Chapter 121: Royal Street
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Chapter 121: Royal Street

It was around 5 A.M. At the Northern entrance gate of Royal Capital Dewsummit city.

A gray-haired old man with emerald green eyes stood at the closed gate entrance and seemed to be in deep thinking. He wore a gray robe with a symbol of three stars embroidered in it and looked like an arrogant mage. He also wore a strange emerald gem embedded pendant on his neck and appeared more mysterious. Abium, in Baxter's appearance, then glanced around his surroundings and stared at those two gatekeepers with an impatient expression on his face.

"Useless Morons, open the gate quickly. I had already wasted 15 minutes waiting here." A gruff voice came from Abium's mouth as he shouted harshly at those two gatekeepers.

"My Lord, there are still more than 5 minutes there to open the gate." One of the tall gatekeepers said with a brittle tone.

"Tch, Open it quickly." Abium let out a low grunt and said as he stared back at the long queue behind him. Unlike others, Abium stood there with an overbearing expression on his face, and from time to time, he would give cold glances at those ordinary peoples.

All those merchants, citizens, and even some adventurers lowered their gazes as they met his emerald green eyes and shivered inside. They thought this gray-haired old man must be some mysterious mage and came here to attend the Grand Nobles' gathering.

After a few minutes, the seven-meter tall metal gate opened with a loud screeching sound. Abium quickly turned his gaze towards the city entrance and walked inside as if the city was his own house. After entering the main street, he moved towards a food store and brought a large number of rations, which would be enough for more than six months.

Even the store owner became startled and became more curious about this mysterious old man's identity. Meanwhile, Abium, in Baxter's appearance, threw a disdain look at all those commoners and walked out after tossing a few white gold coins to the shop owner.

After that, he walked out of the main street, quietly strolled through the Commoners' Borough, and then arrived at the Royal Street entrance. A total of seven silver armored Royal Knights stood at the entrance and heavily guarded the gate. His arrival attracted all of those Royal Knights' attention, and some even began to unsheathe their royal symbol engraved long swords.

But before those knights could stop Abium from entering, another 60-year-old lean man with the same gray robe appeared from the other side and whispered something to one of the knights' ears. That lean man had short black hair, brown eyes, and olive skin with an oval face. He was none other than real Baxter's friend, Yozis.

"You may go, sir." That royal knight immediately stopped the other six from attacking Abium and said with a polite smile. At the same time, Yozis went near Abium and whispered to his ears with a bright smile.

"My friend, Baxter. Are you curious about what did I found at the royal castle's outer area?"

Abium slightly gave an annoying glance at the black-haired Yozis and asked flatly.

"What did you find?"

A sly smile appeared on Yozis face as he took out a small thumb-sized red crystal from his spatial ring and then grinned widely.

"Fire elemental crystal!" Abium said while showing a shocking expression on his face. Deep inside, he was already stunned. He knew these mysterious crystals were much more valuable and got surprised.

"Yes. I found an underground pathway at the backside of the royal castle. After a few minutes of exploring the underground pathway, I stumbled upon a large 2 meters tall sealed platinum door, and in that door's center, I found many crystals like this." Yozis said and started walking on the street road. Even though it was a royal street, hundreds of people roamed inside today, causing Abium to pause in surprise.

"Did you found out what is hidden behind that door?" After glancing around his surroundings, Abium asked curiously.

"Nah, the door was completely covered by magic runic lock spells. I just managed to take this crystal. Due to some damage on the rune circle, this crystal laid on the ground. After I picked it up, I left the underground path after sending a short message to teacher Rilos." Yozis's expression turned sour, as he said with a bitter smile on his face.

Yozis was no fool to explore that place without proper measures. He only showed one fire elemental crystal and hid the other two inside his spatial ring. He knew how difficult it would be to find a magical beast to get one thumb-sized crystal. Although he could get these elemental crystals if he went explore deep forests, he knew there would also be dangers.

Unaware of Yozis's thoughts, Abium nodded in understanding, and soon both of them arrived in front of that large white royal palace's entrance. There were multiple luxurious carriages with unique household symbols parked outside the castle gate. Many nobles with their retainers started walking into the Royal palace one by one.

"Let's go and wait," Yozis said while pointing his finger at a small single storied building around the corner of Royal Street and stepped forward. It was just 500 meters away from the castle entrance and appeared isolated from the rest of the royal street buildings.

"Whose house is that?" Abium asked in a raucous tone.

"Shh! Talk slowly, Baxter. Someone might hear your loud voice." Yozis said with a suppressing tone while glancing at him and continued, "That is one of the Royal Knight's quarters. All houses in the royal street belong to royal knights and servants who are working in the castle. He is one of our men who are working as a royal knight."

Abium gave an understanding nod, and both quietly arrived in front of that small single storied house's entrance. Yozis raised his right hand, knocked the wooden door thrice, and, after a short pause, twice. Abium watched that with an amusing expression on his face. Even though these guys were formidable foes who had the power to topple the whole kingdom, he was left speechless when he saw them using the old password method.


