27. Monster General
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Dark Crow shot into the sky from the window of the skyscraper, and then, three yellow fur dogs jumped out of the entrance which was already ten times bigger than its original size because of the damage.

The dogs opened their mouths to bark while their tongues stuck out, drooling profusely.

With their keen sense of smell, they still knew where Dark Crow was even though their eyes couldn't see it anymore.

However, the arrival of Ciel and his shadow slaves immediately made them avert their eyes.

Woof! Woof!

They barked at the sight of creatures as big as they were.

Before they could attack, Ciel jumped onto the Shadow Eagle's back and signaled the Shadow Lizard and the two Titans to attack.

While the eagle began to soar into the air, another dog of normal size stepped out.

It had white fur with red spots and its expression looked more ferocious despite its smaller size.


It barked at Ciel.

Although the bark was quieter, there was a certain vibration, causing ripples in the air.

Unfortunately, it obviously couldn't do anything because Ciel was too high in the air.


On the other hand, a fight had already started between Ciel's shadow slaves and the three big yellow dogs.

Ciel watched their fight for a bit, nodding in satisfaction as he saw his shadow slaves have the upper hand.

Even the Shadow Lizard had gotten stronger since Ciel's Life Core had increased.

"Now how shall I kill you" Ciel said as he looked at the little dog again.

Just by looking at it, he could tell that it was very fast. Maybe even his Laser Pistol wouldn't be able to hit it without certain conditions.

After a moment of thought, he finally took out his Police Pistol.

With a quick movement, he pointed the muzzle at the dog.

The latter immediately jumped to the side. Even so, he still pulled the trigger.


In a split second, the pistol bullet hit the area where the dog had been before.

Ciel moved the pistol's direction slightly and pulled the trigger again.

He kept at it, shooting the dog continuously even though the bullets never hit it.

When the pistol's bullets ran out, he reloaded very quickly before continuing to fire.

This was naturally not a wasted action as the dog kept on hopping from one point to another. Over time, in addition to its energy draining, it also started to look very angry, constantly barking at Ciel who was too high in the air.

Maybe it could climb a few buildings but it clearly realized that it was pointless because the eagle could fly even higher, to the point where not even its sense of smell could track it anymore.

However, Ciel himself felt that this was also quite boring. He checked the rest of his pistol bullets and found that they only had 40 left.

'Well, I'll be moving in a minute,' he thought.

After there were only 15 bullets left, he ordered the Shadow Eagle to dismount.

Now, he decided to start their fight.

When the distance between the eagle and the ground was only five meters, he jumped down.


The dog immediately ran towards him.

Not waiting for the dog to arrive, Ciel advanced towards it.

However, after about five steps, he entered his shadow then moved swiftly towards the dog, which turned alert.

It stopped and then opened its mouth.


From there, flames gushed out, forming a fireball that was five times the size of its head.

Ciel widened his eyes when he saw that.

Despite being in his shadow, he still felt quite hot.

'Dark Crow, will I be safe?' he asked hastily.

It was beyond his expectations that the dog had the power of fire and could emit such a large amount of fire.

Shadows can't be physically attacked, but fire isn't completely physical. And perhaps this is the most frightening thing for users of shadow powers.

When the fire completely surrounds you, your shadow will disappear. It is something more terrifying. Even if you didn't die from that, you would be sent out, and what was waiting for you outside were flames.

'Calm down boss, you will probably feel uncomfortable, but it's not enough to hurt you. Your shadow is the supreme shadow, it won't disappear just because of a fire like that. Besides, the dog was almost out of energy after releasing that fire. You can go on.' Dark Crow answered.

'i see!'

Ciel was relieved, immediately increasing his speed.

"Mhh!" His mouth let out a light sigh as the fireball finally hit his reflection.

It was uncomfortable, but overall, it didn't hurt him.

Seeing that his shadow was still intact, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He kept moving forward.

With his speed, it only took one second to get out of that fireball.

The dog was still standing where it was, its eyes visibly shaking as it saw Ciel's shadow still intact.


It barked softly before hopping onto a chunk of concrete.

Ciel, although able to climb the chunk, chooses not to give chase because he thinks the dog will jump on another chunk. He would be toyed with if that was the case. Hence, he chose out of his shadow.

"Coming," he said, creating a bone in each hand.

They have a shape like the bones of a goat.

Against a dog, this would be his biggest ace.

He had never heard of a dog who didn't like bones.

Of course, the monsters won't be so stupid that you can trick them with just their favorite food. However, it could at least be used to provoke them, especially when they were exhausted where they wanted food.


At the same time, Dark Crow descended from the sky, passing in front of the dog's face before flying towards Ciel.

The dog's rage instantly increased at the added provocation from Dark Crow, smoke billowing from all the orifices of its head.

After that, it finally jumped towards Ciel, taking out its fingernails that were long enough to penetrate human bodies.

It tried to claw Ciel but Ciel parried its attack with the bones in his hans.


The collision of the dog's hooves and Ciel's bones made a sound like metal clashing. Ciel was taken aback afterwards as he was pushed back three steps.

The dog's physique was stronger than him.

Once again, it jumped at him, but he shifted his gaze to its reflection.

His index finger pointed at the shadow's chest. This time, the shadow was moving quite slowly, which was obviously because the dog was tired enough and they were too close that it also needed to control its speed.

'Now is the time for you to die,' Ciel said to himself.


The small but extremely sharp bone shot out from his index finger, like lightning, piercing the dog shadow's chest in an instant.

At the same time, the dog's eyes finally lost their light.

Ciel jumped aside to avoid it and sighed while wiping the sweat dripping from his forehead.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

The three yellow dogs suddenly barked.

They stopped fighting, jumped back a good distance and stared at Ciel.

However, their gazes were not fierce, they looked frightened instead.


One of the Titans roared at them. That made them jump backwards again and after that, they turned around. Then, they ran off at their fastest speed, much to Ciel's surprise.

"So the general's death really made them lose their nerve," Ciel said, laughing softly.

He had no interest in chasing after them as he now possessed the Life Core of a Monster General.