Chapter 125: Three-Eyed Titan’s Descendant
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Chapter 125: Three-Eyed Titan's Descendant

Yozis took out a scroll from his spatial ring and spoke coldly.

"You are not Baxter!"

Although he was not looking in his direction, Abium still felt a threatening sensation in his heart. He stopped thinking for a moment and asked with a forced smile.

"How did you find out?"

Abium had already expected this kind of outcome. But still, he was somewhat surprised inside.

'I'm really curious now.' He stared at Yozis in puzzlement.

"Just now, Real Baxter would never ask me such a silly question. He would say something like, 'We don't have any time to waste. Let's go'. Moreover, I already noticed some changes in your personality during the previous gathering and became suspicious of you. So, now your reply confirmed my suspicion." Yozis smirked at him.

Abium became speechless as he heard those words. But soon, he recalled Baxter's arrogant and cautious character and then sighed helplessly.

'I need to improve my acting skills.' He thought to himself.

Before Abium could say another word, Yozis tore the spell scroll before tossing a magic stone into the runic circle and disappeared from there.

Meanwhile, Abium froze for a moment and soon turned his attention towards the Mutated Three-Eyed Giant.

'I'm in deep shit now.' He cursed inwardly and ran towards the direction where the dense fire element energy was coming from.

Coincidentally, it was also the direction that Rilos chose to search for the last seal!

When he appeared 20 meters away from the Mutated Giant, It finally opened its Third Eye and gazed at his back. The next instant, Abium felt his soul was gripped by some invisible force and got a premonition of being killed!

'F*ck! I have to escape from this monster.' He got anxious inside and then blinked multiple times. The next second, a bolt of strange black lightning came from the Giant's Third Eye, pierced through the area where he stood before, and directly hit all those trees on its way and disintegrates them into nothing. It was so powerful that the strange black lightning even disintegrated few large red rocks laid on its way!

Meanwhile, Abium reappeared 500 meters away from where he stood before and watched the scene with a horrified face! Although he escaped from being killed instantly, he still felt a malicious gaze from afar.

Without wasting any time, Abium started running. But he didn't run without any clue. He already confirmed it was the route Rilos chose using Seer's intuition spell and followed after him. He knew it would take some time for the Mutated Giant to come out from the ground and hastened his footsteps.

'Azolla, what was that attack?' Abium asked while wiping the cold sweats on his forehead.

'That is a Bloodline spell called Eye of destruction. Kid, you are lucky enough to witness such a unique bloodline spell here in a random dimension. This bloodline spell was created and modified by an Ancient Three-Eyed Titan, and he passed down his bloodline to his descendants. This Giant and its ancestors must be the Three-Eyed Titan's descendants.

As for how they got here, they must have entered this Fex dimension during the ancient war to hide from chaos gods and became corrupted due to the long exposure of chaos power reside in this dimension. As for the Three-Eyed Titan's name, I don't want to speak about it. If he is still kicking somewhere in the universe, mentioning his name will attract his attention.

I heard that he was a peak legendary level Warlock during ancient times, and he was one of sixteen Kings of Ancient Titans. At that time, those Ancient Titans were even capable of killing Intermediate gods' avatars.

This Three-Eyed Ancient Titan, who created this Eye of Destruction, could destroy a lower plane with his single Eye of Destruction spell at his peak level. Although this Three-Eyed Giant is still an ant when comparing it with the Ancient Titan, don't underestimate the Three-Eyed Titan's descendant!' Upon hearing Azolla's serious words, Abium lost his calm.

Now, he regretted his decision on choosing to follow this reckless group. He nodded his head gravely at Azolla's warning and then asked.

'I heard you said something about Laws and formula when we entered this dimension. What was that?'

'Oh, it's called Star Plane formula. This formula calculates the exact time difference between the Easica plane and other planes or inter dimensions. We also use this formula to calculate how many types of laws were used to create this dimension. As for the law, you will earn after you understand the meaning behind those spells. You will start learning more about Laws when you became a third-tier Mage.' Azolla said solemnly and soon stopped herself as she noticed his clueless expression on his face.

