32. Meet Horikita Again
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Ciel took another deep breath. Despite his annoyance, he still sent his account number.

It wasn't his real account number, but the anonymous account number he had set up after returning from the organization. He was just on guard at that time for things like this.

Anna smiled as she looked at the incoming message, she touched her phone screen, did something, and when she finished, Ciel saw a notification pop up on his phone.

He opened the notification only to be shocked. Anna didn't send 400,000 Dollars, but 1.5 Million Dollars.

Seeing such a long number, Ciel had a hard time reacting. In the end, he never lived with much money because his own father was in the military.

"It's nice, isn't it, to have a rich mama?" said Anna.

Ciel snorted softly in response. He said, "Don't blame me if I keep using you!"

His finger moved to press the red button to hang up after he said that. However, while his finger was moving, Anna still managed to answer. "You think too much, no mother in this world feels taken advantage of by her beloved son."

Ciel, "..."

"Captain, your mother is so beautiful, why are you still working like this with a rich mother?" Ask Kaiya.

Ciel was too lazy to respond, he immediately called Horikita after that.

"Do you have 400,000 Dollars yet?" the woman immediately asked.

"I have it now," Ciel replied.

"Okay, send it to my account number, I'll help you buy it. Add 10,000 Dollars if you want me to set up the place." Horikita sent her account number.

Ciel had money now, so he didn't want to do anything complicated. He sent 410,000 Dollars to Horikita's account.

After receiving the notification, Horikita said, "in 30 minutes, take that person to the Café across from the Sun Club!"


Horikita then hung up the phone.

Kaiya who heard everything said with an annoyed tone. "This woman is really calculating, you should work less with her, captain."

Maybe she's annoyed that Horikita also made her a slave to the organization.

Ciel didn't mind her thoughts, he replied, "You heard what she said, take that person to the Cafe across from the Sun Club. Just tell me I want to meet, maybe she will be interested!"

"Captain, she's a bit naughty, so she must be interested if I show her your picture, so can I take your picture?" Kaiya pulled out her cell phone.

Ciel knit his brows but didn't forbid it.

"Hehehehe!" Kaiya laughed, took one photo before leaving.

Ciel also stood up, descending from the second floor to the first floor.

He called two Senior Police and said, "take me to the Sun Club!"

They didn't ask about what he wanted, after receiving his order, they immediately took a police car.


There is indeed a cafe opposite the Sun Club, it is quite big and has a lot of visitors.

When Ciel got out of the car, he saw Horikita, relaxed on a chair in the courtyard of the cafe, playing on her cell phone.

She was wearing long jeans and a white shirt that was quite transparent, which, if exposed to rain, would definitely show her bra.

Ciel walked over to her, even though she had found him too, she didn't seem to have any reaction, just glanced at him briefly.

However, as he arrived beside her, she suddenly said, "go to the second floor, Room 09!"

Ciel who just wanted to ask finally canceled it. He immediately took a step, not trying to say anything else. Of course, he would also be indifferent in front of someone who was indifferent to him.

After he had gone a few steps, Horikita stared at him for a bit before looking at her phone again.

Room 09 is a relaxing room where there are sofas and some entertainment equipment, from playing games to singing. It has a balcony facing the street. Just when Ciel got there, he received a message from Kaiya.

(Captain, I did it, we're on our way!)

Ciel did not reply to the message, he then opened an online shopping site.

With over 1 Million Dollars left, he naturally wanted to use it for the few things he needed.

One that he really needs right now is a motorcycle so he can travel more easily.

By typing in the keyword 'motorcycle', a variety of the latest motorcycles quickly appear, from those costing a few thousand dollars to hundreds or even millions of dollars.

However, Ciel didn't intend to buy one that was too expensive, just one that was good and usable.

He quickly takes an interest in a dark red ninja motorcycle, which, according to the description, can be used even in the jungle. The price is around 15,000 Dollars.

'This one is enough,' he thought, clicking the buy button.

With a few more clicks, it worked and it will be delivered to his house immediately, it may take a day because it will be sent from Vera 1.

'What else do you think I need to buy?' He asked Dark Crow who had just entered through the window.

'Boss, how about a bigger house?' replied Dark Crow.

Ciel didn't agree, he said, 'it's just a waste of money, I can live anywhere.'

'I'm not sure, boss!'

The bird looked confused.

Ciel finally stopped asking.

After a while, he saw a police car coming.

Kaiya's figure got down from the driver's seat, followed by another woman who wasn't wearing a police uniform, but a long brown coat with a large headset hanging from her neck.

She looks the same age as Kaiya, has short blonde hair, round blue eyes, and a bit of a baby face. Maybe she was used to smiling because even without looking at anyone, there was a hint of a smile on her lips.

'Boss, this woman's shadow must be very useful, you will have a healer,' said Dark Crow.

Ciel didn't answer, but that was what he had always thought since he heard about her.