Chapter 123: Death mage
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Chapter 123: Death mage

As Abium jumped into the bluish portal, he felt a suffocating feeling, followed by crushing body pain. He got startled for a second before the space around him began to twist and soon threw him out of the vortex. A second later, Abium found himself standing on the mud ground, surrounded by green plants and trees. Unlike regular trees, these trees had strange human eye-sized black fruits, pointy green leaves, and red flesh-like trunks. He also saw many odd vines twisted around the fleshy trunks and slithered into those tree branches and nearby plants with a swift glance.

'Nightshade vines! I have seen these types of vines during the Despair dungeon exploration. It's a plant species which has highly concentrated paralysis poison in its branches and leaves.' He cautiously took a step back and noticed that the surrounding was bathed in golden hour light.

'Where am I?' He was confused.

Simultaneously, a drop of blood-like dew fell from one of the pointy green leaves and splashed on his oval face. A startled expression appeared on his face. With a wary look, he looked upward and soon widened his amber eyes in shock!

Up there, Abium saw dense red fluids collected in those tree branches and gave him an uneasy yet warm feeling. He soon guessed the reason for that feeling.

'These drops are filled with spiritual energy!' He wiped the droplet and nodded in understanding. He hadn't expected that those scarlet droplets were precious treasure drops!

But soon, his face stiffened up as he sensed some dark red energy also mingled in those droplets.

'Strange..., chaotic impure energy and pure spiritual energy appeared to be mixed in these drops. Where am I exactly?' The frown on his forehead deepened as he glanced towards the sides. Bright golden lights illuminated the whole dimension from all the sides. A strange bluish rift-like spatial crack appeared up in the sky and beyond that was empty darkness.

'I'm not in Easica world… No! It looks more like I'm in another separate dimension.' Enlightened, Abium thought of the storybooks, which he read about in the records.

As he was about to turn around and see who had managed to escape from that mythical red bird, he noticed that his first-tier fireball spell model and zero-tier unique defensive spell model began to flicker intensely inside his mind. He got stunned by the sudden unusual change and soon got astounded inside. He then felt massive fire elemental energies from his right direction and squinted his eyes.

It was as if something was attracting his fire spell model inside his mind!

This separate dimension is also filled with pure fire elements. Heh, the fire spell models inside my mind are acting strangely. Is this place also belongs to the Lockridge family?' A thought appeared in his mind.

'That is possible! If my guess is right, all those five family elders must be fourth-tier pseudo-legendary mages.'

"It appears we are the ones who made it alive." As Abium was in deep thoughts, a rough voice came from behind, causing him to turn around. He soon saw Rilos was glancing at others solemnly and appeared to be thinking about something.

"Riza and Lahk didn't make it." Grazius, who stood on Rilos's right side, added while letting out a regretful sigh.

Abium also quickly regained his senses and scanned the surroundings using his spiritual scan. Confusion appeared on his face as he ended the scan.

'Only 8 of us managed to enter into this dimension. But besides us, who are those two unknown entities shown in my scan? Are there any other creatures out here besides us?… Although I couldn't pinpoint their exact position, I'm feeling strong spiritual energies from those two entities.' While Abium was in contemplation, Azolla started speaking in his mind.

'I'm feeling a little familiarity with this place—the smell of a familiar Divine power. Kid, I think this place is somehow connected to our plane. Strange, the atmosphere inside this dimension is very chaotic. I have to use some formulas to check how many types of Laws were used when creating this dimension. Also, I think this dimension seems to hold some of God's divine power.' As she said those words, she stopped for a second and continued with a concerned tone.

'You might meet many mutated magical beasts and creatures from the outer space here, kid! That spatial rift up in the sky and surroundings may be connected to another plane. Those two entities may also from that category, so be careful.'

Abium froze for a moment as he heard her complex explanation and got puzzled.

'Law? Formula? What are those?... I don't know much about them… Moreover, magical beasts and creatures from other planes, huh. Interesting!' Abium narrowed his eyes and nodded his head. Magical beasts and the creatures from the other plane were not new words to him. He had heard of those beasts multiple times from those church priests and mages in the past.

