31. Money
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"I see!" Ciel answered calmly without changing his expression.

He signaled to his underlings and said, "bring all the prisoners out!"

The police working under him moved swiftly, bringing all the more than fifty prisoners to the entrance.

They were handcuffed and their faces covered, then taken to several police trucks.

Conor and the others didn't seem to plan on staying there long, the first to tap Ciel on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, they will definitely be punished severely," he said.

"But anyway, the next time you run into another group, please give me a call, I'll send some skilled policemen to help, your job will be easier with their help."

After saying that, he took a step away.

Ciel only responded with a smile, not saying anything.

On the other hand, Kaiya who was standing behind him gave a soft snort. "He doesn't involve you and he wants to be involved in your work, what a shameless kind. I'm sure he'll only get in your way. One of those dealer groups must be affiliated with the people behind him."

Ciel didn't respond to Kaiya's words, he turned around and entered the office.

As Conor and the others left, the reporters outside also left, following them.

Of course, there was still a lot of activity in the office.

Since the Vice Captains and several Senior Police were in the station, Ciel summoned them to his office. He still had something he wanted to ask them.

When they arrived in front of him, he showed him his cell phone which was displaying General Azik's picture.

"His son named Daniel reportedly started his career in the Vera 4 Police and the organization wants me to kidnap him, do you know who he is?" he asked them.

Unfortunately they were showing confused expressions, something he had hoped for.

"Okay, I want you guys to collect data on new members, look for the one named Daniel. However, remember to do it quietly, lest anyone find out."

"Captain, are you sure about kidnapping the son of a Military General?" Lin Yu asked after Ciel spoke, he hesitated and looked worried.

"Organizational duties are a must, no matter what the cost," Ciel replied, waving his hand to send them off.

It's late and now it's time for the police to go home. However, Ciel thought he still wouldn't be coming home tonight.

He opened his cell phone contacts, looked up Horikita's number and immediately pressed the call button.

Surprisingly enough, the first phone was not answered, only the second phone was answered, and even then after 1 minute.

As a man who always dominates women, this made him a little unhappy.

"What is it?" Horikita's voice immediately sounded.

Even though he wasn't happy, Ciel chose not to talk about it because his work was more important.

"I want to ask your help to plant a bomb in someone's head," he replied.

"No problem, just catch that person," Horikita replied.

Ciel knit his brows because he thought it would be difficult.

He didn't know the details of the expert on the forensic team yet, but from Kaiya's expression when she spoke of her, she probably wasn't weak.

"You can't help like last night?" he asked.

"Did you know that things that knock out an Evolver are expensive things and I bought them myself. I won't use my money for your personal business. What happened last night was due to something required by the organization. After that, my obligation in this matter is finished."

Ciel fell silent after hearing that.

However, he still didn't know what kind of Evolver that expert was. Finally, he called Kaiya again and asked.

The woman replied, "Captain, she's an Evolver with a Special Talent. Her Life Core is probably over 70%. The good thing is, her Special Talent isn't the power to attack or defend, but to heal. Of course, that doesn't mean she's weak."

Ciel let Horikita hear Kaiya's words.

After she finished speaking, Ciel said "This person's Special Talent is pretty good, I'm sure the organization will benefit from making her a member. What do you think?"

"I do, but it's not obligatory for me," Horikita replied, still refusing.

"If you really want to, you can contact the organization and they might even fund you for you if you're lucky."

"How much does the medicine to stun an Evolver actually cost?" asked Ciel.

He didn't want to contact the organization because they would likely see him as worthless or unable to figure out a solution on his own if he asked for their help, something that might not be good for his later status.

“This time it will cost more because that person is an Evolver with a Special Talent for Healing, which means we need a stronger medicine, which costs about 400,000 Dollars.” Answer Kaiya.

"400,000?" Ciel who had never seen that kind of money knit his brows.

He started to think about moving himself but realized that would not work and there was no way he would use his shadow powers on someone who would become a member of the organization under his tutelage. That person would surely guess that it was he who had attacked her.

When thinking about money, he couldn't help but think of Anna, wondering how she was doing now. It's possible that she hasn't made it because she hasn't contacted him yet.

"Wait a moment!" In the end, Ciel hung up the phone.

He scrolled through his contacts until he reached Anna's number.

Even though he hesitated a bit, he still pressed the call button.

In maybe 10 seconds or so, Anna received his phone call. However, she suddenly asked to make a video call.

Ciel moved his cellphone that he had just placed next to his ear in front of him.

Immediately after that he caught sight of Anna's figure, making him knit his brows as she was soaking in a bath full of foam.

Her body was covered by the foam, but the top of her breasts were still visible.

With her hair in a bun plus open skin, the middle-aged woman's sexiness really radiates.

Just like Bella, she was also shocked when she saw him wearing a police uniform. She stared at him intently, even rubbing her eyes as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Are your business over there done?" Ciel asked before she spoke.

Anna studied his seemingly serious expression and smiled faintly, looking like she understood his thoughts. She replied, "Unfortunately not yet, but if you need money, I still have hidden savings. Just tell me how much you want, I, your mama will give it to you."

Ciel, "..."

He was contemplating how to say his request. Even though he was very direct when he said he wanted Bella to be his wife so he could control her wealth, making a request like this was still a bit difficult as it gave off an awkward feeling. However, Anna's words irritated him so much that he wanted to throw his phone away.

Meanwhile, Anna's words intrigued Kaiya, she took a step forward to look at Ciel's phone screen and was instantly shocked when she saw the middle-aged beauty in the bath. Her expression was like she was saying, 'so she's Ciel's mother.'

"So how much money do you need, my dear Ciel?" Anna asked seeing Ciel silent.

The latter took a deep breath. He wanted to hit the table but forced himself to calm down.

"I want 400,000 Dollars," he replied.

At first he wanted to say borrow money to her, but canceled it because of her attitude. No need for manners. Since she really wanted to be like that, then he would do it like that too.

"So only 400,000, I think 1 or 2 Million Dollars." Anna laughed softly, startling Kaiya.

"Just send us your account number," Anna added.