I want the most trusted ones."

"There are around 50 thugs still staying in our Pine Street, Boss. But in those, only a handful of them are trustful. Those guys are my close friends and won't betray you." Darby silently arrived in front of Abium with a humble look and said without any flattering.

'Too few.' Abium sighed and asked while narrowing his eyes.

"Will these guys do all kinds of work?"

"Yes, Boss." Darby instantly nodded with a bright expression on his face.

"Good. Bring those guys to the house in Pine Street before seven o clock evening. It would be better if they are more skilled in acting and thieving." Abium stood up from the wooden chair and said calmly.

Then without wasting any time, Abium left Darby's house and returned to his own home in Pine Street. After that, he took out those nine necromancers' portraits and started casting seer's intuition spell multiple times. It was to find out the success rate of killing them with the help of Darby's friends. After a few minutes, he took out two necromancers' portraits separately and sighed deeply.

'These two are dangerous.' Abium creased his eyebrows and soon started shaking his head.

'I'm not strong enough to face nine of them. Without Miracle Star artifact, Quick-thinking divine spell, and seer's intuition spell, I wouldn't be even able to kill three of these guys. Ha! Now killing these seven of these necromancers would be a great success.'

'Hmm, from Baxter's memory, I also learned a few mages are working for these necromancers.' Abium narrowed his eyes and shook his head. He then memorized those portraits in his mind and stealthily went to the Butcher's lane.

It was one of the eleven main streets in the slum Borough. After a few minutes, he arrived near the large house and scanned it to confirm the target's position. After confirming that his target was inscribing a magic spell scroll inside, he tapped the Miracle star and spoke in his mind.

'You can steal this guy's luck-.'

But before he could finish his words, an invisible force spread out from his bracelet and covered the whole house.

A brown-haired old man sat on the wooden chair inside a large single storied house and appeared to be creating a zero tier spell scroll. But suddenly, he made a small mistake and got startled. Without any delay, he quickly took the unfinished scroll and threw it inside his empty spatial ring.

"Damn!" He cursed out loud and punched the table in frustration. He then took out another scroll and began to inscribe the next spell model. But before he could grab the quill pen, a silver knife, which had already flown up above his head due to the earlier punch, directly fell on his head.

The brown-haired old man perceived the danger from above and grew alert.

"Shield!" He muttered out loud while tapping his golden bracelet.

A moment later, a green layer shield appeared from his golden bracelet covered his body and blocked the silver knife. It was a low-tier artifact that would activate when the wielder's life was in danger. With a dumbfounded expression on his face, he watched the silver knife falls on the ground after being repelled by the green shield.

'What the hell was that?' He stared at the knife with bewilderment on his face and slumped on the chair. But the next instant, he shouted in pain as he felt a sharp pain from his buttocks.

Meanwhile, Abium went towards the end of the Bucher's lane and soon moved towards another target.

A few minutes later,

At Rakke Street, Slum Borough.

A black-haired man, who was around 30 years old, stood on the Rakke street road with a pained face. His name was Neil, an official tier necromancer. Scarlet blood had already splattered all over his face, and his left hand was nowhere to be seen. He hurriedly poured a healing potion that he took out from his spatial ring and sighed deeply.

He was too unlucky today!

He was dragged into a random fight between thieves and lost his left hand. But what made his heart ache more was that he couldn't be even able to kill those two morons. Both of them ran away when they noticed they had injured an influential person.

The main culprit behind this incident didn't even glance at the necromancer's miserable face and went towards his next target. He went to Olive Street, and then to Killer's Street, Slaver's Street, Trinity Lane, and Wood street. By the end of the day, similar things started to happen to all those necromancers hiding in those seven streets. All seven of them met with misfortune continuously.

After Abium finished his job, he breathed out a sigh of relief and returned to Pine Street with a soft smile on his face.

A few hours later, the dusk came, followed by multiple knocking sounds. Abium opened the door and noticed that seven tall ruffians were standing at the entrance. Darby also accompanied them and stood a few feet away from them nervously.

"Come in." Abium invited them in and then gave seven portraits, seven disguise spell scrolls, seven low-tier magic stones, and seven sealed-letters to all of them. After that, he shifted his gaze towards Darby and others and then spoke in a firm tone.

"I'm going to give you a secret mission now. Each one of you has to place one sealed letter in these portrait guys' house before midnight. Darby will tell you about their house addresses. First, kill one of their servants and disguise yourself as them using the spell scroll." He paused for a second as he took out a random spell scroll from his spatial ring and continued.

"The spell inscribed in this scroll is called disguise spell. Once you tore the scroll, a mysterious magic runic circle will appear. Toss a magic stone into the circle when it appears. After that, the runic circle will help you change your facial appearance. Don't use these disguise spell scrolls near those targets' houses. Once you changed your outer look, go to these necromancers' houses and placed these sealed letters in front of their houses along with their servants' heads."

'That will make them lose their calm. After all, those necromancers are all afraid of Real Baxter.' He snickered inwardly.

