28. Video Call with Bella
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Ciel didn't directly take the dog's Life Core, instead, he placed 10 Life Cores on top of the shadow and then carried out the shadow's animate process.


Soon it formed and barked like the real dog.

Ciel patted its head, smiled faintly before shifting his gaze to the dog's corpse.

He split its chest. Inside, he saw a fingernail-sized green object, emitting a light that was quite piercing to the eye.

After picking it up, he directly threw it into his mouth.

"Mmm!!" He closed his eyes, feeling the energy rush into his Life Core. This was an even greater amount of energy than the Cores he had swallowed since yesterday.

In no time, he began to feel an increase in strength. His fist seemed as if it could shake even the air.

When he opened his eyes again, there was a tremor in front of him because he exhaled. His gaze immediately fell to his stats.

[Name: Ciel]

[Life Core: First Order 53%]


(You just increased 10%)

"As expected of the General." Ciel smiled again.

He thought it wouldn't be long before he reached the peak of the First Order if he continued to swallow the Monster General's Life Core. The only problem is that it's not easy to find. Even in the market, you probably won't find it because those who do get it prefer to consume it themselves. And if someone sells it, it will usually be bought directly by the big powers.

Ciel left the dog's corpse behind as he left.

The destination is the portal. Since he had improved quite a lot, he decided to end today's hunt.

It wasn't that he was lazy, but according to his observations, the Dungeon was in quite a quiet state, he would need too much time searching for monsters. That was the reason why some monsters could arrive near the portal.


When Ciel returned to his office and checked his cell phone, he was shocked when he saw a message that was actually from Bella.

He thought it would be a long time before they interacted again, but she contacted him just two days after they split. He opened the message, which contained two questions.

(How are you? Can I video call you?)

'Boss, this is a sign that the woman has a deep impression on you though I don't know if it's a good impression or a bad impression, but sometimes women still like men who give them an impression even if it's a bad impression.' Said Dark Crow who was sitting on the back of Ciel's chair.

'You don't need to tell me about women,' Ciel replied.

After that, he replied to Bella's message. (Please!)

The message was read a second later, showing that Bella was still holding her phone.

Soon after that the video call came in.

Ciel pressed the accept button, causing his phone's screen to change.

A woman with long, slightly curly blonde hair appeared.

She was lying on a long lounge chair, wearing a nightgown.

Taking a quick glance at her, Ciel almost didn't notice that she was Bella because she was too glamorous with pink lips, a pair of long gold earrings, and a crescent-shaped purple diamond necklace.

Her skin was also very fair, as if sunlight was shining on her face, which was obviously impossible given the clothes she was wearing. Where she was supposed to be at night.

Ciel thought she was using top skincare whose price would make even evolvers cry.

However, he did not lose his composure. Instead, it was Bella who looked taken aback as she saw Ciel in a police uniform with a crow behind him.

She looked Ciel up and down, looking like she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

After calming down, she nodded, smiled faintly and said, "policeman, yeah, that suits you really well."

She showed her thumbs up as she said that.

Her smile and the way she talks is something that has never been seen in the organization so you might think she is a different person.

Ciel gave a soft snort as he replied "seems like your life is really very good, you can forget about one month of suffering in just two days."

"Don't look at someone only from the outside, you don't know how many problems I'm facing right now," Bella replied, as if she wanted to argue but in the end she didn't. She even added, "okay, I admit I feel pretty calm because I can eat the best food, sleep on the best mattress, and wear the best clothes."

"Then why did you contact me?" Ciel asked, not interested in hearing her say more.

"Don't speak as if I have some intention," Bella replied.

However, Ciel showed an expression of disbelief.

"You, huh." The woman snorted softly at Ciel's reaction.

She said "I just want to join your and Anna's fellowship. I told her but she said to ask you."

"Is that all?" Ciel asked, doubtful.

Bella ground her teeth. "Only that, now I know that I need allies no matter where I am."

"So what do you think?" She asked.

"I'm not sure," Ciel replied.

"Not sure what?" Bella knit her brows.

"Well, even though Anna said that you would change, you are still young after all. Young women like you are usually just a burden, getting into trouble and asking for help."

"You.." Bella gasped, almost sitting up.

"See, you have that feature."

Bella: "..."

She couldn't help but fall silent, gritting her white and neatly arranged teeth.

Meanwhile, Ciel added "Anna's suggestion is actually good, you can be my wife. Then, I will fight for you, help you get your inheritance. After that, I'll help you manage it while you become a good wife at home."

"Nonsense, isn't that the same as you robbing from me?" Bella was immediately angry at Ciel's words, her breathing became fast.

"That's just my advice and don't call it a robbery. There are enough women like you, who chose that path after they found out they lacked the ability and determination. If you have the belief that husband and wife are one soul, you shouldn't mind that."

"Hmph, you really are shameless. I would never give up control of my wealth even to the man I love."

Bella disconnected the video call after saying that.

Dark Crow who had been silent since Ciel talked to Bella finally spoke up. 'She really is a woman who can't differentiate between good and bad, how can her meager wealth compare to the power of my boss' shadow. She prefers pebbles to diamonds.'

Ciel patted its head after it finished speaking. He replied, 'don't overestimate me too.'


Two hours later, Ciel summoned Smith, two Senior Constables who had also become slaves to the organization, and ten fairly skilled policemen. They happen to have run out of work. But Ciel didn't give them a chance to relax so there was displeasure on their faces when they met Ciel in his office.

Unfortunately, none of them dared to complain.

"Is there something, captain?" Smith asked.

Ciel stood up from his chair and took off his police uniform so that he looked like an ordinary person. He replied, "Take off your uniforms, we're going to catch some criminals!"

Smith and the others became doubtful at Ciel's words. He couldn't help but ask again. "Is this an assignment from the center?"

It wouldn't be strange for the center to get some information about criminals then dispatch the police in the nearby area. But Ciel replied "no, it's from me. And I suggest you don't ask too many questions."

Ciel stared at the black man with sharp eyes, as if reminding him who he was now.

Smith gulped and immediately followed his orders. The others didn't dare to delay seeing he didn't dare to comment more.