Chapter 1: Reborn
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Chapter 1 – Reborn

It was soft, dark midnight. It was the gloom that came just before the sunrise, a kind of darkness that helps the orange and gold blossom across the sky.

The dark encouraged Abium to fall asleep as he shut his eyes, tossing and turning in a futile attempt to slip away from the depths of unconsciousness.

Blissfully unaware, a crushing pain just on one side of his head came and went in a pattern.

It made him want to pace about, but he couldn't able to sit, couldn't able to lie down, or relax. He felt as if there was an entity trying to break his skull open.

Gradually, the pain started to vanish, and he recovered his senses.

A groan leaked out from his mouth as he woke up, rubbing his black eyes with both of his hands. Abium looked around in confusion and noticed that he was in a room that looked so familiar!

He scanned the 10x10 ft room while lying on the wooden bed and widened his eyes. On his right side was a broken table, and on it were a few linen clothes laid in a disorderly manner.

"This is… my old room?!" He muttered out loud in shock. He saw the same shabby and slightly poorly polished interior and became confused.

As he was in confusion, a mirror hanged on the wall caught his attention. He took off the old quilt and stood up from the bed while massaging his template to ease away the headache. Only then he noticed his reflection and instantly froze.

Because what he saw was a young boy, not a middle-aged man!

He had the same straight black hair, deep-set pitch-black eyes, and the same oval face. Abium also noticed he was wearing a ragged brown linen shirt and pants and finally confirmed the youthful body was his childhood one!

A chill went down to his spine as he looked at his reflection!

Abium knew that the Kolgath demon's claw had already pierced through his body and already killed him on the spot. But to his astonishment, now he was standing here alive, and what's more unbelievable was that he looked younger than the age before he died!

He found it very hard to accept.

'Why my body looks younger? I should have already died on the battlefield. But how did I come here?' A series of questions whirled inside his head.

Even though Abium couldn't speculate how he went back in time, the truth was right in front of him!

Suddenly, a glimpse of the memory of his silver bracelet glowed at the last moments of his death came to his mind.

'Is this because of the silver bracelet?' He knitted his eyebrows and soon started to understand the secrets behind his time travel.

Abium clearly remembered how he had obtained that bracelet. He got it luckily when exploring a high-level dungeon.

Abium recalled that dungeon's history. It was related to Udnir, God of Time. He was a mysterious god who had no followers.

Abium guessed somehow he traveled back in time because of that artifact. He let out a deep sigh and thought of what to do next. He took a deep breath and first checked his body condition. Soon the seriousness on his face disappeared and replaced with a happy smile.

"I'm a normal mortal now!" He became excited and thrilled as he spoke out loud. In the past, Abium chose the Warrior path and miserably died under the claw of a Greater Demon. But now, he had an opportunity to choose the right track.


Unlike warriors who were seen everywhere all over the kingdom, Mages were mysterious peoples who could command heaven and earth within their palms. Even a fourth tier warrior had to bow to an apprentice mage respectfully or else he wouldn't keep his life the next day. That's the real power of magic.

'I will change my future and would become a powerful mage.' He clenched his fist and mumbled himself. Abium vowed to become stronger than anyone, so he didn't have to be afraid of being killed by a random stranger. He soon searched his memory of his young body and guessed the right date and time.

Easica calendar Year 10291, September 3rd.

'Did I transmigrate on the day before the ambush?' Abium frowned.

Now it's midnight. Abium transmigrated a few hours before departing to the royal capital. His pupil shrank sharper as he thought of his current situation.

'I need to do some preparations. My body is too weak to face those monsters in Baxborn woods.' He thought inwardly.

He recalled the gruesome deaths that happened on their way to the Royal capital in the past and became worried. Soon his eyes turned cold, and he muttered in a chilling tone.

"But, I'm not a naive boy as before."

Abium quickly took his sword from the nearby cupboard and held it with his right hand while removing the sheath.

'I still have the Master level swordsmanship!' It was an Ability that requires an in-depth understanding of sword art. This sword's ability grows alongside the understanding of the user.

It allows one to infuse their sword technique with mana from the user's body, granting them cutting power. The sword technique he practiced was a modification of the original 'advanced royal sword technique.'

Abium received this Royal sword technique from Prince Raollet after completing one of the dangerous escort missions.

To fulfill the promise, Prince even gave him a splendid sword technique. An advanced sword technique was a priceless treasure for ordinary warriors and low-rank nobles. So Abium still respected that Prince for keeping his words.

A yellowish sunshine sword aura enveloped that sword as he sends mana into it, but after a few seconds, he stopped. Due to the mana exhaustion, he felt a crushing pain appeared all over his body and head.

His breath grew heavy, and he felt his head started to become dizzy. Without any other choice, Abium quietly sat down on his wooden bed while wiping the tears from his eyes and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

'I need to be extra careful when using the sword!'

The pain started to fade as he stood up from the bed. Although he was a master swordsman before his death, and his understanding of the sword art was higher than any other in this kingdom, he still lacked one crucial thing.


Practicing the sword technique consumes mana. It varies based on the type of sword aura.

With a measly amount of mana inside his body, he could maintain the basic sword aura for a few minutes without any problem. But he doesn't have enough mana to use an Intermediate sword aura. With his knowledge, Abium made an accurate calculation and confirmed that he could only maintain the intermediate sword aura for around three seconds.

Not only warriors, even mages, would love to practice sword techniques in earlier stages. Although mages would spend most of their time constructing spells and meditation, some would still spend their time practicing sword arts.

Abium had already planned to walk on mages' path; otherwise, he knew his fate would repeat like before. But it was not an easy thing.

To become a mage, Abium needs many things like mana cultivation technique, spirit cultivation technique, and spell models.

'But the problem is those greedy nobles. There is no way they would let me enter into the magic academy so easily. Ha! I need to get out of this mansion and find the spatial artifact. I also need to check what is hidden behind that black door.' Abium shook his head with a deep sigh and thought about how to get out of this current predicament.