Chapter 3 – Wisdom Potion
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Chapter 3 - Wisdom Potion

Abium began to recall the main ingredients of the Wisdom potion.

'The main ingredients are Flux Seeds, magic stone, and sprinkles of Blue Herb.'

Unlike the real alchemic potions, these potions were just normal ones and mostly used by commoners. So, Abium didn't have to buy those ingredients using hundred of gold coins from merchants.

'Flux seeds are mostly used for cooking, so I think I can get a few from the kitchen. As for the blue herb, I might find it in the garden.' Abium's narrowed his eyes.

Blue herb was an ornamental plant, so he didn't have to sneak outside to search for those herbs. He once again walked out of his room with a solemn look and directly went to the kitchen building to collect a few Flux seeds. After he finished collecting a few seeds, he walked out of the kitchen and stealthily moved towards the Lawbarth mansion.


A few minutes later, Abium returned to his old shabby room and placed few Flux seeds, three blue herbs, a leather bottle filled with pure water, a Fire burner, and some utensils on the wooden table. Then, he wiped those sweats on his forehead and went back to the door to lock it from the inside. He inhaled deeply to calm his fiercely thumping heart and glanced outside towards those warriors through the small window after he locked the door.

A few moments ago, he had almost alerted those guards when he came out of the Lawbarth mansion garden and got worried a little.

Once he noticed no guards were searching for any burglars, he breathed out a sigh of relief and turned his attention towards the wooden table. His lips curled upward as he walked near to the table and began to concentrate on making the Wisdom potion. First, he pulverized both low tier magic stone and Flux seeds using the Quern-stone. Then, Abium took a tiny vessel from the shelf and placed it on the wooden table.

Then he poured some pure water into a tiny vessel and boiled it using the Fire burner.

'I hope Alfred wouldn't find out one Fire Burner went missing in the kitchen until we depart.' He prayed silently and waited while checking the color changes in the liquid. After a few minutes of waiting, Abium noticed a slight change in the color and added sprinkles of the blue herb into it. The next instant, a sweet aroma appeared inside his room and began to spread in every direction. At the same time, Abium noticed the liquid color began to change from transparent to light green and smiled.

A second later, he added those powdered Flux seeds and magic stone into the liquid and continued to heat it till the liquid resembled more like gelatin. After that, he waited for another minute and then noticed the color changed from green to yellow.

When the liquid became a bright yellow color, he cooled it down and waited for the temperature to reduce.

Once the liquid temperature began to reduce, it went from a semi-solid state to a liquid state.

'Done!' He grinned widely.

Drinking this potion wouldn't give any benefit to warriors. But for ordinary mortals, it would be a treasure. But the problem was, commoners wouldn't be able to get many low-tier magic crystals in their hands. Even if they did get their hands on these low tier magic stones, they would better sell them to the guild than wasting it on experimenting.

Gulp! Gulp!

Abium quickly took that potion and gulped it without any delay. A bitter taste appeared in his mouth, which made it harder for him to swallow.


As the potion entered his stomach, a crushing pain struck him all over again. The pain appeared like icy wind choking his lungs' breath and making a noose around his neck.

Pant! Pant! Groan!

It was savage; bitter blasts cut right to his bones and gripped his brain in its freezing claws. His heart constricted in its wake as if not sure if it should go on beating. He slowly sat on his bed while grabbing his head without even have any time to wipe those tears away. Finally, after a few minutes, his expression returned to normal. But he felt there was still discomfort due to forcibly raising his mana and sighed deeply.

Now, his body was soaked with full of sweats. But on his face, there was a bright smile appeared. Following that, a small relief sigh came out of his mouth.

Without any delay, Abium closed his eyes as he sat on his wooden bed and observed the changes happening inside his body. He noticed the improvement of mana inside his body and also felt a change in his soul.

By the time he finished everything, outside darkness had started to fade and be replaced with full radiance brightness.

'It's time. I don't want to waste any minute here.' He muttered to himself and then started to pack a few things for the morning trip in a drawstring leather bag.

After fifteen minutes, Abium walked out of his room and moved towards the yard where a few servants and soldiers stood while chattering. Abium now wore a linen smock shirt and black pants and looked like a real servant. As he walked near to the group, he combed his messy black hair using his bare hands and then shifted his gaze towards the outside of the Lawbarth mansion.

He noticed the city in the daylight, the city which he never thought of seeing again. Roseglen city was enormous. It was beautiful and so much color. Some obelisks rose high, casting their shadows across the rest ground. One could quickly tell this Viscount had spent so much money on this city with a single glance. Many buildings made of bricks were seen everywhere, and the outside street roads looked cleaner.

While gazing at those buildings, Abium thought of the upcoming journey. It was a journey to the Royal capital, Dewsummit city. By carriage, it would take at least five days to reach there.

The journey to the Royal capital was for Viscount's son Robert's future studies. Robert was planning to attend the mage selection test on September 10th, which would be conducted by the Kaummiths Institute of Magic. The aptitude and other tests would be held in front of the Royal city's northern tower in the next few days.

'What a lucky bastard!' Abium turned his head and looked at the 15 yr old boy, who was now walking out from the mansion with two servants. He wore a luxurious silk gown, high-quality leather shoes and also wore many golden ornaments.

'Gauvain's younger son, Robert.'

He had short blonde hair, round caramel-colored eyes, and slightly obese with olive skin.

