33. Amanda’s Shadow
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Ciel texts Kaiya, telling her where he is.

Kaiya and the woman went straight to the cafe after they got out of the car. They even passed Horikita.

Seeing her, Kaiya almost gritted her teeth.

Horikita may have sensed that, but she showed nothing but indifference.

It didn't take long before there was a knock on Ciel's door.

He just casually said, "come in!"

The door was pushed open, revealing Kaiya and the woman from the forensic team. Her name is Amanda.

The latter immediately looked into the room and her eyes stopped on Ciel. Her gaze traveled from his head to his body.

With a faint smile, she said, "I originally saw you on tv, but your picture was better, and now I realize that your real figure is much better than your picture."

She took a step into the room before Kaiya did. She didn't look like she wanted to ask permission either.

"So why did you invite me here?" Dhe asked, sitting across from Ciel.

Ciel didn't have anything to talk about with her except about helping him. Since she obviously wasn't planning on helping out, there was no point in bringing that up, so he replied, "let's wait for the drinks first!"

The way Ciel answered made Amanda curious because from her perspective, it looked mysterious.

The cafe waiter also came not long after, when Kaiya just entered the room.

She brought three cups of hot coffee and three toasts.

Without further ado, she placed them on the table before leaving.

Amanda took the cup for her right after, followed by Ciel, who kept an eye on her every now and then. He was a bit worried if she detected Horikita's medicine considering her skill.

But in the end, she drank the coffee in her cup without hesitation.

Perhaps the drug was simply too extraordinary that it could not be detected. Ciel became curious where Horikita bought it.

"Eh!" Suddenly Amanda dropped the cup she was holding. Her eyes then closed and her body fell downwards.

Ciel couldn't help but say, "very fast!"

He thought it would take a few minutes before the woman passed out.

Horikita came straight after that.

She looked at Ciel and said "since time is tight I didn't set up a camera here so use your phone to record."

She didn't say anything more than that, then started dissecting Amanda's head.

Of course, Ciel wasn't going to do something as simple as record while Kaiya was beside him, he ordered her to do it.

The surgery process was fast because there was only one person being operated on. After finishing, Horikita left immediately, without telling Ciel when Amanda would wake up.

Meanwhile, Ciel was thinking about animating here shadow. He looked at Kaiya and said, "get out for a second!"

The woman was naturally dumbfounded at such an order, she looked at the unconscious Ciel and Amanda. Hesitatingly, she replied "captain, there is no need now, just wait for her to wake up, dhe will agree if you want."

Ciel sometimes doesn't care about other people's misunderstandings, but he doesn't want to be mistaken for sleeping with a woman when she passes out. It's not necessary with his face.

Therefore, what Kaiya said was enough to irritate him.

"You think I'm that low," he said with cold eyes as his feet moved slightly forward, looking like he was about to kick someone.

Kaiya was clearly scared, she showed a panicked expression and stepped out hastily. Even closed the door.

Right after that, Dark Crow flew through the room, carrying out an inspection.

'I'm sure there's nothing here,' it said after a moment.

Ciel nodded, then stepped into the area beside Amanda's shadow. Even though the shadow was quite dim, it was still quite clear.

He placed ten Cores on the shadow and immediately started the process of animating the shadow.

Slowly, it started to become a figure. Even though it's black, it looks the same as Amanda, from hair to body.

Ciel was curious about her healing power, so he ordered Amanda's shadow to show it.

The shadowy figure raised her hand, then, a green light with the scent of fresh herbs emanated from it.

"So like this!" Ciel became even more curious, he tore off a bit of skin on his finger until it bled and plunged it into the green light.

Right after that, he found the wound on his finger closed up, much faster than the medicine Horikita used to cover up the wounds on the heads of the people she had operated on.