'I must spend some time to learn some of this information when I have time in the future. So, did you find the answers?' Abium turned his face solemn and asked.

'Using this star plane formula to calculate the time difference is not an easy task. It will take at least five days to determine how many laws were used in this dimension when it was created. After finding the exact percent of those laws, I could be able to tell the ratio of time flow between Easica plane and this Fex's dimension.' As Abium heard her words, he got surprised.

'So, should I get out of this dimension quickly?' Abium asked while taking out the Returner's ring, which Goddess Nyara gave him earlier. He knew that Yozis must have already informed Rilos about the situation and started to become nervous.

'Don't. You should try to explore this dimension on your own.' Azolla said calmly and added.

'Maybe you would get some benefit due to time differences between Easica plane and this plane.'

'Okay.' Abium nodded. 'Although I'm a little worried about Umi and her mom, I think they can manage on their own. Well, with Nicolaus on their side, they wouldn't have any problem. With his accurate decision making skill, he will find a way to keep them safe.' Abium breathed out a sigh of relief as he thought of his non-ambitious friend. In the past, Nicolaus had saved his life multiple times due to his right decisions.

'For now, I should think more about my safety. Hmm, I already have extra rations and water, which could hold on for six months. All I need to do here is find some clue about that undying ability artifact and get the hell out of this place.' Abium thought for a while and stealthily ran towards the direction where Rilos went earlier.

After an hour of walking, Abium finally managed to cross the dense forest and arrived in front of a giant lava pool. Up ahead, he saw boiling lava pools and molten rock mountains and became astounded inside. But what surprised him most was that he saw a strange red light on the other side of that volcanic mountain range.

'If I want to cross these mountains, I have to search for another route.' He bit his lips in frustration as he looked at the path up ahead. He now lamented that he didn't choose to construct any flying spell model in his mind.

After pondering for a moment, Abium made up his mind and started searching for a safer path to cross the volcanic mountain range.

At the end of the first day, he noticed that he somehow couldn't track Rilos's location using ordinary means. After using Seer's intuition spell once again, he figured that Rilos was moving in a different direction, confusing him. He then thought deeply and guessed that those necromancers might have found the location of the last seal. After thinking for a bit, he made up his mind and planned to see what was hidden at the end of this volcanic mountain range.

Following that, Abium roamed in the volcanic mountains for two days and finally managed to cross the volcanic mountain range. In those last two days, he had met three Rank 1 Fire Lizard magical beasts and almost got himself killed by their bloodline spells. If not for his first-tier spells, Mind freeze, and his blink spell, Abium might have already lost his life.

He braced himself for any possible dangers up ahead while crossing the final lava mountain and looked at the other side with many expectations. Now instead of the old man's face, his face looked younger.

His amber eyes and pointy ears were visible due to the bright light, giving off an aura of dominance. He wore a simple black robe with a first-tier defensive spell inscribed on it and normal leather boots. His blonde hair was shining brightly due to the golden light coming from every direction, making him look more handsome.

As Abium reached the peak of the final mountain, his lips arched upward. Because what he saw was not some random lava pool but a large 200-meter tall temple! Moreover, the temple had almost covered a kilometer radius of land and appeared red.

He quickly hung his mid-tier short sword on his waist and climbed down to the summit where the red plants planted on the temple entrance sides. As he walked near the entrance, he noticed that those plants' leaves were thicker and had a strange star pattern. Abium could easily guess that they were magic plants and became curious.

'Somehow, I have a feeling that I'm going to need one of these leaves in the future.' He got stunned a bit by the strange foreknowledge and began to collect a dozen of Red leaves. After that, Abium went near the entrance while glancing around warily and noticed a big magic array circle was placed in front of him.

'What is this place?' He didn't think much about the strange magic array and went ahead.

But as he walked on the circle, Azolla suddenly noticed the magic pattern and warned him.


But it was too late!

