Chapter 8 – Elven Throne Room
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Chapter 8 – Elven Throne Room

After Abium stored all those remaining books inside his spatial ring, he moved towards the throne room. On the way, he walked past the treasury and found nothing but piles of dust. So he continued walks further towards the great hall. The throne hall resides in the Royal castle's heart, and soon he arrived in front of the massive metal door. After hesitating for a second, he pushed it with his hands and opened it. Once he opened the large black metal door, his eyes slowly widened.

An enormous hall appeared on his sight!

He glanced around the surroundings and assumed it could hold at least a thousand peoples inside. A large golden throne laid at the other end, and multiple metal chairs were placed on both sides.

While looking at the magnificent throne hall, he noticed something unusual up ahead a few ten meters near that throne, and got stunned!

He saw an enormous transparent crystal placed at the center. In the heart of that crystal, an abnormal being that neither resembled devil nor demons stood there frozen like a statue. Its skin was wholly dyed in dark red color and emitted a dense killing aura everywhere.

A horrifying figure appeared in Abium's vision, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably!

His body started to shivers all over without his control, and soon, he felt something was affecting his soul.

'What is that thing?' He stared at that creature with a wide gaped mouth.

It gave off an ominous aura around its body. With a single glance, Abium knew that being was born to destroy everything and contaminate the whole world.

'It's mere presence is causing me to feel like an insect.'

He peered into its eye and suddenly felt numb inside his mind. This time not because of panic but due he heard a call from that being.

'Come closer, child! Release me, and I will make you become the king of this plane!'

A tempting girlish voice came near his ears. It told Abium to get closer near that crystal. But abruptly, a small electric current like energy passed all over his body from somewhere and saved him.

'What was that?!'

The next second, he snapped out of it and became more alert.

He had a feeling this creature was much stronger than the demon that killed him in the past.

He observed the crystal closely and saw a total of 6 elven mages who were already encircled that being. But all their actions told Abium that they used some forbidden spell to seal themselves with that creature. All of them were floating inside the large crystal and appeared to be frozen in time!

At first, Abium thought something catastrophe occurred inside this city; now, this confirmed his doubt. However, he got no clue where this creature came from and what was this creature?

'It seems like it appeared out of nowhere.' He shook those thoughts and took a few steps away from that enormous crystal. Then, he shifted his gaze towards the throne. But soon, his eyes landed on multiple skeletons near to that throne, and he got more shocked. All those skeletons appeared to be corrupted by some black energy.

'Are these skeletons also like me?' A thought appeared in his mind, which caused him to think more about that ominous creature's original identity. He also noticed something inside his body that helped him resist that monster's temptation and got more confused.

Shaking his head, Abium once again moved his gaze towards the golden throne.

A golden rug runs from the throne down the center and loops back from both left and right while guidon banners with golden crowns dangle gently from the walls.

Some of them have lit and illuminated the wall paintings of powerful creatures below them between each flag.

Broad, washed glass windows concealed by draperies colored the same color as the banners. The screens have decorated with ornamented borders and intricate embroidery.

He was overwhelmed by the throne. In his childhood days, he had fantasized about becoming a monarch and about ruling over a kingdom.

But now, the throne appeared in front of him.

Some mysterious power manipulated his emotions and caused him to walk near the throne.

Without finding anything odd, he slowly walked towards the throne and stood near that throne while grinned foolishly. Although he knew there was a dangerous creature inside this hall, he didn't put that in his mind.

He took a deep breath and sat on the throne.


A sudden tremor appeared all over the great hall.

'What now?' He narrowed his eyes in annoyance and tried to get up. But he found his body stuck to the throne.

'Yup, I'm dead now.' Abium felt like smashing his head on to some rock.

'Wait! Why did I act recklessly? Moreover, why did my instinct warn me? No, something’s wrong.' Abium got anxious inside.

‘I shouldn’t have come here.’ His complexion turned gloomy.

Meanwhile, some magic letters emerged from the throne and then crawled towards his body. He felt something invisible power began to bind him with the throne. Abium tried to move his finger a little, but it was futile.

Slowly, the throne began to rise from the ground and floated one meter above the ground. On the other hand, the enormous crystal also rose and drifted towards his direction. No! It moved preciously towards the throne.

Seeing this strange scene, he got horrified!

Fear gripped his heart!

He continuously attempted to leave from the throne, but it's was still no use.

His palms went sweaty, and the adrenaline coursing through his system was shutting down his ability to think logically.

Slowly throne began to elevate off higher once again and moved closer towards that crystal!

He noticed there was only a 10-meter away from that crystal. Suddenly the temperature began to fall inside the throne hall, and a small blueish spatial crack appeared then formed into a portal-like structure. That portal's size started to grow bigger and soon looked like a massive wormhole.

The crystal then moved along with the monstrous being and six elven mages and then sucked into the portal. Abium watched the crystal disappeared into the empty void with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

After that, the portal remained there for a few seconds and slowly vanished from there. Abium stared dumbly at the place for a few seconds without even breathing. Once again, that golden throne moved. This time the throne began to descend to its original position, caused Abium to relax.

Cold sweat began to appear around his temples! He was frightened when the throne went towards that crystal and cursed himself not to act rashly again. He thought, somehow, he got away from this incident without anyone noticing him.

