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Once upon a time, I was an orphan. A worthless kid. A street rat. Broken and bruised is what I had for childhood memories with no one to hold on to.

But one day, someone reaches out their hand upon me, a butler. A kind butler that taught me how to live, how to work, and how to be myself.

But life's full of twists and turns. In a job that I've back then, everything starts to go downhill.

Goblins attack the caravan that I'm part of and massacred everyone. Left with no choice, I ran into the forest. I'm not a warrior, much less a hero of the day.

An unknown elite soldier saved me, and I met another teacher in my life, but in the end, it's all for naught because wars are destroying everything I hold dear. And that's including my own life.

My name's Abium. And soon, I would die and rest from this cruel world that I live in.

Would I?