The magic array started to flicker as Abium's foot touched the array center, and soon a crimson fire enveloped the whole temple.

'What kind of spell is this?!' Abium stared at the crimson fire, which was already enshrouded the large temple with both shock and astonishment.

'It's not a legendary spell.' Azolla said with a consoling tone, but Abium could feel something was amiss. He silently gazed at the magic array and started to study the spell model inscribed on the magic array. After a few minutes of studying, he confirmed a total of more than twenty thousand runic letters inscribed in that magic array. Although he couldn't find any meaning due to some strange array circle, he confirmed that it was a third-tier spell model.

'This must be a third-tier spell, right?' Abium asked with a stunned expression on his face. He had already seen those second-tier spell models and knew each of those spells had more than two thousand runic letters. So, he instantly guessed as he looked at the spell model.

'Yes! It's called Sun's Glare. Although this spell's defensive capability is less when comparing with other defensive spells, this Sun's Glare would be able to hold on for a much longer time. Well, you will be much safer inside this temple, so utilize this opportunity and start concentrate on studying runes.' Azolla replied solemnly. Abium also thought for a bit and agreed. After he talked with Rune mage Ubius earlier, Abium knew that he needed to learn more about runes if he wants to shine in that field. But before that, he needed to do one last work.

Abium slowly turned his gaze towards the two-meter tall unlocked golden gate and went near it with wary eyes. A scarlet-colored bird symbol was seen at the center of the gate, giving him a warm feeling.

'This is a real Phoenix bird!' Abium guessed instantly and walked further as he pushed open the gate calmly. He entered the hallway, which was filled with thousands of circular red pillars supporting the blue ceiling. Multiple window holes were opened on the sides, letting crimson lights from outside to illuminate the grand hallway. The floor was well carpeted with silk clothes and looked more beautiful. But there was no smile on Abium's face. Instead, his face turned grim.

Because he saw thousands of humanoid skeletons lying on the well-carpeted floor, and most of them looked like they died while worshipping.

'They are not humans!' Abium's amber eyes widened. He bent down his waist a bit and touched one of the humanoid skeletons with a curious look.

The next instant, all those bones started to fall and turned into white powders! Even their clothes and ornaments became turned into dust while leaving nothing behind. Although Abium knew warriors' bones would take a much longer time to decompose fully, he was still somewhat surprised.

He could guess that all these humanoids were above the fourth tier from the strange symbols on their body clothes. From the information he learned from the elven library in the past, first-tier warrior's bones would take long years to decompose into dust.

'Kid, these guys died more than seven thousand years ago.' Azolla spoke in a confused tone.

More than seven thousand years! Abium slowly moved to one skeleton after another and checked if there was anything valuable in those dust. As he started searching, he even saw many spatial rings began to disintegrate into powders due to some strange corrosive effect on every ring and weapons. After 3 hours, he thoroughly checked half of the hall and became utterly stunned. He couldn't even get one single artifact!

Finally, he shifted his gaze towards the other half and squinted sharper. He could see some skeletons were already turned into dust a few meters away and became more cautious.

'Someone had already come to this place!' That was the only answer Abium thought as he saw those places. He could even see some footprints on the dust and gripped his sword tighter. He then followed after the footprints with a grim look and finally noticed it led to the sanctum sanctorum at the center of the temple.

Only then did he noticed that there were a total of four entrances to this temple and figured this person must have come here through another door. He creased his eyebrows and once again moved cautiously towards the sanctum sanctorum. As he walked near the sanctum, he noticed this main room was also unlocked.

He pondered for a moment as he arrived in front of the entrance gate to sanctum sanctorum and stared at it for more than a minute. First, he cast the 'Seer's Intuition' spell. After confirming there was no reaction, he pushed the door open and entered inside. But the next moment, what he saw made his heart freeze.

He saw an altar placed at the center, and above that altar was a large Phoenix Bird statue. But that didn't freeze his heart in shock. He saw something strange below Phoenix Bird's statue.