Chapter 124: One Piece!!
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Chapter 124: One Piece!!

“Luffy! Luffy! My turn!”

“No me!”

After Luffy sent a punch and knocked down Uranus, a huge tidal wave splashed onto everyone else below.

Beneath them, Aokiji quickly shot his ice and froze the wave before it turns their ships upside down.

However, the people in the Mecha Sunny paid no attention to them as Usoop and Chopper wanted to immediately try controlling the robot.

Lucas chuckled.

“Alright, Usopp, you’re next.”


Usopp was excited as he turned to Franky.

“Franky! How do I fire the weapons!?”

Then, Franky taught Usopp how to use the weapon.

It only took a few seconds and Usopp was able to get the hang of it immediately.

A reticle appeared on the window which is Sunny’s eyes and two small pillars appeared in front of Usopp. On top of the pillars were a pair of joysticks with a trigger button.

As he held on both joysticks and aimed, he fired.

“Take this! Sunny Blaster!!!”


Then, multiple rocket launchers appeared from Sunny’s shoulders which fired onto Uranus.

Luffy, Ussop, and Chopper’s eyes shone as they saw this.


Meanwhile, Uranus finally snapped out of it when he realized the danger he was in.

“Dark Wall!”

A huge wall of black mist formed in front of him which then absorbed the missiles fired at him.

Lucas merely smiled and turned to Chopper next.

“Alright Chopper, you’re next.”

“It’s General Chopper!”


As Chopper took control, Mecha Sunny suddenly got into a stance when Chopper turned to his Kung Fu Point.


Chopper shouted with tears running from his eyes as if he was moved to call his attack with a Mecha on it…

Everyone was speechless.

Must they really name all their moves with ‘Mecha’ on it…?

Then, Mecha Sunny turned and spun as it sent a spinning kick onto Uranus.

Uranus grunted as he blocked the blow.

Suddenly, Mecha Sunny grabbed the sword mast attached onto its waist.

It was Zoro’s turn.

Mecha Sunny’s stance lowered as it maintained that position of grabbing the sword handle yet not unsheathing.



With a single slash, Uranus’ arm that blocked Chopper’s kick earlier...was cut down!


Uranus roared in anger at the sight of his left arm being cut down.

Just as Lucas was about to switch the control to someone else, Zoro seemed to remember something so he added.

“Mecha version!”


Everyone was speechless.

“Stupid mosshead! Let me show you how it's done!”

Sanji snorted as he controlled Mecha Sunny to jump at Uranus.

Suddenly, Sunny’s right leg glowed bright red for some reason when Sanji used his Diable Jambe himself.

Using the bright red feet, Mecha Sunny charged at Uranus and aimed for his face.

“Mecha Joue Shoot!”


Uranus was once again blown away.

Lucas chuckled wryly as he turned to the others.

“Anyone else want to try their mecha moves?”

The girls only stared at him with half-closed eyes and no longer bothered with them.

Afterwards, Franky, Brook, and Jimbe also made their moves.

“Yohohohoho! Mecha Soul Solid!”

“Mecha Sunny Beaaaaaaaaaamm!!!”



The girls had stopped paying attention to them and began to just chill at the side as they played with Luna instead.

It seems even Luna is not fond of robots too…

As for Uranus, he had long been annoyed with all this farce. However, as powerful as he was...he was still repeatedly beaten up by them!

Actually, he isn’t at fault. When the others used their moves against him, Lucas had been controlling the whole situation by controlling the water around Uranus, restricting and slowing down his moves.


Uranus roared in frustration.


Lucas laughed.

He took control of Sunny and a huge black scythe appeared on its hands.

He had lived up to the name Reaper of the Seas that the others used to call him.

“So long Uranus. It was fun. Now, go to hell!”


That day, it was said that the whole sea was dyed red.

The sight was etched in the minds of everyone present in the great battle.

After that battle, no one dared to fight for the Pirate King position anymore.

It was useless.

Against such a force, it was impossible to defeat them.

And so the Strawhat Crew sailed for the final island, where they finally saw the treasure of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

Lucas as well as everyone arrived at a chamber and saw it.

One Piece.

As they looked at the treasure that countless others fought for in the past few years, they all looked at each other in surprise.

Then...they laughed.

Like that, ten years had passed.

On a certain floating island, Lucas smiled as he looked out the window of his house.


An energetic voice called out to him when the door to his room opened.

He saw a cheerful young lady with long white hair and orange eyes.

Lucas smiled warmly.

“Luna. You’ve really grown a lot huh?”

Luna rolled her eyes.

“Father, stop treating me like a kid already! Look at this sexy body! How am I still a kid!?”

“You’re just 12 years old, of course you're still a kid. As for what sexy body? You're still too small hahahaha!”

“Hmph! I’ll grow soon! Just wait and see!”

Lucas just laughed and patted her head.

“Alright, what’s up? Do you need me for anything?”

“Did you already forget? Everyone’s waiting for you!”

“Oh, is it today? How time flies...”

Lucas smiled.

It has been ten years since they found One Piece and Lucas was satisfied to finally know what it was.

After that, a huge party was thrown on the global scale.

Many things happened and everyone eventually parted ways as they concluded their adventures.

Luffy, now known as the Pirate King, went off on another adventure as he continued to explore every island in the Grand Line.

Along with him was Hancock who remained by his side at all times.

Together, they were known as the Great Pirate King and Queen.

Right, the two of them finally got married at some point. It was funny to see Garp and Dragon’s expression when they taught Luffy about the wedding night.

Usopp and Kaya returned to their village and got married there as well.

Now, Usopp taught the young aspiring pirates in the village as he told tales of the greatest pirate crew in the whole of the Grand Line while Kaya became a teacher to the young girls and boys who wanted to become a doctor.