"What if they found us?" As Abium was muttering inwardly, one of the ruffians asked anxiously. Because he knew they didn't make any detailed plan before, and he thought they would fail this mission.

"I know it is not a planned mission. But we don't have much time, and this is also a part of the mission. You have to learn how to adapt to sudden changes, and this will give all a good experience. Don't worry; there won't be any failures." Abium's lips started to curl up as he said those words.

"Okay, Boss. Is there anything we need to be aware of?" Nodding his head, Darby asked curiously.

"If you get caught by any of these Necromancers, drink this potion," Abium said in a cold tone and then gave another seven small bottles to them.

Seeing Abium's seriousness, all of them took the bottles and started asking a few more questions. Abium instantly began to explain in a detailed manner and continued to teach them how to use those spell scrolls. After an hour, Darby and his friends walked out of his small house with a bright expression on their faces while leaving Abium alone.

28th March, around 2 A.M at Pine Street, Slum Borough.

Abium stood in front of his house door with a frown and gazed at nearby wooden huts. After 15 minutes of waiting, Abium saw a few hooded figures starting to appear from the nearby alley street roads and ran towards his direction hurriedly.

In a few seconds, Abium saw Darby's anxious face in the bright moonlight and knew that they had met with some trouble.

"What happened?" As the group arrived near him, Abium asked in a suppressing tone.

"Sir, we completed the mission successfully. But while we are on our way, we encountered a strange being. We don't know what that thing is, but it is not a human being." Darby said with a trembling tone as if he had seen a ghost and hurriedly took out a black-colored humanoid creature's head from a bag. It had multiple red lines on both cheeks and looked creepier. Moreover, it had a small reddish horn protruded at the center of its forehead and gave off a dangerous red glow.

Abium's eyes squinted sharper as he identified the face.

'Lesser Imp! I heard that these creatures are infant forms of demons and would grow to become fully-fledged demons after a few transformations. But how did this lesser imp arrive here?' Abium furrowed his brows in puzzlement.

'Appearance of these lesser Imps is not a good sign! But I think mages and adventurers would be more than enough to deal with these creatures. For now, my plan is to stop those necromancers from killing the crown prince and finds more information about Rilos's Undying secret. Also, I have to find out more about the Fate Divinity holder.' Many thoughts crossed his mind as he made a plan and soon started to ask impatiently.

"Did you guys placed those sealed letters successfully?"

"Yes, boss," Darby said in a solemn tone while others nodded their head respectfully.

Upon hearing their reply, a cold smile appeared on Abium's face. He then took out three hundred white gold coins from his spatial ring and gave them to Darby.

"This much money should be enough for all of you guys to get a new identity and even buy a house in the Commoners' Borough. Now, you have two options. The first option is you have to work for me from now on. If you do, you will get some high ranked cultivation techniques and one white gold coin as salary per month. All you have to do is train your body using that technique and improve your strength quickly. Within three years, I want this whole Slum Borough to be under my control. If you accept to work for me, then you also have to face all those other street gang leaders, so think carefully." His words instantly caused everyone's expression to pale.

They thought it was just a simple mission, but now they realized it was not! All of them, even Darby, started to think of what would be the second option. They knew that just controlling a single street was not much of a problem. But managing the whole Slum Borough was another matter. There were eleven main streets in the slums, and eleven gang leaders controlled each of those streets. Moreover, each of their strength was not lesser than a fourth-tier warrior. But that was not the main problem.

Darby once heard of a rumor that all these gang leaders were just servants of a single leader named Underworld lord Dark Eye. No one knew of this mysterious leader's real name. These gang leaders were the ones who bestowed his alias and made him a legendary figure. As for his original strength, it was just a mystery. As he was thinking about that Underworld lord Dark Eye, Abium's lips started to curl up as he spoke with a bone-chilling tone.

"As for the second option, there is none. I won't stop you guys from walking away. But the sad thing is, there is a friend of mine called Raven. He disliked these types of things. Even if I tell him to leave you guys alone, he will come to your home at midnight and cut your head silently." Abium's simple words made everyone's expression to stiffen up. Now everyone realized it was a direct threat and felt chills all over their bodies!

"B-Boss, Why?" Darby stared into Abium's eyes in fear and asked with a trembling tone. All this time, he thought this new gang leader was a very smooth guy and thought his life would improve.

But Abium shrugged his shoulders and silently waited for their answers. He didn't trust these guys fully, and even he was a little suspicious of Darby from the beginning. Abium didn't felt any sympathy for these guys because they had done many cruel things before. The only reason he didn't kill these guys was that he needed their strength. That's all.

After a long silence, everyone nodded their head in approval as they realized their position. Abium turned his expression to a normal one and started to speak.

"Don't be anxious. From now on, all of you will be working under my student, Lillian. She will be your new boss. Use some of those white gold coins to get an official identity quickly and move to the black street. If any of those children died while I'm away, you guys would be the ones responsible for their death. So, protect them with your life on the line. As for your mission about taking over the Slum Borough, Lillian will tell you about it later." As he said those words, Abium quickly turned back and shut his house door.