1. A Crow
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"Quick, quick, gather in the hall, one of the higher-ups is coming to meet you!"

More than a hundred people dressed in white, consisting of men and women were dragged by a group of soldiers in black uniforms and wearing helmets that completely covered their faces.

Not only were their shouts rude, their attitude was just as rude. They did not hesitate to hit and kick the people they dragged.

In the hall, they were forced to sit on the floor which was actually quite cold.

Ciel, a silver-haired youth with a slightly thin build was in the corner, right behind a young woman with long blonde hair.

The woman's hair was in such a mess that it covered half of her face.

She was pounding the floor with her hands and feet, perhaps wanting to shake off the cold with her movements or perhaps she was out of her mind.

"I can't take it anymore, I'm not supposed to be here, suffering along with these damn poor people," she said suddenly in a voice loud enough that many turned their gazes to her.

'Looks like she really has gone mad,' thought Ciel as he shifted his body away from her.

He arrived here on the same day as her. Her condition at that time was normal and she wore expensive clothes apart from her stunning figure so anyone could conclude that she came from a certain background.

However, in a situation like this, her background might be her weakness, mentally weaker than others.

Even though there was no such thing as sexual harassment here, what they did was far more gruesome than that.

Every drug they give you can make you feel like you're falling into hell in a few hours.

Fortunately, right after she spoke, there were the sounds of footsteps from one of the hallways into the hall.

The people including the helmeted soldiers finally chose silence, they stared at the passage at the same time.

The first to appear were large soldiers, also wearing helmets.

They seemed extremely powerful and their aura gave off a deathly sensation, making the cold hall even colder.

Behind them, followed several men in black suits, who wore masks to cover their faces.

But there was one man who wasn't wearing a mask, he was also someone Ciel and the others had never seen in this base.

The man looked to be in his early 30s with a handsome face, relaxed demeanor, and elegant style.

Of course, no one recognized him even though he wasn't wearing a mask.

The soldiers escorting him paved the way for him, he stopped right in front of the people.

Actually, they looked like they wanted to curse him, but the bad things they had experienced made their fears grow bigger than their hatred so they just kept quiet.

One of the men following him picked up a chair for him, placing it directly behind him, which he immediately sat down.

After sitting down, he took out a cigarette, smoked it vigorously and blew the smoke into the crowd.

"You must be wondering why you were kidnapped and sometimes wondering if you were just guinea pigs. — Mm, that's true, but of course, there are bigger goals for you in the future."

His words were not loud but spread throughout the hall so that everyone could hear them.

After that, he looked at the man who was on the far right side.

"Jhon, you may not know, but the reason why you are here is because your wife wants you to disappear from this world, she paid us to kidnap you," he said, surprising Jhon.

The man then looked at the man beside Jhon.

"Zake, the reason you ended up here is because your parents wanted you to disappear from their lives. They used their last fortune to pay us off."

"Anna, actually your husband is cheating on you and he wants to take over your property with his mistress. Now he's successful because he paid us to kidnap you, even if you come back, you won't be able to do anything unless you have the power."

“Liem, you are too arrogant, unaware that your innocent looking little brother managed to get rid of you. Now your family business has been handed over to him."


One by one, the man looked at the people in front of him and he said a few things to them.

People were surprised because he knew all of their names and of course, what he said was even more shocking.

Bella who looked like a madman calmed down because of that.

When it was finally her turn, she shifted her hair that covered part of her face.

Even though it was a bit dirty, her beauty was still clearly visible.

Her green eyes were crystal clear, like the aurora in the night.

"Bella," the man said.

His words paused for a moment as he looked at Bella, probably because she was a little different than the others.

"The reason you are here is because of your father, he wants your grandfather's inheritance to pass to his illegitimate son."

The man explained briefly before looking at Ciel.

"And you, Ciel, your father was a special forces captain who died for the Federation. His services to the federation were too numerous to count. For his services, you will receive a reward when you reach the Second Order. However, your uncles didn't want it to be given to you, so they got rid of you."

Ciel wasn't surprised to hear that.

The others, while looking angry, also looked like they had expected it.

Compared to that, Ciel was more interested in the reason the man said all this.

After he finished staring at everyone, he lit another cigarette, it seemed he couldn't speak if he didn't smoke.

"Now we will talk about your future goals," he continued.

"Just so you know, the various drugs that enter your body may make you suffer, but they are not something without benefit. You will find out soon enough.

"However, before you can reap the benefits, you must first take an oath to become a member of this organization. We will plant mini-bombs on your heads as a precaution. After that, you can go back to your respective places, live as usual and get help from us either in the form of strength or resources.

"The bomb planting process will be carried out tomorrow, tonight, you can think about your decision. We will provide a rope for you to commit suicide if you want to choose another path."


'So like this.' Ciel finally got a clearer understanding of this organization.


