I have finally returned!
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Greeterlings, humble denizens of the domain of ScribbleHub! I, the mad king, F8, have finally returned to once again spread my insanity and long-winded ramblings to the entire world...or at least what percentage of it is on ScribbleHub(insert XD here)! However, disregarding for the moment my elation at the fact that I have some free time and inspiration, I do apologize for my extended impromptu hiatus. If I had known how long I was going to be away, I probably would have, at least, switched the story to hiatus mode after putting out a note. That said, during what moments of free time I've had in the past nearly two months, I've been coming up with later plots for the story, so I've got some material for the future. Hopefully this wasn't enough time for my mental manipulation to wear off, and I hope to see my readers drinking in my insanity, very soon!~

~Insert 'Back in Black' here~

I'll be posting the next chapter within 24 hours, and if you don't hear from me...*pulls out death note and a pen* *hands it to readers*...you all know what to do...