Chapter 124: A Strange Tree
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Chapter 124: A Strange Tree

'It's those two beings that appeared in my scan earlier. Hmm, both beings appear to be so skilled at hiding their spirit powers even from my spiritual scan.' A look of wariness appeared on Abium's face.

At first, he thought of revealing the information to others, but soon he stopped himself.

'If I said something, they will become suspicious of me.' He sighed inwardly and continued to follow the necromancers.

The group continued their walking for 8 hours before reaching the summit of a lone scarlet hill. Withered trees and barren land appeared around the lone scarlet mountain, making others to stop their footsteps.

"Something is off about this place." Aliza glanced around the surroundings and muttered.

Rilos gave a curious look at Aliza and became hesitant to walk ahead.

'She is the same as my teacher. Is this the intuition of a death mage?' He thought to himself and fell into deep thoughts.

At first, he thought it would be easier to find some clues regarding the final seal location, but now he realized they were wrong.

"This pocket dimension is so vast!" Britta said with a solemn tone. The only endless volcanic mountain range behind the scarlet hill and dense forest regions appeared everywhere. Meanwhile, Grazius wandered his eyes around the surroundings and soon exclaimed while pointing his forefinger towards a specific direction.


Quickly, everyone followed his gaze and then widened their eyes in surprise. They saw a strange tree filled with head-sized glassy leaves and glassy branches stood at the summit of the scarlet hill and got stunned.

Unknown to them, each glassy leaf showed different images to everyone. One glass-like leaf showed an image of a mountain of gold coins; the next one showed many elemental crystals, and so on.

Some beautiful ornaments and artifacts appeared in those images, causing others to stare at those leaves greedily. Although those treasures were just images, somehow, everyone thought they were real treasures.

Abium also began to feel a sudden emotional change inside his heart and felt a strong desire to fight for those treasures.

The seed of Greed appeared in his heart!

As he was about to step forth, two eight-eyed red monkeys, which were around 2 meters tall, jumped out from the nearby woods and dashed towards the tree with greedy eyes. It appeared those two magical beasts were the ones who had stealthily followed them, and they were also affected by that strange power.

"Those are my children and wife!" Meanwhile, a low shocking mutter came from Rilos's mouth as he also started walking towards the strange tree that stood fifty meters away from him. Not only Rilos, even Grazius, Britta, the always silent Ubraquir, Aliza, and Yozis were influenced by that strange desire power and started walking while muttering different words.

The only one who stood without any change in emotion was Ulzez. He stared at all of them with a hint of amusement on his face and silently grabbed Aliza's shoulder, who was now crying while pointing at a random crystal-like leaf.

As Abium started walking, Azolla's firm voice came out from his mind and tried to stop him.

"Kid, don't go near. It is a trap." But he shrugged his shoulder and didn't even listen to Azolla's words. All his thoughts were filled with countless gold coins, diamonds, elemental crystals, artifacts, and spell models. As he about to take another few steps, his face began to show confusion expression.

Because of Azolla's voice and his cold nature, Abium finally began to enter a confused state. If he had seen this tree before he had met with Azolla, he would have run ahead and grabbed all those artifacts greedily. But now, he didn't feel immense affection towards those white gold coins and treasures.

'Why do I need these many white gold coins? I already have thousands of white gold coins in my spatial ring. Elemental crystals may be useful to me, but I need those in the future, not now. As for those artifacts and spells models, I can get them by myself.' As those thoughts crossed his mind, Abium's face started to change and soon returned to normal.

At the same time, the seed of Greed, which was about to take root in his heart, began to vanish. He could hear Azolla's relief sigh came from his mind and smiled bitterly.

'Kid, grow up. You are not supposed to be attracted by these worthless coins and stones.' Azolla said inside his mind seriously, while Abium nodded his head with embarrassment. He knew these gold coins were not worth much in front of a mage, but still, he felt attracted to it. It was all because of his past life hardship.

He spent his entire twenty years taking dangerous missions and saved up a few hundred white gold coins to buy a new home near the noble's district. But now, as he saw these mountains of gold coins inside those glassy leaves, his legs moved on their own.

'Ha! I feel so embarrassed now.' Abium laughed with a helpless smile and soon shifted his gaze towards others. Except for Abium, Aliza, and Ulzez, all those necromancers already arrived in front of the strange tree.

Simultaneously, that intense emotional feeling that appeared in everyone's mind began to vanish while waking everyone up. The next instant, Rilos, Britta, Grazius, and Ubrauqir quickly tapped their spatial ring, took out their combat skeletons, and then stared at the strange tree and those two 2 meter tall red monkeys vigilantly.