Like Abium, Robert also dreamed of becoming a mage from childhood. Viscount Gauvain was well aware of Robert's dream, so he pulled a few strings in the academy using his noble title and already reserved a seat for Robert in the academy. All Robert had to do now was to go there and attend those tests, and then those mages would decide if he had the capability of becoming a mage or not.

Of course, they wouldn't give back the money Viscount Gauvain paid in advance if Robert fails any of those tests.

'Humph, these nobles also don't have any guts to argue with those academic mages.'

If someone from the noble circle managed to become an apprentice mage by building a spell model in their mind within six months, then the institute would give them basic cultivation techniques to nurture their talent further. These were the privileges only available for nobles.

'Commoners? Well, commoners wouldn't even get any chance to see the northern magic tower anyway.' Abium sighed helplessly.

With the help of basic mana cultivation and basic spirit cultivation techniques, it might even take years for an apprentice mage to become a first-tier mage.

'But it is enough for the Viscount family to rise to a high-class noble. But, Gauvain doesn't have that much patience.'

'I still don't understand why this Viscount plots a grand scheme against the royal family after sending his son to become a mage. Well, this time, I will try to find more about his scheme.'

Abium silently took note in his mind. In the past, Abium also overheard that the students additionally had to sign a high-grade soul contract but didn't put much thought into it. For now, Abium didn't even have the privilege to go near the Northern tower.

He stood there pondering about getting his hand on a mana cultivation technique for a minute and silently shook his head as he saw a luxurious carriage was moving towards their direction from the carriage house.

'It's time.' He muttered to himself and studied the horse-drawn carriage.

Golden silk curtains were covered on both sides, and four wolf-like symbols were carved on all four wheels, which gave a unique beauty to the carriage. Straw-hat coachman gripped the reins on his right hand while holding a stick on his left and led the carriage on the grassy yard and then soon drove it near to Robert. After that, he gave an elegant bow as he stepped down from the carriage and opened the silver curtain.

Robert didn't even look at the coachman and hurriedly walked in.

Within a few minutes, everyone gathered outside the mansion and got ready to set out.

It was a rainy day.

The sound of feet on wet paving stones almost lost against the traffic; only the click of high heels still clear.

The hazy drops dampen the smoke's usual smell, and every face was on the blank-stressed spectrum - at 7:30 am, it's always the same.

There were 30 peoples, including five servants, to attend the Viscount Gauvain's heir, Robert.

Fifteen soldiers were tier 1 warriors, and nine soldiers were tier 2, then the remaining one person was the leader of this unit, a tier 3 warrior.

His name was Johnathan, a guy who would leave these servants and soldiers as scapegoats and run off with Robert and his household members.

Sometimes had some goblins attacked the carriage, but those goblins didn't pose much threat to the escort group.

A wavy black-haired warrior walked with a stern expression in front of the horse-drawn carriage and slashed his long sword at the upcoming goblin. With a simple slash, a small red streak appeared on that goblin's neck.

The next instant, the goblin's head rolled on the ground while leaving the body dancing in the muddy road. That black-haired warrior who had around 50 years old didn't even bat an eye on the headless body and kicked it. The next second, the body smashed onto the tree trunk and fell on the ground while twitching. Meanwhile, the goblin's head rolled towards the muddy path and was soon crushed by that luxurious carriage left wheel while splashing crimson blood everywhere.

If these goblins had attacked the carriage with large numbers, it would be tough to cope. But these stupid monsters knew nothing about tactics and would always be killed by the adventurers.

Although the whole trip was peaceful, yet only Abium knew this was the calm before the storm. But this time, he had a plan to save most of these servants and soldiers. Although it was a little hard to achieve, he could manage if he put in some effort.

'i can easily fight against monsters with second-tier strength by applying basic sword aura. But If I face against a monster with the strength of third-tier warrior head-on, then I would be dead in a few minutes.' He thought.

While he was contemplating deeply, the escort group already entered the Baxbron woods. Baxborn woods was a forest that separates Viscount Gauvain territory and Margrave Eliot's territory.

When they entered the forest, the sky vanished almost completely. Only a few fragments of blue remain- like scattered pieces of an impossible puzzle.

The air was rich with the fragrance of leaves and loam, damp too.

So many hours after the rains had passed, but the soil remained wet, releasing its heady fog.

Outside was the noon daylight, the powerful rays of early summer, but inside the forest, everything was cold, and the colors had the softness of the time before twilight.

The only movement was the occasional bird startling in a tree or a squirrel dashing up a nearby trunk.

While watching those scenes, Abium began to remember past incidents. During that time, everyone scattered in a different direction as the ambush began, and only three got out of the forest alive.

Those cruel monsters killed the remaining soldiers and servants one by one. But, when the other two soldiers went back to Roseglen city, they were immediately captured by the city guards and executed in the name of treason.

Then, Viscount Gauvain announced new city rules and put all the servants' names and soldiers' names on the wanted list so that they wouldn't have any opportunity to tell what happened in the woods to anyone.

He told everyone that those soldiers and servants stole his young son's magic item and ran off while others battled against goblins.

Because of that, Abium had to hide his face every time he went to Roseglen city.

Casting those bad memories aside, he started to focus his attention on the current situation. Abium might be only a peasant now, but he had already determined to walk on the path of mages.

Additionally, he thought of visiting a few other places to get some artifacts that would help him in the future.

'In the past, I completely forgot about the black door after I escaped from the woods, and by the time I thought of returning to that place, this whole woodland became completely occupied by monsters.' Abium smiled bitterly and began to search for any anomalies in the woods.