Chopper tagged along with Doctor Kureha as they continued to cure every disease in the world as they spread their teachings.

Zoro and Kuina also traveled the world, challenging all the swordsmen and swordswomen that they could find. At one point, Tashigi had joined them as she wished to collect all the great swords that belonged to those unfit to wield them.

It was quite funny to see Zoro’s expression when he’s often caught in between Kuina and Tashigi.

Though, Lucas seemed to have heard that the three of them finally got together at some point...that lucky bastard!

It was said that when Sanji learned about it, a fountain of blood appeared in Dressrosa when he spat out blood in jealousy.

Sanji first went to Fishman Island when they parted ways. But after he learned that most of the mermaids in the Mermaid Cafe had boyfriends already and was rejected by those without, he left dejectedly and somehow landed back in Dressrosa.

There, he and Princess Violet got together and they soon got married.

Franky, satisfied with building a ship that traveled the world and even fought with an Ancient Weapon, returned to Water Seven to teach other shipwrights his knowledge.

Brook had finally reunited with Laboon and he returned to his career as a singer, traveling the world with a huge whale along as he sang a concert on top of Laboon.

Jinbei returned to Fishman Island and retired there as he taught fishman karate to the young aspiring fishmen.

As for Nami and Robin...well, they naturally followed Lucas along in the past ten years.

Lucas had completed his promise with Nami back then and they completed making a whole map of the world.

He also helped Robin and Olvia search the various Poneglyphs that were scattered in the world to finally learn the truth about the void century.

Hina, like always, silently tagged along beside Lucas for the past ten years.

Occasionally, Lucas would also return to Alabasta and be with Vivi.

At one point in time, in a big celebration, Belo Betty, who usually acted like Lucas’ big sister, got drunk and one thing led to another...well, you know what happened next.

Nojiko and Carina had also joined in at some point.

Tsuru had somehow caught Jewelry Bonney and returned to her prime age. When she did, she retired from the Marines and went to find Lucas while pulling along Bonney with her...

Finally, there was Hiyori and Shirahoshi who was able to shrink to the size of a normal person.

All in all, Lucas’ family had grown big.

There were a lot of chaos in the process and in between, but after some time, they had come to accept each other.

After Luna, Lucas had a baby with the others as well.

There was Robin’s son, Lupin. Olvia’s daughter Raine, Hina’s daughter Hana, Vivi’s son Laver, Betty’s daughter Bella, Nojiko’s daughter Nana, Carina’s son Clark, Hiyori’s daughter named after her mother Toki, and Shirahoshi’s son Akahoshi.

Tsuru said she was satisfied just being around Lucas and didn’t ask to bear his child. As for Bonney, she was just dragged along by Tsuru and wasn’t even in love with Lucas.

The reason she was there was simply...because Tsuru wanted her to use her powers to maintain her age...and the occasional plays…

Lucas said that he can just copy the ability but after a while, it seems Bonney had accepted her fate and just went along with it, leaving Lucas speechless.

Regarding Hiyori, Lucas was quite conflicted at first. But just like her mother, Hiyori was quite stubborn and didn’t give up.

Eventually, Lucas gave in and got together with her.

There was also Yamato and Kalifa who stayed beside Lucas but didn’t get together with Lucas. They were satisfied with helping him and watching over the little kids.

After Lucas finished reminiscing, he followed Luna out the house.

Speaking of Luna, she had grown beautiful and as the eldest daughter of their family, she was looked up to by her little siblings and her charisma was even bigger than Lucas.

Naturally, he had quite a lot of suitors.

Momonosuke had tried to woo her before...sadly, when Luna told her that her type was someone like Lucas, Momonosuke could only give up.

Lucas sweated that time and wondered if his daughter would even get to find someone like him.

As for accepting her feelings...Lucas decided to throw it at the back of his mind and just deal with it when the time comes…

After the two of them walked out of the house, everyone was already waiting for him on the ship.

“Come on Lucas! We’re finally going to meet Luffy and rest again after a long time!”

Nami smiled as she waved at Lucas.

Lucas smiled as well and jumped onboard along with Luna.

“What took you so long? You weren’t doing something weird with our daughter, right?”

“I wasn’t!”

Everyone laughed as they started chatting and the kids started playing.

As his children, each of them also got powers for some reason the moment they were born. However, none of them were as powerful as the firstborn Luna.

Nojiko controlled the ship as it floated in the skies and descended to the sea below.

Chains appeared on the sides and sunk in the water.

Shirahoshi called out in a soft voice and soon, large Sea Kings appeared as they pulled the chains to guide them as well as move faster.

In no time at all, they finally reached their destination.

Wano Country.

After ten years, the Strawhat crew finally got together again and reunited back here in Wano.

Luffy and Hancock had three kids already. Two boys and one girl...It seems Luffy had been quite busy ‘adventuring’ Hancock...

Zoro, Kuina, and Tashigi also had a kid each. Both girls who also wanted to be like their mothers. Strong swordswomen!

Usopp and Kaya had a son who...had unfortunately inherited Usopp’s long nose…

Chopper is not a bit taller and looked a little more mature.

Sanji and Violet appeared together and it could be seen that Violet’s belly was bulging a little.

Franky...had turned quite ridiculous with a lot of modifications on his body.

Brook was a superstar. Somehow, Perona had started to tag along with him as well who is now recognized as a famous Idol…Laboon also tagged along with them and floated on the sky thanks to Nojiko’s help.

Watching everyone happily chatting and celebrating, Lucas smiled from the bottom of his heart.

Isn’t this a nice ending?

Lucas laughed as he joined the rest of the crew.

Luffy, although ten years older, was still the same as ever.