Soon, a short guy with blonde hair opened the wooden door and invited both of them in with a smiling face. From that guy's smiling expression, Abium thought this guy must have already known the real Baxter, so he also gave him a respectful nod and walked inside. The house had one reception hall at the center, a kitchen and dining hall on the left, bedroom, and bathroom on the right side. After entering the reception hall, Abium's eyes widened a little as he saw rows of wooden chairs were arranged neatly on the red-carpeted floor.

'The royal knight must be from a noble background.' He thought to himself and shifted his gaze towards the front row and noticed a devil skull masked male figure sat on the wooden chair while placing his right hand on his chin. He wore a grey robe and had long wavy blonde hair.

'Hmm? He is a first-tier necromancer! I thought we two will be the ones who are going to accompany that necromancer, Rilos? It appears we will have more company.' Abium furrowed his brows and silently sat next to the devil skull-masked guy. After an hour, another knock came, and soon a slim 20-year-old looking woman with gray hair walked inside. She wore a black robe and brown leather shoes. Her eyes were so pure as silver, and she had tan brown skin.

After that, more figures entered one by one. Most of them were grey-robed, while others were black-robed.

'There are a total of 4 black-robed second-tier necromancers and nine gray-robed first-tier necromancers. I didn't expect there would be so many necromancers gather here.' Abium was stunned inside and soon got anxious as he found out who those black-robed necromancers were.

'Damn it! Grazius? Ubrauqir?! And the other two necromancers who appeared during the auction are all here?' Abium felt an uneasy feeling in his heart.

'Moreover, I still have no clue about this secret mission.'

As he was about to retract his gaze from the group, suddenly, he saw two familiar faces and startled.

'Murius? What is he doing here? Also, when did he reunite with Aliza? I thought Murius went to Wadel kingdom to search for Aliza.' Abium eyes sharpened, and at the same time, Azolla spoke with a chuckle.

'Kid, it's not that first tier necromancer. He is that auburn-haired tall guy who accompanied along with the death mage, Aliza. He is using some transmutation magic' Her words caused Abium's face to freeze.

'Who is he? And what is he doing here?' Abium got startled inside and soon saw that Ulzez, in Murius's appearance, turned his gaze towards his direction and smiled.

Upon seeing his smile, Abium knew that this guy had already seen through his disguise and got nervous inside.

'Are these two the ones who tailed me yesterday when I'm in Slum Borough?' He suddenly thought of the time when he felt that he was being followed and inhaled heavily.

'If they said one word about me, my life would be doomed.' Abium thought inwardly and soon gripped the amulet in his right-hand wrist.

Abium silently sat on the wooden chair for the next few seconds while hiding his nervousness and waited. But soon, he noticed that guy in Murius's appearance didn't say anything to others and walked near to him and sat on the wooden chair next to his right side. Simultaneously, Aliza also sat next to Ulzez and wore a shocking expression on her face whenever she sees Abium. That simple expression which she was trying to hide shows that she had seen something very absurd and felt deeply affected inside.

Yesterday, when Abium walked out of 16 Black Street, Both Ulzez and Aliza decided to follow him. Aliza thought it would be fun to spy on some random person and agreed. But after a few hours of spying, they noticed Abium was planning something big in the slum.

Finally, they also saw the whole event about how Abium executed the assassination plan and got astounded. Although Abium had some of Azolla's unique functions, there was still some limit to it. Abium hadn't noticed he was being spied on by a Dragonkin from the Abyss and executed his plan.

When Abium changed his facial appearance to Baxter, Aliza instantly identified Baxter's face and almost shouted out loud in shock! She had seen Baxter a few times when they were in Alastall woodlands' magic tower and got perplexed inside.

The more they tail him, the more shocked both became! Finally, with Aliza's idea, both entered while changing Ulzez's outer appearance and followed him to this necromancers' gathering.

As Aliza was deeply thinking in her mind, Yozis sat on the back row and spoke with a pleasant smile on his face while looking at Murius.

"Teacher Rilos would be very surprised when he found out that you already rescued Lady Aliza, Murius."

"Haha, of course, he would be surprised." A cold yet calm voice similar to the real Murius came from Ulzez's mouth as he laughed a little. Meanwhile, Abium wore an uncomfortable expression on his face and slowly asked while leaning his body towards Ulzez.

"Who are you? Why are you after me?"

"I'm Ulzez. Well, the reason I followed you because I became curious about you. So, I thought following you would be a good idea." Ulzez said with a mysterious smile on his face and then shifted his gaze towards the closed door. Soon, the well-decorated wooden door opened with a creaking noise and revealed a middle-aged man who was around 40 years old with russet brown eyes and brown hair. He wore a red-robed dress, unlike a black robe, which made others puzzle a bit. He was none other than Rilos. But Abium soon frowned after he noticed Rilos was in a hurry.

"Is everyone arrived?" Rilos asked with a firm tone while glancing at others and soon widened his eyes as he saw Aliza and Murius.

"Lady Aliza, thank the Lord of Death, you are safe. Murius, take care of her during the mission. If you had informed me earlier about your arrival, I would have told you to stay away." He said with a regretful tone and continued, "But now you guys can't go outside. Chaos is about to descend. Ha! Just follow us. But stay away during battles."

