Chapter 149: Madness
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Chapter 149: Madness

Slum Street, Commoners' Borough.

It was around noon. Inside a large house, a red-haired lady sat on a luxurious chair and looked at the documents placed on the table with a serious expression on her face. In front of her were a total of five men who were eagerly waiting for the payment. Their eyes were glued on her beautiful two melons, which made her a little uncomfortable. But she didn't dislike their lustful gaze, though; instead, she liked it very much.

''You guys did great work today.'' She seductively said and bent her waist a bit. A second later, her loose gown revealed her two beautiful melons to those five. As she was about to tease these five little fellas, she suddenly froze for a second as she saw a black-haired boy appeared in the room just a few feet away from them.

Without any other choice, she straightened her waist and bowed at Abium respectfully while standing up.

''My lord, we manage to collect all those information.''

As those five men heard Kate's words, they opened their eyes wide and then turned their heads with an angry expression on their faces. Well, they didn't expect that someone would dare to interrupt their precious time and got annoyed inside. But what made them frown a little was that their master addressed this skinny kid with respect. All five of them sized the black-haired kid up and down and became more displeased.

'Is he noble?' A thought came to their minds. But even if this kid was a noble, they didn't have any worry because, in this city, even nobles had to abide by Mage Sean's rules. Although they were displeased by this kid's intrusion, they didn't show it on their faces and stood there arrogantly.

Meanwhile, Abium slowly went near the table and glanced at the papers one by one.

After reading those papers, Abium fell into a deep silence as he sat on the chair.

'It seems there is no ruin in these woods. Instead, it's a dungeon. Some adventurers managed to found it two months ago and then report it to Adventure's guild. But Light Church and the Royal family quickly acted and silenced everyone who knew this information. Hmm? Wait a minute...2 months ago? Isn't that the same time those necromancers broke the last seal? Hmm, those seals seem to have some connection to these dungeons.

Yes, I do remember that the dungeon's appearance became more frequent after those seals got broken. Heh, it explains everything.' Abium nodded in understanding as he made a guess and then looked at the next page, which contains information about the ones who would participate in the upcoming expedition.

'As expected, one is Light church members, then Royal Family and a mysterious organization named Red Pyth-' Abium's amber eyes squinted sharper as he halted his words, and quickly his face became icy cold. 'Red Python? They are so daring. Why are they beginning to act without hiding their presence? I need to be more careful. If I'm not wrong, 'The Watcher' was the one who manipulated the members of the Red Python members and planned the whole King's assassination incident. I must find out some information about this shady organization.' Abium quickly took a note and shifted his gaze towards the table.

There was simply one piece of paper placed on it, and it had five names written on it.

'Hooper, Nadine, Selma, Smith, and Roysia? Somebody is searching for them? For what?' Upon seeing their names on the list, Abium frowned as he took the paper from the table and asked in curiosity.

''Who asked this information about these five?''

''That's none of your business, brat.'' Before Kate could respond, a brown-haired man, who was around 30-years-old, said coldly and then unsheathed his dagger from his waist.

''Tell me.'' Abium raised his tone and gave him a piercing glare. The next instant, the brown-haired man, got infuriated and threw his dagger at Abium's forehead like a skilled assassin. Abium's eyes squinted sharper as he saw that the dagger was coated in purple-colored liquid.

''John, stop it.'' Kate's expression also turned gloomy as she saw that her servant was attacking a mage and shouted. But it was too late. The poison coated knife flew towards Abium at high speed and almost arrived in front of Abium's forehead in a blink. A moment later, everyone saw that kid's hand moved like a flash and grabbed the dagger's tip like it was nothing.

''Oh? A high-tier dagger!'' Abium smiled as he examined the weapon and then shifted his gaze towards the guy named John.

''Where did you get this weapon?'' He asked.

A second later, the smile on Abium's face vanished and was replaced with a frown. In the dagger, he sensed some dark energy was mingled in it and got serious.

'Something is wrong with this dagger. Hmm, I feel a familiar smell.' Abium muttered to himself and then stared at John's eyes. In an instant, Abium noticed that guy's eyes turned bloodshot and almost looked like a mad dog's eyes.

