30. Inspector Conor
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A police station arresting a group of criminals in one day is not something that would come as a surprise. However, this afternoon, the west branch police station was filled with many reporters.

How could it not be, since noon until now, they have arrested at least seven groups of drug dealers and each one was arrested with complete evidence so that it is certain that they will be sent to court.

Events like these were extremely rare, so they were worthy enough to be reported throughout Planet Vera.

Ciel, who was captain of all captures was quite busy. He wasn't in charge of the interrogation but he still needed to oversee the interrogation.

So far, he had been quite surprised that the dealers had kept their mouths pretty well, not wanting to say who their suppliers were.


Meanwhile, he suddenly received a call which turned out to be from Jhonny, the Police Chief Vera 4.

"Chief," Ciel picked up the phone and greeted him.

"Ciel, how did you find them?" he immediately asked.

This was something Ciel had hoped for, he replied, "Chief, you must know about my crow, it is quite well trained in doing quests like this."

Revealing a few things about Dark Crow wouldn't put him in danger and sooner or later people would get suspicious too.

Perhaps the existence of birds that could be commanded to do such a thing weren't many, but looking across the federation, they were still hard to count.

As long as it was proven that Dark Crow was of great help, his promotion would be smoother. The only problem might just be that the baddies would start targeting Dark Crow, something he wasn't too worried about since he wasn't one without guts. And as his rank gets higher, his supporting power will also increase so that the anger of the villains won't affect him too much.

"So your bird can do that?" Johnny's reaction didn't sound exaggerated, he just looked a little surprised.

He continued with a question. "I wonder if it can do something more complicated, like watching someone?"

Ciel wondering why he asked that, he replied "I haven't trained it to that level yet, right now it can only go around and when it finds anything suspicious, it will direct me to the location."

Of course, it wasn't easy ordering monsters who lacked complete intelligence to watch over someone, they might leave after a while. And getting information from them is more difficult because they can't communicate directly with humans.

You might think about installing cameras on their bodies, but that would make them easier to find because while hidden equipment is very sophisticated, tracking equipment is even more sophisticated.

In today's era, the hiding abilities of evolvers are much more reliable.

"Oh, what a shame," said Johnny.

"But anyway, an Inspector will come later, he will lead further investigations. For your feat of making multiple arrests in one day is actually enough to get you promoted, but I need a discussion with the other Commissioners since you're still new." Jhonny hung up after he said that.

Ciel was a little displeased, but that was the rule. Each investigation will be led by an Inspector, the captains will only help.

'I hope it's not the Inspector in trouble,' thought Ciel.

When Ciel returned to his office, Kaiya came to visit him. She looked like she couldn't believe what was happening.

However, before sue could say anything about it, Ciel spoke first. "Now report the results of your investigation!"

Kaiya who just opened her mouth pursed her lips. She took out a tablet, placed it in front of Ciel and said "this guy is quite brave, he uses a Magic Micin which is stronger but difficult to detect. Fortunately our police forensic team has an expert who is quite skilled in this field."

Ciel stared at the tablet that contained many reports, something he didn't really understand.

"So, where is that expert?" he asked.

Kaiya shook her head as she replied, "captain, she didn't want to get involved after I told her where the food she checked came from, even told me to stop doing the investigation."

"Oh?" Ciel showed a strange expression.

"Captain, I suggest you do the same for that expert," Kaiya said.

"I'll ask Horikita first," Ciel replied and then looked up at the window. He saw several police cars coming.

The first to get off was the driver in the first car and Ciel recognized the driver.

He's a pot-bellied, bearded man, Anson. The Police Captain who had a conflict with him yesterday.

"I think it's Inspector Conor," Kaiya said.

"What kind of person is he?" Ciel asked while watching Anson open the back door of the car.

From there, a man in his 30s, wearing a hat and holding a cane stepped out.

"He's just been promoted to Inspector II, and what kind of person he is, I'm not sure as there isn't much to stand out about him. However, he is still quite young, being promoted so quickly shows there are certain things he is doing behind the scenes."

"Like helping certain suspects?"

"Yeah, a lot of inspectors do that for outside support."

"Now I know why the Police is the most corrupt institution." Ciel shook his head as he stood up. What he said was based on data released by anti-corruption activists.

Kaiya laughed at his words. She then followed behind him as he stepped downstairs.

They stopped at the entrance, waiting for Inspector Conor to arrive.

Anson wasn't the only captain following suit, there were two other captains and they were Captain II, in his mid 30's.

The former looked directly at Ciel and there was annoyance on his face.

Soon Conor arrived in front of Ciel. He showed a very friendly smile. "You did very well, even in the entire Federation, there probably aren't many Captains like you."

His compliment instantly made Ciel feel like he was a good man, but he didn't take it for granted.

In a calm but polite tone, he replied, "please come in, Inspector!"

"No need!" However, Conor suddenly shook his head, making Ciel a bit confused.

Meanwhile, Anson said, "Captain Ciel, the facilities in your station are lacking, so the suspects need to be transferred so we can better investigate."