The meeting was brief, the people returned to their respective rooms.

Ciel's room was very cramped, only about a square meter in size, only enough to accommodate a small mattress.

The door was steel and the walls were black where there was a small window through which sunlight could enter.

Even after a month, Ciel still felt uncomfortable the moment he entered this room.

There were no gadgets for entertainment, only a mirror to look at yourself and a rope hanging right in the middle of the room.

Ciel cursed as he saw that. He thought the man was joking, it turned out that he actually provided a rope.

Maybe the only good thing is that there is no supervision in every room.

As usual, Ciel sat in front of the mirror, looking at his handsome face above the average among the youths. Apart from his hair, his eyes are also silver. Even if he covered his face, he could still easily attract attention by relying on that pair of silver eyes.

"I don't want to die," he said, hitting the wall to vent his frustration.

It wasn't enough to make him, an Evolver, feel pain because he was already stronger than the average human even though he was only a weak Evolver.

"However, being a member of them is no different from being a slave," he added.

It could be something even more terrifying because the bomb in your head explodes the moment you think about doing something to the detriment of the organization.

They can know all your thoughts through the chip embedded in the mini bomb. The only way to solve this problem is that you have to be able to manipulate your brain waves so that they provide information that is different from what you think.

"Damn, there really is no other choice!" Ciel started cursing while laying his body down.

"Mm!" Right after lying down, Ciel suddenly trembled.

"What happened?" He wondered as he felt like he was losing control over his own body.

But after wondering, he couldn't help but be confused as he suddenly found his body seemed to be becoming more and more powerful in a very short time.

This made him curious about his stats. He opened his status window.

A virtual screen appeared in front of him.

[Name: Ciel]

[Life Core: First Order 9%]


- Normal Body]


- Normal Soul]

[Special Talent: None]

[Skill: None]


(You just increased by 3%)

"So many."

Ciel opened his mouth.

He trained for more than two years, from the age of 20 since he awakened his Life Core.

Even though he had swallowed a lot of Monster Life Core, he had only increased by 6%.

Today, he suddenly increased by 3%.

And he knew that his improvement still hadn't stopped.

However, compared to the increase in his Life Core, he was more interested in the strange changes he felt in his entire body.

Even for an Evolver, knowing the condition of the body is not easy, especially for an Evolver without special talents.

But right now, Ciel felt his body very clearly. It was different, no longer just an ordinary body.

'Shadow Body,' the words popped into his head.

Strange enough, but now he felt like a shadow himself.

He couldn't help but stare at his own shadow and he was instantly excited.

With just a thought, he could move the shadow. He could move the shadow hand like he was moving his own hand without actually moving his hand.


(Your body has changed, the result is unknown, there is no data in the Earth Federation Encyclopedia!)

'This, hasn't the Federation bought a lot of data from other civilizations? So, what is my body like now?' Ciel became even more astonished and amazed.

Very few could become Evolvers and among Evolvers, most were just ordinary Evolvers. They are usually only physically strong, but have no other abilities.

Above them were Evolvers with Special Talents.

If you have a Special Talent, your status among Evolvers will be higher.

As for Special Body or Soul, they can make you stand at the peak of Evolvers.

'Please name it Shadow Body, add Shadow Power to my Special Talent too,' Ciel ordered the AI ​​of his Chip through his mind.


(Order accepted!)

(Data has been updated!)

[Name: Ciel]

[Life Core: First Order 12%]


- Shadow Body]


- Normal Soul]

[Special Talent:

- Shadow Power]

[Skill: None]


(You just increased by 3%)

"Three percent again." Ciel was amazed.

He then sat down.

After sitting down, he closed his eyes.

His consciousness seemed to float in the air and then, he suddenly appeared in a dark space with a body that didn't feel very clear.

"I have it..."

Ciel's eyes shone.

This is called Body Space, the space where your body's power resides, and something Ciel shouldn't have.

Ciel looked around.

Because it was dark, he had a hard time seeing, but little by little, his eyes seemed to adapt to the darkness.

He started to see his surroundings and when he finally saw clearly enough, his eyes widening, he subconsciously took a step back.

Right in front of him, he saw a gigantic black creature, so huge that he felt like dust.

It had six arms, a pair of wings, and there was an array of red iron rods that formed an armor on its body.

However, when Ciel looked closely at its body, he realized that it actually looked like it was created from shadows.

The creature's red eyes opened, staring ahead but with a blank stare as if it had no life.

"Master!" Suddenly Ciel heard a voice from nowhere, he almost jumped up in surprise.

The voice was a bit like a bell, it was not clear whether it was a male or female voice.

Something then landed on his back.

"You?" He said subconsciously when he saw a crow.

The crow's eyes were also red, looking cold and emotionless.

The feathers were pitch black, extremely dense, giving off the feeling that even the sharpest sword could not pierce them.