He had even met a few Rank 1 magical beasts and felt uncomfortable as he thought of the battles against those creatures. Those magical beasts were very rare to find normally in the Peral Kingdom surroundings. Although these beasts live only in dense forest areas, there were times when they invaded human society due to humans' provocations. Magic Beasts were intelligent beings and won't attack a settlement unless if someone provokes them, like entering its territory.

'I have to be wary of their spells. Those Magical beasts could be able to release some strange bloodline spells.' Abium silently took note and noticed Rilos went past him while gazing at the monstrous scarlet hills, which appeared a few miles away from them.

"Let's move towards that direction," Rilos said casually and stepped forward. Although Rilos was somewhat curious about those strange plants and trees, he didn't let himself be distracted from the main mission and entirely focused his attention on the surroundings. His teacher Mike had warned him multiple times about the dangers hidden in this place and asked him to come quickly to this place.

"Do you have any guess about where the final seal is, Britta?" As he walked on the bright red colored wet soils, Rilos glanced back at the other red-robed blonde-haired woman and asked.

Unlike others, she had round silver eyes, tan brown skin, elongated, thick eyebrows, and a low bridge nose. From her outer facial appearance, anyone could guess her age was below 20, but only she knew the truth.

As Britta saw Rilos's questionable gaze, she let out a sigh and started talking.

"I think we are in Fex's dimension, Rilos. It is a dimension from the legends that solely created for training mages. From Lord Shade's earlier words, I could guess Bidora Empire's royal family once controlled this land. Later, Lockridge Family elders seized this place and started guarding with the monstrous family pet's help.

But these mysterious seals were placed beforehand. Those seals were placed all over the continent. And the ones who put these seals took some extra measure to hide all these pocket dimensions' co-ordinations from the Gods." She paused and fell into deep thoughts. It appeared as if she was guessing the information she had gathered during the past few years. Rilos, on the other hand, started nodded his head and suddenly asked,

"Are you thinking it is some other God's or Demi-God's work?"

Britta halted her footsteps for a second, shook her head, and replied,

"I don't think so. If the one who placed the seals was a God, then why did that God placed the severe restrictions? In our world, gods can only use their incarnations to walk. Moreover, all their incarnations' strength had lessened due to these seals, making it harder for them even to enter. The scariest thing is that the planar restriction on our plane is much more severe than other planes. If my guess is right, it must be that group of old monsters who roamed before 10,000 years ago." As Abium heard those two necromancers talking, his expression turned serious.

'They are talking about those ancient mages… Azolla, do you have any guess about these seals? Is she guessed correctly?' Abium asked Azolla while he continued to walk towards the crimson hills.

'I can't make an assumption just from hearing others' words, kid. But if the mages from the Ancient Era were the ones who placed these seals, then they must have done this due to some hidden purpose. I also know a genius kid called Fex, and he is a fire and space elemental mage. There is a slight possibility that he did create this dimension. Maybe you can find some clues near to the seal or in some other place.' Azolla's words made Abium fell into deep thoughts.

While he was deeply contemplating, the group silently went towards the hills area and soon bumped into the mutated black panthers. Most of those panthers were silently snorting and seemed to be taking a nap while only one mother panther stood guarding.

Before the necromancers' group could slow down their footsteps, the mother panther sensed their arrival and let out a threatening roar. A second later, all four of those mutated black panthers woke up from their sleep and stared at them with vicious deep blue eyes. Meanwhile, three small cubs went behind the mother panther and stared at the strange humanoids nervously.

'All those five panthers are rank one magical beast. That's odd; it would take many decades for these normal animals to become a magical beast, right?' Abium furrowed his eyebrows and soon thought of the Fex Dimension's strange atmosphere.

'Hmm, it must be the reason.' He nodded in enlightenment and then turned his attention to the ranked panthers.

Meanwhile, Rilos took out a white skeleton from his spatial ring and got ready to attack at any second. But Aliza took a step forward and spoke in a nether tongue.


