Chapter 138: The Watcher
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Chapter 138: The Watcher

"That paper must have saved her from your Finger of Dark spell," Ulzez commented as he spat a mouthful of blood. In the meantime, the transparent shadow prison that covered Akina's body broke into multiple pieces like glasses.

"Haa! I thought using my innate spell would attract too much attention, but it seems I have no choice now." Ulzez said while glancing at the pale-faced Alius and then sighed regretfully. After that, he clicked his tongue and a single word in the abyssal language.


A second later, his body began to grow into a twenty-meter tall red lizard-like being. His fingers turned into sharp red claws, and a long red tail also appeared behind him.

Abium, who stood on the watchtower, became dumbfounded. His amber eyes widened as he stared at the monster with a shocked face.

That was a real red dragon!

Not only him, but even those spies from other organizations, churches, and nearby kingdoms were also shocked. They thought this was just some kind of experiment test, but it seems everyone was deeply mistaken this time.

Everyone felt Blood Domain's power when the Blood moon appeared a while ago and knew the enemy was a formidable one. But to their surprise, they saw the academic mages were handling the enemy with equal power. Moreover, those spies now realized a few powerful people hidden in the Kaummiths academy and became more cautious. Everyone seemed to have underestimated this Kaummiths' magic tower and became nervous inside.

Meanwhile, Ulzez completely transformed into a red dragon formed and stood while intimidating everyone.

It was Ulzez's innate spell called Dragon Transformation. Once he used this spell, he would be able to use the real Red Dragon's abilities. His strength and vitality would increase two folds for the next 10 seconds. But there was also a price he had to pay for using this ability. Once he used this transformation ability, his body would be weakened, and it would take at least one or two weeks to recover his strength.

Ulzez stood opposing that pale-faced blood child and opened his two scarlet wings widely. He then flapped his wings forcefully and shot towards the floating child with his huge body, destroying the nearby buildings. Akina stared coldly at the dragon from the sky and quickly gripped her hands tightly as if she was controlling something invisible. Simultaneously, she took out a crimson dagger from the red void and sprinted towards the incoming dragon without any fear in her eyes.

In a blink, she arrived near the large dragon's mouth, lightly stepped on the thin air to evade being bitten, and then landed on Ulzez's dragon head. Without any hesitation, she thrust her dagger directly onto Ulzez's head. Although the dagger couldn't cut deep through Ulzez's head, at least it gave a shallow wound.

As Akina pulled out the dagger, she saw that the wound got healed in a blink of an eye. But instead of a frown, there was a playful smile appeared on her face. Without any delay, she flew up in the sky and licked the crimson drop of blood with an evil smirk.

Meanwhile, Ulzez also turned his red lizard-like head and looked at her with shocked eyes. He had miscalculated the enemy. He didn't expect she had a weapon that could injure a Red dragon's body. He instantly knew what that weapon was.

It was a legendary dagger!

As those thoughts whirled through his head, his body instantly became sluggish. He could feel some invisible force starting to control his body while suppressing his spirit.

'No! I can't let this divine power control my body.' Ulzez thought to himself and pulled all his energy into a single attack. He then opened his dragon mouth widely while glaring at the Blood child, full of rage, and let out a thunderous roar!

A second later, a dense fire elemental energy infused with chaos fire came from his lizard mouth. Like a volcanic eruption, a pure red fire shot out from Ulzez's mouth, pierced through the air, and then wholly enveloped the Blood child. But it didn't stop there. It burned the Blood Child completely, and the pure chaos fire directly entered the dark cloud above.

A moment later, a deafening explosion shook the whole kingdom as if hundreds of thunders appeared at once. The entire kingdom saw the dark clouds turned into a crimson color and soon returned to normal. But there was no happiness on Ulzez's face as he saw that the charred body was still floating up in the sky. Only the legendary dagger was nowhere to be seen.

"Even my dragon's breath couldn't be able to kill her." He let out a bitter laugh as he sensed immeasurable pain from all over his body and barely maintained his consciousness to see what was happening outside. He could feel his body starting to shrunken quickly, and soon he fell on the ground while keeping his gaze at the charred body. There was no despair or any worry in his eyes. Instead, it was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Yes, he had finally made this former demigod to be cooked alive!

'This is the end for me!' He sighed at his hopeless situation.

