Update – I will be re-doing chapter 132, and it will be finished in a few hours(apologies for late posting, but I had to think about a letter)
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I hope that my subjects haven't visited a therapist, because it would have been useless anyway, as my creative juices have, once again, begun to flow! After re-reading chapter 132(Approximately 46.5), I've decided that it was...probably not the best work I could've done, and since I have my visual space ready to animate some depressed, insane crap, I believe that I might as well redo it. This will take a while, but I'll make sure to alert you masses of insanity the minute I've re-uploaded it!

P.S. - Sorry that I'm redoing it late, but I had to start a draft for a letter to a college I want to get into(for game design, plus it's the place where GTA was created!) and tomorrow, I gotta review and add to it with help from my folks.

P.P.S - Few hours might be a bit longer than is conventionally associated with the word ‘few,’ so exercise patience and insanity...kek.

Don't blink or you'll miss the insanity(DON'T BLINK!!!) - F8ofTh3World