Chapter 120: Abyssal Lord
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Chapter 120: Abyssal Lord

The next instant, a one-meter tall spatial crack appeared in front of Neil, and all three of them heard a moaning sound from the other side. A second later, a female figure with bloody hands walked out from the void-like spatial crack and directly hugged Neil while sealing her lips on Neil's. Upon seeing the strange scene, Abium felt nauseous. Because, the girl, No! The Ghoul looked more like a creepy old woman.

Her eyes were plucked out; leaving only empty reddish sockets and her face was full of wrinkles. Blood was gushing out from her mouth, nose, and ears. Instead of a beautiful maiden, she looked more like a cursed witch. She wore a white linen gown that almost covered her bloody toes and held a white bone staff in her hand. Her hair and lips were as black as the night sky.

'That dumbass is done for. That Ghoul had already enslaved his soul, kid. Find a way to kill him and capture his soul quickly.' Azolla's sudden words caused Abium's face to stiffen up.

Before Neil could understand what was happening, she separated her black lips and began to walk out of the Death's guard shield.

Suddenly, Neil felt a dark thread was attached to his soul and became paled.

'It’s an eternal slave thread! Did I end up summoning a hybrid ghoul?' His body began to tremble all over. He cursed at his rotten luck and began to ponder about how to remove the slave thread.

'Did I offend a Goddess Myxenta's follower?' Cold sweat started to appear on his forehead.

In the meantime, Abium noticed the purple mist had already started to disappear and soon revealed his location to everyone, including the newly arrived creepy Ghoul Lady.

As she saw Abium's figure, Ghoul Lady's black lips curl upwards and formed into a hideous smile.

'Should I have to use one second-tier spell scroll here?' Abium frown deepened, and soon he noticed that Ghoul Lady was starting to chant while aiming her bone staff at the sky.

'Hmm, she is casting a divine spell. Borrowing power from the gods needs chanting.' Azolla commented in his mind.

Abium nodded his head.

'Ha, I already used more than half of my mana. One single mistake, and I will be forced to retreat, or I might end up dead here.' He thought for a moment and silently gripped the pendant. He then took out a thumb-sized green amulet from his spatial ring and blinked right behind her while pointing his green amulet towards her head. At the same time, he saw that the Ghoul Lady had already finished her chanting and placed her bone staff on her head.

But Abium's attack went faster. A thin black ray appeared from his green amulet and directly entered into Ghoul Lady's head. A second later, her whole body trembled, and soon she was reduced into a pile of fine grey dust.

It was a First-tier darkness spell, Disintegrate!

But before Abium could rejoice from the victory, the pile of grey dust began to gather together and formed into an old wrinkled female figure with a pale face.

Abium got shocked by the scene and quickly blinked away three times. He then appeared 50 meters away from her and stared at her in bewilderment.

'What the hell?' He asked in anxious.

'Azolla, did you done scanning her?' Abium's heart raced. He already noticed some mystic divine energy entered into her body earlier and got worried.

"Queen of Decay." Meanwhile, the Ghoul turned her head towards his direction and spoke coldly. Instantly, dense nether energy gathered around her body and began to suck all the life forces in the nearby plants and trees. After that, she turned into a ghost-like form, entered into the Death's guard shield, and then touched the brown-haired necromancer's head.

A second later, the brown-haired necromancer felt a dizzy feeling and noticed that his body's strength was weakening. After that, he noticed that wrinkles started to appear all over his body, and his brown hair color started to fade and was replaced by white color. Before he could understand the situation, he began to lose consciousness.

At the same time, Ghoul Lady squeezed his body dry while only leaving decayed bones behind. She even sucked his soul and began to regain some of her youthfulness. Within a second, deep wrinkles on her aged face began to lessen a bit. As she saw the change on her pale face, a bright creepy smile appeared on her bloody face. But that scene made Abium and Neil shiver. She didn't mind their presence, though.