At the same time, Akina, the Blood child, was feeling unbearable pain and was barely controlling her body to hover in the air. The 'Dragon's Breathe' had already harmed her body, and now she was on the verge of going berserk. Looking down, Akina let out a sigh of relief and noticed that the dragonkin was already defeated. Finally, she had succeeded in defeating that damn dragonkin. She could feel her body was healing at high speed and got relaxed.

As she was about to get her reward, she felt the spatial fluctuation from her behind. Akina turned her deep blue eyes sharply and saw a blonde-haired elf appeared behind her. He was now looking at her coldly while using two crimson wings to float in the air. But what made her expression stiffen up was that she saw a long black sword in that elf's hand. It was finely crafted, and she could tell with a single glance that a legendary blacksmith forged this sword. But that was not the reason she felt anxious. Instead, she saw a greenish aura around that blade while giving off a scary feeling.

Master-level aura!

Her face went horrified as she instantly recognized the sword aura!

Meanwhile, Abium raised that legendary long sword and slashed at her vertically without hesitation.

Everyone, including those who watched the battle through strange artifacts, saw Abium's sharp sword directly sliced through the Blood Child's head and directly split her body into two. Slowly, two half split bodies fell on the ground with horrified eyes and crashed on the town square, which now looked ruined entirely. Abium also slowly descended and landed near Ulzez and Alius. But he didn't take his eyes off from the blood child's body and stared at the figure with full vigilance.

"Mage Abium, you once again surprised us." A weary voice came from his back, and soon he saw Tabitha was walking near him. Abium didn't reply; instead, he stared at the Blood child's body with a deep frown on his forehead.

"Lower your sword, elf. Blood Child is dead." Alius, who already arrived near to him, also said with a sigh.

"No, I don't think she will die that easily," Abium said solemnly while gripping Duke Adhemer's legendary sword tightly. At the edges of that sword, now there was no green aura. Instead, it was only covered in an advanced red aura. During the last attack, Abium had used almost half of his mana to use master level sword aura. He could only be able to use that attack once again and only for just two seconds.

As he had expected, everyone felt the whole town started to shine in bright red light all of a sudden, and layers of red lines began to spread everywhere like spider webs. Even Anne and Mark, who stood at the other end of the town, felt an evil aura from the town square and quickly ran in the other direction. Although they couldn't see anything from that far, they felt fear when looking at those strange red lights.

Abium, Alius, Ulzez, and Tabitha suddenly heard strange echoes and cries from all those red lines. A moment later, it turned into multiple screams filled with pain, sadness, joy, pleasure, and fear.

Everyone's hair stood up!

Abium then witnessed a horrifying thing that he had never seen in his life. He saw the two sliced bodies combined into one and formed into the same bluish-Blood child appearance. She once again opened her blue eyes and then stood up with a cold face.

Abium didn't dare to delay any longer and linked his soul to the mysterious throne hall. After that, he controlled his other small soul form, let the soul moved towards 'Time divinity,' and then touched it.

In the physical world, Abium curled his lips upward and spoke coldly.

"Attack me with your best ruthless spell." His words surprised everyone. But they didn't have any choice but to trust his words. They knew this kid had many secrets and didn't dare to delay any longer. With their last bit of energy, everyone cast their most ruthless spell while gulping down mana potions.

Meanwhile, the Blood child disappeared and soon appeared in front of Ulzez in a blink. When she was about to use her bloodied claw-like hand to puncher a hole on his chest, Abium spoke in a cold tone while tapping his Miracle star bracelet.


The trinket in his hand gave off a dim yellow glow, and then everything began to change.

Akina felt two different divine spells attacking her body, and soon one of the divine spells changed her position with the strange blonde-haired elf. But before she could use a defensive blood spell, another divine spell obstructed her ability to think.

But that was enough for everyone.

Even Dragonkin Ulzez had used his last bit of energy to stand up and tore a black scroll while throwing a fist-sized transparent crystal.

The next instant, a transparent knife shot through the air and stuck on that Blood child's forehead, and exploded with a bang. Simultaneously, a dark sword and an ice spear appeared in front of her and struck Akina's chest while completely tearing it. She now resembled more like a mutilated corpse than a pitiful child.

In the meantime, Abium also used all of his energy to maintain the master level sword aura as he blinked in front of her and slashed at the bloodied figure multiple times in just two seconds.

Soon, everyone saw that the humanoid bloodied body split into countless pieces of fleshes and fell on the ground while painting everyone's clothes in scarlet color.