Even though they were second-tier necromancers, they knew they were not invincible. All of them were now deeply startled. Due to their carelessness, they had almost lost their lives due to this strange tree.


With a wary look on their faces, they stared at those two red monkeys and became confused.

In the meantime, those two red monkey magical beasts also snapped out from the dazing state and looked at each other in puzzlement.

Soon, both shifted their gazes towards those necromancers who stood behind them and started growling.


As everyone was looking at that glass tree and those monkeys in a tense mode, a sudden strong tremor came from underneath and shook the whole mountain!

It was so strong which caused large igneous rocks that clung on the scarlet hill started to fall downwards in every direction. But that was not the end. Suddenly, a sharp metal like root popped out from the ground near the glassy tree and crept towards their direction.


Abium saw multiple sharp spiky roots came out one by one around the glassy tree and slewed towards them. He took two steps back in horror. All those roots were like sharp iron rods, and each root began to slash nearby trees and rocks. Abium even noticed those roots started sucking remaining life forces in those withered trees and got anxious. Within a second, most of those nearby withered trees and even those igneous rocks were sliced into multiples pieces. Moreover, two of those sharp iron roots directly cut one of that three-eyed red monkey's necks and devoured its blood, flesh, and even bones.

'What the F*ck? Where did that tremor come from?…Wait! Why do I feel the ground is moving…?' Abium felt an ominous feeling as he thought of a possibility and looked downward. Below there, he saw the red soil began to rise in many areas!

As if there was something massive beast buried alive under the red soil!

'Damn it! There is definitely something sleeping under this strange glassy tree.' Abium face went death pale. But at the same time, the other three-eyed red monkey starting to go on a rampage as it noticed those strange tree roots had already killed its partner.

"GRRROOWLLL!" It roared unwillingly, and soon it shifted its gaze towards that tree. Without any hesitation, it leaped towards the glassy tree and punched it with full force, utilizing its fire-elemental energy.

With a bang, that tree stem broke into two, and the glassy tree crashed on the red soil while breaking those many glasses. All those spiky metal roots also froze and silently fell on the ground.

"Is it over?" Yozis, who stood beside Rilos, suddenly spoke with a terrified look on his face.


A second later, a more intense tremor came from the ground, planting fear in everyone's heart!

Following that, the broken trunk that was still attached to the ground suddenly started to rose up.

No! It was not the trunk, but the being that slept underneath the glassy tree had woken up!

Abium, who stood twenty meters away, saw a strange human-shaped head popped out from that ground. That being's head itself was the size of an elephant!

It had two large red eyes, a large grey nose, and an ugly black mouth, covered in multiple roots-like metal spikes. There was a strange line like closed eyelids on its forehead, which gave everyone an ominous feeling.

As if it wanted to yawn, it opened its mouth wide while revealing everything inside to others. Abium's face went stiff as he noticed that being had no tongue or teeth.

Its mouth was only filled with the same black metal-like roots, which gave everyone's heart a chilling sensation!

'Kid, back away! It's a Mutated Three-Eyed Giant!' Upon noticing the situation, Azolla said solemnly in his mind.

'What is that?' Abium became puzzled as he heard those new words and asked hurriedly. Soon, a blue icon popped out in front of his eyes while showing detailed information.

[Name: ?????


Race: Mutated Three-Eyed Giant

Health: Normal

Class: Third-tier warlock

Affiliation: Lawful Evil

Title: Greed's pet


Strength: 17.9

Agility: 15.3

Vitality: 18.4

Mana: 4842.0

Spirit: 2421.0


Bloodline spells: Eye of Destruction, Mind Illusion, Armor of Lightning, Titan's strength, Unyielding Will, Titan's Regeneration.

Law comprehension: Law of Lightning- 1.3%. Law of Illusion: 0.8%.]

(Note: Due to the Mutated Three-Eyed Giant's insufficient spirit power, it didn't inherit its ancestor's memories of a third-tier spell model. Spirit power needed to inherit memories of Third tier spell model from its ancestor: 3000.)

As Abium saw the status, he began to back away multiple steps. It was the first time he had seen a spirit status, which was more than two thousand, and he became scared shitless.

It was too abnormal!

His body trembled whenever he looked into the creature's eyes and became anxious inside. Simultaneously, the Mutated Three-Eyed Giant directly chomped the red monkey with its sharp mouth and swallowed it whole. Rilos, Britta, Grazius, and Ubrauqir instantly backed away and stared at the massive sized Giant with horrified faces.