Ghoul Lady began to hover in the air with her ghostly form with a joyous smile while touching the nearby trees and plants and then started sucking the life forces in those trees. Within a few seconds, both Abium and Neil got baffled as they saw that the whole surrounding area had turned into the barren land, and all those trees and plants were withering quickly.

Abium also noticed that she almost regained her youthful face and the only defect was her two empty bloodied eye sockets.

He gripped both his cursed pendant and green amulet tighter with an icy look and smiled as he saw a blue box appeared in front of his eyes.

[Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Undead

Class: Level 1 Ghoul Queen

Sex: Female

Title: Messenger of Death


Strength: 4.9

Agility: 4.9

Vitality: 4.9

Mana: 223.0

Spirit: 111.5

Necromancy spells: Queen of Decay, Ghost Form, Soul Control, Summon Undead, Create Undead, anti-life shell (Sealed).

Divine Spells: Ray of Sickness, Blessing of the Death.

Law comprehension: Death law- 0.12%.]

'Hmm, she must have used 'Blessing of the Death' divine spell on her earlier.' Abium nodded thoughtfully and soon frowned as he saw the sealed spell.

'Why one of her necromancy spells is in a sealed state?' He furrowed his eyebrows.

'She has a similar power of a priestess of the Death God. She inherited those spells from the blessing of the death god, so unless she met the requirement by improving her spirit power, she wouldn't be able to cast those sealed spells.' As he heard Azolla's explanation, Abium's eyes widened.

'Still, she is more powerful than other first-tier necromancers. I also feel something feels off about her title. As for those two divine spells, I don't think it will pose any threat to my life.' Abium thought for a moment and reappeared behind Neil. Due to the sudden Death of the brown-haired necromancer, the 'Death's guard' spell had lost its effect. Only a thin layer of the dark shield covered Neil and barely protected him.

While Neil was deeply thinking about the 'Eternal slave thread,' Abium's short sword directly tore through the 'Death's guard' spell and pierced through his chest. But Abium didn't stop there and silently placed the cursed pendant on his back and then captured his soul.

After that, Abium took a step back and blinked once again. A second later, his figure reappeared 200 meters away from the Ghoul Queen.

'Azolla, what should I do with the necromancer's soul?' Abium asked with a pale face. He had already used most of his mana and got anxious.

'Nothing. You already used most of your mana, so it's better for you to escape from here, kid. Ghoul Queen will be forced to go back within a few hours due to the Death of necromancer Neil. If you didn't capture his soul earlier, she might have a chance to use his soul to stay in our plane for decades. But now she has no other choice but to go back. Otherwise, plane guardians will come here and destroy her soul.' Hearing Azolla's words, Abium got startled and quickly began to run towards the other direction without putting much thought.

At the same time, the Ghoul Queen turned her bloody face towards the direction Abium escaped and began to chant with a wicked smile on her face. But soon, her whole body stiffened up as she sensed a chaos aura suddenly appeared near her.

She turned her pale wrinkleless bloody face towards her back and took a few steps while trembling.

"Well, well, I didn't expect a mere first-tier necromancer would be able to summon a hybrid Ghoul Queen." A calm male voice echoed as the whole surrounding withered trees began to light up in a dark red fire, and soon a 6.4 feet tall, muscular guy with short auburn hair walked out from the woods. He had hooded brown eyes and wore leather boots, a regular linen shirt, and pants. Behind him stood a short deep blue-haired girl who was around 20-years-old. She wore black leather armor and had black eyes.

Meanwhile, the Ghoul Queen identified the aura that appeared around Ulzez's body and instantly became terrified. Without even waiting for a second, she knelt on the ground while bowing her head and said in fear.

"Spare me, Abyssal lord!"

Hearing Ghoul Queen's begging tone, Aliza understood this high and mighty Ghoul Queen was already frightened by Ulzez and got more curious about his real strength.

Meanwhile, a low chuckle came out from Ulzez as he heard those words and soon said with a smile.

"It's been a long time since someone called me with that title." He paused for a moment and continued while pointing his finger at Aliza.