Abium felt dizziness due to the exhausted mana and almost stumbled back a few steps. But before he could fall on the ground, Tabitha managed to catch him and poured a blue-colored potion into his mouth. Abium soon noticed that his dizziness feeling was fading away. Instead of joy, his face turned ugly.

He saw that those multiple flesh pieces and blood once again started to gather together in a blink.

All those sliced fleshes and bones combined into one and formed into a bloody humanoid figure. It had no eyes, no nose or mouth. It was just a figure filled with blood and flesh.

"F*ck!" Tabitha cursed out loud and took a few steps back while dragging Abium.

"!....Waahhhh!" But suddenly, a strange combination of ugly song and child's cry broke everyone's thoughts.

Abium was the first one to notice something odd as he saw the divine trinket was still not broken, and he knew the strange sound was coming from the trinket.

'Oh, sh*t!'

Before anyone could notice, a strange black smoke came out from the trinket and formed into a one-year-old naked male baby who had black hair and blue eyes. The baby crawled towards flesh and blood, gathering together into a bloody humanoid figure, and spoke in a blabbering tone.

"Fath Sdeal! (Fate steal)"

A moment later, all the flesh, blood, and even those sliced bones began to rot at an unimaginable speed and soon turned into ash, leaving a strange thumb-sized red petal. Simultaneously, a twenty-meter tall illusionary hydra with nine heads appeared above the baby's head and then swallowed the red petal. Before others could understand the situation, the illusionary figure, along with the naked baby, disappeared in front of their eyes.

Everyone became dumbfounded for a moment. In the meantime, Ulzez turned his gaze towards Abium and stared at him in confusion and suspicion.

"'Cough!' Don't look at me like that. I don't know him. But I think he is the one who released you from the prison." Abium said while shaking his head. He could feel they still didn't trust his words, but they chose to stay silent. They knew if not for his help, all of them would have defeated long ago.

"Kid, it seems that baby wrote a letter for you." Alius stood up with a frown as he walked near the area where that baby stood before and bent forward to pick something up.

Everyone saw a small piece of white paper was laid on the ground. Without even minding others' puzzled looks, Alius picked it up and threw it towards Abium while saying solemnly.

"You gained my trust, elf. If not for your help, we might already be defeated and even killed. Everyone has secrets, so we mages won't pry yours'." As he said that, he raised his hand and snapped his finger. A heartbeat later, a cloud of golden some came out from Abium's body and returned to Alius.

Meanwhile, Abium let out a relieved sigh and then nodded solemnly. After a few seconds, Anne and Mark also arrived at the town square and started helping Tabitha and Ulzez while asking what had happened during the battle.

Shaking his head, Abium slowly went towards a corner and started reading the letter.

"Hello, Royal Elf, I think it's time for us to make a deal. You must have already guessed about me. Yes, I'm not strong enough. That's the reason I manipulated others to get this Blood divinity.

Here is another deal. Steal a beating gray heart in the Holy See's underground seventh secret chamber, and I will fulfill my promise. You have only ten years to finish that job; otherwise, I will do it independently. Don't forget that I will also take my bracelet if you didn't complete that mission. As for the help from my side, I already gave you one. It is that trinket in your hand. Using the divine trinket, you will be able to use the 'Switch' Fate divine spell once per day.

-The Watcher."

Once Abium finished reading that letter, his expression turned into a frown and then into solemn. How could he not able to guess that was the Watcher's scheme?

Steal something from Holy See's underground secret chamber? That's a suicidal mission!

Abium had already guessed this Watcher was after something big. Although he didn't expect he would have to steal something from Holy See, he didn't want to miss this opportunity. He silently tapped that Miracle star and moved that trinket towards it. Miracle star was an intellectual artifact, so it knew that this strange trinket could help Abium during battles.

Without receiving any orders from Abium, it created a small space for the trinket to attach to it. Abium was pleased by the Miracle star's response as he nodded with a pleasant smile and attached the trinket. After that, Abium thought of the 'Watcher' real identity and soon shook his head.

'Tsk, stop acting like you can control everything, Watcher. Do you want to play with me? Then don't get offended when you found out you are the one being played.' Abium snorted inwardly and stood up. Only then did he notice that there was a pair of malicious eyes was staring at him from his left side.

He didn't even glance at the blonde-haired male and quickly went near Tabitha. After that, he silently sat next to her and started gathering information about the Arcane Empire. He knew that his next destination would be the Arcane Empire after he visits the Taiga sloth woods. Although he had a feeling that his plan would change soon, he didn't put much thought into it.