Death Token
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"May I first listen to the offer?" she said after some deliberation.

He smiled like he already knew the response before speaking: "Of course."

"Our Treasury assigns various tasks to customers; if they fulfil the missions, they will be rewarded with points or treasures corresponding to their duties."

"The points can be used to purchase various types of treasures from the treasury, many mythical things and much more. The more valuable the item, the more points are required."

"Customers that fail the task will be penalized in proportion to their failure."

"During the task, the penalties and rewards will be mentioned."

"Don't worry, the task will be assigned according to one's abilities."

"Tasks are classified into five types: Informal Level Tasks, Intermediate Level Tasks, Advanced Level Tasks, Danger Level Tasks and Compulsion Level Tasks."

"There is no risk of death in informal level tasks, and the corresponding rewards are likewise minimal."

"There are three out of ten chances of dying in intermediate tasks, and the associated rewards are generally much higher than in informal tasks."

"Advanced level tasks have six to seven out of ten chances of death, and the related benefits are several times larger than intermediate tasks."

"In a danger level task, you have a nine out of ten probability of dying, and the advantages are typically fantastic."

"Compulsion Level Tasks differ in that they can be exceedingly simple or incredibly tough, but the rewards are double those of Danger Level Tasks, and vice versa for Punishment."

"Informal, Intermediate, Advanced, Danger level tasks can be rejected but Compulsion level tasks must be accepted."

"There is no punishment for refusing the former type of task, but the penalty for rejecting the latter type of task is death."

"Even compulsion level tasks are within the capabilities of the customer."

"Once you accept the Treasury's invitation to this project, you can only quit when you die."

"You can think about it for a while before responding, and if you refuse, this offer will be considered permanently void."

She felt delighted after hearing the offer because she believed she could obtain anything after performing tasks, including the treasures on exhibit, and she could also cure her brother, as any hope is better than no hope. She doesn't mind the penalty, since she knows that every achievement comes with a risk.

"I'll join you." She spoke excitedly.

King Yama waved his palm, and a token covered in black mist was seen floating through the air and landing in his hand. It was 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and about 1 inch thick. It had a frightening air about it. Its appearance was just like a dragon scale. It was black in color, with a grim reaper in red in the center. "This is called a Death Token, drizzle a drop of blood on it and you will be assigned tasks via this token." he stated as he handed her the token.

Token felt her as quite weighty and hard. It has the feeling of a diamond. She inhaled deeply and spilled some blood over the token from her finger, which began to shine before returning to normal. She sensed a link between it and her.

"After 1 hour, this token will be active; with this token, you will be provided with several sorts of missions along with the essential instructions. This token will also notify you of the Treasury's upcoming arrival. This token will also present you with a rate list and information on other sorts of Treasury things that you may purchase with your points."

"Umm…." She looked confused.

"After an hour, you'll know exactly how it works," he responded.

"As for your brother, just place the token on your brother's forehead, and it will tell you about his ailment and remedy in the Treasury."

"Got it, Thanks again very much." She replied.

"There is no need." He then waved his hand, and a paper floated down from the sky, gleaming with grey glitter that was absolutely dazzling.

"And this is a Grey Rank Talisman, it can easily kill a peak True Spirit Realm Cultivator. Pass in some of the heaven and earth energy, and the talisman will activate. However, it can only be used once, so use it wisely. It's on the treasury". He remarked this as he handed her the talisman.

She took the talisman in her hand. It was hot. It measured 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 0.5 centimeters thick. It was grey in color, with exceedingly intricate markings on it, and its appearance indicated that it was one of the premiums of its rank. It wasn't releasing any energy like it's a piece of paper.

"Sigh, I didn't want to offer it because you're so weak, but witnessing your helplessness made me reconsider. You may think of it as providing me things for free and given your abilities, you would not be assigned any perilous assignments." He stated this while making a look as if he had experienced a great loss.

She was moved though the talisman's value was enormous, though her father was only at the fourth level of the true spirit realm, meaning that this talisman was akin to a second life for her. He assisted me in healing meridians without remuneration, and he even gave me a decent weapon almost for free, and he even allowed me to engage in tasks because of my helplessness, even assisted her in seeking her brother's cure and he even presented me with a powerful talisman despite the fact that she was of no use to him. As there are just benefits and very little goodwill in the cultivation world. She swore she would never forget King Yama's generosity.