"If you signed a contract to become her contracted pet, I will spare your life."

Upon hearing his words, Ghoul Queen got startled and began to hesitate. She could see the aura of Death was looming over the deep blue-haired human girl's head and said with puzzlement on her face.

"My lord, her death is already nearing. Within twenty years, she will die, and even her soul might get destroyed."

"Impressive. You already managed to grasp the power of Death law at level one. But you don't have to worry about the aura of Death on her soul. I have already found a clue to save her from her miserable fate." Ulzez said with a mysterious smile and turned his eyes to Aliza.

"Aliza, she will be your future pet. Although her soul is damaged a little, I can easily repair it." Ulzez said and quickly took out a pitch-black colored scroll from his spatial ring.

Meanwhile, Aliza got stunned for a moment and hurriedly asked,

"Why do I need a companion now?"

"Silly girl, once I took care of that Blood Child, I won't stay in this plane. I must return to the Abyss to take care of some personal matters. But you have to stay on this plane and take care of your business. I can already feel the seed of hatred in your heart, which means trouble will bound to follow you in the future. How can you able to face those unknown troubles without any help from others? She will be a good companion for you and help you in many ways." He paused for a moment and continued while patting her shoulder.

"If possible, make a good tie with that black-haired kid. His fate is constantly changing, so the possibility of altering your fate lies in his hand."

Hearing Ulzez's solemn words, Aliza's black eyes widened. She understood the seriousness of the situation and nodded her head.

"Good girl. Now, both of you put a single drop of your blood on this scroll." Ulzez said as he opened the black scroll and presented it to them. Both nodded their heads and put a drop of their blood in the scroll. The next instant, the whole surroundings turned dark reddish and gave off an evil aura. Both Aliza and the Ghost Queen got scared and began to look anxiously at the surroundings.

Meanwhile, Ulzez tossed the black scroll into the air and began to mutter in an ancient abyssal language,

"I now summon the will of the Abyss in the name of Abyssal lord to be the arbitrator of the contracted pet agreement.

Rule number 1: …

Rule number 2: …


As Ulzez began talking, the black scroll started to hover in the air and emit dark red light everywhere. Ulzez continued for almost an hour and finally ended his speech. The next moment, the dense evil aura disappeared from the surroundings and returned to normal. Simultaneously, Aliza felt a strong connection that appeared in the depth of her soul and got startled. She sensed that she could control the other soul with a simple thought.

'It's more powerful than my soul slaving spell. Even If I went to the faraway kingdom, I would be able to feel her presence.' She muttered inwardly and asked the creepy Ghoul Queen with a soft smile on her face.

"What's your name, miss?"

Although Aliza asked casually, the Ghoul Queen felt those words like a divine order from the god.

"Master, My name is Mira." She replied hurriedly. Nodding her head, Aliza began to ask more questions about Ghoul Queen and became stunned. On the other hand, Ulzez turned his head towards the direction where Abium went earlier and smiled. Without wasting any time, he took out a red gem embedded ring from his spatial ring and gave it to Aliza, and then spoke calmly,

"Little girl, you can use this ring to hide her from others. It's called a 'Dimensional ring,' and it can even store living organisms inside. Although the space inside this ring is only a kilometer radius, it would be more than enough for her to stay."

Aliza's face froze for a moment, and soon it turned into disbelief. She remembered that even a third-tier spatial mage would find it hard to create a ring with 500 cubic meter space, but now Ulzez's words caused her to lose her calm.

'He must be a powerful Pseudo legendary mage.' She thought.

Without minding her disbelief gaze, Ulzez began to move towards the southern direction where the royal capital was located. Aliza also recovered from the shock, and soon she imprinted the ring with her spiritual power. After that, she let her consciousness enter into the ring and noticed a sizeable crimson palace floating inside the ring.

'This is a legendary treasure!' She exclaimed in shock and soon pulled Mira into the ring with a simple thought and then transported her into the crimson palace. Then, she let out a heavy sigh and followed after Ulzez with hurried footsteps.