Wiping his sweats away, he began to think about what to do next. He didn't want to stay here in this creepy tower anymore. But, when he shifted his gaze towards the exit, once again, his expression froze. He noticed a lady with green hair was standing there in the hallway and was waving her hand at him.

'Dryad?! Why would a dryad roaming inside this tower?' Yes, the appearance of that figure was Nature's protector.

She was a dryad with bright emerald green eyes and a rosy complexion in spring. If you look at her skin closely, you will notice it vaguely appears similar to the bark of a tree. Abium braced himself and didn't know what to do in this situation. He felt like a kid caught doing something stupid. Finally noticed the invisible force also disappeared, and he quickly thought of greeting her.

"G-Greetings, m-miss! How may I help you?" He got up from the throne and moved towards her in an anxious expression while stuttering.

But as he blinked his eyes, she arrived near to his side while startling him and began to look at him curiously. Abium instantly took out his sword from his waist and backed away. He stared warily at her.

With that simple teleportation spell, Abium knew she was not an ordinary dryad. He felt no elemental energy appeared around her when she cast that spell before and thought she might be at least Above 2 tier mage. Moreover, she used some strange magic which he doesn't even recognize made him frown.

"Don't worry, kid. I became a little surprised when seeing a human here."

She chucked at his behavior and continued.

"My name is Azolla, the spirit of this Star Tower. I watched you walking into this tower, so I followed you stealthily. But, you are a reckless one, kid."

"Ma'am, I am not a kid," He grumbled.

"Ha-ha funny. Now, I would like to ask you a few questions. How did you activate the Royal throne? Besides royal family members, no one can activate, but here you are!" she suddenly stopped her talking as she remembered something and began to ponder.

After a few seconds, Azolla narrowed her emerald green eyes and grabbed his collar, and then dashed out of the castle at a fast pace. No, she was just caught him like a cat and flew outside the castle gate like a hawk. Meanwhile, Abium almost lost his calm, and his face went death pale! He couldn't be able to breathe due to the momentum and nearly choked.

Once Azolla entered a certain distance away from that castle, she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, their surroundings began to twist and soon replaced with walls everywhere. Abium felt his head begins to appear woozy, and he got more anxious.

'Teleportation!' Abium heard of this spell many times in the past. This spell could help one person to travel from one location to another.

'This discomfort must be the side effects of teleportation due to my frail physique.' Abium thought to himself. Once he recovered his senses, he noticed both were in a large room filled with furniture and books. He slowly looked at the surroundings and finally guessed they were on the ancient tower's top floor.

This change happened too swiftly as he doesn't know what to do next. After thinking for a second, he introduced himself in a detailed manner.

"Miss, I’m Abium. I came from the Peral kingdom, and I was a servant of the Lawbarth noble family. Due to some circumstances, I ran into the woods and got lost. While I was trying to get out, I noticed a cave-"

She raised her hand suddenly, which made him stop his talking, and she muttered.

"Okay, I don't bother about your history, so answer my questions. Okay?"

She spoke to him like a mom scolding her son. With a wry smile, Abium nodded his head and silently stood there while Azolla continued.

"Well, I don't know how you managed to resist that being's temptation, but you did something good. All the previous candidates just died without even lasting for a few seconds." She stopped as she noticed Abium's puzzlement face. After a short pause, she began to explain,

"You activate that throne, kid. Yes, those skeletons you saw earlier in that throne hall belonged to those previous candidates. But, you succeeded that surprised me. Let's see, Oh? Umm? Results showed you have little Elven royal blood in your body. That’s normal. But-"

While Azolla was muttering, she abruptly froze for a second, and her eye stood wide open. Her illusionary form dispelled and reappeared a few meters away from him. She then stared at him vigilantly. She took two steps back and appeared more confused.

There was a sudden alarm in Azolla's face, and she continuously stared at him for a long moment and then let out a sigh of relief as she noticed Abium was also clueless about the situation.

"Now, I understood why you manage to resist that chaos temptation. Kid, you hold something inside your body, which will even make some gods jealous. Aren't you some servant of a noble house? Then how the hell you have a Divinity in your body!?" Azolla stared at him like some monster.

Meanwhile, he scratched his head and thought it must be due to the silver bracelet. He suddenly thought,

'Should I tell her about how I got that Divinity?' Abium instantly dismissed that idea because he knew nothing about this dryad except the name.

"Oh? You appear to be already aware of this, and this makes me wonder who you are? Are you a child of some god? It must be, other than that; there is no possible answer."

His mind went blank for a second; how the hell did she assume that he was the son of a god? He needs to clear this misunderstanding; otherwise, she might take it to a different level.

"Miss, I am not any god's son; however, I obtained a legacy of a god during the dungeon exploration. Perhaps I got that god's divinity from that legacy."

Hearing Abium's word, Azolla nodded her head and agreed with that possibility. She walked closer and said with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Now, I am very much curious about you. I got bored because I remain in this god damn place for over 10,000 years. Welcome to the Star tower!"

Meanwhile, a silver-haired girl who looked around 10 years old appeared near the Nyara Goddess’s statue and then looked at the Star Tower in amusement. She had silvery eyes, an oval face, and thin eyebrows. She also had cat-like ears and wore an azure-colored princess dress.

She held a flute in her right hand and muttered excitingly.

“He has the smell of ‘Time.’ He looks like an anomaly. Hmm, Remis and Welos won’t be happy about his appearance. I should let this Incarnation follow after him for now.” She stared at the Tower for a few seconds and disappeared.