Only after a second did Rilos woke up from the shock and acted. He took out Baxter's pendant and the soul gem from his spatial ring and cast the 'Soul slaver' spell on the Giant. Instantly, an invisible force came out from the soul gem while pushing others and spread towards the Mutated three-eyed Giant.

Simultaneously, all three other second-tier necromancers backed away a few steps and took out their undead. The Mutated three-eyed Giant didn't even have any time to understand the situation before its soul was attacked.

It roared angrily!

After that, it tried to move its body but soon noticed its whole body was stuck inside the ground!

Rilos's lips curled upward as he saw the scene!

The next instant, two fair-skinned beautiful females appeared in front of him. Both had blonde hair, creepy black void-like eyes, and pale faces. They also held a sharp-edged long sword on their waist and emitted an aura of holiness around them. There was no expression on their faces, and they looked more like dead people.

As Abium saw those two females, he instantly knew who they were and became shocked inside.

'They are Zombies!' His whole body stiffened up.

Both zombies took out their long sharp-edged sword from their waist and sprinted towards that Mutant Giant's head, leaving afterimages.

Meanwhile, Abium became shocked more.

With a single glance, he identified who they were and sucked in a cold breath.

"Rilos, How did you manage to get these Holy Maidens' bodies?!" Britta asked in horror as she also identified who those zombies were. Abium started to get nervous and silently glanced at Rilos to get some answer.

He knew getting one's hands-on Holy Maidens' dead bodies was an impossible task. Moreover, from the energy that appeared around both of those zombies' bodies, he could tell they were the Holy Maidens' of the Light Church. They were Light God Welo's Chosen Ones!

'I heard Holy Maidens bodies were preserved only in Archdioceses or Holy See. How did he even get his hand on them?' Abium was deeply astounded.

"Haha, I got these two precious treasures when I was exploring a ruin 200 years ago. Both of them have the strength of seventh tier warriors. I dare not to use them outside because it will attract Light believers' eyes. But here in this separate Fex dimension, I can use them without any restrain." Rilos said with a proud face.

Simultaneously, massive light energy gathered at the tip of their swords and shot pure light rays towards both of that Mutant Giant's two eyes. In a blink, those two zombies managed to blind that mutant Giant.

But a second later, the soul gem on Rilos's hand suddenly made a creaking sound and soon broke into multiple pieces!

'Moron! Light spells are death spells' weakness.' Watching the sudden turn of events, Azolla commented inside Abium's mind as if she watched a play. As her words ended, Abium sensed a sudden chilling sensation appeared everywhere while freezing the nearby trees. He could feel this change was not due to the Mutated Giant but due to something that came out from the soul gem!

The next moment, Rilos's face went death pale.

"Impossible!" Rilos muttered with great shock and quickly summoned a bone wyvern while storing those two female zombies in his spatial ring. At the same time, a foggy figure materialized in between the Mutated Giant and Rilos.

"Mike, you will pay for your sins." A bone piercing voice came from that figure, causing everyone to freeze for a moment. A second later, the foggy humanoid figure turned transparent and soon vanished from there.

"The longer we stay, the more dangerous it will become. We have to split up and search for the seal." Without giving any explanation, Rilos said in a gloomy tone and hopped on the skeleton wyvern. Grazius, Britta, and Ubrauquir also nodded their head and started taking out their flying undead creatures.

"What about us?" At the same time, Yozis asked Rilos as he noticed that they didn't even consider their safety.

"Lady Aliza and Murius will come along with me," Rilos said solemnly and shifted his gaze towards Abium, and then continued. "For our organization's future, both of you must hold this monster yourselves and stop it from chasing us."

His words were cold, but Yozis nodded solemnly and started taking out ten human skeletons from the spatial ring.

Meanwhile, Abium looked at Yozis and Rilos with a dumbfounded expression on his face. He didn't expect such an answer from Rilos and got confused. Before he could organize what was happening, all of them started flying in different directions. Britta and Ubrauquir used some flying spell, while Grazius and Rilos used their undead to fly away from there.

At the same time, Abium also saw a change in that Mutated Giant's forehead.

It's the Third eye!

He could feel the murderous wrath hiding in that eye!

The bone creaking sound echoed inside that strange forest.

"Yozis, do you really plan to fight this thing?" Abium asked while suppressing his nervousness. He knew it was an impossible task and got more anxious.