Chapter 122: Uranus
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Chapter 122: Uranus

Grand Line.

Outside of Wano, a huge number of pirate ships sailed. On their masts were their own respective pirate flags.

Not just that, what’s peculiar about this was the fact that a fleet of Marine ships and Revolutionary Army were also amongst them.

With the Strawhats at the helm of the group, everyone followed behind.

Pirates, Marines, and the Revolutionary Army.

They all banded together for one goal.

To sail to the end of the world. The final island. Laugh Tale!

Although the pirates were there to snatch the treasure for themselves, the Marines and the Revolutionary Army were there for a different purpose.

Both Marines and Revolutionaries were tense as they knew they are about to face the worst Pirate of Roger’s generation.

At first, the pirates and the Marines were in disagreement. But when they saw that none of the leading pirates and Admirals were doing anything, they didn’t want to stand out and get targeted so they simply did nothing as well.

Meanwhile, on board the Strawhat ship.

Luffy stood at the headpiece of Sunny and grinned.

Raising both hands high up in the air, he shouted.


“Aye captain!”

Jinbei grinned and manned the helm.

After settling his matters, Jinbei had come to find them a few days ago and joined the crew as the helmsman.

Nami looked at the map on the table before her and her log pose. She smiled and shouted out loud.

“Release the sails! Head straight forward!”


Usopp and Franky quickly lowered the sails and let the wind push their ship.

Behind them, the ships also followed.

Lucas walked next to Nami and patted on Luna.

“This is it, huh?”

“That’s right! Just one last push!”


Luna seemed excited to go on another adventure.

Beside them, Zoro appeared along with Kuina.

Lucas looked at him and asked.

“What’s your plan after this?”

“Probably roam around. Look for any swordsmen.”

“Same here.”

Then, Usopp also walked towards them followed by Kaya.

“I’ll probably return to my village and tell everyone about my journeys!”

“Fufu, I’ll follow Usopp-san and make sure he doesn’t lie about it.”


Lucas chuckled.

He saw Sanji approaching them and asked him as well.

“And you? Going back to Baratie?”

“And be with those ugly old men? Pshh! Naturally, I’ll go back to All Blue~!”

Seeing the look on his face, Lucas can tell what he was thinking about already.

He was planning to go to Fishman Island and get surrounded by pretty mermaids…

...Shall I have King Neptune ban him?

While Lucas mused on the thought, he heard Franky speak.

“If it’s me, I’d probably go back to see my guys back in Water Seven. I would’ve already achieved my goal as long as this ship reaches the final island after all!”

“Don’t you want to make a ship that can reach the moon?”

Lucas joked.

“That’s...actually not a bad idea!”


Franky’s eyes lit up as if he was really thinking of doing it.

Lucas chuckled and shook his head.

Who knows, maybe he might just do it and meet Enel there…speaking of which, that guy is still there...right?

“Yohohoho! I want to see Laboon!”

“Hehe, I’m sure he’s gotten big since the last we saw him!”

Usopp laughed as he remembered that large whale 2 years ago.

Back then, they were all weak pirates.

Now...they are nearing the last island and about to claim the greatest treasure.

“How about you, Jinbei?”

“I just joined yet you’re already asking me where to go after one journey with you guys!?”


“I want to travel around as well and treat every disease in the world!”

Chopper raised his hand and declared.

Lucas smiled and raised his thumb.

“I’m sure you will achieve it.”

Robin smiled and leaned on Lucas.

“I’ll be wherever you are, Lucas.”

“Me too.”

Olivia nodded as well.

Lucas smiled.

Finally, he turned to the captain of the ship.

“Luffy, what about you?”

Luffy grinned and laughed just as usual.

“You still have to ask? Of course, on another adventure! I’ll go where the wind takes me! Isn’t that exciting!?”

Seeing him as carefree as ever, everyone looked at each other and laughed.

“And I’ll get married to Luffy~! Make lots of babies~! And build a new pirate fleet with our children~!”

Hancock was lost in her imagination, making everyone laugh awkwardly instead.

Luffy placed his fist on his palm.

“Ooh! That’s a good idea!”


Seeing Luffy agree to it just like that made everyone dumbfounded. He probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about though…

Lucas swore he’ll have to talk to Dragon and Garp about teaching Luffy the birds and the bees…

In order to dispel the awkwardness, Nami turned to Lucas and asked.

“And you? Lucas, what’s your plan next?”

“Well, I still need to do a few things as the new Emperor of the new world government but after that...well, we can go wherever we want and do whatever we want! Hahaha! It isn’t too late to think of what to do by then!”

Everyone laughed, still not believing that Lucas had already conquered the world.

After a while, Nami asked in a probing tone.

“You don’t...want to return to your home world anymore?”

Lucas smiled and carried Luna in his arms.

“It’s true that I miss my parents back there but...I also have a family here. Besides, now that I think about it, it’s pretty boring back in my world.”

Lucas chuckled.

