29. Arrest Drug Dealers
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Ciel and the others didn't go by car, they walked on foot and split into several groups where each group kept their distance from each other.

When they started walking hand in hand with other pedestrians, they began to look like ordinary people in general.

After walking for about 1km, they started to enter the factory area on the western outskirts.

Coincidentally, it was break time, so there were lots of workers hanging around the side of the road, they were shopping for street snacks.

Far in the air, Dark Crow who had been secretly following Ciel sent a message. 'Look at that factory with the green roof, boss. The drug dealers live on the second floor. They disguised themselves as security guards at night. Even though it's true, they work while selling drugs.'

'I see!'

Ciel stopped his steps, looked at the factory which was about five factories from where he was now.

The second floor was smaller, it was like a house built on top of a building. The average factory has a building like that which is provided for their security.

Smith who followed him followed his gaze, he seemed to do a little analysis before saying, "captain, it's not difficult to break through that factory with our strength."

First-Order Evolvers above 30% could already jump several meters into the air, so it shouldn't be difficult.

Ciel nodded in response. He replied, "go to the second floor. I'll be waiting outside in case any of them escape."

"Roger!" Smith then communicated with the others using the small communication devices they carried.

Just a moment after that, each of them jumped on top of the factory beside them.

From there, they dashed toward the green-roofed factory at full speed.

Coincidentally, the balcony door suddenly opened and a large man stepped out. He looked like he had just woken up, still shirtless and yawning profusely.

His reaction was quite slow the moment he saw the group of men running towards him.

When he came to his senses, his mouth looked like it was cursing. Quickly, he turned around.

However, Smith, who was already holding a pistol, shot him in the leg.


The bullet shot by Smith went faster, hitting the man's sole. He fell and then screamed in pain.

His screams clearly shocked the people on the second floor, several windows opened but were closed again moments later.

The workers below, on the other hand, stopped in their tracks and looked up. Some looked at each other strangely.

Smith and the others quickly entered the second floor of the factory. Some entered through the balcony and some entered through the window. The sound of gunshot after gunshot echoed after that.

Ciel, who is on the roof of one of the factories, watches with a pistol in his hand, ready to shoot anyone who escapes. But Smith and the others were reliable, he found no one had escaped.

Moments later, he received a message from Smith.

"Captain, we caught them all and secured the evidence."

"Good, take them all out," Ciel replied, hopping down onto the factory grounds.

At the same time, he called the police at the station to come with cars.

As Smith and the others exited the factory with a group of men in handcuffs, several journalists arrived with cameras already starting to roll. Ciel didn't know where they came from.

Because the police stopped behind him, so the reporters asked him.

"Sir, are they drug dealers?" asked a female journalist.

Ciel calmly nodded.

In a professional tone, he said, "we will be carrying out further investigations, so please wait, you can come with us to the office to find out the progress of the investigation."

Three police cars came right after he said that, one of them was a truck.

The police quickly brought the drug dealers to the truck.

Meanwhile, Smith approaches Ciel with a briefcase. "Captain, there are several KGs here," he said.

He also shows some cell phones.

"Put them in the car, we'll go somewhere else" Ciel replied.

There were still a few places he targeted.  Before the news spread, he needed to move quickly.