21. Horikita
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Ciel and his father have always been antagonized by their family.

The cause was something that was not very clear to Ciel.

He only knew that it was because his father had stolen the opportunity from his brothers.

However, unlike the rest of his family, Clara and Ciel's relationship is very close. They were no longer just regular cousins ​​as they had too many lines they had already crossed, something that was inevitable since Ciel was pretty wild at that time.

And why they got so close, Ciel himself wasn't sure.

He couldn't describe Clara as a kind woman, but in the first place, she had never shown him any animosity like his other cousins.

They also never talked about it.

When he speculated, he only thought it was because they were the same age and different gender.

No other reason appears.

It's just that their interaction has drastically reduced since they graduated from high school because Ciel entered the Military Academy and he went to the General University.

Since then, his first uncle and his other uncles had also started to act more unreasonably because of the news about the military's reward to him, so it wouldn't be strange for them to prevent Clara from interacting with him too much.

'But yeah, since we happened to meet here, I'll pay you a visit later,' thought Ciel.

There was something he wanted to ask her. — Who are the people who want the gifts?

Since the Dean himself was speaking, they were definitely big shouts. There was no way the people he was referring to were his uncles as they were too small for him.

"Do you know her, sir?" Lisa suddenly asked after hearing Ciel's words.

The latter turned his gaze to her. He asked, "could you call her here later?"

"This?" Lisa was immediately confused.

"Sir, she is our work partner, not our person, we can't do anything bad to her, it will interfere with our business, I hope you understand, sir." She explained politely.

And then, she added, "if you want a girl with her style, we can provide one for you, I can also change clothes to look like her."

"Cough!" Kaiya who was drinking her wine coughed. Her eyes were like she was saying, 'you lowly woman!'

After that, Ciel said "just tell her that your cousin, Ciel, wants to meet."

"Cousin?" Lisa and Kaiya were dumbfounded at the same time.

Meanwhile, Ciel added "if you can't, I'll go see her myself."

"N-no, no, I'll tell her later." Lisa answered hastily. She looked at Clara who started playing music causing the stage to vibrate.

"Hahaha, woh, cheers!" The policemen at the side started to stand up and dance.

Ciel glanced at them before looking back at his phone, making Lisa freeze again.

Now did she or Kaiya ask if this guy came here to party.

Ciel was naturally not one who couldn't enjoy a party, but everyone had their own style. For him, sitting relaxed while occasionally glancing at people dancing is enough.

Time keeps running.

In the end, Kaiya began to seem to lose consciousness due to drunkenness. She did not stand and dance, but occasionally shook her head.

The waiters including Lisa, on the other hand, were still quite relaxed even though they also kept on drinking, obviously they were very used to it.

The only one who was still calm was Ciel because until now, he didn't drink the wine in his cup. Lisa had to replace it many times because the ice melted.

Maybe around 1 hour and 15 minutes since they arrived, Ciel received another message from Horikita

(I'm coming!)

There are only two words written.

Right after that, Ciel heard the sound of the door opening.

At the same time, everyone on the balcony except for him fainted.

He couldn't help but stare at the other balconies.

His worries were clearly unnecessary as the people on the left and right balconies looked like they had completely lost their senses due to drunkenness.

"Bring them here!" Immediately Ciel heard Horikita's voice which he remembered quite clearly despite hearing only one word from her back in the organization.

The woman entered the room, wearing long jeans and a layered shirt with a jacket while her short hair was left loose.

Her hand held a case, which Ciel thought contained medical equipment.

"Does this club belong to your family?" Ciel couldn't help asking that.

Unfortunately she did not answer the question.

"I'll plant one Mini Bomb into each of the cops here. This will make your job easier in the future," she said, putting down the case and opening it.

"Then what exactly is the difference between them and me?" Ciel asked while pulling Kaiya's body into the room.

"They'll become members too, but unofficial members. You know, there's a limit to what the organization can give its members, but the organization needs more members. You and the others, who obtained power from the organization can be considered lucky."

"Oh, I see!" Ciel showed an understanding expression. He thought, 'their soldiers might as well be the same since I feel like they're just Ordinary Evolvers.'

After Ciel put Kaiya's body down, Horikita rushed over to her with a scalpel in her hand.

Ciel looked at the woman's face again before continuing to do his job.

It only took about two minutes for him to move the bodies of the policemen.

On the other hand, Horikita performed surgery more slowly. She looked even more careful because the room was quite dark.

Ciel watched her, observing her every move. "By the way, did you also experience the same thing as me and the others?"

He was curious about her process because according to his observations, she was also an Evolver.

Horikita's eyes flickered after hearing the question. She stopped her movements and looked at him.

"It's not as bad as you because we are doctors and researchers, we are invited to help organizations with their research." She replied.

"But there's also a bomb in your head, right?" Asked Ciel again.

This time, Horikita didn't answer, she continued with the dissection.

Ciel smiled faintly, the answer obvious from her actions.

About more than 30 minutes, only then did Horikita finish.

And she immediately stood up, stuffing all the surgical equipment into her cade.


Suddenly her cell phone rang.

She opened it and showed it to Ciel.

The latter was dumbfounded and quickly glanced at the upper corner of the room. He narrowed his eyes but still saw nothing.

Of course, he knew that there was CCTV hidden there.

"I'll send this video to your phone, you can show it to them so you can explain everything easily. They will wake up after 30 minutes and the waiters will wake up an hour later. No need to worry about them." Horikita said.

She took a step, out of the door of the room, leaving Ciel alone.

But, before actually leaving, she spoke again. "Don't be afraid to drink the wine, it will have no effect on you."


"Troublesome," Ciel said, sitting down on the couch. This time, he picked up a bottle on a nearby table and opened it.

'Boss!' Dark Crow came from the sky.

'Is she gone already?'

'Yes, she's in a sports car, definitely a rich woman.'

'Hahaha, she's just a slave.' Ciel laughed.