26. Entered the Dungeon Again
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"That's possible." Kaiya finally said it.

She glanced at the tablet on the table and continued, “people like this are usually not afraid of using some illegal things, it's possible that the food he sells contains things that people can really like the food for.”

"Like Magic Micin?"


It was something that actually couldn't be considered dangerous. However, it is illegal because consuming it continuously will make your genetics weaker, something that is also harmless but will make your chances of awakening the Life Core decrease, and it will pass on to your children.

"Okay, send some people to investigate. If necessary you lead them yourself, if something like that is found, keep the evidence!" said Ciel.

Even if it's not a capital offense, you'll still get punished if you do. This is just Ciel's preparation. If a conflict did occur, he would catch him. After that, there were many things he could do to him.

"I'll work on it," Kaiya replied, letting out a small sigh.

Ciel waved his hand, telling her to leave.


Right after that, Dark Crow entered through the window. It had been gone three hours, circling the area around the office.

The purpose of going is actually looking for some things that might help improve Ciel's achievements as a police officer so he can get promoted faster.

'Did you find anything?' Ciel asked via telepathy.

Even though there was no CCTV in his office, he was worried that some of the police would hear when they wanted to see him.

'There are quite a few, boss! From drug dealers, prostitution shops, porn film makers, and others,' answered Dark Crow.

Ciel rolled his eyes, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

'Well, I'll catch them this afternoon, now increase my strength first,' he thought.

Most of the police were still busy right now, so if he made a move now, his strength would be limited.

He stood up, walked out of his station, and went straight into the portal.

Today, he entered a different portal than yesterday. The result was naturally him arriving at a different Dungeon.

It is a city in ruins.

Many skyscrapers are lying down. The few that were still standing looked like they would collapse at any moment so one would think several times about approaching.

Ciel who just came out of the portal looked around.

He found no one else but a few monsters. They are types of animals that usually live in cities such as rats and dogs.

Their size was quite small, indicating that their strength was quite weak.

However, Ciel was still interested in their Life Cores. He lunged at them with a bone spear in each hand.


One of the dogs stepped forward to fight him, to which he responded by thrusting a bone into its head, which it was unable to escape.

The other dogs became angry when they saw blood coming from their friend's head. After barking at each other, they jumped at Ciel while the rats chose to run.

Ciel looked at them one by one with fast movements and every single dog he looked at, he would throw a spear-shaped bone at it.

Some managed to penetrate their heads and some through their chests.

In less than ten minutes, Ciel killed over ten of them.

He gathered their Life Cores before heading west where there was a sloping skyscraper.

Previously he had asked some of the police and they said that there was one Monster General that had not been defeated in that skyscraper.

He ran fast enough there and ordered Dark Crow to watch from the sky.

About a hundred meters from the building, he stopped and let Dark Crow take a look.

He also did some preparations like checking his Laser Pistol. Maybe he'll use it again here.

He then took out ten Life Cores then opened a small hole on the lower side of the hilt. There, he infused ten Cores.

There was a light tremor after that but then the points of light that currently only numbered nine increased to ten.

'Boss, I've found it, it was followed by three Monster Captains.' The message from Dark Crow came.

'What kind are they?' asked Ciel.

'They are all dogs, the three captains are huge, nearly 4 meters tall, about 8 meters long.'


Ciel gulped down his saliva after hearing that. He thought, 'good thing I have two Titans as big as that dog.'

With that size, even if he could kill by attacking their shadows, a single strike definitely wouldn't be enough.

It might be easier to attack them since their shadows are bigger, but in the end, the damage is very small. Even if he were to strike in the heart area, a single bone would probably just be like a tiny pin prick to them.

However, Ciel was curious about the general. 'What about the general?' he asked.

'It has the size of a normal dog, but more dangerous,' replied Dark Crow.

'I see!'

Ciel took a deep breath before walking towards the skyscraper.

Dark Crow had already confirmed that there were no people, so he started to take out all of his shadow troops.

If by any chance someone came, he just needed to kill to destroy the evidence.

'Boss, I'll lure them out,' said Dari Crow as Ciel stirred.

Right after that, Ciel heard the sounds of dogs barking, so loud and raspy that it was more like a lion's roar.