Although it's irritating that he probably won’t get to ask his father about his origins, he didn’t care about it too much as he simply wanted to live a happy life with his wives and children.

While they were chatting and in a relaxed mood, Usopp suddenly shouted.

“Hm? There’s a ship arriving in front!”

He held a pair of binoculars and was looking in front of them.

Everyone squinted and could only see a faint shadow of a ship.

Lucas closed his eyes and extended his Observation Haki in the ocean below them, then stretched it over to the ship in front.

After he saw who’s on board that ship, he frowned.

Seeing his expression, Robin asked.

“What is it, Lucas?”

“It’s the Five Elders...or well, two of them. I’ll go see why they’ve come.”

Lucas handed Luna over to Nami and flew over at high speed.

As he landed on the elders’ ship, he was greeted by them.

“Your Highness!”

“What’s wrong? Who injured you?”

Lucas frowned when he saw the two were covered in injuries.

He lifted his hand and was about to heal them when one of the elders spoke up.

“Your Highness, please heal Im-sama instead!”


Lucas then saw a person lying on the bed, unconscious.

He didn’t notice her before since she...doesn’t seem to be breathing anymore…

No, wait.

Lucas focused on her body once more.

...She’s breathing, but very faint!

He didn’t waste another second as he lifted his hand and healed her immediately.

Lucas felt a slight pain in his heart but he ignored it. Although it leaves an unpleasant sensation, he can just replenish his life force later by absorbing another person’s.

After making sure that she was now breathing properly, he turned towards the elders.


“...It’s young master Lucius.”

“Something happened to him…”

“His body was covered in darkness.”

“And he started to speak differently.”

“He killed the other elders.”

“And also nearly killed his own mother, Im-sama.”

The two of them spoke in turns.

Lucas glared at them.

“You! Shut up. You! Speak without pausing!”


“T-that...It’s as we have said. The young, we think he is no longer the young master Lucius, but someone else…”

“...So he’s possessed?”

Lucas frowned.

Was there a devil fruit power that allows possession other than Perona’s ghost fruit?

“It should be his devil fruit, the Darkness Devil Fruit.”

“...Huh? What are you saying?”

“We think...that Rocks D. Xebec’s consciousness still remains in the fruit...and has taken over the young master.”

“...That’s possible!?”

Although Lucas had his suspicions on Lucius, he thought he was working for Rocks or something. He didn’t think that Rocks was inside him all along!

More importantly, if the Darkness Devil Fruit had that kind of power...then does that mean...Blackbeard is also inside him as well?

“There’s another thing…”

“What now?”

“Young master, he...the reason he attacked Im-sama was to get ahold of the ancient weapon, Uranus!”

The elder’s tone was grave.

They both have fearful looks as if the world was about to end.

Lucas tried to recall about Uranus in the manga but it never did seem to pop up other than its name.

He had no idea just what kind of weapon this is.

Poseidon is inside Shirahoshi and it allows her to tame Sea Kings.

Pluton is a hugeass warship.

As for Uranus...Lucas can’t imagine anything else that’s even more destructive than the two.

Maybe it's some kind of powerful sword? Gun? Armor?

“What exactly is Uranus?”

The two elders’ faces turned pale. Their bodies shook as they both raised their hands, pointing their fingers behind Lucas.


Lucas saw a shadow loom over him even though the sun was still high up the sky.

He turned around and his eyes opened wide.

Before him was...a colossal figure!

Its feet touched the ocean floor and its head covered the sun.

Its height was even taller than the Red Line.

With one swing of its arm, it can wipe out an entire island off the map.

Lucas didn’t even need the elders’ confirmation as to what it was.

He could tell.

This was the ancient weapon that is even more dangerous than the other two.

A being that can end the world with a stomp.


In the myths back in Lucas’ world, Uranus was a God personifying the Heavens. Now, Lucas knew why this weapon was named as such.

Against such an can they win!?

I'm back! Sorry for the delay. It's just really hard to find the motivation to write when I get call for work every 2 hours or so during the weekends -_-

It's like, I can't even properly think of a sentence without being wary of getting another call. It's really stressful so I find it more relaxing by doing nothing instead. I can't even play games as much now...

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If it weren't for the fact that this one is about to end, I would've probably either gone on a long hiatus or dropped it already...

Anywho. Enough of that.

The fact that Uranus is a colossal titan is something I thought about after thinking reaaaaaaaaaly hard as to what the freak Uranus is. I don't know if its the same in the original since Oda hasn't really mentioned it much at all...but I'm gonna settle with this version.

Besides, back in the Thriller Bark arc, there was this shadow of a person teased at one point that looked like a huge giant capable of standing in the ocean. So...who knows? Maybe I'm right!

As for the Rocks' consciousness still in the Darkness Devil Fruit bullshit...well, don't sweat the small details~ I just want an enemy big enough for everyone to take on XD

I think there will only be...2-4 more chapters left, depending on how I spin this out.

Till then, see ya next chap!