''Madness!'' Abium spoke gravely and blinked behind John. Without showing any hesitation, he then stabbed the dagger directly into John's back.

A second later, a shrill cry reverberated inside the hall, and soon John fell while grabbing his chest tighter.

''Madness, indeed. So, tell me now, who are you?'' Abium asked while grabbing John's brown hair tightly. Upon hearing Abium's question, a wicked smile appeared on John's face as he spoke in a chilling abyssal tone.

''I'm coming for you all, mortals.''

Abium stared at John for a second and soon blurted out in the same Abyssal tongue as he heard the familiar voice.

''You are that Snake Demon, Susur!''

Meanwhile, John's skin changed into black with red lines all over his body and appeared to be already on the verge of exploding.

''Keh?..., interesting! So you even knew about Abyssal Language and me? I have been waiting for all this time to vent my anger.'' John said creepily and smiled mysteriously. Abium's face changed as he held the dagger and beheaded John with a swoosh.

After that, he quickly cast a fireball spell and burned the demonized body without leaving any trace. Meanwhile, the remaining four guys and the Red-haired thief guild leader Kate stood there with a stunned expression on their faces. This change was so quick, which made all of them stood there like idiots.

''This expedition is going to be a pain in the ass. Well, I think I can take care of this Demon if I get my hands on the Dark blade.'' Abium spoke casually and turned his head towards red-haired Kate.

''My lord, we will never tell a soul about what had happened here.'' Kate got scared out of her wits and sputtered.

''Nah, spread this news to everyone. Tell everyone that a snake demon named Susur will participate in tomorrow's expedition with the Red python members. Make this news look like a secret one.'' Abium's lips curled upward as he said those words and added. ''Also, tell others its target will be Light church, Bishop Piers.''

Kate became dumbfounded for a while and soon nodded with a smile on her face as she understood Abium's intention.

Abium knew that Demon Susur would definitely participate in the upcoming expedition and smirked inwardly.

'Rilos's appearance here in this city made me puzzle a bit. But this Demon's arrival confirmed my suspicion. Hmm, from the Vision, I can tell Rilos and I would act like allies...Wait a minute...That imp faced Demon from the Vision...Is he also Susur? Possible! Hmm, he must have a divinity along with him. I need to be more careful then.' Abium made a quick change in his plan and thought one of his main priorities was to kill the Demon during this expedition.

Casting those thoughts away, Abium looked into Kate's bewitching scarlet eyes and asked,

''Okay, how much is the payment for this information?''

''50 white gold coins, my lord.'' She replied and then turned her gaze towards the other four guys. But now, there was no playfulness on her face; instead, her face was filled with full of vigilance. After she saw how John became a demon in few seconds, she got nervous and scared inside.

''My lord, what about them?'' Kate asked while nervously glancing at the four guys.

''Don't worry, they are normal guys. If you plan on playing with them, there will be no problem.'' Abium said with a chuckle as he placed a bag full of gold coins on the table and then asked.

''What about the task I gave you earlier to find the grey-haired old man?''

Kate's eyes widened as she had almost forgotten about giving that information and spoke,

''I found a similar person working in the Royal capital, my lord. His name is Edel, and he is an apprentice mage and also a disciple of a first-tier royal mage.'' Abium frowned and soon fell into deep thoughts.

'Hmm, should I put a bounty on his head? Or should I release this information about him to the royal family?' Abium rubbed his template and soon made up his mind.

''Spread the news about this guy all over the Royal City. He is a spy of Light church and is scheming a big plan to control the Royal family. He already revealed some confidential information about an artifact to Light church, so warn the citizens and Royal Family to be cautious of this guy.'' Abium didn't want to waste his time on some random spy, so he thought of releasing the truth about him to the public was more than enough.

He knew that once this news spread to the Royal capital, everyone in the Royal palace would guard up against this guy and might put him under constant watch. Well, Abium wouldn't be surprised if they were executed in the name of treason in the future. After he said those words, Abium's figure disappeared from there, leaving one woman and four muscular guys in the room.

Kate made a deep sigh and ordered.

''You guys can go back and do your regular job after cleaning this charred corpse. As for your payment, you will get that later.''

All of them nodded their heads solemnly and started cleaning the room.