'Lady? Why did Rilos speak in a polite tone? Is she from a prestigious noble family?' Abium's mind went disarray for a moment.

Meantime, Rilos shifted his gaze towards Abium and spoke solemnly.

"Baxter, give me the cursed pendant."

Hearing Rilos's words, Abium froze for a moment and stood up hurriedly while removing the cursed emerald pendant from his neck and then gave it to Rilos. Simultaneously, Rilos swiftly caught the pendant with a soft smile and turned his gaze towards a black-robed guy who had short black hair and fair skin. But soon, his smile froze and then turned into a gloomy one. His eyes went bloodshot for a moment as he glared at him with a displeased face. From the outer look, that black-haired guy appeared to be around 35 years old and had an average height, dark purple eyes, long eyebrows, and a high bridge nose.

"Yo! Rilos." That Black-haired guy noticed Rilos's piercing gaze and grinned as he waved his right hand at him.

"Bastard! Did you already use my nether crystal?" Rilos roared and soon gritted his teeth while resisting his urge to cast a Finger of Death spell on Grazius.

He didn't act rashly, though. Instead, he calmed down as he had already expected this and continued.

"I knew you would use that nether crystal." Rilos inhaled deeply and slowly shifted his gaze towards another black-robed 20 years old young Lady who sat on a wooden chair at the backside with closed eyes and asked.

"Britta, did Lord Shade said anything important? When will the 'Chosen one' arrive?"

'Hm? Why didn't I heard any chosen ones from the real Baxter?... It appears there are many mysteries shrouded in this organization.' Abium furrowed his brows and got puzzled.

Meanwhile, Britta opened her silver eyes and said while nodding her head.

"Lord Shade told me not to worry about the 'Chosen one' and informed me to carry out the plan. It seems that the 'Chosen one' will arrive at the destination without our aid. Also, he told me that we have to break the last seal before the full moon."

As Abium heard those words, his mind went blank for a second.

'Break the last seal? Oh, Mother goddess! Does that mean Lady Nyara wants me to not interfere in their plan to break the seal?... Most likely. Is there a seal located inside Lockridge's royal treasury?' Many questions whirled inside his mind, and soon he felt everything linked together.

'Yes! In the past, the last seal was also broke during this time. Heh, then fate divinity holder must also be after that seal.' Abium inhaled deeply.

Meanwhile, Rilos fell silent for three seconds and continued,

"I think it will be very hard to achieve. The dangers inside that place are not something we should take lightly. All of you change your clothes similarly to academic mages quickly. It's just for formality." Saying so, Rilos threw five red robes and another nine black robes to everyone and told them to wear those clothes. Abium also caught one of the black robes and wore it.

'Why are we disguising like academic mages?' Abium narrowed his eyes and soon noticed Yozis, Ulzez, and Aliza got up from their seats while changing their robes and arrived near him. At the same time, his eyes widened slightly as he suddenly understood the mystery behind the future image he saw earlier.

'Heh, so it's not Mage Ubius's life in danger but these guys' lives.'

"Let's go. We don't have all day." Rilos said after confirming that everyone was ready to go and turned around to walk outside. At the same time, Abium noticed it was almost 8 'o'clock and sighed in his heart.

'Now, I understood their real motive. Except these experts and me, all first-tier necromancers here are still clueless about the mission.' He wore a bitter smile and followed after others.

Like a sheep flock, 15 necromancers walked out of the single-storied house and moved towards the castle gate. Their sudden arrival also attracted a squad of royal guards' attention, who stood at the entrance. Those guards frowned upon seeing the logos of the academy on the guests.

But most of the guards had seen academic mages and soon understood that these guys were fake ones. A silver armored guard with a 2-meter tall, muscular figure stepped forward while gripping his broadsword's hilt tighter and blocked their path with a sour look on his face.

"Halt! Who gave you the right to wear academic mages' robes?" He asked in disdain and continued, "You are under arrest for violating the royal rule-."

But before he could finish his words, a slim 183 cm tall human skeletal figure appeared in front of Rilos and sprinted towards the silvered armored guard, leaving afterimages behind. That skeleton wore a black assassin cloth and moved like a real person, making that guard's eyes widen.

In a blink, the skeleton arrived in front of that silver armored guard while clutching a curved silver dagger in its hand, and thrust it towards the guard's chest. Before anyone could understand what was happening, that skeleton figure disappeared from those royal guards' eyes and soon reappeared in front of another guard who stood nearby.

The next moment, a slashing sound echoed, and soon that guard felt his head began to spin. One by one, the guards' felt their whole surroundings started to spin and became horrified. The next moment, all of them knew that their heads were decapitated and died in a matter of seconds.

Abium felt numb as he saw the scene that unfolds in front of him. He knew all these guards' strengths were 3rd tier warriors, and some were even 4th tier warriors, but they all just died like that made his blood run cold!

'This skeleton has strength equal to seventh-tier warrior!' Abium muttered to himself in shock.