Except for Ulzez, all of them cast a puzzled gaze at her and soon went wide-eyed in shock!

A second after her commanding words, all of those magical beasts suddenly started wagging their tails as if she was their owner.

'How did she control those magical beasts? Is this the power of death mage?' Abium stared at Aliza in wonder. He had heard rumors about her in the past, but all those were exaggerated tales of a demon child.

"O' Unholy Lord of the death! You became a death mage!" In the meantime, Rilos turned his gaze at Aliza and uttered with a shocked expression on his face. On the other hand, Britta, Grazius, and Ubrauqir also turned their attention on her and even gave Aliza a respected bow. A few moments ago, they didn't even glance at her and thought of her as a first-tier necromancer. But the sudden change in their attitude made Yozis and Abium widen their eyes in shock and puzzlement.

"What is mean by death mage, teacher?" Abium took a glance at Rilos and asked. He was well aware of the real Baxter's common knowledge and knew that Baxter did not have any knowledge of these death mages. Moreover, his original character was a curious one, so Abium raised his doubts. As Rilos heard Abium's words, he gave a proud smile and started talking.

"Like Light God Welo's chosen ones, death mages are chosen ones of Lord Nurotl. During the ancient era, I heard that there were many death mages born in this world. Even a single first-tier death mage had the strength to battle against ten normal first-tier necromancers. But after Lord Nurotl fell from the divine throne, death mages' also started appearing rarely.

Some death mages rarely appeared and caused some great change in history. The last death mage appeared 500 years ago and caused great change in the nearby kingdoms. He is the only Death mage I had respect due to his legends and schemes. But that soon ended due to the Light church's intervention.

We heard many new chosen ones appeared in this era due to some unknown reasons. But we didn't expect that Lady Aliza would be one of the chosen ones. Unlike necromancers like us, Death mages have the power to borrow strength from our Lord Nurotl and uses it to enslave any living beings." As he finished talking, he turned his gaze towards Aliza and fell into deep thoughts.

At the same time, Britta frowned a bit and asked while raising her right eyebrow.

"When did you become the Chosen One, My Lady?"

Aliza was startled a little and replied after a short deliberation.

"Around two months ago, Ma'am."

Although she replied calmly on the outside, she began to feel uncomfortable inside. Her mind was full of chaotic thoughts. From Ulzez's words, she understood that she was just an experimental subject and felt some deep secret was hiding behind this title.

"This timing is too accurate. It was as if the Lord of Dead had already known the accurate future." Britta's words made Abium's expression frozen this time.

'What is meant by that? He knew about the future?' Abium furrowed his brows and asked Azolla in puzzlement.

'Every God has a method to predict future events, kid. The title 'God' is not just randomly given to anyone.' Azolla said mysteriously.

"What does that mean, milady?" Meanwhile, Aliza also got puzzled and asked Britta in curiosity.

Britta didn't reply; instead, she stood there while gazing at the surroundings with a vacant expression for a few seconds and started talking in a deep voice.

"Lord Shade received an oracle a few years ago. In that oracle, Lord Shade got a divine message from our beloved Death God that chosen ones will appear in Easica World. He also received an order from the Divine that we all have to help them break the seals placed everywhere in this continent."

'An oracle?' Abium's face turned stiff as he heard those words.

"Let's go! We don't have much time." Britta shifted her gaze towards the Volcanic Mountain range on the front and walked ahead while evading those vine branch attacks without waiting. Meanwhile, others also nodded their heads and followed after her. On the other hand, Aliza smiled at those panthers and walked away while breaking the soul bonds.

After that, the ground didn't meet with any obstacles and slowly moved towards the crimson hills.

'As I thought, the more we move towards these hills, the temperature seems to be rising exponentially. Still, these strange plants and trees are not even slightly affected by the heat. Did these plants also mutated and became resistant to fire?' Abium thought to himself and soon frowned. Because he felt his spiritual perception triggered.

'Something is tailing us? Are these the panthers we saw earlier? No!… It's those two sneaky beings.' Abium felt some traces of spiritual energy from his left side and narrowed his eyes.