20. Sun Club
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The Sun Club was also in the north, but a different location from the Military Academy.

It was right behind a beach and the beach became the courtyard.

The building only has five floors and is about 70 meters long.

Quite a lot of people came when Ciel and the others arrived, mostly using quite luxurious cars.

Perhaps they weren't bosses or young masters, but at least managers in a large company.

Some came with their partners, walking hand in hand.

When they got here, Ciel and the others took off their police uniforms. They were only wearing normal clothes, but they didn't really cover up their identities. And there's no way people wouldn't know because they were in a police car.

Wearing normal clothes just to avoid someone recording while they are in the club.

Lin Yu, the Asian man showed a lively smile as he looked at the professionally dressed ladies.

He scanned them from head to toe, seeming to wonder if he could go on a date with them tonight.

"Look at that blonde, her butt is really gorgeous." Smith said.

As he spoke, he immediately targeted someone.

The seven Senior Policemen also looked excited, whispering among themselves.

Ciel, on the other hand, was quite calm, catching Kaiya's attention.

She stared at his face, thinking, 'his face is above average and his demeanor is so calm for a young man, he must often receive invitations from high-class women.

'Although he sucks for interfering with my promotions, I might not mind dating him. But huh, he never looks interested when he sees me.'

Kaiya is quite beautiful. Although her beauty was not excessive, but with her late 20s where her figure had grown perfectly plus being a policewoman, she easily distinguished herself from other women.

Even without the police outfit, she still gave off the impression of a strong woman.

If she were to join the female manager's group, she would definitely be the first to catch the attention of the men.

Ciel could feel her gaze, but was too lazy to respond.

He was more interested in staring at Dark Crow approaching from the sky.

On the way here, the bird didn't come with him, it flew on its own, doing surveillance.

As it landed on his shoulder, it said, 'boss, it's safe here, there aren't really strong Evolvers.'

'I See!'

Even though Ciel believed his identity was completely hidden, he was still cautious.

Dark Crow flew up again after telling him that.

"Come on!" Ciel said to the others before taking a step towards the five story building ahead.

Everyone else entered the building too, but most went to the beach since they weren't renting private rooms.

Ciel and the others, on the other hand, accompanied by three waiters, headed for the fifth floor.

The policemen couldn't help but be astonished because they thought Ciel only brought them here.

But this fifth floor was definitely a VIP place.

Ciel also had no idea how Horikita managed all of this. Was it because of the organization's help or did she indeed have a lot of money.

He had looked around but could not find her figure.

Soon they arrived at room 009.

It is quite spacious and half of it is balcony.

From the balcony, you can see the beach clearly.

There is a stage in the middle of the beach with DJ machines.

People surrounded the stage, waiting for the DJ to come.

"Please sit down and relax, ladies and gentlemen, we will prepare drinks. The program will start in a moment," said one of the waiters to Ciel and the others.

They are very polite.

The policemen stared at Ciel, waiting for him to sit down first.

He then went to the left corner of the balcony where there was a table with two small sofas.

To his surprise, Kaiya followed suit, sitting on one of the sofas.

"Why are you here?" Ciel asked, looking at the others, who were sitting on the various sofas on the balcony.

Kaiya replied "I'm the only woman, not comfortable joining them."

Ciel didn't know if she answered the truth.

He didn't speak anymore and took out his cell phone.

He sent a message to Horikita.

(I'm already here, what next?)

(Just you wait, I'll make my move when they get drunk enough!)

(Would that be ok, people downstairs and other balconies can still see.)

When sending the message, Ciel glanced at the balcony on the left and right.

On that left balcony, he saw five women, looking to be in their early 20s.

They may be new graduates who work in super large companies so that they get a sizable salary even though they are still just ordinary employees.

Here, they are dressed sexy, lounging on the couch like a bunch of lazy cats.

Occasionally, Ciel heard them say, "look at that silver-haired man, how handsome."

(You don't need to worry about that!) Horikita replied.

Right after that, the waiters finally returned. There were more of them, maybe around 15 people. Each carried a tray full of bottles of wine.

All of them kept glancing at Ciel, looking like they wanted to serve him.

But that was clearly the job of their leader, a beautiful woman in her late 20s.

She was wearing trousers and a white shirt that was transparent enough that her black tank top was showing through a bit.

It's got her name on the shirt, Lisa.

Arriving in front of Ciel's desk, she placed a cup in front of him and in front of Kaiya.

Elegantly, she poured wine into each of the cups.

"Please drink, sir and lady," she said.

Kaiya glanced at her before taking the cup in front of her while Ciel just kept quiet, still busy with his cell phone.

That made the woman confused because the others had started hugging the waiters who were serving them.

Of course, there was no way she would offer Kaiya that.

The latter glanced at her, smiling sinisterly as if to say, 'don't you see, — he's not even trying to do something to me.'

Right after that, a row of colorful lights on the stage suddenly lit up.

A woman's voice then resounded.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome DJ. Clara."


People on the beach started screaming when a woman in her early 20s, with red hair in two ponytails came from backstage.

She was wearing a very short skirt, only covering her buttocks so that her long white legs were clearly visible.

Her shirt was also quite short, leaving her belly exposed every time she moved.

She waved her hand at the audience cheering for her.

Ciel who was looking at his cell phone turned his gaze to the stage when he heard the DJ's name.

Looking at the red-haired woman, he said, "why her?"

Of course, he knew who she was because she was his first uncle's daughter or his cousin.

Even though he knew that she was indeed a DJ and a new celebgram, this chance meeting was still a bit unexpected.