She deeply bowed and replied: "I will always be in debt to your generosity."

He laughed and said, "You're now embarrassing me, get up. You are free to depart now that the transaction has been completed."

She raised her head and noticed him waving his hand, and before she knew it, she was standing in front of the door she had entered when coming. She saw that the darkness around the door had lifted, revealing its true appearance, which was a seven-story pagoda. The Pagoda, each level was only 3000 feet tall, but she knew the interior was 3000 meters tall. She couldn't grasp the reasoning behind it, so she just let it go. A dragon-like mist moved from each floor one by one, like a snake enveloping its egg.

Now that she could glance up, which she couldn't do at first because of the pressure, she observed that there was no sun or moon, yet moon-like light was still coming. There were thick black clouds with golden, white, purple, and red lightning ferociously battling, yet what was amazing was that not a single sound could be heard.

She placed her Sword and Death token in her space ring she received from the treasury. A space ring is a type of magic ring that contains a pocket dimension. The user may store objects inside it with a single thought and retrieve them at any time. It can hold almost any object, material, cultivation sutras, or anything else. It can also keep food fresh; however, it cannot preserve living things. It is still a valuable advantage to a martial artist, since it allows you to carry items with you. Even among cultivators, a space ring is quite unusual, since even a tiny room-dimensional space ring is incredibly expensive, and in terms of price, a human rank space ring could be compared to an earth grade weapon. But that wasn't an issue for Xue er because she was the daughter of Long Empire ruler known for his wealth.

She glanced around after putting the things in the space ring and found herself in tranquility, since time didn't know how to leave this place after some consideration, she concluded she could only move along the pathway from where she arrived. After moving for 5 minutes, the feeling of moving through the void came again and she found herself again in a chaotic market. Nobody seemed to realize that she had appeared out of nowhere.

"Princess", a terrified voice called out from behind. She observed a crowd, and when she drew close, everyone made room for her hurriedly, and she saw her bodyguard and maids calling her name.

She approached them and asked angrily, "Where the hell were you all?"

"Princess! You've arrived. "We were worried to death." The maid went up to her and said, this is her devoted maid ling 'er.

"Princess, where were you?" the second maid said, fearfully. This was a maid who had sold herself to sword sect saint named Jie' er.

She considered cursing her for her fake acting but paused before saying, "I entered a clothes shop and started looking at clothes, but then I heard some people shouting my name when I saw you guys were absent."

"You can't even keep up with me. How the hell do you think you'll defend me?" She asked, glaring towards the bodyguards.

"We are really sorry, princess, we will now perform duty more diligently and do our training twice as punishment and it will not happen again," the bodyguard replied, gazing down.

"Hmph, I don't feel like shopping after this, so let's go home first, and then I'll deal with you people freely." She expressed her disappointment.

"Princess "I heard from folks around me that a High-Grade Earth rank Sword is for sale; why don't we go look?" Jie 'er inquired.

"No need, I'm not in the mood to stay here right now."


"You've become brave enough to oppose my decision." Xue er glared at her aggressively.

"No, princess, it's not what you think." She spoke quickly, leaping aside, as the princess's look had given her the uncomfortable sense that she was being stared at by the Ashura of hell.

"Simply keep your mouth shut. Let's get started. If someone questions my decision, I will rip his or her tongue." She yelled angrily.

Jie' er ceased speaking. As they were walking, ling 'er noticed something and asked "Princess, where is your sword?"

As if Xue er had noticed something, she looked down and grew enraged, saying, "Damn, I suppose it got robbed while I was moving through the crowd. It's all due to you idiot bodyguards; don't even think about eating tonight's meal."

"Do we look for it?" A body guard asked.

Xue er glared at him as if he were a fool and said, "If a thief took anything, do you think he'll stay here and let you catch him and even if you try to find him, do you think you can catch him in this rush? Don't waste my time."

"I'm not sure why my father believes these fools can guard me."

"Sigh. Let's go."

The other bodyguards were so embarrassed by the other bodyguard's query that their faces became scarlet as they began to follow behind her.


I Know my writing quality is not good as it is my first time writing this novel but i am working on it and from time to time you will get to see changes in it.
My Kind Regards.